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stay #shera #catdora #adora #catra
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@lycheelatte YESs sijofsdiof sometimes it keeps me up at night @HYPERSOMNlC kfjdsfsdfsdfdsfkldjfis oh my godddd @stalkeralker Usually i fry it in the pan alone and then add in the rice after @stalkeralker rice, salt, ponzu + egg cooked in a frying pan together#BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by LexeeWhen people choose to riot, there are a million things in society that are wrong, not just the incident that caused…
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Retweeted by LexeeI saw this and I wanted to retweet it but the protester’s face was in it... so I cropped it but I did need this to…
Retweeted by Lexee(RT= 🙏💓❗️) hello! i want to contribute something while being broke. for 25 (any any extra amt you decide to pay) US…
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Retweeted by Lexee @stalkeralker i wuv heri finished the series and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they GAY gayThanks for coming to the stream! Exusiai eating an apple. #Arknights #ArknightsFanArt
Retweeted by Lexee @Sundowner_C WOW honestly if she doesnt stan erika then i dont need her :/Roommates' cat just heard someone (me) was in the kitchen, ran in all excited, saw it was me and then left immediately 🥺😢草食系のお食事会
Retweeted by Lexeeshera mid season 5 update: Here are a list of bail funds that will help bail protesters out of jail. (please add more in the comments)…
Retweeted by Lexeewooooo short hair catraaaaaaaaaaaaaa @DeerlyBearloved HEKCK YEAH 형update: you CANNOT in korean if you are a girl im ANgy @dodonpahchi i will dw @stalkeralker etrian odyssey!!! <3Etrian Odyssey monk girl!
Retweeted by LexeeHow Can I Use Bruh In Every Single Language Known To Manperson who cant read japanese: wow, based japan never seems to talk about politics
Retweeted by Lexee @MegaMoeka Ahhh yeah that'd make sense then, huh lol @PyronIkari 🤔 This account blocked me?Here’s a list of Black owned businesses that you can shop at online so rona can’t stop you! And If you have your ow…
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Retweeted by Lexee @Ryyudo i lov u, be safe!!A good guide to allyship if you're wondering how to be more supportive in your actions, for both white and NBPOC fo…
Retweeted by LexeeWe have liftoff. History is made as @NASA_Astronauts launch from @NASAKennedy for the first time in nine years on t…
Retweeted by Lexeeお題箱より「競泳水着を着ているマキ」 デジタル大分慣れてきた そう言えば風の噂で5月24日がマキ役の上條沙恵子さんの誕生日と知りました、おめでとうございます #炎炎ノ消防隊 #odaibako #人類は巨尻を欲している
Retweeted by Lexee#Eizouken #映像研には手を出すな body once told me
Retweeted by Lexeea friend talked to me about possibly going to a protest and not feeling ready for it yet (and feeling like a bad pe…
Retweeted by Lexeefrom any english word in this image, you can move to any other english word in the image only if the new word's fir…
Retweeted by Lexeeplease share this it’s so important
Retweeted by LexeeHey y'all, there is a fraudulent Venmo account circulating with our name on it. At this time, the Minnesota Freedom…
Retweeted by LexeeSan Jose is now trending for its protests. Donate towards temporary bail funds here:
Retweeted by LexeeFinally going through Shera Me every time adora and catra are in the same frame:小学生の時ギャル漫画「GALS!」を読んで女子高生こそ世界の中心だと思ってた勢の私ですが、 その後くそ田舎の女子高生になった私は暗黒のイモ高校生活でコレジャナイ感と戦ってました
Retweeted by Lexeea thread of information, ways to support and educational resources about #BlackLivesMatter by a black woman
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Shaun King is not in communication with our members. DO NOT give money to him to support on the ground organizing.…
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Retweeted by Lexee @Laban9898 be safe ;; @kohquette i agreeimportant update for the house party stream - hope to see you tonight. 🤍 #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd…
Retweeted by Lexee @Kizzercrate Yeah unfortunately i think its in my best interest to Not until 2 weeks after or something but still ahalol dang, sf plans to open up dining + salons on my bday#MinnesotaFreedomFund #MatchChallenge If you're in a position to help financially or via sharing, please consider…
Retweeted by LexeeEveryone please be safe :( @Regris_Kallen nice!!! i ringfitted today too :o @Kizzercrate ;_;7 tyyyy saaaame @knkmotoh and ty im glad its not just mes ifodisf @Kizzercrate I FEELT HIS ty i feel less alone lol @knkmotoh aggggh that sounds nice, i do at least have my own private room so that's definitely nice @Sundowner_C GOD HONESTLY THIS ty for validating and also being relatable as always god BLESS @Sundowner_C ty fren god blessman has anyone else's emotional stability deteriorated since quarantine started sdkflsdlfound out that Infinity Train is on HBO Max now! please go watch it and support the show if you can!!!…
Retweeted by LexeeToday we begin the Hana Kimura Campaign to raise money and awareness towards Suicide Prevention! Starting today unt…
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Retweeted by Lexee @Regris_Kallen doin better than normal!! hbu @Sundowner_C my greatest ability is constantly being introspective but never being right about what i'm trying to be introspective about B)mosti #アークナイツ
Retweeted by LexeeLRT is a good thread!I always feel embarrassed to tweet things like this, but I’ve been asked about how I spent 2 years learning art, so…
Retweeted by Lexeeアリってなんだよこっちはナシだよ
Retweeted by LexeeSlowly gettin more work done at my job, as well as more positive feedback in general! Feels nice 😊03 星井美希
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@Mort3mer 😂
Retweeted by Lexee“Nooo you can’t just use semantic markup for visual layout, that’s what CSS is for.” “Haha HTML go <br><br><br><br>”
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Retweeted by Lexee @Laban9898 lmao if u get desperate and cant find any rice anywhere lmk