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LGD Gaming @LGDgaming Hangzhou, China

The Official Twitter for one of the longest standing and most successful esports organizations from China - LGD Gaming! LGD电子竞技俱乐部 #LGDWin

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@TeamNigma It’s okay bois you got this. That first game was never happened! jacket huh ? @PSGeSports ❤️💙Same goes to Maybe God i: Hello! Congratulations on your winning! Somnus`M: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! *smil… Hello! Congratulations on your winning! Fy: Hi, i'm fy i: How do you feel about this? Fy: uh.... *smil… @PSGeSports! @invgaming 🤝 well performance. See you next! @NiPGaming Merci beaucoup monsieur Ninjas~WE DID IT! 🏆🏆 BACK TO BACK CHAMPION OF CHINA DOTA PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE! 🇨🇳🇨🇳 WE ARE YOUR CHAMPIONS FOR CHINA DPL S… @clispi1907 GAME AWAY! We crushed the enemy team ✊🏻, keep pressuring them, we won multiple team fights and not giving them an…’M show no mercy to the enemy team, oLd eLeVeN solo kill emo and the dive to enemy’s highground bring us win.… @invgaming looking very strong, that kunka-mirana-sd combo 😡 We’ll take game 2, now playing! Tune in now.…’s Grand Final time! #ChinaDPL S2 by Imba TV BO5 Game 1 live now 🔴 Let’s watch and cheer for us! 💪🏻 📺: 🇨🇳:… us on instagram for updates 📸:’re giving you away our secret on how to win everything 💪🏻 YES, Fy God with his favorite flavor of…
@AdekvatTV won't see VG both in ESL and China DPL 😳😳 What's happening? Anybody?Behind the scene of what’s happening in LGD LOL team photo session *chaos* Hey @lolPeanut98 so naughty *untie Mark…
@NiPGaming FINAL here we come! Top 2 Secured. After 5 matches straight today we made it to last round for #ChinaDPL by… the 2nd game quickly within 17 minutes, oLd eLeVen wasn't giving Ame any chance to play at all! And same goes… veno riki strats is not working well, we might down to 0-1. #ChinaDPL But that's okay! Playing now game 2!… @PSGeSports @ArseneF5 🤺🤺💪🏻💪🏻Another Ameme match! Today we will have match for #ChinaDPL ImbaTV Upper Bracket PSG.LGD vs CDEC 4PM CST Sorry…
[LGD LOL Small Daily’s] Sneak peek of our @lplenglish #lpl promotional video shooting 👀 @lolPeanut98 looking aweso… proof that gaming is for all ages! Cheer up Gamer Grandma 💪🏻, spread the kindness and keep gaming.… @NiPGaming @betwayesports US! #GONINJAS🇨🇳@PSGeSports.@LGDgaming top their group at #ESLOne, dropping only one game! 2-0 Aster 2-0 Longinus 2-1 RNG
Retweeted by LGD Gaming @NiPGaming @ESLDota2 @RNGRoyal is true! We won 2-1 after first hard game. GGwp @RNGRoyal! Nice game 🤝🙌 Here we go upper bracket R1, we'l… Final game of the day! Who's gonna take it? #ESLONE Birmingham 2020 Somnus`M Medusa well farmed, few smooth team-… said the first one who win the first game, is always lose the games 🙂 The enemy managed to take us down 0-1, g…'s work on the best for this #LPL Summer-Split, shall we? 🤗 *Langx face carrying Mark* Let's gooooo! 🤺…
nothing happened here, go back to sleep. was quick! @LGDgaming closed the series 2-0 against #Longinus with the 2nd game ending within 17 minutes!…
Retweeted by LGD Gaming#Longinus has been completely wiped out by @LGDGaming 😱 👉 #ESLOne
Retweeted by LGD Gaming @Froskurinn @RazLPL Excuse me📢LGD LOL #LPL Summer-Split Line up Coach: Zeng Tao Maizijian, Xie Dan Eimy TOP: Xie Zhenying "Langx" Fang Jiawei… sure to tune in now 👀 Let's Go! 🤺🤺 @RNGRoyal We will! <3 Thank you for the build-ups.[LGD LOL Official Announcement] Xie "LangX" Zhenying, Officialy Joined LGD League of Legends Division for the upco… @RazLPL This year gonna be ours! *shining*
@Boy_Sunnin @teamsecret BOIIIIII @theAllianceGG @betwaydota2 MEMETICON[Official LGD LOL Announcement] Another surprise to come! We are very happy to officially announce to you that the… @TNCPredator Can we volunteer? @Bkop92 @PSGeSports Then you need to start learning chinese! @betwaydota2 Gotcha hero action performed by FyGod, we successfully take the second game with solid performance by the boys. Bri…, that QOP arcana give extra buffs to Somnus`M! This is PSG.LGD man. #LGDGaming smooth, we managed to win the late game, take the first game of #ESLDota Birmingham 2020, 1-0. Game 2 is l… plans: 2020:’s first thing they requested after arriving in Shanghai. Hotpot! 🥘 LGD LOL Branch will be temporarily moved…! Are you ready for the full line up for #LPL Summer ? Guess who are they from left to right 👉 #LGDGaming[LGD LOL Official Announcement] We glad to announce: 1. After professional trial training and comprehensive evalua… Stage of Battle pass buyer “It’s okay we can buy single battle pass and levels slowly”
Retweeted by LGD GamingNo one: Fy: > Mooo 🐮 for the masterpiece 🥳 @ESLDota2 He’s called fy god for some reason 😽Time to spam first chat wheels on #ESLOne Birmingham. We’re back at it today! Our first game of the day against…
Me: Can i buy battle pass mom, it has AM new AM persona Mom: we have AM persona at home AM persona at home: Stage of Battle pass buyer “It’s okay we can buy single battle pass and levels slowly” @SirActionSlacks They onto you! 👉🏻GUILDS WELL HELLO THERE. CAT / PUP PICS REQUIRED #LGDGamingDING DING D D D :) @SirActionSlacks I KNOW RIGHT @DOTA2 EMPTYING MY SAVINGS @NiPGaming @DOTA2 LETSOKAY, OKAY. WE GOT THIS you need to know! Thanks for the interview session @VPesports and for the feature 🙌🏻 #LGDGaming
2020 @DOTA2 LET’S GOOOOOOOO this special day, we wish you guys Happy Eid Mubarak to all fams who celebrating 🙏 May you have joy and harmony… @ArsomEria @PSGeSports Unfortunately, Ame. Sending regards.
@teamsecret @CLEMENTINATOR @zai_2002 @MATUMBAMAN @YapzOrdota @nishadota @Heen1337 @Cyborgmatt Nice streak our win 2-0 against CDEC today, our #DPLCDA league season 1 is done! We placed as 🥈2nd position in the leagu…'s the last two days of DPL-CDA Professional League Season 1! Tonight @PSGeSports @LGDgaming (6-2) face…
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Fy🤴🏻 @OGesports It’s tomorrow night, hello.It's time to prepare yourself for sleepless night leveling Battle Pass! Who's the best partner ? YES @MonsterGaming @BragSpring @theAllianceGG @teamsecret @OGesports @team_empire @theAllianceGG @teamsecret @OGesports @team_empire Who's behind this?! @wykrhm I can finally rest in peperoni
@NiPGaming @betwaydota2 Where's my invite ? Let's #GONINJAS @theAllianceGG @OGesports @teamsecret @s4dota @LimmpDota @Handsken1 @NikoDOTA @OGADotaPIT @MonsterGaming @TeamRazer @AdmiralBulldog pepeYes or without ping issues, we take down SAG 2-0 on #DPLCDACN! We will play CDEC for the last games on 23rd May 4… @OGesports @xNovadota playing from Malaysia too by the way OOF @OGesports @theAllianceGG @teamsecret @SimonVaifs u know ti10 only postponed right 😤 @OGesports @theAllianceGG @teamsecret @SimonVaifs OH COME ON! @OGesports @theAllianceGG @teamsecret @SimonVaifs I'm just here placing wardFeeling challenged! Let's test your dota knowledge! Can you guess 10 out of 10 the dota hero described with emojis?… S1 Week 4. We're on our last week for the league, 2 last games vs SAG and CDEC to decide the 2nd Place. We…
@lolPeanut98 Cat own cats? 🐱 your own teammates for trolling games is a must ! 🤣 Chalice avoid and reporting Somnus’M, run away from g…
Mechanics of Chalice Map movement of @xNovadota 💕 Hero pool of Somnus’M Leadership of fyGod @NiPGaming @betwaydota2 @lolPeanut98 Practicing his chinese on the script 🤯 Will you help him too? 加油 #LGDGaming #LGDLOL @lolPeanut98 Hello guys! welcome back to my channel @lolPeanut98 😂😂