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MrBliz @LiamBlizard London, England

.NET/JS contractor doing distributed shiz in the cloud. Landscape/urban photography @blizardphotos

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My fiancée has yet to respond to this. @jackamayorcas Didn’t watch it, but sweet Jesus the playoff finals are cruel. I’ve watched the blades lose four wit… @jackamayorcas Absolutely gutted for you mate. @helloiamrob That sounds like an awesome pub quiz. @jackamayorcas Fingers crossed 🤞Which @jonathanvswan are you today?
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@mipsytipsy God yes, i’m consulting at a place where the team is dictated to about what they’re working on, and it’… @AnthonyDotNet @dustinmoris Nicole Kidman’s breakthrough role, Dead CalmFour guys in my tube carriage not wearing masks, including a fucking Network Rail employee. @martin_costello I’ve just played football for two hours, I definitely need one nowThis is absolutely terrible news for my twitter habit shit, when did the jubilee line get in tunnel 4G?Did not expect a 19: 30 pm tube from Stratford into London to be this empty. part of the day is the hour after I come down In the am to check on her and let her out, and then we have an ho… @thenewlove Jesus how easily did that car flip @SellyOakBlade I think it’s better than our last two.Both parties being bellends here. There was ample space in between parked cars for Vine to move over.
@martin_costello So fucking cute Absolutely mammoth time sink. I have to sit with her for at least a couple of hours every day to get her f… @DomBruehwiler @_DiningCar I absolsutely adore Finnish trains @noopkat @oluoluoxenfree @superSGHP @lynnandtonic @cassiecodes @sarah_edo Lynns stuff is insaneNo ticket machines at Margate train station, was told to pay on train. Guard did not come round the train, barriers… @matkoch87 @buhakmeh @dotnet @resharper @CraigGrannell @katebevan Way too hot for the pooch either outside or in her bed
@ejblackburn Probably a fair few desperate devs out there at the moment.Saturday night @buhakmeh @RachelAppel Ah yes Udi Dahan and Martin Fowler are recent ones that spring to mind when questioning why… @TraceyMcaleer @Blades_analytic @JXB101 @EstherMcVey1 The problem, is everyone doesn’t know that. Far from it. @Aaronontheweb @maartenballiauw @AzureTrenches @getsdkbin If you’re trying to build something end to end with lots… a girl suddenly acts as if she knows you in public and acts like you’re friends, go along w it she could be in danger
Retweeted by MrBliz @buhakmeh He’s an Egyptian, not a Spaniard. He just has a Spanish name, I don’t think the accent is that egregious,… wish this recruiter the very best of luck getting someone competent for that kind of money. @Aaronontheweb @AzureTrenches Remember, all this nonsense, spread over 7 bounded contexts, each with 3 microservice… @Aaronontheweb @AzureTrenches Meanwhile the gateway would have held the original http connection open waiting for t… @Aaronontheweb @AzureTrenches The gateway, would get the incoming request, send it on to a write API, which would t… @Aaronontheweb @AzureTrenches Oh yes, I forgot, there was an application gateway of sorts, designed so that it woul… playing around with AppMetrics on asp net core this afternoon. Really easy to use with @grafana @AzureTrenches @Aaronontheweb So true. Don’t get me wrong, the app that the 3rd party wrote is utterly horrific, us… @Aaronontheweb @AzureTrenches They did have some scaling issues, but it turned out they were all due to some terrib… @AzureTrenches @Aaronontheweb I'd forgot, the system does about 2.5k request per minute at peak with 2.4k going to… wishing that special someone a happy #YorkshireDay please remember that God’s Own Country is not a homogeneo…
Retweeted by MrBliz @OskSta @x_escribano No issues for me either after I’d opted in
@martin_costello And I guess a warning that “you cannot use a voucher because Apple Pay” is against the App Store rules @martin_costello Yes I dimly remember it being an issue back when I was at JE. Still not solved huh? @Aaronontheweb @AzureTrenches Well, the devs managed to convince the business that it was a terrible idea. Only 6 m…'ve got £20 in my @justeat_tech account, yet it doesn't subtract that from my order, when I pay via Apple Pay on t… the online chat room where the ransom negotiations took place was left online, giving a rare and *incredibly* i…
Retweeted by MrBliz @AzureTrenches @Aaronontheweb So 21 different microservices at 3 nodes each. We had more nodes than we had requests per second @AzureTrenches @Aaronontheweb I’m working at place where the architects designed a 21 micro service system to handl… damn hot for the pooch @successfulsw Nice! What sort of crop have you got here?Paring with someone who uses Visual Studio to do their Git commands apparently the only way you can create a folder in the files app on an iPhone, is to do a long press in the fold… @cassidoo “There’s a million things I haven’t done” Me, staring at a huge issues backlog.
@biscuitmelange @odtorson Remembers the days when the author of the left-pad package removed it from NPM and it took out half the web. @TuftyBall PCP is another absolute banger of a closer from the boys from Blackwood. @TuftyBall Oh, I just realised you had it on your list too 🥰 @TuftyBall No Surface All Feeling, Manic Street Preachers
@jackamayorcas Proper squeaky bum time @joe_mighty @StachuDotNet @buhakmeh I hated the ‘using static’ syntax when it first came in, now I use it EVERYWHERE @jackamayorcas Well it will be when she gets in the harness!Nice little pupgrade for the Brompton @jaredpar I was showing a dev new to dotnet, Visual Studio yesterday and one of the biggest things he found clunky…
@martin_costello It’s like DuckDuckGo. At least a quarter of the time I’ll get better results from using google stu… line from 2013 era Fresh Meat “You’re up shit creek with Apple Maps”The final chorus of @taylorswift13 Last Great American Dynasty In pictorial form.£6.55 for a pint in my local. Up a quid since beginning of lockdown. Absolutely fuck right off Covid-19.My first job post uni I got £15k, and I asked my friend to tell me if I started acting like a bellend, now I had lo…
@softwareverify 🤷‍♂️ @joe_mighty @martin_costello I’ll go looking. I just saw it on a random code spelunking session today and was, what the hell? @martin_costello It’s possible, this is part of a sitefinity application.Is there any possible scenario in which this is sensible code?
This was the season defining moment it turns out for perhaps 6 teams in #EPL Technology was brought in to mitigate…
Retweeted by MrBliz @Jessica55691372 @dirktherabbit @DPJHodges If you were a responsible adult, you wouldn’t get on a plane to Spain for a holiday.Chris Wilder has improved the team on in leaps and bounds from where we were in 2013, but the greatest improvement… the fuck to sleep.
2020 @FernRiddell Topical
@ejblackburn @jchannon I got an Irish terrier last week for £1.4k. I've seen some as expensive as you say, but tha… @jackamayorcas Looking forward to unleashing this on the work slack this morning.
@claytonhauck @ContrabandEater @OskSta I built this this other day which fills the entire grid. Pretty much three s… puppy makes the cutest sounds when she’s sleeping 😍
@daveaglick Glad he got round to the naming overload. I’m trying to fix some Identity issues in full framework, and… when I was reviewing Martin’s PR’s @martin_costello The only other time I’ve seen a Blizard outside of my family, was watching the credits for Eastend… @jackamayorcas Playoffs are cruel as fuck, I’ve seen the blades lose four finals without scoring a single goal @jackamayorcas Tough break man. @MaybeMartinJ @dustinmoris @dustinmoris @isaac_abraham If you’re new to .Net, and the application you’re working on is on .Net Framework, the…
The neighbours big dog barked loudly and now Big Suze is too scared to come outside. Suze was a bad dog this morning, but she’s forgiven
2020, there’s so many good terminal commands in this. @stefanjudis @stefanjudis 😍 @TMatthews03 @ftbl__szn @PKendrickWIG @megalewis81 @Blades_analytic I don’t think there was anything wrong with the opening question. @Blades_analytic @PaulBurkhill123 Also, the Huddersfield play off was gash from start to finish from both sides