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@xod0lly @milk1x nah gmfu don’t REMIND ME of HIM. LMFAOAOAO @xod0lly @milk1x “FOR FUN” u want me to suffer 😭 @DerekJoon 🤨🤨 @milk1x @xod0lly ofc 💆‍♀️ @xod0lly @milk1x if u send me pics of y’all together i’ll literally sob. @milk1x @xod0lly fuck u both, so happy for y’all. @CarbynVAL idk tbh @CarbynVAL NICEi love writing . @notrxchel 😭😭😭 @Skrrtfps yep @AeroValorant LITERALLY like why are even saying anything 😭😭 it’s actually so fucking dumb @duhlailuh srsly like they have no right to speak on that . lol @AeroValorant it’s mind blowing tbh @Skrrtfps literally and it’s jus weird how a guy spoke on it?? like u have no right lmaoo…cant believe some ppl r srsly questioning how abortion being banned is scary lmao @notrxchel well like i’m starting to get my life together by getting a job and shit so feel like going on lockdown… @Ev3ly6 tyyy @ebbawebba my friend convinced to get twitter 🧍‍♀️ didn’t even know val had a comm like dis at firstgm @1EDEN_ omg😭 @chlofps nah bru that’s fucking scary wtf @xxelitism as soon as that shit ends it jus goes down hill and ur not ready for shit. literally honeymoon phase is horrible. @xxelitism fuck the honeymoon phase @etherealVAL_ yeah all the time tbh @notrxchel no and yes @moondownbad LMAOOOdm me if u still want one 😼👊🏽💯 ($5 fee) gn twitter! @yslnai i jus post my twitter headers now @milk1x u love anything she calls u mf @milk1x dollys voice😩😩 @notaidn emo king 🖤 @duhloraa Woof woof WHEN WE LINKIN @duhloraa hey hi hello my hands r RIGHT HERE. GIVE ME A CHANCE PLS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLS. @yslnai i’d like to disagree life is becoming better for me :) @M0NNDAY LOOOL @M0NNDAY used ur hard earned money on me🙏🏽🙏🏽had to bless the lil son rq @lialovesyu
Retweeted by lia @M0NNDAY such a good friend ong @ysk1ng how the FUCK was i supposed to know this, UR LOYAL TOO OKAY MY BAD @AeroValorant ALL GOOD, ur loyal too💯💯🙏🏽 @AeroValorant oh i ain’t even know @AeroValorant when tf did u leave @1EDEN_ love that @1wiiree 💯💯11aimers are all loyal men @notaidn sry i’m broke @notaidn u gotta pay mother dearest @1EDEN_ gotchu @s2ndown u whore @1EDEN_ :D @okazyey @whosmichela so cute @vampwi mommy @1EDEN_ we love u too eden @s2ndown my fault marcus, banger caption!! can i know where u got the pants from!!🙏🏽🙏🏽 @whosmichela WHO IS HE @jesibears @hades_m2 sry he got off his leash. @notaidn it’s a great name @hades_m2 ???? what the fuck @whosmichela Who is HE? @s2ndown don’t care, where r the pants from tho @notaidn mother dearest @turtlewurdle “you’re everything i wanted in someone” @wraithvo oh
@s2ndown sure @s2ndown @s2ndown short @yslophelia mememe @ysIpriv lmk who i’ll kill em @181RAYS cute @181RAYS vouch @notaidn ??? ur 5’1?Explanation Read:
Retweeted by lia @senaachu love u 🤍🤍 @AeroValorant @skylrqii 💯💯 @skylrqii @AeroValorant LMAOO @notaidn i got wistful and focused 🧍‍♀️ @cloudzeraa suicide boys top tier @AeroValorant dawg i got fucking corrido and indie pop LMFAOO @AeroValorant “sad rap” 😭 @xxelitism I GOT OLIVIA RODRIGO. @keaIani @AeroValorant @CarbynVAL noti @duhloraa don’t die december 💯👊🏽 @CozyValorant LOL @AeroValorant @CarbynVAL vouch @CarbynVAL WELL THEM TOO MY BAD @Evs2x urs is like my favorite rn @CarbynVAL ehm like 5’0-5’5 gf and like 5’9+ bf @CozyValorant i’d say that if i was tall😭 @luvkotaaa i haven’t listened to her music in like 2 months tho 😭 @luvkotaaa 🧍‍♀️ @181RAYS nice @notaidn </3 @notaidn didn’t have to call me out @ysIpriv LMFAOO PLS😭😭 @MoonKiller_VAL @SeptFPS LMAOOO i follow him and didn’t even see this tweet til now 😭 @ysIpriv WHY? @ysIpriv some shit i’d say tbh @ysIpriv litty titty @MoonKiller_VAL @SeptFPS WHYD U PUT THIS ON MY TL OFNWKXBAK