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MrBliz @LiamBlizard London, England

.NET/JS contractor doing distributed shiz in the cloud. Landscape/urban photography @blizardphotos

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@odtorson @M_PaulMcNamara They’re not in the Uk. It’s a British Overseas Territory.Yes. A family of four out on their PENNY FUCKING FARTHINGS
Retweeted by MrBliz @odtorson @M_PaulMcNamara Well, maybe that is the price they are willing to pay.It wouldn’t be a visit to France without seeing a protest @cybergibbons @davelauchlan The new one doesThe only acceptable way to cook steak
@robmanuel @richardjbellamy @IanDunt The port isn’t only for charging. @richardjbellamy @IanDunt Ok, EU law becomes all phones must implement USB C. Politics moves much slower than techn… @IanDunt It’s a stupid idea that will kill all innovation in the connection space. Usb to lightning adapters are very cheap. @Jen7ify @100Climbs Well, there’s a big difference... @100Climbs Has a team ever competed in the tour with three GC winners in its starting lineup? @mattleythegreat @katebevan @freecloud I update whenever features come out, and tell it it to do it overnight. If y… @martin_costello Terrified to be on a whisper quiet and spacious train :) @mattleythegreat @katebevan @freecloud 1st point, I’ve never had to do that. 2nd point, you can specify when you wa… @mattleythegreat @katebevan @freecloud Some concrete examples of how crap it is would be nice?Never been on a class 374 Eurostar before.
@BradWestness I love that fallacy @BradWestness Currently doing the opposite’m proud of a Labour Govt that enabled me to be the first person in my family to go to University, that rebuilt my…
Retweeted by MrBliz“To error or not to error, that is the question.” @BradWestness That’s not going to work either. We’re all on either pro, or not using VS. And it will be deprecate… Friends, do you know of any load testing tools that allows you to write test plans using C#? @joe_mighty We are supposed to be using Kubernetes at the new contract, but I’m increasingly thinking it’s really n… @KimmyMonte “Do, or do not, piece of shit are you, there is no try.” @KimmyMonte “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. You piece of shit” @tallsam @fesshole Only in terms of time I would imagine, there’s a lot of shit in the source fileAh up front Project Estimation AKA “Here’s a completely made up bullshit number, we’ll get you a more accurate numb…
@maurofranchi An amazing technical achievement!1917. Fucking hell.Not seen any national front pages mentioning the Manchester grooming scandal tomorrow. Why? Is 57 potential victims…
Retweeted by MrBliz“Played against Wayne Rooneys Cousin” is the lamest of lame to fames I’ve ever seen in my entire life. @EurostarJustinp Thank you, I do like a craft beer! Say hi if you’re on the 8:55 on Friday morning :) @EurostarJustinp @CapotrenoEd Non! But I’ll add it to list of places to visit. @EurostarJustinp @CapotrenoEd Indeed! Nipping over to Lille for the weekend in Friday.
@codepo8 Any takers? @robconery @Ld00d But I’ve just flicked through Counting crows ‘August and everything after’ and Jesus Christ that is a dull album @robconery @Ld00d Toad the Wet sprocket, Deep Blue Something, Live. @Luke_who_ Who wouldn’t want to know the answer to how shit gets from the top floor of a skyscraper to the sewer?Software devs, do not date or invest any significant amount of energy into a person who does not read you code. An… @AzureTrenches @asp_net Yeah probably. I can’t see myself going back into that world anytime soon. I’d rather work… @AzureTrenches @asp_net What is blazors target audience? C# devs that really can’t be fucked dealing with JS build chains? @AzureTrenches @asp_net I wonder how easy it would be to extend it to swap out razor, and you don’t have to put cod… @Complyorcry @KitCatK @TheNewEuropean Being a standout winner with Andrew Bridgen on the ballot is quite some achievement. @AzureTrenches @asp_net And Razor Pages of course. @AzureTrenches @asp_net Well it’s not a million miles away from how some FE Frameworks work these days (React, Vue) @AzureTrenches My favourite FE framework is Aurelia. Very clean separation of concerns. Just wish there was a bigger community...Get a room guys. @tannergooding @davkean It’s the opposite with me, I have more screen space and better hardware at home than I do at work. @CraigGrannell Behold - an article that claims your RAID setup contributes to the sound. What happens when you refuse to perform for the media and become part of the spectacle that is racism. Earli…
Retweeted by MrBliz @smithyblade @Leveller_John Depends on the rule.This is currently an opt-in feature, not opt out. @OmegaPolice @FransBouma Try with some modern .net technology, and reevaluate that assumption.
I’m working on a project to migrate a Java Monolith to .Net core microservices. The existing code is horrific. Busi… @chrisbates3 @IRAndyB @daveslocombe @MrTimDunn @thetrainline I want it in a convenient place, BE ABLE TO ISE Apple… @bcnzer Heavy agree on the last point for video callsIn the end, i just pulled their branch, made the change in @JetBrainsRider , and pushed back up. Took just over a minI'm on a shared screen doing some mob programming, and by god, watching someone do a global namespace change in Visual Studio is painful.The stability and quality of Microsoft teams calls seems to be vastly inferior to Slack. Anyone else experience thi… @Luke_who_ This is basically me, in most film scenes involving computers, the most egregious recent example being t…
This is terrible news, I learnt so much from his blog posts and Pluralsight videos @darren_mg @fpatrick @shanselman That’s about the size of it. It’s definitely a culture thing. Contract staff are a… @fpatrick @darren_mg @shanselman My last place had engineers in London, Manchester, Bristol, and Kyiv. Collaboration wasn’t difficult there. @darren_mg @shanselman In the place i’m contracting at, the bosses don’t give a shit if we work remotely or not. Th… @dirktherabbit I grew up as the child of a single mum, with three sisters in a two up two down terrace in Sheffield… can’t move pls send help time I was in Grindleford Station Cafe, I had one of these and then attempted to cycle out of the valley on my… @SWFCMill Getting promoted isn’t for everyone either.
@sid_lambert No business scoring from there. No fucking business at all. @matthefish20022 @sid_lambert 🐷 @AzureTrenches @AzureFunctions @aspnet Cripes, you have been busy @s8mb Which one is called Tonty? @monisha_rajesh @RudelyAwoken I wouldn’t have known about Tatkal tickets if it weren’t for your lovely India book.Found this absolute gem of a newsletter in Grindleford Station Cafe
Chris Wilder has signed a new long-term contract with the club ✍️ Following negotiations with the board, the Sheff…
Retweeted by MrBliz @Critsmitter Your kind? What the fuck. I meant you and your lass. @Critsmitter Sweet, then yes. And love to have your kind to our house for dinner sometime @Critsmitter What, in London?The true sign you’re in the north“It’s Liam Blizard. Blizard spelt like the snowstorm called Blizzard, but with one Z” @EmmanuelSchizas @e_sicnarf @olibatt @s8mb Three @PranSang @Sayantani16 @gourichikka @ReidIcculus @annehelen You were not rude at all. Can’t wait to go back. Didn’t…'ve lost it. Absolutely lost it.
Retweeted by MrBlizI’m just going for a shower, but remind me to tell you what happened in the Co-op today. You WILL NOT believe it.
Retweeted by MrBliz @sundersays Ah ok thanks, i understand now. @sundersays So it’s not going to mean another candidate gets enough nominations to get over the threshold? So noble, but pointless then? @sundersays Very noble of him. Also stupid, since this just presents the opportunity for the left vote to be split. @PranSang @Sayantani16 @gourichikka @ReidIcculus @annehelen Oh yes, it was a very tight budget, as I was doing four…
@Sayantani16 @gourichikka @ReidIcculus @annehelen I was staying in Manali, I turned on the shower, and a jet of wat…
Retweeted by MrBliz @JoLippers @TomChivers @magicroundabout @reederapp That said, it looks like a better option than feedly if you plan on having zillions of sources. @magicroundabout @reederapp I use feedbin, but I was there from the beginning and I’m on a grandfathered very cheap… @sid_lambert With a cameo from Tony Currie as the blades’ assistant manager.At the end of 2020, instead of 30 Under 30 and NextGen lists, please profile middle-aged people who just got their…
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@BradWestness Well, aside from the fact I live in a typical UK hobbit sized house with no space for rack mounting. @BradWestness NAS! @BradWestness Fuck, now I feel like a total idiot for buying a MAS just before Christmas.