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@AFCUMD1 Whoops @ArsenalLatest 🤦‍♂️ @AFCUMD1 Oh @14_HK_ Whoops 😬 @AFCSaliba @SpongeStarbff @spectatorindex Whoops 😬 @gunnertopia @Arsenal WhoopsEl-Arabi!!!!!!! @JohnJCrace So that’s £2 billion at least a year it’s Gina cost. Thought there was no downside @jimmv38 @JECook96 @mquadri_ If I could still live where I do (coz wife’s family close to us and she won’t move) an… @Twitter @Twitter
Unless you’re Sergio Ramos. He can fuck offFeel for Laporte. Hope he comes back soon and it’s not too serious. Yeah I know he plays for a rival team but this… There’s a generation alpha?
This is why we call him 'Le Professeur' - Arsene Wenger dropping knowledge bombs in the studio! #beINUCL #CHEBAY
Retweeted by AngelosSky have gobshites as pundits on with personal agendas or having the craic with each other while AW shows what it's…
Retweeted by Angelos @trailblazer444 Glad u beat them bleating bastards ShrewsburyThis is fuckin brilliant is Lovandeski? @SkySportsNewsGet In Tranmere! Taming them Shrews @Harrylcfc123 💯 better than any united defender they currently have @J_Gomez97 @JamesMilner perfectly disguised through ball. Feigns to shoot then plays a great ball in to @trentaa98
@decayingcactus @Julian_01m @Carra23 Too many people on here think it’s just like championship manager @kjannati Was expecting them to be biased and pick manure in 1999 or cheating cityAnyone’s heart in their mouth at that Creswell free kick and subsequent corner that Parker then hit fly?Get in reds!!!Need to score from a corner to counter theirs. Come on reds @AnfieldEdition If you look in the dictionary next to no brainer you’ll see a picture of Werner and £25mAntonio starts. 🤬Fully expect West Ham to park the bus tonight Going for a 3-0 win though Matchday shoutout. Follow these top peop…
Retweeted by Angelos @nessoo7 @Irene__again Valentines Day @Mattlfc19 People that hide behind anonymity mate think they’re so brave @IanRainford70 @KaiiserLFC6 Not a movie but a trashy reality show so how about Titties Island
@Rachael_Swindon I don’t condone violence especially against women. However is it wrong that I wanna take that smir… @StanCollymore @bbcquestiontime I used to enjoy Question Time but sadly it became a platform for bigots. Haven’t watched it for years @dannybroderick1 Wait and see. Salah will come @NewsLiverpool Miss out? @TheJamieMac_RAE @LFC He knew @gerrard1anonly Maybe never @br11key @LFC Please don’tI know nothing. @bwin He’s shite @Finbar1892 Glad they didn’t @Garyjones119 No they didn’t @nessoo7 @DimesFromRose Watch AJ duck Fury (though he has to wait for Fury to batter Wilder again )Told me missus that Tyson Fury had won. She asked me who was that? Told her that he was Tommy’s brother. To which s…
Whenever someone tweets about AOC I can’t help first thinking it’s about Ox then I realise it’s about US politics @LivEchoLFC He must hate Werner to say that @david_conn @kjannati Sounds like a pannick appointment
@_michael_LFC 💰 @UtdAyush A team with any of Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Joe Gomez, Robertson, Fabinho, Henderson, Firmino, Mane cou… @afneil total regulatory freedom you said. Are you now saying you lied or were wrong? @VipArsenal Give Luiz a 10 year contract
@Rachael_Swindon Here’s the thing. If Britain successfully “closes its borders” based on a current birth rate of 1.… is becoming a social experiment that will be written about for years. Like what happens when you whip up th… @bbcquestiontime Stopped watching #bbcqt a long time ago. Show became a budget Jeremy Kyle show with some of the au… @wr_ghty Indy? @EvertonRshite DNR
@SamMaayan Time flies 😮Christine Taylor is 48???? Shiiiiit. Dodge ball ain’t THAT old a film is it? @MrFilipeOrlando @RasmusCOYS 443? An extra player will be usefulSeriously @premierleague this has been going on all season. Yet Man City put out a press release saying the sheik d… @adublinredYNWA Cue official attendance figures of 60k lolThe tories fearing losing voters to the Luddite party fully backed a complete hard smash it in policy to destroy al… people voted to go back to Britains glorious past and become a pre industrial nation again by a slim margin. Th… @davidallengreen We just had the industrial revolution. The luddites though used social media (ironic) to whip up s… @AndyStevenson81 @mattletiss7 Van Dijk ain’t human Andy
@JDNalton They defended deep, 11 behind the ball, made it difficult like we knew they would. Still LFC got in more… @JDNalton Getting in the final third time and time again but lacking in the final ball or shot does not equal LFC m… @JDNalton U need to consider another career if you’re paid to come up with that. Liverpool dominated the midfield b…’re gonna create chances at home. Relax. Mo & Mane masterclass comingWhat’s wrong with Trent. Twice now his cross has gone straight out @Mr_Bundesliga @Durban_Debz @GNev2 Why has the media taken the UEFA ruling that City broke the rules and turned it… @KavanaghsArklow @WillM66 What about when Madrid finished 5th in 99/00 but still qualified for the CL because they…
Retweeted by Angelos @BBCTheOneShow @karen_hauer Seriously fuck off @LFC_Ollie Alli, Trent, Gomez, VVD, Robbo, Fab, Hendo, Gini, Mane, Bobby, Mo @mburland @Smithmichaelw @Millar_Colin How do you know for certain that some players aren’t paid off the books. How…
@Smithmichaelw @Millar_Colin Can be easily circumvented though. Offshore payments. Hidden bank accounts etc @Smithmichaelw @Millar_Colin Don’t disagree. Also players get paid too much anyway. If applied got to have very str… @Smithmichaelw @Millar_Colin Good idea for a salary cap. Problem is it can be manipulated a bit like City paid salaries “off the books”Is Fergie back in charge at United? The amount of shocking decisions going Uniteds way is a throw back to last decade @JMilnerinho Know what I mean. Watching #CHEMUN is like watching a league 2 match having got so used to the quality of LFCAnthony Taylor having a shocker. Clear foul yet gives Willian a yellow for divingPep when asked if Etihad paid fair value for the stadium sponsorship “It was a clear handball for my team then Live… @dempsey_luke @talkSPORT Crazy. Even @DGoughie agrees with that. What part of CITY BROKE THE RULES don’t they get?… @Mattlfc19 Sorry to hear that mate. Hope you all feel better soon @mdeeks76 @wr_ghty @TheKopHQ @GraemeKelly1 Excuse my ignorance- what positions could Cantwell cover and what’s his best one?
Why are certain presenters protected by the media and or loved by a naive public? They’re hiding behind personas th… @wr_ghty I’m still refusing to believe they won’t bribe someone at CAS and walk awayKelly’s Hero’s is an awesome film #ITV4 @City_Xtra @TheAthleticUK Oh no! Please don’t bring up LFCs Nike deal. Clearly not market value coz it’s based on s… @RiazHamed2 Respect lad. The 87-88 team was the classiest team I’ve ever seen and Barnes that year was unstoppable.… @SheikhSadio TWAT @stxngx Baby stop touching my face @Mattlfc19 I find myself cheering when our former rivals drop points out of habit but then realise we want them to… @mathers_declan @jimmv38 🤣 🤣🤣 @jimmv38 @mathers_declan Hard work! But what we would do without them! (2 weeks in an adult only beach resort sounds good right now) @jimmv38 @mathers_declan How old are your kids? @jimmv38 @mathers_declan 😂😂😂 yeah we’re lucky. Sleeps at 7, rarely wakes in the night and awake 12 hours later. My… @MelissaReddy_ enjoyed watching Sunday Supplement today. Glad there were no rag reporters like Cutsis on today coz…