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@whosmichela i’m broke srymy shoes are squeaking. i sound like spongebob @pulte i’m random. v random in fact. @pulte betttttTo celebrate partnering with MrBeast, I’m going give $10,000 TONIGHT to someone random who retweets this tweet (mus…
Retweeted by lexok wait. i had only watched half of the vid before posting. ignore that one part. i’m uncomfy w that slowmo shii love when people edit streams cousin has waited 21 years to take me out for my 21st and now she’s pregnant so our plans are ruinedi’m ok surprisingly, but maybe it’s bc i cant breathe, smell or taste lmao karl. maybe it’ll make me feel less shittyjust woke up fully gasping for air bc i cannot breathe at all @PlanetDuckk imagine getting a reply lmao gn @PlanetDuckk and some quackity merch @PlanetDuckk my two front teeth @PlanetDuckk the first day i got my first planet duck hoodie i spilled açaí bowl on it and cried for hours. do u wanna see the video @DJSCHEME_ ayo?hating it here @hades_m2 good. thank u @petraphobic i knew he was on icarly and hannah montana but i knew the outfit looked v familiar @petraphobic YES. THANK YOU. I KNEW IT WAS ONE OF THOSE @stonelistt good. starting now @stonelistt thank you b <433 @KarlJacobs_ @Slimecicle @honkkarl SEND IT TO ME KARL JACOBS. JUST A SINGLE SHIRT PLEASE @stonelistt I LOVE YOU SO MUCH STONE @santadinkha thank you luv :))) @honkkarl I NEED GREEN SHIRTwill i cry?
@stonelistt @yslophelia aya..someone tell me to not buy these buccees pajamas pantshi made eye contact w a rly hot guy in freebirds @honkkarl why don’t u just send me the green shirt as a gift :)))got a singular yerb bc i was too short to reach themis this where i’m supposed to find a boyfriend? thrifting today. losing all my money todayjeep jeep jeep @duhloraa i went for the first time a year ago. v excited to go backmaybe i’ll find new shoes today… i woke up. sadgevinnie jerks : family is watching a movie so i will not be able to watch the stream… just a loading circlemaybe one day i’ll be hot & skinny @vinniehacker deactivate @vinniehacker i see skat brd @vinniehacker TINEE @vinniehacker yes cpitr @yslophelia rn? ok.abt to take the whole package of allergy pills @vinniehacker @ethanarnold leaving asap
@Saulsrevenge workingit’s better to feel pain than nothing at allfeels like my heads gonna explodewhy is quitting smoking so hard.. how tf did i do it the last timebro fuck this shit @vinsconcubine very truent @MrBeast @pulte notis on too @MrBeast @pulte i’m a big fan mr beast @MrBeast @pulte pick me broLet’s have some fun, I’m going to give away $30,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows @Pulte a…
Retweeted by lexyoung dob is that you? pokesgive me good movie recs PLEASEcries to you - blood orange @cvmtimes frog thinkin abt buying this rn @PaindrianVal gn! @yslarii like???? 8 HOUR STREAM?? i gotta job to attend in the morning, as much as i would love to stay up as hear… always end up falling asleep during vins streams and the. waking up to some teenage boys screaming at 3am. never fails @yslophelia HEY AHAHAH HI @PlanetDuckk AYO??? @santadinkha thank you :) @yslophelia DONT U DARE @yslophelia wowsome1 date me pls thx @yslophelia @vinniehacker what kind @PaindrianVal @vinniehacker thank you kindly @PaindrianVal @vinniehacker LMFAO @allyebel28 idk. what do they havecan u buy me some cheezits @vinniehacker @vinniehacker @Saulsrevenge @jacobcavern ah hell. here we go again @sweeteazarba LMFAO I REMEMBER THIS @AGORABUCKY like.. rhcp & mac would def be top5 @AGORABUCKY same… @AGORABUCKY dude you know how different it would be???? jesus. still peep at #1 but all diff @AGORABUCKY i will just stick to my podcast of soundsthis year i will not be listening to music as i sleep so maybe i can get the real results of my spotify wrapped @yslophelia u have a priv? @zzoooeee_ lovely @svprahelen !!shrek is love, shrek is life
2021 @ariannaa2029 I CANT STAND THAT MF @allyebel28 HAVE U WATCHED @THEHONKBOY OH MY @allyebel28 i was doing dishes :) what class u in? @allyebel28 hi from the kicthen