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I’m really hoping these protests can cause change, nothing worse than injustice.
Retweeted by Ollie6*19MJ speaks out 🗣
Retweeted by Ollie6*19Headie One and K-Trap - Intent (2017)
Retweeted by Ollie6*19A year ago today. I’m so sadWhy do I come on to twitter mad’m not buying this Sancho hype.
Retweeted by Ollie6*19 @LukeBlakeway @GCIIMessi exactly what I did. Now I won’t complain about it!Yes Jadon ❤️
Retweeted by Ollie6*19Just waiting for AB to do something stupid to be honest hahaha.elect a clown, expect a circus.
Retweeted by Ollie6*19If Mesut Ozil and Thierry Henry played together... 🇩🇪 x 🇫🇷 Likes and RT’s appreciated. @MesutOzil1088
Retweeted by Ollie6*19thank god there are riots. @_beckzszn @MartinBlaxs @J0K3R870 @DribblingAddict @sevnty1 @FCBarcelona They r literal r3t4rds @GCIIMessi Could be. People can play the way they want to, why do people camp in COD? There is a genuine counter to… @GCIIMessi It is boring but it would only be boring for them if fifa community put time into learning the game & le… @KroosControl_ @GCIIMessi build attacks never rush. use full backs and DM’s to drag people out of position. if an a… @DribblingAddict @sevnty1 @FCBarcelona Your defending that lmao @GCIIMessi I don’t know why people complain against playing 1 depth. I prefer it😭. It’s pretty easy to beat when u… to POW.😭 the mf behind anonymous
Retweeted by Ollie6*19 @CaoIan_ Who disrespects him?The pandemic is over IMO. The only thing not normal is places aren’t open. Rest is back to normal for me. @PotnoodIefringe
Retweeted by Ollie6*19 @Ronnie098_ Lmao was gonna say @charliejs_ people sellin cases for 350 I’ve seen when they cost about £30-£50 to get hold of haha.WHAT LOL? play goals since this happened: Van Dijk - 4 Pepe - 3
Retweeted by Ollie6*19Dkm that’s a downgrade
Retweeted by Ollie6*19To be honest, I genuinely hope he di3s or is murd3r3d. That vid is horrifying breath stank, I know a call for help when I see one 🤣
Retweeted by Ollie6*19Real Madrid rolled out the red carpet to try to convince Harvey Elliott to sign for them. There was a tour of the B…
Retweeted by Ollie6*19How to get FREE Nike tech fleece, Thread 🧵:
Retweeted by Ollie6*19Liverpool youngster Harvey Elliott was reportedly asked if he wanted to meet Sergio Ramos when Real Madrid tried to…
Retweeted by Ollie6*19 @lnControI Lmao that’s actually true😭😭😭😭THIS COUNTRY finished. 😔That man has 12 prior cases of police brutality. She knew exactly who she married, save me the fake a** sob story.
Retweeted by Ollie6*19The way Spike walked off at the end of R1 killed me😭the bell man play to the whistle. Woodley back with a bang tonight hth
"hasn't gone down well" that's because Klopp isn't doing this for likes on social media... he's doing it remind th…
Retweeted by Ollie6*19 @_Ifcjay @CaoIan_ @albasfinesttt Ye, no that’s great for a tweet about u 2 lmaoI think often about this. It’s hilarious @albasfinesttt Knew you’d like it, I’ll never forget the one of the fella running down an aisle falling over . That’s one of the goat tweets @_Ifcjay U live rent free to be fairLive scenes in Ifcjay’s head dreaming about Ifcidil🇪🇬 @MoSalah = 👑
Retweeted by Ollie6*19 @momoalas93 @SSIIIIUUUUU sorry man. can’t even imagine what ur thinking. stay strong @lnControI exactly hahaha so u wouldn’t even want any1 @lnControI who would u want @lnControI u wouldn’t want any of them @stevogeezalfc Overall the doYou can sign one @CaoIan_ Carlo? @stevogeezalfc goat + conor does @albasfinesttt 🙁so sad @donkopleone @SeanDOlfc Who elseIn another world that Adrian doesn’t exist we could be all bevvied in the Turkey son in a buildup to an Istanbul CL… hahahaha one way systems . they know full well this wouldn’t happen @albasfinesttt Believing in the process 🙏🏾Can’t rest won’t rest
Retweeted by Ollie6*19Unbelievably satisfying @stevogeezalfc WymTop 7 players in Europe: Messi Neymar Mbappe KDB VVD Salah Mane
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twitters so mad uncle doesn’t like talking about Heysel. One of the worst days of his life. all you white women that want to do your part for the black community, suck my large black cock & give me sex m…
Retweeted by Ollie6*19 @TransferChecker @guendouzx @freshhafc why r u talking to kids on twitter mate hahaha everyone knows ur info is sol… whole block love pourin rum.... that’s where shush got bunDon’t blame Jones at all. He deserves 10m+ every fight @French_Eddy22 the manner of it lad. just a presumption that’s excessive force @French_Eddy22 Na I don’t even know bro. I’m sayin that looks like racism. He’s not resisting arrest here manNuke that cave now. This is not the year man.
Retweeted by Ollie6*19Oh my god. How does this happen? That’s racism isn’t it. That’s what it looks like. Christ @10ftbolpriv Who’s your inspiration @SeanDOlfc no way. @SeanDOlfc ?No one I know has socially distanced hahaha non how can weNA WATCH ALL THEIR REACTIONS IM CRYIN HAHAOMG BOTTOM LEFT ON 0:16 - 0:20 I AM CRYING SMILING DO U LIKE HIM NOW??????? IS THIS GOOD ENOUGH??????? I LOVE U KINGGG @MOSALAH messing she’s with Morgan Gibbs White? round back ways come shake it watch a real bad man come break it @CaoIan_ @HalluNitom We’ll be gettin him @HalluNitom Isn’t that obvious tho?Love you king @MoSalah @SeanDOlfc Same man says Minamino will be shaqs replacementHahahaha I can’t stop the flex, wise man once said ‘post what you want someone will be offended at whatever you pos… @Ronnie098_ what a day that’ll be @Ronnie098_ just keep spirits high that’s all u can @Ronnie098_ I got 2 months of life as an 18 year old before lockdown. Working now and just Savin money @a5hmcc90 Yes of course @MUFC_Larn @LFC Wake up at 6am. First thing you think of is the biggest most successful club in England. I hope u ch0ke on ur own s1ckbiggest club on the planet @Ronnie098_ Shiiit ur high risk?? @SeanDOlfc 18. I can’t fail really.. @OzilThings I’d be shocked if it’s not cross plat- 2020 btw @SeanDOlfc You can’t sit with me @HS_10Ftbol @AnfieldWatch @JamesPearceLFC to be honest, I agree with u, but they know better & that is what they’re goin with @AnfieldWatch @JamesPearceLFC @HS_10Ftbol