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I have tons of respect for p-franz. He’s pretty chill for a pope
brie larson: suffers attacks and harrasment from all types of media for speaking up marvel cast: *pretends to not s…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙avengers cast when fans obsessively harass brie larson every day for 2 years vs avengers cast when chris pratt gets…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙kinda insane how Brie larson was dragged for months because she spoke up about racism/homophobia and inclusion in h…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙the mcu cast going out of their way to defend chris pratt... where was that same energy when emily vancamp was gett…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙the Avengers cast & crew jumping to Chris Pratt's defence after people calling him out for going to an openly homop…
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The way y’all treat black slurs vs slurs for other races and ethnicities pisses me off. Any other slur is said and…
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Y'all want to know something wild? A WHITE WOMAN went on a talk show today, INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY, to talk about I…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @HappyNowKTM Okay but u are talented. Pls believe in urself and ur gift in makeup hayleyy’all are aware indigenous doesn’t exclusively mean native americans right?
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In case you didn’t catch the PowerPoint #lockdown
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙Even trumps hair is jumping ship. @realDonaldTrump #TrumpIsALaughingStock
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙btw in case anyone isn't educated on the differences between neurotypical, neuroatypical, and neurodivergent and ar…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙Happy indigenous people’s day - screw columbus, screw captain cook, screw clive of india, screw all colonisers!!!!
Flies love bullshit.
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @rejectedcevans What did she do?Today, we’re announcing a new consumer alert to stand against racism. In the last few months, we’ve seen that there…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙y’all need to let go of the idea that indigenous peoples would be “underdeveloped” if settlers never came
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙mel gibson once called winona ryder an "oven-dodger". he has been openly antisemitic, homophobic and sexist for dec…
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jk rowling is killing trans teens. btw this is me using my free speech so you can fuck right off joanne
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙me getting blocked by the actor who plays alaric in the vampire diaries AND legacies bc he’s a white supremacist💀
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@PastelOpal_Art Hgfffff 😂😂😂😂 @_TheAngryQueer_ @SEGASister Intergenerational trauma too can contribute to mental health issues! @HappyNowKTM @beautybay @NikkieTutorials Guess ur full of miracles then :3please everyone look at this duck
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @HappyNowKTM @beautybay @NikkieTutorials Bruh im obsessed with ur looks 😭 ur so good! How are your fingers and arms… is so so so unbelievably important! Especially for young BIPOC kids! a friend who loves Cat🥰 #CatsOfTwitter #cats #catheaven
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @DontWriteDown Ahhh congrats!
@CoreyEdward2 I like olives!
@HappyNowKTM I can see the resemblance! She’s a really pretty lady!Are you insane PureGym Luton? Who wrote & approved: "Slavery was hard so is this" for your #BlackHistoryMonth worko…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙And this is why you NEED to include Indigenous sovereignty in almost every issue, especially climate change, becaus…
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skincare twitter: which serum will make me beautiful and terrible as the dawn, treacherous as the sea, stronger tha…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙well it only took 23 years but i finally got a girlfriend. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🥺 wtf do i do with her now
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @Evecornwell Cherish her and love her 😭💜*ctorias S*cret really said that plus size bodies and trans women wouldn’t “sell the fantasy” and Rihanna said “lol bet.” #FENTY
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @DontWriteDown Id die for ur potato cat
@feydaniels_ @FeliciDecor Woah they look so cute!
Icymi: “boho” is short for cultural appropriation :)
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @annarajagopal Happy birthday!!!!could b us
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Oh and since everyone has this random sympathy for Joe Biden’s son, and his drug problem, let’s put it this way: JO…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙A teenage TikTok-er pointed out that there were no ASL interpreters at the debate last night, which means ~600,000…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙Joe Biden has buried 2 of his children and Trump decided that the best course of action was to attack his only surviving child
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙If it feels like a chore to do evening skincare before bed... why are you still doing it at that time? It can be d…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @banandouce Please link it to meUni students are paying 9K just to facetime
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙Ew I did not realize I was still following chellaman lmao
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @eliyahulann @sammyk98_ ??!?!???? Pls elaborate @ungodlycowgirl Oof mood that rubbed me the wrong way @powdergown Why? @banandouce Kenta??? What happened??? @NoKarrie Pls elaborateChella Man designed a T-shirt for Opening Ceremony and it reads “trans liberation now” in ASL but they’re charging.…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙My African American studies professor won’t let us refer to slaves as “slaves” but instead “enslaved people” and I…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙When POTUS calls Warren “Pocahontas” he makes Native women the punchline of a national joke. He doesn’t care. He kn…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙-native americans are classified as natives by the pedigree of our blood, making us one of 3 things on earth determ…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙things you might not realize are appropriating the culture of native americans, from a native american
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙I would appreciate it if non-Black Natives would stop telling us how to feel about uncle saying the n-word multiple times, thank you.
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙"White" Jews: You don't "pass" as white. You "function" as white. It's white-functionality, not white-passability.
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙transphobe jews who still like jk rowling know she's antisemitic too?
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170 people test positive for coronavirus at Cornwall meat plant, all of which were asymptomatic and unaware
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙Hearing Biden say he’s proud of his son for overcoming his addiction to cocaine, just made me happy but so sad at t…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙🐻 NEW VIDEO 🐻 “Unraveling the Madness of Kanye West” In a disconcerting burst of creative energy, I made an 85 m…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @KingsCollegeLon is there anyone i should talk to in regards to biological science/life science course vacancies fo…
@HappyNowKTM Ahhhh good luck hayley!!!! 🙏 @annarajagopal how the hell do u have time to do uni, run ur blog and do everything on social media 😅 like for real tho ur so smart @annarajagopal omg did u go to college early? (idek that was a thing lmao) ur so smart
@HappyNowKTM I’d like to but idk how the time difference will work but we can seee :) @HappyNowKTM What’s wrong hayley? :( sorry that you’re feeling this waybisexuality never excluded transgender people btw
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @hxhh3ll @layzchipz Y’all do know the term was created by POC for white passing individuals with more flavor and cu…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙y’all were so pissed about trisha being an mcr fan or a broadway fan but now you guys are silent when she is sudden…
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alison brie looks like she was designed by someone who was both very horny but also riddled with catholic guilt
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reminder that in my culture owls are considered death omens so please use a TW/CW when retweeting pictures/videos o…
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Amy Coney Barrett will dedicate every single opportunity at her disposal to stripping LGBTQ people of our existing…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙This is more important than people realise. A lot of narratives were spun about why black people were being dispr…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @annarajagopal Seriously? Did they think you were vaiysha/dalit/jaat and these ppl are patting themselves on the ba… @THEALberto11 Finally someone with common sense. A premature death of a person should not be taken as a left or rig…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙ALSO you can mourn the Croydon's officer death and back the police during today without using the hashtag…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @HappyNowKTM So wholesome! Do you still identify as being somewhere on the ace spectrum? @HappyNowKTM @beautybay @NikkieTutorials @rudecosmetics @TrixieCosmetics Gorgeous!!! @pastaperetti @HappyNowKTM Oh cute! @HappyNowKTM What’s a squishmallow?
stop promoting “self care” to people with severe mental health issues when what we actually need is consistent acce…
Retweeted by BLM 🌸🐬🦙 @susiejtodd just wondered if you’re part indigenous australian as u have features which i can’t really place! Also… @HappyNowKTM Btw based on ur insta stories - e.l.f., no7, and bareminerals do good foundations! Make sure you have… @HappyNowKTM Doesn’t sound silly at all! Glad you’re excited abt classes! Did kristin from pentatonix recommend these classes to u? @rilophobic Idk i wish i could tell you 😭 @MindMup I had a free account and now i can't log into it + now im forced to get mindmup gold? what happened? how d… is it every time I see Meghan Markle trending it’s people hating her for literally doing nothing wrong? The rac…
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@rilophobic She’s such a white feminist karen i cant
@cevanseye Ngl paul Hollywood has really nice eyesyou were sushi and i was allergic to fish. - rupi kaurWin 1 free year of tuition!!!!