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Lia Gyore @LiaGyore California, USA

Kindergarten Teacher in the So Cal High Desert, Technology Enthusiast, avid learner, can be obnoxiously passionate. Sorry/Not Sorry!

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@loudlearning I don’t like the question. Should elementary schools teach reading and math via science and social studies? Yes. @kathyiwanicki My non-education faves are TED Radio Hour, Freakinomics, How I Built That, Revisionist History and Hidden Brain. @specialtechie @kathyiwanicki @cultofpedagogy @GTeacherTribe @JakeMillerTech @ShakeUpLearning @jmattmiller @ChouinardJahant You are a writer, Melissa! @PintoBeanz11 Thank you.
@DennisDill 😕 @PaulONeill1972 @DonnaMaccaroni @Cathig8r @AskStacyYoung @KMallon_HTSD @njtestingradar @DynamicDuda338 @JayBilly2 @DennisDill Students should move away from that formula in the middle elementary years. Teaching writing is hard. I… @LeanoraBenton3 @leemaxfield29 @gratefuledu64 @jenquattrucci @lsmith0917 @LauraGilchrist4 @tamaraletter @laurabeess @ChouinardJahant As always, thank you, beautiful friend. You are amazing and generous.Hey PLN, has anyone created ISTE benchmarks for kindergarten or "I Can Statements"? #kinderchat #k2cantoo # kindergarten #ISTE @PintoBeanz11 @finleyt Teachers need to understand that the student's brain has been altered by the trauma in ways that affect le…
@TamiJ123 I didn’t know Marzano had a PLC process. I was trained in PLC based on DuFour and Fullan’s work. I am goi… challenge is not letting your PLC get hijacked by other team to-dos and sticking with established norms. #pd4uandme @TamiJ123 What is the difference between a Marzano PLC and a Fullan PLC? @teresagross625 Are your monthly meetings learning-cycle focused?We have weekly PLCs by grade level. They vary from team to team how close they run to a true PLC model. #pd4uandmeGood morning. Jumping in for a minute! Lia from So Cal. Awake too early. Love PLCs. #pd4uandme
@teresagross625 have been fairly absent on Twitter for a couple reasons. But there are educators who remind me what I am missing…
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I am heartbroken by our nation’s great loss of Congressman Elijah Cummings. His heroic courage, leadership and inte…
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The power of knowing your students’ names and how to pronounce them is not lost on me! #notlisa #edtechteam
Heading home! Thanks, Paul and #pln365 @posickj Our are too. Leadership team has added some new roles to help us stay on track. Tangents can kill a meeting.A4: My team uses Fist to 5. 5 fingers up is all in, etc. Discussion about any 3 or less and re-vote. #pln365A3: When time is of the essence, that is when sending a text message or a message through any number of communicati… @posickj That is a huge step in being inclusive and culturally responsive in deed and not just in theory. Kudos to you! @tyarnold18 That is a challenge. The district sends notices out to ELL students' families in Spanish regardless of the language they speak. @posickj So true! Its easy to make meetings a "one and done" instead of the starting point for further reflection and action.A2: I think timeliness is the goal for us. #pln365 @posickj Our weekly PLC meetings have shared agendas as well, but TBH I don't think anyone looks at them on a regular basis.A1: The form of communication depends on the situation. Emails are the most likely to get missed. #PLN365 @PaulONeill1972 I think before we can trust someone personally, who may be new to us, we need to at least trust the… communication requires trust. #pln365Good evening! Lia, from So Cal checking in. I am still in my classroom reading through my SEL lesson for tomorrow.…
@HollyClarkEdu An instructional aide! If I am reaching, that person would have training in SEL, be culturally respo…
@stearskatie @sjsesf I would have loved that. I was frequently told to put my shoes on! However, we have to keep sh… @HollyClarkEdu As students assimilate those roles into the way they work in groups or confront a long term project… @HollyClarkEdu In elementary school, 3rd and 4th grade, I think roles can be helpful for a longer project. They nee… @ChouinardJahant @gratefuledu64 @HansNAppel @mrmakemathsense @lethajhenry @jedjnr @ItsMrsPenrod @Science4UsSays
@emilyfranESL Same to you!A5: Listen to them. Read between the lines. Understand that the need for support in building capacity may look like… 100% buy-in? Is that what happens at Unicorn School? Some people won't buy in until they see the changes made… @afewthingsworth Thank you for saying that. I need to know I am not alone. @carlameyrink @DouglasReeves Excellent! Traditional grades are one the things that drove me from teaching older stu… Urgency comes from the agreement that the WHY is too big, too important to ignore coupled with the capacity to… @trishgoosen It's one thing to identify something pressing that is harmful to culture and learning. It's another to… @curriculumblog You can see that barrier from space.A2: Ask if the change is needed. Are there already new initiatives in place that have not become embedded in cultur… @nsulla Yes! Monday I am doing my first "Brain in Your Hand" lesson of the year. Even my four, five and six year ol… @afewthingsworth That is so important. We bring in our kinder families for monthly events to make those connections… Creating a culture of cooperation, independence and curiosity and excitement for learning is my goal for my kin… morning, #leadupchat! Lia checking in from So Cal. The sun is almost shining! @kcpteachertips @EduGladiators @mgrosstaylor @Maverikedu12 @PaulONeill1972 @mccoyderek @BrendanFetters @cskiles80 I use SeeSaw digital portfolios. I want to dive deeper this year. When students create their work & share it w/… @3_DLeadership @mexusmx @marcisseks @EduGladiators @mgrosstaylor @Maverikedu12 @PaulONeill1972 @mccoyderek @3_DLeadership @mexusmx @marcisseks @EduGladiators @mgrosstaylor @Maverikedu12 @PaulONeill1972 @mccoyderek @cclark421 @heisereads First Book and Brightly are great resources! @mpilakow That sounds fantastic!A2: As I enter Week 2, I am going to be teaching my students about "Their Brain in Their Hand". Expressing feeling… It's always interesting to me, at the beginning of the year, to teach my students to make choices. Many 5 year… My day and classroom are structured so that we are learning and exploring together. Kindergarten is all about e… feel like I hardly slept after my first week back to teaching. Being a kindergarten gladiator is always an advent… @dawblack @specialtechie @chattygaede @emilyfranESL I think that is what recharges me the most. @TeacherRunner42 @dawblack @realAllisonW I would be afraid to do that! I know I would miss something I need to know in the morning.I am going to admit that self-care is not my strong suit. I am working on it. Does going to grad school count? #pdforuandmeGood morning, #pd4uandme friends! Its EARLY for my first Saturday after school year start. @EduGladiators Good morning. It’s still dark out in So Cal! @josuefalaise @sue_ferrara @spaul6414 @DynamicDuda338 @DrKennethKunz @PaulONeill1972 @mhayes611 @Fishthedoctor
@DennisDill This a blog post in waiting. I am prepping for a final and writing two papers the day before my student… @DennisDill Pedagogy gets trumped by pretty in many ways: classroom design, tech tool selection, curricular resourc… @DennisDill When I first started, flexible seating was based on having an understanding of neurodiversity. That cor… @Leslie24927699 Oh no! We do. We have two temps though - Arctic Circle and Hell. @tiffanyrazo82 @1to1architect “ish”, lol! @jillrenee2u @MrsDubuque You must be Catholic or Lutheran! We stand a lot! @kellerhistory Good tip! Thanks! @ElizaWallace27 @wordfinga The ONE TIME I wore sandals I got trampled. That taught me about being rebellious! @katie0679 I feel ya on that too! @DFWRenaissance Not preferred.Work-Life Balance. @courosa @spencerideas @FoodNetwork FBI Watchlist criteria. @specialtechie @822Tribe @kcpteachertips @MissMaiben @overspyke @breicher Yay! Thanks. @hayes_melisa @Doctor_Harves @Rosielivenlearn That is hysterical! @Doctor_Harves @hayes_melisa @Rosielivenlearn “Earthing” is so good for you! @ChouinardJahant @GuidingTeachers @StantonAlana @hollysking @Skymazef3 @LindaEdwardsi @Mrs_Gilchrist @RewardingEdu
@MrsHeikes @gcouros I call that “nervcited”! @kapjohnson @gcouros Have a great year! May your passion > anxiety. @MsGraffsroom @gcouros That was me yesterday! I could not organize my thoughts. @hayes_melisa Gotta avoid the “oops”! @hayes_melisa Maybe I need to be more graceful in a skirt, lol! @latoyadixon5 Can you share how you explicitly define access, because I think there could be an assumption of access that is not true. @hayes_melisa I “could”, but I mostly wear pants since I am up and down on and off the floor all day. I don’t see s… I admit I have a hesitation about starting school on Monday? It’s shoes. I hate them. Hot feet trapped in shoes… @PaulONeill1972 It is! Thanks for reading,Paul!I Actually DO Have Time for That! you, @RosaIsiah! You have been part of my journey to know better, be better and do better.