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@RedDevil5120 Massive L for uefa if oil money beats themThey're so obviously going to get away with it, that's the annoying thing. There is a chance that they get the ban… @C_H_lockhart @TheImmortalKop @SkySportsNews @atletienglish Last I checked Madrid wasn’t in England lad @SkySportsNews two generational talents cost Arsenal and Liverpool NOTHING Bundesliga is putting the rest of Europe to shame this season @FalseFMatt @SkyKaveh Stating the obviousJordan Henderson is our best midfielder and the only reason people don’t say this is because he is English and does… @afclyle Shite @knowyorrights They were favourites before the ban @LegendEskimoBoy Why? They are crap in the competition every year and are always favouritesWhy are Man City the bookies favourites for the champions league? Can’t see them getting past Real Madrid tbh @bernardooooV3 Ferland Mendy @bernardooooV3 Remove Mendy
Alphonso Davies looks a brilliant talent such raw paceWHATS GOOD FOOTBALL TWITTER FOLLOW ME AND I FOLLOW BACK #GainSZN #IFB @YMLFC11 ?This is how city celebrated winning the premier league last season 🤢 I’ve seen better atmospheres at a funeral… @smtm__LFC75 State of them him and the rest of City squad sang about Kompany injuring Salah.. Twat a shit Compilation 🤮 Werner release clause £20m less than first claimed in transfer - €30m + performance bonuses not £50m+ frequen… when Benjamin Mendy was supposed to be better then Andy Robertson? Just a reminder that we paid 8M for R… @KanteBeStopped7 Imagine twerking so hard for your rivals @SkySportsNews And the rest of the country celebrates @ItsMeYo83 @bernardooooV3 We live rent free in all city fans headsName a fan more obsessed with Liverpool then @bernardooooV3 wow man give a rest✅Norwich ✅Southampton ✅Arsenal ✅Burnley ✅Newcastle ✅Chelsea ✅Sheff U ✅Leicester ➖Utd ✅Spurs ✅Villa ✅City ✅Palace ✅B…
Retweeted by 6 Times @AnfieldRd96 Everton are our rivals, city are notWijnadum last night @Dan_ftbl I haven’t seen Keita put in a 7/10 all seasonI see the Wijnadum haters have crawled back under their rocks after his performance yesterday @DRlBBLING @AlexandrJahnold Done
@LFCUnbearables We are the best ever but nobody wants to admit itLiverpool now have as many points as Manchester United had in their treble winning campaign (1998-99). Also, they h… @LFC Never in doubtGET IN!!!!
Retweeted by 6 TimesTrent MOTM imoYesss inject every bit of that win into my veins. 18 wins in a rowOffsideDry your eyes @GNev2 and Martin TylerMentally giants is a way of life for these playersMane!! 3-2 I can breathe againJust want Bobby to score the winner @GNev2 Proper nonce behaviour thisfabianski is a Liverpool legend without ever playing for usSALAH!!! Thank godFeel sickImagine not rating Henderson after thisKeita shocking again. I really don’t get the hype with himWe miss Henderson so badlyFuck. What on earth is going on??? Wake upCome on Liverpool! Don’t let us down @moodklp @TheRedmenTV Bet you call it soccer ladIt’s not Issa Diop Issa prick @moodklp @TheRedmenTV New York City fc fan uno😂👍😂 @TaintlessRed Nervous for no reason @TheRedmenTV We will win.Hated that 1st half. Strange performance and Martin Tyler sounds dead insideSome of our fans need to realise not every game is going to be easy. Have patienceStay calm lads.All I saw on this platform last week was Gini slander, course he bangs one in the first 10 minutes 😭😭
Retweeted by 6 TimesGet in!! 1–0 WijnadumJust win. @LFC @LFCUnbearables I know mate! Mad @mickclfc We are literally the best team in the world. Why would he leave us?Why does Gary Neville have an agenda against Mo Salah? Piss off you Manc twatHoping for a Keita masterclass Tonight @LegendEskimoBoy @XS_11official Won’t play for Liverpool again🔴 Our team to face @WestHam 🔴 @JamesMilner is out as a precaution due to a slight muscle strain.
Retweeted by 6 TimesScore predictions for tonight? I’m going 4-0 Liverpool obviously million people follow the scum newspaper. Think about how disgusting that is DON’T BUY THE SUN DON’T BUY THE… @Jaack @TheSun #BlockedTheSun @Jaack #BlockedTheSun @LFC_klokke @No_Quarter9 @LFCGOATMILLY @WinnerWenderson @BraziICF @Toro_LFC @lfcbaiIey @LfcThewool @nochdawe @muneeb_asad19 Still on loanIf Timo Werner’s reported 50 million release clause is true then that is a massive bargain. I think we can raise th…'s owner reports £68m loss as paper sales fall
Retweeted by 6 TimesIsn’t this what people mocked Arsenal for years? Oh how the mighty have fallen😂😂 Man Utd are treating top 4 like a… @CursedFootball Yikes opinion: Arsenal can not be considered a elite club until they win the champions league don’t think we need much in the summer, if Werner was our only signing I would be happy. Having said that…
If you think Martial is better then Firmino than I’m afraid football isn’t for you and you should probably start wa… or break is a bit of an Exaggeration. There’s no denying his injury record is worrying but he has clear potent…🚨 WHATS GOOD FOOTBALL TWITTER BOYS ITS THAT TIME AGAIN TO GAIN A BIG FOLLOWING ON YOUR ACCOUNT SO FOLLOW EVERYONE W… @ToHarassing It’s obviously bait. Don’t worry I knowI’ve literally seen this tweet a million times. Get original guys @bhafcmaxi @RiZzyUTD Stop Twitter! 👋🏻 This is the official SS Lazio account in the UK & USA! We’ve also been hearing that fellow clubs…
Retweeted by 6 Times @eicmon18 Good point lad👍Why am I seeing Arsenal fans comparing Saka to Trent? Why can’t we all appreciate two great talents without unneces… @afccarti We rate Saka. I don’t get your point?Earlier in the game Gary Neville was comparing Everton’s back 4 to carlo ancelotti’s old AC Milan defence 😂😂 What a colossal knob @Arsenal @muneeb_asad19 @MuzzaUTD My guy 🤝haaland plays tennis apparently what about LiVARpool? I thought we get all the decisions this happened in a Liverpool game, there'd be 100 tweets with the caption of "LiVARpool!!" with 10k+ likes.
Retweeted by 6 TimesThe Wijnadum hate on twitter by so called Liverpool fans is absolutely disgraceful. I know Twitter is a shithole at…