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At least our left back doesn’t cry in the second leg of a Champions league semi final, at half time. Therefore, who… losing 2-0 to Valencia. Every super club in Europe is experiencing a dip, or are in a stage of rebuilding… @TLister77 “Don’t support their country without a reason.” This is Catalans to Spain btw, so I don’t get what he’… @HerschelWatts4 @IfcAaryan And there’s also political reasons why Liverpool fans don’t like England. Where do we go from here? @RMCFAli Madrid needed for La liga title @RMCFAli It’s a girl?!“Don’t support their own country.” Ain’t that the same thing Catalonians are doing to Spain? But, you wouldn’t unde… struggling at Bayern and Barcelona? He got warned.
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@Raheem7i @_Ifcjay Your main tweet wasn’t even about minutes in the first place, you was talking about “this season… @Raheem7i @_Ifcjay Who cares about minutes, you might as well do seconds too. Salah and Mahrez both played 20 games… @Raheem7i @_Ifcjay Salah has 16 goal contributions in the league, whilst playing the same amount as Mahrez (20). Wh… was out for 6 weeks, Shaqiri still injured, Robertson got injured, Salah got injured, Origi got injured thi…
Retweeted by Nasir @ahmedIfc It’s mostly kids on Twitter, let’s be real. I haven’t seen one Liverpool fan IRL that are actually so deluded like FT
Come on, you know that isn’t even true. Liverpool are well known for bringing unique chants, for decades. We litera… @Habianze Robertson, Keita, Alisson, Salah, Mane and Fabinho not starters? Besides, Origi and Shaqiri are rotationa… was out for 6 weeks, Shaqiri still injured, Robertson got injured, Salah got injured, Origi got injured thi… @ahmedIfc @LeoulPrince @NiftyNeres @fcb_asha Yeah of course, I rate him too @ahmedIfc @LeoulPrince @NiftyNeres @fcb_asha People say anything for the sake of it, nowadays. @GaryLineker The thing is, Sir Alex was an actual tactical genius. Ole is a PE teacher @Mesolol69 @jaytothelo And why not mention white men who groom underage girls, or does it only count for coloured m… @Mesolol69 @jaytothelo So just because he most likely experienced worse racial abuse, our stance and experience is…
@FlyBoyBlac Of yeah of course, when I’m mostly at Anfield it’s chill. It’s just the subtle and undertone of racism that bugs me the most @FlyBoyBlac It’s just so irritating bro. Guess “YNWA” implies to everyone, except if you’re Asian or black. The irony is so embarrassing @BlancoAbhi But, why not? Of course you can’t compare, due to one being an attacker. However, Trent literally had t… @BlancoAbhi Respect Trent. I know you’re not this stupid @BlancoAbhi Not true man, only Trent and Mbappe are on the same level. @mcfcdanieI struggling at Bayern and Barcelona? He got warned.
I want number 7 more than anything. However, if I had to choose one, it’ll has to be invincible + centurions. We al… for Liverpool fans RT once voted, trying to prove a point. #LFC @Yahya_aaa’re gonna win the league can’t believe Mohamed Salah is actually getting overlooked. Salah literally has the most goals in a single season…
Retweeted by NasirUnited fan calling Salah a terrorist and “p*ki” Guess they ain’t dealing well with the result, scruff
Retweeted by Nasir @_Ifcjay @GrizzKhan @ahmedIfc @TahirLFC @DavidMeyler @SoLockedIn think you’re missing the point here, Ahmed. I don’t they th… @dalglishera @JevonDavisAFC You’re spot on fella. That’s why I said, it’ll be unfair to automatically judge those p… @JevonDavisAFC You don’t even follow me, yet still comment. Cya @JevonDavisAFC I still don’t know what your issue is. You’re not making sense. You’re arguing for the sake of it, g… @JevonDavisAFC I’ll happily eat banana and rice. You’re about to be a father, and you’re crying on this app at your big age. @JevonDavisAFC Go eat some jerk chicken and move along bro, your tongue is yellow @JevonDavisAFC Congratulations, you figured they’re Asian. Nice one, Sherlock. @JevonDavisAFC Do you know if those Asians aren’t from Liverpool? I’m speaking in hypothetical scenario you melon. @JevonDavisAFC I didn’t say that though. @JevonDavisAFC You know scouse Asians exist right? @JevonDavisAFC What you on about? @YoungyLFC1892 You’re a gimp as well @liamrobbo_ @YoungyLFC1892 You’re a proper gimp mate @MentalityFc How come? @JurgenKloppLFC_ Home end @privgoathan - lives on concrete btw @privgoathan - EthanChelsea wanted Alisson, Van Dijk and Chamberlain, however they all snubbed them to join Liverpool. Chelsea want Tim… @Dag7i @ahmedIfc Oh no, I was just talking in general g. Mbappe is the only generational talent in that tweet anyways @Dag7i @ahmedIfc Maitland Niles and many other average players scored at Anfield. “Anfield test” is a myth, and proves nothing. @CFCHale That 04/05 Chelsea team lost to Liverpool in the Semi Final of the UCL, and that Liverpool team was really… @kj__95 The depth bro, THE DEPTH. Fabinho, Henderson, Keita, Minamino, Wijnaldum, Shaqiri, Chrivella, Chamberlain, Grujic and Aouar. @swearimnotpaul @_Ifcjay @FalseFMatt!! @ben15015 They probably get tickets like this, and obviously no one can pay that much. But; how do we actually know… recording Asians at a football game, but then you make it into a negative vibe. However, if it was a group… @privgoathan 😂😂😂
@themartialfc Martial had decent game due to his lack of services as well. But agenda is in full flow saaxiib 💉💉 @themartialfc LDN twitter is the worst bro, don’t bother @ThePaulMachin Say we won the league, Paul. Say it fellaOn a real note, how did they get tickets? Membership I got is basically non existent. LolThese “tourists” also donated to our food banks, why not mention that, instead of recording people like the creep y… @privgoathan - Ethan @domcoy_ state of you, Manc scruffTag @metpoliceukUnited fan calling Salah a terrorist and “p*ki” Guess they ain’t dealing well with the result, scruff👑 MO 👑
Retweeted by NasirManchester United’s greatest captain, Roy Keane just said Van Dijk didn’t foul De Gea. Yet, LiVARpool exists. @TDomD6 @_ibrahim00_ @Md247s I do still hate United, Is there a way for both teams to lose? @_ibrahim00_ @Md247s @TDomD6 @_Ifcjay no bad luck pls @_Ifcjay 1-2 united @BestChantsUK @jackparker_123 @zoukyboy1 @294R9400N “Do you not have GCSE’s to revise for?” @294R9400N All of this, but can’t afford a mic unah @BlackYellow @Gioreyna10 @USMNT @Akhgustavo @RedBloodYNWA When I said 30 years, I’m talking about the club and fans as whole. It’s pretty evident I’m not 30. A… @RedBloodYNWA Firstly, I’m 18. Secondly, I can show myself on this platform unlike you. Thirdly, I grew up watching…
@hitmansonline Casemiro is a very good footballer, don’t get me wrong. However, if Fabinho played for someone else,… @Ste_Haw Hahahaha, agenda blinds them from reality lad. It’s a dangerous drug, telling you.“The quality of English football dropped.” Bet you mugs weren’t saying that when the Europa league and Champions Le… years of heartache, 30 years of mockery, 30 years of bittersweet from rival fans, 30 years of insults and 30 yea…
@294R9400N “Nah man I need to take care of my son” @294R9400N You on pro tonight?Look at the comments of these pro right wing Trump supporters. Their pro white agenda is really showing here, thank god I don’t live there. @MoAliiDoee Mashallah bro. May Allah bless you 🙌🏾 @jaytothelo Oh yeah, I 100% get that bro. However, we all know his intentions isn’t about the shoes. Even till this… was wearing Nike or any trainers a black thing? Firstly, why the heck did you bring race into this? This agend… @ChrisTyrrell20 @samw90101 @roger_JMD @LFCSpares Proper freaks about @ChrisTyrrell20 @samw90101 @roger_JMD @LFCSpares This is worst mate @RB_27Ftbol made a mistake @Stoichkovinho @Rohandinho_ To what extent is he ass? Watch football. @Rohandinho_ Exactly man. Agenda is a mad drug bro. @privgoathan wthanI can’t believe Mohamed Salah is actually getting overlooked. Salah literally has the most goals in a single season…