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@FaZe_Rain @FaZeAdapt LOL
Took the queen for a walk in Canada @_kieranuk Lets do it @MatthewEspinosa I was too late for 69 so it was the next best thing 😂YOO MY NEW LG JERSEY CAME IN THESE ARE 🔥🔥🔥 @MatthewEspinosa Happy to hear 💪🏻💪🏻Anybody notice how Bazerk isn’t awake yet ur awake rn u smell really good @Formula True true, other than that everything’s pretty dry for me @Formula Come back to Valorant @Arcohz Arcohs more like Crackedcohs @PaymoneyWubby U were spitting facts until I saw the raisins in the same tier as Doritos @Nadeshot YESSIRRR @FaZeMew GOT DONATED $100 AS WE HIT A INSANE TRICKSHOT.. OMG.. WTF.
Retweeted by LG Melt @Dwarf_Mamba Stuntin on the timeline😎 @hailewhy @charves_ get shit on charves @KEEMSTAR This what @Ziscz recommended looks like @emijuju_ @hailewhy link me the best vine and tik tok threads on twitter @Lynixity LETS GO LYNIXTweet me the funniest TikToks and funniest video memes you have saved on your phone or computer, could be for a video😳👀 @FaZeApex @FaZe_Rain @Swagg Damn rip Swagg @NorthColbys This hits hardAttack on a Titan is trending and I thought a new ep released and now I’m sad @Hiko UR FKN CRACKEDDDMASTERS SPOT: SECURED #100T Hard work by the squad pays off, we'll see you at the #VCT Masters. @Hiko with the…
Retweeted by LG Melt @NaParamore This sounds so good
@Randumbs_Code That adventure ended in disasterI gotta stream more I miss itHistory class is going to get harder and harder as time goes onGood morning😎😎😎 @ValorantUpdates @shroud Shrouds literally insane1v3 and only 6 bullets left? No problem for @shroud 😎
Retweeted by LG Melt @itsCamzlive @TwitterSupport Vouch ^^^Bumping this because you get 14 points for a win and lose 25 for a loss @JustInTimeYT LOLLLI’ve been recording this flipping video for four hoursFaZe @Fakie hit a collateral trickshot. On MW2. In 2021.
Retweeted by LG Meltabsolutely insane @DavidDobrik @DispoHQ
Retweeted by LG MeltWhy do kids on Fortnite see a phone number in somebodies name and decide NOT to call them @svizify Somebody said it would be silent
@VatarBTW Link me this lolWould “Linear Optical Switches” be silent? thank you
Retweeted by LG MeltNeed a new keyboard, any suggestions?? I’m looking for something more silent like my old ducky with cherry switches @JustInTimeYT Bet just don’t tell bazerk @mrfreshasian Happy bday Fresh!!🥳I got no clue what the fart to record @hailewhy I think it’s because u eat half a bag of hot cheetos before bedGOOD MORNINGHappy bday qt patootie @KeynanGimsThe point system in Valorant is so badIll follow some ppl who sub you guys enjoyed todays vlog, go sub to my vlog channel Makane: going to post more vlog…
Retweeted by LG Melt @hailewhy -_-NEW VIDEO JUST DROPPED! These Fortnite Videos MUST BE STOPPED… VIDEO IS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL "Melt" RIGHT NOW!!!…
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@Tkirkfn DUDEThe guy who got creator code “Melt” probably makes more than I do off of my code😂😂Incase u guys missed todays video! @the_venom47 Ur the bestNEW VIDEO JUST DROPPED! These Fortnite Videos MUST BE STOPPED… VIDEO IS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL "Melt" RIGHT NOW!!!… my video today we watch some cringe fortnite videos be readyNEW VIDEO DROPPING VERY SOON!!! Whos here!??THIS IS A BANGER FIRST VLOG IS UP, go watch on my channel !
Retweeted by LG MeltJust finished todays video! whos awake???Whats everybody doing @wolfyylol AYEE! much love ty! <3
@hailewhy hahaha Ily im glad we got it workingIt’s going down in the next AOT episodeI think I have Krabs @Dream 😎😎😎New video tomorrow😎😎Shoutout to @Dety0 wouldn’t of been able to fix this problem without him👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻 @Pamaj @Pamaj ur fkn insane its crazy @Dety0This keeps happening everytime Hailey tries to play Valorant, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and I’ve… had to be there
Retweeted by LG Melt @FaZe_Rain @_rewindzz_ so hyped the king is back @Jinsus This was so fkn nice
@paralleltechy I am also wondering this^ @Purplecliffe It’s so niceTap this pic to see wholesome kid holding cat
Retweeted by LG MeltU think if I show the crazy thumbnails to the fortnite gamer girl step sister videos in my video, the video will get age restricted? @JustInTimeYT DUDDEEE I was editing my BADDDD#FaZeJinsu ⚰️
Retweeted by LG Melt @Bazerks @JustInTimeYT U better hop on to edit @Bazerks @JustInTimeYT Thx for the invite
@Dwarf_Mamba @mikemajlak Yeah that’s kinda weird @LucidKojoz WTTFFFF @KEEMSTAR thats crazy im about to make one @RomanAtwood House looks so nice Congrats Roman! @Spratt LETS GOO @Diviniteh DUDEEEE @hailewhy @Ravers Vouchwake tf up @Bazerks and @JustInTimeYTMy next video is out of my comfort zone but im really happy w it so far @jaaaw happy bday Jaw!