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Chief @lherealchieff killing myself rn

don’t ask if I’m ok because I’m not

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Among us code WKQQRQ @AlfonsoCasique2 Join up @SaintJacket be 10 years old, no job, no education, just in the yard barkin @imisspopsmoke I agree with youReally thinks he said something mind blowing @imisspopsmoke Go on I’m all ears
Just like that u banned for life from the Chinese CBA really called this nigga at halftime😭 @flackoyee -the weeknd fan @imisspopsmoke U woke up feeling dangerousNigga like me proposing on set on God is when cardi b knew she had to divorce offset I gave him so many hints The hints: and y’all still saying this
2020 beef with a nigga from Cali when I could just do a gender reveal where he live @HagridFCB @gerardromero Officially a city fan now
Why all the lesbians be coming from same country? Where even is this 🏳️‍🌈? @imsevimsess 12 am go to bed @XcJon Pause but I knew it was u😑😑Do something about it then u think he’d average 100ppg with 17 straight finals appearances if this actually worked think we the ghostbusters and we Finna hop in the ectomobile and save him😭 help this lil nigga he might not see 18 hours and this still up💀💀💀 @imisspopsmoke @manuschleep @Jay_RMA 4x winner, 6 time golden boot winner, 115 goals, 33 assists, won every final h… @imisspopsmoke @manuschleep @Jay_RMA That’s the only criteria you used to discredit Messi’s status as the greatest… @imisspopsmoke @manuschleep @Jay_RMA If that’s the case then Seedorf is the best champions league player ever @imisspopsmoke @manuschleep @Jay_RMA Don’t forget Messi has 4 champions leagues... @imisspopsmoke @manuschleep @Jay_RMA Question says Best player in the competition after Ronaldo. Manu says Messi an… @imisspopsmoke @manuschleep @Jay_RMA Has the most goals and assists after Ronaldo but go off @6ixint U playing online? @4PFamz @lleshi_ildi @yosoyteti Talking about premier leagueSuarez had a better season but y’all not ready for that conversation | Super Bounce (feat. EarthGang)
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@lherealchieff Say less
Retweeted by ChiefJust got jumped in my dreams I need all my followers to go to bed ASAP we finna ride outWhite hoe let’s goPockets fat, rasputiaMan... I’d be so embarrassed I wouldn’t go outside for 365 days straight’m the last person you should get political without cause I really don’t give a fuckk
Retweeted by ChiefWe? I be raising kids with her before I sleep lol is white people’s dr umar?Its always *white person is invited to the cookout* when has it ever been *black person invited to brunch*😐 @IGGYAZALEA Our* lol @WeInHidingRn @ovocartier This ratio disgustingwith wolverine the WNBA on Paul George’s head😭 is so useless, how tf is y=mx+b gonna help me find my purpose in lifeI’m sorry dr umarUp thinking about her @akademiksintern What do you want for birthday my sonIf you getting the Xbox series x keep that shit to yourself it’s embarrassing @jeshvs This wasn’t fun
I’ll drink from Kanye’s Grammy before I believe she went to sleep at 8 @VampireMxneyyy’ll read Kanye’s contract before I ever trust a bitch“I don’t need no auto tune” yes tf you do😭😭’all not about the bag fr Secured✅“they got youtube on there too for all the makeup tutorials you watch when i’m not playing” my ps4 @4mrant niggas switching to ps5 after the PlayStation reveal @imsevimsess It’s 10 pmWould’ve been Macklemore if you hadn’t been caught in them chat rooms if he had a proper upbringing how u know 100 female rappers right foot rocket from outside the boxI wonder how much a Grammy with Kanye’s pee on it would sell for @fbgwayne OngodWhat😭 @c4rbyn @6MinsFreestyle @jozuintern Facts @jozuintern Digga D-no diet, shotty shane, no porkiesSame energy Umar just gone have to understand dawg @imisspopsmoke @grandwizardcn Talk to this niggaTwitter bugging smh anytime I open a video it plays for 1 second then pauses on its ownPat Beverly game 7 stats @fbgwayne Niggas is really saying they’d rather have this over lil KeedY’all rather have this over lil Keed? Keed better than MF doom
“Pulled out of the hood Toyota, drove back to the hood lambo” > everything nav said in the song @bodakindigo Irrelevant? He was being hailed as the best migo lol, Cardi may have elevated his status sure but he wasn’t irrelevantOffset cheated on Cardi B multiple times btw I don’t blame her, offset deserves thisNigga like me not built for 3 times in a day cause 3 post nut clarities in a day might make me kill myself2 they taking YOU too💀 you think the government gone give a fuck about your sexuality during war???😭 said she on her period like I’m not a vampire🦇🙄What’s the point of smoking cigarettes... u don’t get high or nothing you just there stinking while your lungs get… if Travis Scott collabbed with LinkedIn you niggas would get a job @MagicEightBal Did she really sleep for 15 hours just happened to me earlier today... I got attacked for wearing a mask. Twitter do your thing
Retweeted by Chief @MagicEightBal Will I ever find happinessTaylor swift in the mud once again😭 @shadychrollo 7.300