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Liam Barrie Bros @liambarriebros Anglesey, North Wales

Restaurateur / Pig man. One half of The Marram Grass Bro's. Enjoying the beauty of Anglesey and North Wales. Acorn Award Winner 2017

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@steveweave967 Yeah down by @WrayBrosLtd @steveweave967 Sounds good mate I'll head over about 7.30 @steveweave967 That's going to be an interesting lobsterAnyone fancy watching the footy somewhere tonight in Liverpool? I’ll be floating round town on my bill
@eldiningroomi @WreckfishBistro When you in Liverpool til?New @MichelinGuideUK plaque is up. We are massively proud of our whole team for retaining the first and only ⭐️ i…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @lickedspoon Bargain at 3quid though @RobbieO85 @SecondsOutFilm @liviff Get us booked in @BethanLloyd_
Just pulled off the motorway because I saw a sign for pret. I’m on my way to Old Trafford. I no longer know myself...Sad to see this fella moving on but made up he is off to @handfmarlow .. Mikey started with us a few years back . H…
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What a great time at the opening of the Marram Grass Cookery School! As promised, if the target was met, we would p…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosErthygl wych am ein cleientiaid @Arfordir_ , a luniodd eu syniad busnes fel rhan o'u cwrs Bagloriaeth Cymru yn…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosIf you haven’t listened yet then why?? @TheNightcap_Pod @SiAlexander @Ollie_Gallant
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @selinkiazim @OKLAVA_LDN Looks tasty that 🤤How I wish this had sound.
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosWe are absolutely delighted that we have been shortlisted in the North Wales Tourism Awards - Innovation Category.…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosThis is going to look epic I want top passionate chefs who want to be my head chef in Liverpool to start getting hold of me and also you…
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@liambarriebros Absolutely. We need a big incease in Active Travel funding - providing safe routes to school/work,…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosAnglesey could thrive off a solid cycling infrastructure. Imagine proper cross island links between the towns plus… is my life 😂
@WineInWales @SurfSnowdonia Mate real life kicked in. Maybe Thursday instead 😅Morning! If you're after a bit of #MondayMotivation - watch how these scouse brothers have become a renowned chef…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosIt's 9am Monday. Should I go surfing @SurfSnowdonia on the way to Liverpool?
Playing out with me mate. It’s stunning out hear’re currently working on a new menu layout. Should be ready to launch in November. It’s going to be the most confident MG menu yet...
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And for us customers who love Tyddyn Llan - nothing has changed - that distinctive Webb team are as impressive as e…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosNew tasty little number on the starters. Welsh wage and vegetables from the garden #anglesey #grub
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosThe trial I did using Canna Coco and Canna Terra has worked out really well. On the 17th July I sowed short and lon…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosChef @ellisbarriebros on “playing the game 🍳 Taken from Ep.11 Watch full episode now via our YouTube channel 👨🏻‍🍳
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Been over to the Albert Dock today. It’s coming on! Vlog update the end of the week really getting into it 😎
Katarina Johnson-Thompson: Gold Medallist and World Champion 🥇 Jodie Comer: Emmy and BAFTA award-winner 🏆 Liver…
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@Alternativemeat @ellisbarriebros Should have the update video out at the end of the week :)
@tunatallulah Used to be part of circoDid you see the space before we started the build?Progress at the docks. #Liverpool #restaurant @ellisbarriebros
Taking the camera 🎥 back into Liverpool tomorrow to catch up on progress @mrsdanverscafe @nutsfood oh god...I don’t want to seeMy undies seem to be kicking up a storm... @Ioan_Said Mate there is no need for it😅 definitely need to move to Provence in the futureI'm also putting it out there that I'm available if we need a new James BondIt was so good to get some time away with the family and recharge. Now I'm back I can't wait to get stuck into the…
@MarkTaylorFood @olivemagazine @FhiorRestaurant is ace. @TheKitchin is ace I need to get back up there
@gdjonesuk We once got changed in the loo of @NorthcoteUK - it’s a very posh loo mind
Don't let the fuckers get you down.
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2019 was a boss day - the day we launched the Cookery School. The vlogs up. I’m on holiday recharging the batteries.…
@eldiningroomi Love the hulk x @signorinagg Thanks Gi 😘It’s my birthday today and I’m celebrating with a Maccys breakfast and a drive down to Provence #holiday @jamessaxon18 @TheMarramGrass Pulled all the stops out 😎😂
Made up to see the accommodation @TheMarramGrass coming together
The summer PopUp signs out this weekend with an event from @AlpacasAnglesey. Great new business that’s gone down a… to be a great night with @ellisbarriebros @TheMarramGrass @adschef @TheFrenchMCR @shortieshaw
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@NRBManchester @HospAction @Caterertweets @AAHospitality @HardensBites @MichelinGuideUK @GoodFoodGuideUK @IoH_OnlineI’m on the lookout for a GM who wants to create something beautiful with us down on the docks. I want to hear your… let the builders in 😬
@vickys31 It really was 😎 absolutely exhausted and made up in equal measureGreat to catch up.We should do it more regular x @StokieSimon @TheMarramGrass @ellisbarriebros I was about to ask 😉What a weekend
Brilliant day yesterday. A real privilege to have realised the kickstarter project. If any of you got took photos p…
@liambarriebros @ellisbarriebros @PeninsulaNWales @TheMarramGrass So much support for such a great cause on the…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @liambarriebros @ellisbarriebros @PeninsulaNWales @TheMarramGrass I blame these two ;) #foodsheducation
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @liambarriebros @ellisbarriebros @PeninsulaNWales @TheMarramGrass Found some interesting characters at the…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosWell done @liambarriebros and @ellisbarriebros with the launch of the @PeninsulaNWales STIWDIO for #foodsheducation
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @liambarriebros @ellisbarriebros @PeninsulaNWales @TheMarramGrass Then went to chill in the garden #garddrhosyr
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @tomgiddings @liambarriebros @ellisbarriebros @TheMarramGrass @kickstarter More coming here soon they tell me:
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @liambarriebros @ellisbarriebros @PeninsulaNWales @TheMarramGrass Duck, duck, duck ... that's not right. Badger, b…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @5amEdward5 Mate this is what I dream off when I’m with @BethanLloyd_ @carwynedwards @liambarriebros @ellisbarriebros @TheMarramGrass @kickstarter You’ll love the look of the cookery sc…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosFantastic celebration @TheMarramGrass @liambarriebros @ellisbarriebros . Good luck with all you do!
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosOff to see @liambarriebros and @ellisbarriebros over at @TheMarramGrass this afternoon to see the #foodsheducation
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @themarramgrass @liambarriebros @ellisbarriebros All the best with the opening party for the cookery school today,…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosBrilliant afternoon with @liambarriebros and @ellisbarriebros over at @TheMarramGrass to see the #foodsheducation
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@BM_andyh I’ll send you some pictures mate. It looks greatHere we are @TheMarramGrass, dinner tonight and joining their opening celebration tomorrow
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @DaveDargan I’ll ask about this morning @DaveDargan Just doesn’t sound right mate
@TheMarramGrass Husband has added toad-in-the-hole to cooking repertoire. With your epic Fat Pig Sausages it is qui…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @ellisbarriebros We always love more prep space but the counter will also be used for the classroomHow cool do the tile look from County Tiles Wales#SPOILERALERT Things are really coming together for the party at the weekend. Great work RAW & Geth Saer Coed… can't wait, I'm so hungry too, I haven't eaten since August, just so I can gorge myself this weekend on all that…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie Bros @HRWright 😂Ready Steady ........ Cook 2020 - BBC One Daytime | Ellis Barrie | Barrie Bros
@IS_Commercial @TheMarramGrass @ellisbarriebros On everything 😂 @TheMarramGrass @ellisbarriebros never be shy of tagging me on Facebook, Instagram, whatever..
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosLovely family walk last Saturday at White Lodge, Newborough 😁
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosIt’s official!! I’ll to be joining the cast of iconic cooking show Ready Steady Cook when it returns to BBC One Day…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosSome more pics from my day @TheMarramGrass with @ellisbarriebros can’t wait to do more classes when the cookery sch…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosEpic day with @ellisbarriebros at @TheMarramGrass doing the GBM masterclass, we did the prep in the pro kitchen (a…
Retweeted by Liam Barrie BrosI know that guy from somewhere @ellisbarriebros @millrundle @kickstarter @TheMarramGrass @liambarriebros @ellisbarriebros Snap 🤩
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Excited to receive our @kickstarter reward: invitation to opening of @TheMarramGrass Peninsula Stiwdio M! Can’t wai…
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jobs@barriebros.comA full line-up of Saturday's lovely walkers at White Lodge, Newborough. More pics to follow 😎
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jobs@barriebros.comMorning everyone. @jayrayner1 kindly came to visit us a little while ago and said some lovely things about us today…
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