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@dilan2381 @liamisthewalrus @bcherenow SIDS a close 2nd @suzy661 @bcherenow Stop @mariana_levstek It’s not me @BigCoun38465183 @bcherenow Never @Roblloyd71 @bcherenow Still cooler @liamisthewalrus @bcherenow Yeah and @EnricaLagalla Heaton Park will have some new n old tunes in set @imitationbeauty It’s giving me magical 🧙‍♀️ powers @imitationbeauty Im letting it be till a Wk bfore the wedding @fuckywuckyshit Biblical @bcherenow Well no body looks cooler with a bass than me and I mean NO BODY whether I can play it or not is the million dollar question @w_onderwalls If they do they do I’m sure I’ll find some other platform where I can say CUNT in itFucking hate coriander it’s a cunts trick LG x @rocknrollstvr Amen @liamisthewalrus Biblical @MichaelBrusca Oh I know you have good taste @jenny_driffield Delicious @Chris9Phillips Happy bday kid @bianca41626990 Days @JennyF209 Yeah and Nancy I have 2 cats keep up @madlyrk He’s a big fan what can I say @oasistriste Good luck x @justletmeadoreL He’ll do a few more in Europe in uk @MancunianAnna Gonna potter round the house 🏠 unpack my suitcase stay out of the boozer and get ready for Abu Dhabi @GBThaTTer72 I was stunning @GBThaTTer72 He’s correctHIGH GATE c’mon you know LG x
Home 🏠 thankyou to all who came out to see us on tour you were all fucking BIBLICAL until nxt time LG x @madlyrk Nothing to be nervous about @jenny_driffield @kay_fralick She calls me worse than that she’s never called me William ever @liamisthewalrus Deborah @justletmeadoreL He’s a good lad @jenny_driffield Still in Paris @StivaniMirella I did beautiful animal lived at our studio @GunnerBase There are no words just silence head is mashedParis you were biblical thankyou for the love stay young LG x
@Definitely_BE Yeah loved it @kay_fralick Of course @mariana_levstek Or another 1 is pick on some1 your own size mr world @mariana_levstek Im gonna have you world your all mine @TFN_PERTH @evieleolaa What if the tho was an it @evieleolaa ThanxBIBLICAL @sonomanz_ Yes but when it’s showtime I’ll be ready to rip it upThe sky rite now in Paris with Eiffel Tower is beyond BIBLICAL x @gareffff @Johnitaliano77 @NoelGallagher A cunt excuse me it’s good looking CUNT to you @georgia_linnell It’s BIBLICAL @Johnitaliano77 @NoelGallagher Maybe RnR concerts ain’t for you poppet you wanna get yourself down to 1 of those co… @madlyrk @ohsnapitsmarsha @StivaniMirella @NoelGallagher Sara McDonald in disguise @nicksugden Those were the days @andreinardutra I’m sure you did it all by yourself stay strong Rkid @paulsut01034769 Biblical @GBThaTTer72 Omnipresent @wolfalexj Shall we ok fuck it here I come @Makg1976Markg76 Yeah but it’s all my head don’t write nothing down it’s all my mind @LDBLondon No people going on as if this is it no more nothing I got stuffs going on all the time just no tours wel… @GoLiamG_ Love is in the air @NathSert There she is @GBThaTTer72 Defo photoshopped @imitationbeauty It’s been biblical @allofusstars Pistols all day long @matt79123332 No I just tweet in French sometimes it’s a lot easier @JoshB21_ He Scott don’t be jealous it makes your piss turn green @Carolin19674089 She’ll be getting a big smackerooney I’ve missed her @SJKamaI Well you grow old and you live in fear @carrie_patino How can I forget youse @stefcb7 He was indeed he needs to become more zen like his little brother it’s only beer well maybe piss all the s… @andreinardutra BiblicalYes Paris c’mon tu sais vive la France 🇫🇷 LG x
Zurich you we’re biblical tnight thankyou stay young LG x @ohsnapitsmarsha @leemgalger @NoelGallagher Oh I do you wannabe NUTBAG @ohsnapitsmarsha @leemgalger @NoelGallagher Your so freaky @1343Randomfella @w_onderwalls @NoelGallagher Wouldn’t go that far he hasn’t been inside a pub for 20 years posh CUNT @niallsinmyheart @NoelGallagher C’mon you know @GBThaTTer72 @asyouwereLGxx @NoelGallagher Photoshopped @ohsnapitsmarsha @NoelGallagher Shut it ya dick @asyouwereLGxx @NoelGallagher That’s not much of a competition both utter fucking ridiculous nonsense Pooh arse @ayr_lopez @NoelGallagher Not yet will be tmoz night c’mon you know @NoelGallagher Whoopi @maruyamassss Yes soon @GBThaTTer72 Photo shopped @BoxingStPeters @adele_liam Exactly @Johnitaliano77 @NoelGallagher Behave fanboy I saw you down the front the other night playing with your hair with your fingers @Johnitaliano77 @NoelGallagher Really good sold out everywhere people loving it @paulbrace66 @NoelGallagher Corse it is you soft arse @R_H_Lead @NoelGallagher Kiss it snowflake @kkggoodwin Go on lad @kay_fralick He’s ruined all the classics what he done to heroes was blasphemy @MarkerJoe He’s a bellend @mcsterplan Well done Jessica @adele_liam Got a few festivals to keepme busy getting in super shape for the wedding and get house sorted plus sta… @GBThaTTer72 Nightmare more like @NoelGallagher When the bell 🛎 meets the end more like he heYes Zurich c’mon you know LG x
@GBThaTTer72 That is me being kind I can be a lot worsePiss flap brigade @Hugo_Relva @BoneheadsPage @bcherenow Isn’t it ha ha @AndrewC997 Why Dya want some @GBThaTTer72 @infant_hercules @BoneheadsPage @bcherenow You wouldn’t have seen him he was stood behind Dec @infant_hercules @BoneheadsPage @bcherenow Corse he was hanging out trying to get a few rounds of applause 👏 strange little man