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@brookeab stunning @jamescharles JAMES GUESS WHATNOW LIVE TO CONTINUE DOKI DOKI FRUITS OF THE LITERATURE w/ @Daymeeein @100TJackiee @lexieyuh and @scaruki TAP IN…
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@LunaShibuya herman miller @Froste great stream, u snapped on that song fr fr @Froste make an album. @Huntrelol this is beautifulGET ME ON A TRACK WITH DRAKE @scooterbraun
Retweeted by lex @SkreetMan @xkendizzle fr @fvckwill @JhbTeam we were actually tryna make out w each other and james wouldn't move out of the way @FreddyDubs @JhbTeam $50 each @Doc_Gore @JhbTeam i know it's a real pic, i mean they think we deadass fighting over him @JhbTeam the fact that people think this is completely real and not a staged pic is cracking me tf up rn @shivisdumb my queen @dakotaz we love to hear that :D
@Froste happy 3rd day out here
@Gavpai good morning 🌞 @rickyreapers @Huntrelol i mean i don’t really care at the end of the day, it’s just funny @wtfKobra @Huntrelol i am so confused @Huntrelol i’m scared @Huntrelol WTF @JhbTeam same lol
@JoeyTheSuperJew @xoxabstract u spittin facts on that second part @JoeyTheSuperJew @xoxabstract show the other half. share w the class @xoxabstract 😭😭 @Moristiko @xoxabstract i mean i would think mostly everyone is a little, but i would say guys are definitely wayyyy more. @xoxabstract it’s scary. some of them really be horny 24/7 @visionofviii absolutely amazing 🤩 @notchaselyons u look great chase 👏 @Gavpai omg let’s all watch some episodes when i’m there wooo @emmyuh maybe a fun little trip to a nearby place where u guys can have a fun time together :3 @TheScuf what was it it’s deleted now @Nadeshot @visionofviii is ur guyand if you’d like to directly help donate toys to the kids you can dm @HarryButAverage 😁please drop my friend harry a follow and support #AverageChristmas ! he’s such a great kid doing amazing things for… @mws among us in dylan’s cord sometime, u down? 🔮 @mws 🥺 one of my favs
@jessdot @LoganDodson i am so ready to see u rocking these pieces ahhhh @jessdot @CouRageJD @jordanfisher @100Thieves @jacksondahl JESS LMAO @hudsonwisler love ya too!! ❤️ @hudsonwisler happy birthday hudson! i am so glad i can call u a friend of mine 😁 you’re amazing and i hope you have a great bday 🥳🥳 @JoeyTheSuperJew @100TJackiee @Grahamalott they are not ready for graham’s tinder commentary... i don’t think i am either. @CallMeCarsonYT @PoolHallCo that multi color jacket go crazy
@shivisdumb SHHHHH @itsnirra 😚 @imniosmom so proud of him 👏 @itsnirra u are the cutest @jasminericegirl yes sis @Huntrelol @acesu vouch!!
@GorgoKnight LOLopened my first ever pokémon packs!! i got these out of 2 tins 😁 @jessdot u making me bluuush ily jess ☺️❤️ @jessdot i’m so happyyyy @_Blankes oh myyayyy :D @GoMeZCSGO success!! :D @AbbyTheMS i got a medium @AbbyTheMS @brookeab huge vouch @ltsCamo how do u know @GoMeZCSGO Thank you!! 🙏 @_KenzzzA_ @ltsCamo i think it's through google pay @katiecchan @Xotic LOL!do any of u have tips on getting some of the pieces? or do i have to just get lucky? i have avoided drops until now…
@TommyThroatEm tommy i love ur tik toks @100TJackiee wait what year are they @100TJackiee wait what where @Xouped 🥺 @JoeyTheSuperJew is jackie ready @oFabz @silvasalavisa omg noooo i didn’t know that 😭 @silvasalavisa i can’t believe this was in february @silvasalavisa this makes me look like such a bitch but i meant no bc he a homie 😭 @scaruki love u more 🥺 @nowackdesign i’ll send u the empty box after i open it if u want! @scaruki i love @torweee i think ur cool 🥺👉👈 @hudsonwisler thank u 😊 @hudsonwisler after watching your stream i was like yea.. i’m opening some packs now. @NullTruth @Icy_Rapture @Mako not this timesooooo i bought an xy evolutions elite trainer box off joey!! i am so excited, i have never done a pack opening bef… @Crispy @Tranium @SoGrizzy @WhosChaos @BigPuffer @HyperNovaPuma wait what @COSTCOBACKWOODS happy thanksgiving 😄 @COSTCOBACKWOODS ...
@Froste i am. speechless... @DaDSHoT @TheMob you ain’t have to flex on them like this 😭😭 their turkey in a bathtub rn ☠️Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates 🦃🧡 I hope y’all eatin good today! Thankful for all of you <3 @JoeyTheSuperJew ly2 & same for u! @JoeyTheSuperJew @OnTheFlyTwitch @Huntrelol @Gavpai @iMercii_ @Daymeeein @shivisdumb @BWAMatt @daiptix @notedub @Layymooon @Daymeeein @Graham527 @limbolul @Hi46Haris @phantoul @vietNblack @VanishingTerror @bentdreamss @TommyThroatEm tommy lmfaoooo @jessdot @Twitch yayyy let's go jess! <3 @dakotaz waffles 🧇 @Ultra15151 @ELPWSwastaken ^!! Hope you will be feelin back to normal soon 💜 @visionofviii 🍜 @leahdb98 omg i’m so jealous. and yay ty ^_^ @leahdb98 was it good?? pls tell me so i can live vicariously thru u @leahdb98 HOLY FFFFF
@Gavpai gm gav 😁A guide to self-awareness (a thread):
Retweeted by lex @Oreologist @visionofviii @oFabz oh i was ready to cry what the heck @visionofviii @Oreologist @oFabz which disc