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Instagram LFCtomo. LFC, Shankly (dog), Gym and Rachel (wife) in no particular order. Except Rachel, she’s last.

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Offside. Offside. Offside. Onside. 🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by Tomo @_DHOTYA Instant classic @packers @AaronRodgers12 @PFWAwriters The only choiceThe PFWA has named @AaronRodgers12 its 2020 Most Valuable Player! 🏆: #GoPackGo
Retweeted by Tomo @JoeBiden It’s a new day everywhere. It happens every 24 hours in every country @AverageDadFB Easy, have Turkey wings @FootballJOE Andy Paxton. Although was also the same school as Andy Farrell and he did ok in the end @HenniNew @Football__Tweet By Messis standards that’s a poor season. Been a shadow of his former self. Neymar pla… @Football__Tweet Wtf are Messi and Neymar doing in there? @FaZeLinkzy What is it?
@AM12EAZ @UKPS5Notify Looks like a bundle with an extra controller and a couple of games🤮 The @GAMEdigital scalper saga continues.. @gamehelps @eBay @AskeBay 😤 #ps5 #scalpers #banbots
Retweeted by Tomo @tylfc1 @lemmy_yt @UKPS5Notify Yep. Joined the queue as soon as I got notified, queue time of ‘over an hour’. Got n… @MansionBet @ClubAmerica_EN Too jazzy? Yeah, too jazzy @ajdillon7 @packers #GoAndyGo 🧀 @Football__Tweet Scored past Cagliari ffs
@SundayChants Was awful. Shit coverage, shit pundits, shit intro @Football__Tweet Suarez was unplayable @hammymiller12 @LewiBizzle @FootballJOE We had a +2 net var decision last season and won the league by like 20 points. @MrBadassB @NFLUK If I was being impartial I may have leaned towards the chiefs, but I’m not so packers all the way 😂🧀 @Dan_Pollard @NFLUK 225. 28 points. @OfficialFPL Why are captains double or treble points not being calculated? @tobytarrant Correct Toby. I got told by a chef years ago that tomato ketchup is the sauce for the unrefined palate… @NFLUK 10/10 #GoPackGo @MansionBet GleneaglesRT if your team is still in the Playoffs. 😊
Retweeted by Tomo @LewiBizzle @FootballJOE We’ve been the most punished by VAR over the last two seasons🤔
Retweeted by TomoThis is so cool
Retweeted by Tomo @NFLUK @Buccaneers 10/10 so far #GoPackGo’s Aaron Donald?? Could @SteDiddyNFL find him? Could YOU? ⬇️
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@OfficialFPL He’s my VC and I’ve used my triple 😫 @Captain_Shoffer @PlayStationUK @PlayStationEU Is that a question or a statement? My comment is that it’s a nice… @Captain_Shoffer @PlayStationUK @PlayStationEU That’s irrelevant @JoeScully123 Exactly. He’s a fucking United fan. He went to our school and he’s 100% a United fan @JoeScully123 This was as the ball was played. A second later Mane was beyond Lindelof @JoeScully123 Yep @ptgorst Glad we took it Short again'Harry Maguire's going to get the decision'. Of course he is, it was a clear 50-50.
Retweeted by TomoMané through on goal? Five seconds left... Tierney;
Retweeted by TomoWtf is going on here @SkySportsPL @Carra23 @GNev2 @pgmol_referees ?? Sadie Mané clean through on goal here with ti…
Retweeted by Tomo @TheRedmenTV Because he’s a United fan from Wigan. Went to school with them (his sister was in my year, he was in m… WiLl Be A mInImUm Of OnE mInUtE aDdEd TiMe 🥴
Retweeted by TomoHe called half time on this. Farce.
Retweeted by Tomo @EntireDesign_ Different when Mane is offside though. Couldn’t get that fucking flag up quick enoughWHAT THE FUCK! 1 minute added time, blew up on 45:55 with Mane clean through. And people say there’s no biased from… @JoeScully123 Still does.THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IS COMING TO LAMBEAU FIELD‼️ #PackersUnited | #GoPackGo
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@Piper336 @ukpackers That really is a thing of beauty @PoliticsJOE_UK It’s almost like cases are going down 2 weeks into the lockdown. Who’d have thought it 🤷🏼‍♂️ @ukpackers Green and gold keeping the people of north west england safe #GoPackGo @FootballJOE @ukpackers I’ll be wearing my hat in work later if that counts?Istanbul Basaksehir played Sivasspor earlier today while it was snowing in Istanbul. ❄️ Sivasspor played in white…
Retweeted by Tomo @plymavfc @Top_CashBack Love wave Indian boat tiger. Such a great film. @NOT_MOTD B. Fernandez FT+2 (P) @RadioX @BlocParty @ArcticMonkeys @DanGasser Not many debut albums will be Whatever people say @ShaunMac_82 @sound_scaper @MariCLewis np. Just a simple correction @KP24 @martinjowen There’s isn’t one in MODESTY though @ShaunMac_82 @sound_scaper @MariCLewis Not necessarily. The same people could be buying each album.An absolute fucking classic... This will never not be funny.🤣🤣
Retweeted by TomoJust in the nick of time, I hear there’s a virus going round Wuhan
Retweeted by Tomo @FlintVander @Sarah_Ducks She’s nailed on
@itwitsheet Have you actually watched the trailer? Surely this is like some sort of spoof zombie land type film 😂 @TheRedmenTV I wanna knowwwww-ooohhhoohh how you broke Smiths legTWO DAYS
Retweeted by TomoBest use of the word 'allegedly' of all-time.
Retweeted by Tomo @dvzpack @AymanAbdulaal4 @LFC No you weren’t. Time line full of Pogba/United. Just do us all a favour and fuck off… @packers @LambeauField @SiriusXMNFL So excited @AymanAbdulaal4 @dvzpack @LFC He’s not a Liverpool fan don’t worry @LFC Is fucking right Joel 👊🏻I’m dead.
Retweeted by Tomo @007 When you remember Ethan No time to die was due to be released a year ago but the studio were greedy as fuck @rickygervais Harold Shitmum all the wayCovid in the Premier League
Retweeted by Tomo @SundayChants Foul. Goes through the man to get the ball. A split second earlier and he’d have wrapped his leg round and got the ball first @JoeScully123 Alisson Trent, VVD, Hyypia, Robbo Gerrard, Alonso, Coutinho Suarez, Torres, Mane Tough between Sa… @442oons I’m seeing people in the replies say Pogba for Thiago and honestly I can’t get my head round it
Retweeted by Tomo @Kendrick_Liam @WilliamHill Especially when they’ll ask £25 for itIt is indeed Liverpool vs VAR as a separate match every other week.
Retweeted by Tomo @FootballJOE Please don’t let Danny Murphy be involved @WilliamHill Nobody give a fuck. 5 years ago maybe, but pointless nowI’ll just leave these photos of Clattenburg and Ferguson at Wembley before the 2016 FA Cup Final here for anyone wh…
Retweeted by Tomo @NFLUK @Morrisons What’s the total value? Seems steep for a couple of frozen pizzas, some Doritos and paper plates @FootballJOE “Capable of employing similar tactics” suggests they try to stay on their feet. The difference between… the ‘concern’ over professional footballers was anything other than posturing, they’d be banned from travelling…
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Matt Hancock defo used to wear his uniform on non uniform day in school so he didn't have to pay the quid to charity x
Retweeted by TomoKane Goal! ⚽️ #TOTFUL #BGW18 Retweet if he's your #FPL captain 💪
Retweeted by Tomo @PlayStationUK @PlayStationEU Nice deal. Be even nicer if I could buy a PS5 to use it on @AverageDadFB I got banned for calling someone a cunt. Was worth it though, he defo was @FootballJOE Players scoring high on FPL playing twice @RadioX @EdGambleComedy @matthewcrosby They’re both shit @PurelyFootball Shady dealings at city? Surely not**GIVEAWAY** (UK only) To enter for a chance to win all of these SEVEN (one for each day of the week) unique The…
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Why is everyone cumming over Pogba hitting a volley straight at the keeper and getting a lucky deflection? You’d th… gonna make a Bane joke but van de Beek just looks too sad, I can’t do it
Retweeted by Tomo @Football__Tweet NoSomebody just told me that it’s National Soundcheck Day 12/ 1 / 21
Retweeted by Tomo @LivEchoLFC Not the best story you’ve ever ran