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lex @lexieyuh Orlando, FL

18 | accounting major @ucf | occasional streamer on @twitch | priv. acc @Iexieyuh | $lexieyuh 💚✨

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@ProvicFN @P_Szytko well i learned to not be insulted by what people say about me, i only care about how i feel abo… @ieatchawarma @ltsCamo @SkreetMan @scarrfries @may_wedda @P_Szytko i have nothing against him i just don’t like the… @xoxabstract @P_Szytko i never said it can magically be fixed, i said we need to work on it. it will take time but… @lemiwrap @xoxabstract @P_Szytko it’s like the body positivity movement for women. teaching people to be proud of t… @ieatchawarma @ltsCamo @SkreetMan @scarrfries @may_wedda @P_Szytko nah, all he does is reply to all of my tweets w… @xoxabstract @P_Szytko and they can learn to embrace that they are short as again, it’s nothing to be ashamed of :) @ieatchawarma @ltsCamo @SkreetMan @scarrfries @may_wedda @P_Szytko he has begged me in the past for an unblock lol @Viperous exactly!!! love u sid 💜 @Ultra15151 @may_wedda @P_Szytko i’m not contradicting myself at all. my tweet is basically saying let’s end the ri… @PallassCheeks @xoxabstract @P_Szytko well people are usually insecure about their height bc of societal standards.… @xoxabstract @P_Szytko okay then let’s change that. i said in my tweet let’s stop making fun of guys for things the… @Ultra15151 @may_wedda @P_Szytko okay well if i was overweight and someone told me i was i wouldn’t be mad if it’s… @Ultra15151 @may_wedda @P_Szytko calling someone fat can come off as rude when maybe you’re not trying to be. you c… @Ultra15151 @may_wedda @P_Szytko i don’t think so? maybe they would prefer different wording though? like overweight? @ltsCamo @may_wedda @P_Szytko ^^!! i guess he just assumes short is an insult? bc i definitely don’t see it as one… @P_Szytko well now you’re just being extra, you are the one who decided short is an insult not me. that’s on u lmao. @xoxabstract @P_Szytko if someone is short they’re short if someone is tall then they are tall. i’m trying to say t… @may_wedda @P_Szytko calling someone short isn’t making fun of them it’s literally a fact?? 5’5 is below average height for men @oFabz @Komafyy okay if u say so, i believe u @Komafyy @oFabz 5’6 @oFabz @Komafyy bro everyone is saying you’re not 5’8 i don’t know who to believe @Komafyy @oFabz he’s taller than me lol (apparently) @P_Szytko well i think 5’5 is short for a guy, i am not making fun of him though? @atSerpentine except ur name bro... @WhosBreezyUK @oFabz @Classify bro ur a mere 2 inches taller than him why should he be in pain @P_Szytko 5’6 whylet’s stop making fun of guys for something they can’t changethe internet’s whack, i’m becoming an accountant ✌🏼
Retweeted by lex @imane girl it’s the MOVE @katiecchan omg yes! LOL @oFabz @100TJackiee @Classify i never saw that but yea 5’8 isn’t short at all in my opinion so don’t be down about it @oFabz @100TJackiee @Classify WAIT BRO I AM SO CONFUSED HOW TALL ARE YOU @oFabz @Classify stop lying fabio smh!! @100TJackiee @Classify @oFabz but there is nothing bad about being short btw ! @100TJackiee @Classify @oFabz oh yeah that’s short, nvm!!!! @Classify @oFabz wait is he shorter than 5’6? he said he was 5’8 yesterday!! @oFabz aren’t you 5’8 tho? like that isn’t even short @ashlenite happy birthday beautiful i love you so much 💜💜🥳 @100Thieves @neekolul love this so much!Welcome @neekolul! Neeko is an English/Spanish streamer who started on Twitch 3 years ago. She’s incredibly multi-…
Retweeted by lex @liImorg LMAO @ipraytojesustoo @scarrfries @dakotaz gn bread @Grahamalott @losdeemix you’re so funny @Grahamalott @losdeemix ok @Grahamalott @losdeemix we should watch one night @losdeemix i don’t think i’ve seen this 😳 @analbabsi he’s not worth it sis a sense of humor is necessary @dropitonbieber feeling a lot better now! @em_parrker NOW KITH @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK around 6-7 tomorrow sounds good @Yuhuuur @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK i am? did you not read the thread @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK what time do u usually stream in EST time @Yuhuuur @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK i’m gold 1 lol @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK oh this’ll be easy @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK what rank are you @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK ugh bro why are you uk @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK i’m not putting a stupid amount on it i’ll do $50 tho @WhosBreezyUK @TristanGHill a 1v1 can decide that lol @100TJackiee @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK two actually @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK i’m probably better than u tristan lmfao @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK homie i don’t want to add you i always play w the same people @WhosBreezyUK @TristanGHill i don’t even have this man added @TristanGHill i meant just not selecting a character bc we’ve had the same map like 3 times in a row the penalty is only 3 mins so @Chromee__ yea thanks @AIexTBA2 it’s 3 mins @jessdot @Blathanos yes like MBDTF by kanye !!! i always listen to it in order @jessdot @Blathanos i agree @vohlii i love how many rugs you have @hudsonwisler @HaleyHey_ @Nadeshot omg i love this pic @_ncaustic me hey i’m silver 3
@emuhIy ty 💜💜 @DuppSZN yes! taking it on monday now @Joeliftstuff no it’s fully remote & mainly is about customer serviceoh! and for more info it’s a fully remote job that i get to do at my setup, so that’s exciting eeeeek 😁 @ijdawg998 TRUE @vohlii thank you 🥺💜 @Geekyis2Good bro I need a ps5 first man @WDB_Ayrton tysm @ijdawg998 but i keep throwing up 😭😭yea i’m sick and feel like shit but i just found out i got a job sooo... yay?! @katiecchan @100Thieves @BoostedBoards Congrats Katie!! ❤️🎉 @brystallb happy birthday beautiful 💜🥳 @MxjdTV u too love u dude @nCaustic_ how could they betray us like this @nCaustic_ no i did yesterday @nCaustic_ omg was it my taco bell? i will cry @nCaustic_ bitch i didn’t eat anything bad @SamjaySJ ty ❤️ @SamjaySJ not yet, he’s probably asleep tho it’s 8am @Chriztopha_ tyi emailed my professor asking that if i still feel like shit by 2pm if i can reschedule it i hope he understands 😭😭😭 @JhbTeam okay glad to hear your day is goin good 👍 @MeowingDogg thank you ❤️ @WDB_Ayrton 💜 @xGurux95 i hopejust woke up to having to throw up and i have a midterm at 2pm today fuck man. @cp_DrP @JoeyTheSuperJew that’s not me @Prestinni ofc! make today a great one 🥳 @Prestinni happy birthday!!