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@RichardTulk Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haLast thing I don't know why people get offended by the word cunt I get called a good looking cunt everyday don't he… @bamsharrison Mistakes @Tom_OAFC I hope some of them don't and it tourments them for the rest of there life's Dya get me bruv @BevRhodes Thanx bev @Thomostash Yes Man @Clare_Jennifer 1 day @_LorenThomas Happy birthday for nxt month @ITime96 Liamasainerkings @GeorgeChilton5 I do just don't play it live @JessicaRouth1 Beatles @justwantofly Stone cold sober @kieran_hoggett Oi oi @lucymiIburn Nah don't get hangovers with gin n berocas @kianb_ Not 1 bit I'm a pro @ShilaKitty Never felt better @RyanButler_Avfc Once you pop you can't stop @DaveBausor Always @Jordanpackham18 Yeah and the restSo I wake up to news that I hit another and I mean another all time low after my vile and I mean vile outburst outb…
Why me why notIt's a long long long lonely lifeLOVEI think I'm coming down with somethingRite Coldplay are on now I'm of to hang myself wgat the fuck is up wit these people cmon people were making it nowCat being strangled as you wereListening to this grace by Jeff Buckley ha ha pissing myself we are casuals LGJohnny twisted wheel another ranta born with agg you stoke the sun as you were LG @SelfishCunt4 Fuck him the goofy cunt @knibby19845 I agree the universe is in tune with him @MattStratten13 He's not a frontman and if you think he is your not wellRichard Ashcroft proper front man not many of us leftIt's coming home
As you were LG x @MontanyAnton AS YOU WERE YA BELLEND @Ackroyd_Gareth Ha and look like dermot O'Leary @JennyF209 Tall enough @mkj_257 Ha ha thought that was Ian Brown there for a minute @ycbu64kshml6H4D That's amazing love it @elihartsoe Just being able to look out and see all your beautiful faces @Feehily67 Rite back at you brother it takes 2 to tango @lfc_shirts Until you start booing it I don't see why not I'm enjoying singing it it's been on the shelf too long @Dan_Hignett Turning the wrong uns into write uns @DanHutch72 Faintings good gets you out of all sorts of shit @realLisaMontez It was a guitar that might look like a sax @_stphvn It is in it @ProperBiblical I'm buzzing for youse to bless me mate there's a whole lot of blessing going on @olivershotter Iz riteIs it parka weather over there on the Isle of Wight as you were LG xHold tight Isle of wight yours truly will be with you shortly have fun in the sun as you were LG x
@darrenneal149 @richardashcroft Why don't you come along and see @BilboSnapez Check them chords out ain't they biblical @CianMcGivern Yeah I thought it was a make America great again ting you know the trump merch it had to go @TheParkaMonkey Never heard of him @hortongeorge1 Always ready @MaximusFutbol Yeah who doesn'tROCK n ROLL 4 LIFE x @Jordanpackham18 Ha ha @orbaziofantasia Listen that's 1 thing I'm notOh I do love to be beside the seaside oh I do love to be beside the sea as you were LG x @crazymaybeee @mattloxtonaus Fuck off ball bag @UncleBaldyHead 3.59 mate get it rite @MirellaStivani Sergio aguero @AmyyFrost_ Leave it out @iamamadferit Good luck @benstandenn Is that you Sara shouldn't you be polishing your broom @LiveForever_96 Yeah @Andymcfad_22 Never ever I'm rite up for it @My_Big_Name Yeah a real big 1 @Mr_Evertonian Roses all day long @t0besx Not sure bout that QF that's it I think @sofivisigalli Good luck @sha_cls Is @flawles_ss Yeah I believe in everything @SteveBigNob Whys that you posho @spookywacha You would like to think so @euanstevens_ Yeah I'm excited to be alive full stop can't beat living @CianMcGivern For me 10 out of 10 sound was better for me so didn't have a face like a slapped arse well maybe I di… @ffsMiiner Welcome to the real world dream up dream up