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15 🇷🇺 he/him sw:86kg/189 lbs cw:56.9kg/125 lbs gw:52 kg/114 lbs ugw:46kg/101 lbs anorexic enfp / -13 do not interact 184 cm/6 feet

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@vorlens @grlkuma wtf did the firdt tweet say
Istg ppl knowing u have an ed is the most embarrassing shit
Retweeted by ︎alexyou cant be obese and healthy (feel free to unmoot me if you think this is fatphobic 💀)
Retweeted by ︎alexthe bloating after eating normally
Retweeted by ︎alex @sayooomm @coffee_kcals SOMETHING I WPULD DO after seeing that post of someone who binged a whole tub of butter
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omg he's so annoying and.. (dare i say) ugly addiction cured ! @scruffybananazz i remember not having one so i feel you.. and im so sorry 😞💔 @peachyycals HRLLOLi giggled
Retweeted by ︎alexy'all gotta stop pretending you can't taste the difference between regular and diet coke/coke zero
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@stars_nscars OHH LMFAOhow did the first week of malnourished may go edtwt? 🤨 @stars_nscars I KNOW WHAT CISGENDER MEANS BUT WHAT DO YOU MEAN @stars_nscars what does that mean...
i kinda wish i was a women.. istg i was born to haii :3 but forced to hi ig and imagine looking like this ahhh kill… @starving4myself heavy on yaziobest calorie counting apps are yazio, lose it and mynetdiary frfr
Retweeted by ︎alexim planning to eat this typa food once i recover. aesthetic. kinda healthy. tasty. @paperskinny well im 184cm so.. 😊
@1d1sco1 yess @reigensdinner res-restriction high res-low calorie !!
searching for moots because i relapsed and i just need new moots.. -15 -pansexual ??!?!? idkk -fatphobic, -13, +25,… do yall never learn 😭 was in recovery but i relapsed sorry for ignoring yall 😭
@bojko117 idk i hide them and then go to the toilet? 😭 /nm
@saeriipilled222 I just wanted to let you know that you have a very pleasant appearance, and I think you're very attractive. @saeriipilled222 i will never stop @saeriipilled222 I DID? M @saeriipilled222 LOOKING GOOD ON NOT GOOD PICS?? GIRL YOU MUST BE THE PRETTIEST QOMEN ON THIS PLANET @saeriipilled222 HERE?? @saeriipilled222 LMFAO @saeriipilled222 I AM LITERALLY ON MY KNEES, CRYING, SCREAMING BUT NOT THROWING UP BC WHY WOULD I THROW UP WHEN YOURE LIKE SUPER GORG @saeriipilled222 youre so gorgeous ogmtpwmqo
@agirlinpix @Alphaquila7 @kchartsmaster why ru bringing up fiftyfity when this is bout ive @LuckyBeADuo @Alphaquila7 @kchartsmaster yea but no one is like "im going to stan this group bc theyre under kakao"
@youaremossy youre 6'1 whattt??? anyways be my moot
@sicklysanrio im so jealous (im a male so i will never have the chance to look like this but im still jealous) @m4rilya waterPls pls
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@kirigiri3000 i think its a joke but its disgusting either way what the fuck am i watching @xykiyik Loonatic excuse me xidk royal eleven xidk invu chiquita colors this takes so fucking long @Le_Is_Starving i found it on pinterest @starving4myself @kueromes WHAT THANKS 🙀 @aanarexic THE VIDEO CRYING @mew2gx i have nothing against nwjns i just prefer ive yk @cyb3rstalker it makes me feel free @saeriipilled222 YOU DREAMED ABOUT ME??? @pitbullcals hold on i just illegally downloaded it omh @pitbullcals i need the pro veridon of spotify stats NOW @saeriipilled222 YESSS I GUESS WBU @jupitersbodyy this... and we have them at home rn @mew2gx ive>nwjs dont kill me @saeriipilled222 HEYYYY @saeriipilled222 SLAY IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!2 months after my acc got suspend3d i gained 10 kgs (went from 49 to 59) and i finally managed to drop 6-7 kgs in 2…
Retweeted by ︎alex @mme0wss 13 no offense 💔😿 @jupitersbodyy 15
MOOTS YALL NEED TO STOP CLICKING RANDOM LINKS?!?? @Everyday_Faye sureif you understand this im sorry 🙁🙁💔💔(pt3) @snufgirll @WORSTANOREXlC i know it was not me who posted a pic of her but do you know her name ? just so i can mak… chat gpt @bellawannab777 sureee @meowrirlm YOU SEND IT TO ME??? FONT YOU REMEMBER
im so tired oml good night moots @anoreksio_ me @wh0re4onlyU its a day where you eat normally to speed up your metabolism! @kumacaIs @starving4myself tytysearching for moots (for the last time i swear 🙄) -alex/lex call me however u want :3 -15 years old -non edtwt or… day... but atleast i won't gain @tryingtobskny tomorrow March 23
Retweeted by ︎alex @josiiesdiary i would say no bc like i meant exactly the same thing but you get a pass bc the idea is good @kirigiri3000 400gram of cottage cheese!!! choosing 400g of cottage cheese bc 50g of protein and under 400 cal omg?! you have to omad one thing for the rest of your life what are you choosing ?for me its this show me photos of the body you would kill for
going to sleep early again smh.. anyways goof might mooties 😾💪 @3mptyangel well thats not a brand but valid bc the idea is good @bandaidb0y yessif you don’t do it i will… uh… be sad
Retweeted by ︎alex @ricecakeslmao i still need tgat ahhh @ricecakeslmao omg recipe rnnn @starving4myself 18-19?♡⊹.* rose ┆★ ˙ᵕ˙     she/her !? ᰔ 15 ᰔ     ╰┈➤ gw 120lbs / / ♡ ↪f4f ⤵…
Retweeted by ︎alex @ilovekalechips DW YOURE SO THIN @kirigiri3000 for me its kinder and ben n jerry.. idk if ben n jerry has made something else than ice cream but the… @2sweet4uuuuu its hard to argue with you 💔🙄 lets say we love each other the same amount (does the sentence even make sense 💀) @2sweet4uuuuu bffr 😾 @unidentified551 we must be the same person bc I'm a cat too 😻 @kcaltomi youre so right like its not only the choco creme its also this 💔 @2sweet4uuuuu ily more 🙄 @2sweet4uuuuu he already is irrelevant bc no one finds him funny LMFAO so youre rightim choosing kinder bc