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@Shellmac48 Quadrophenia @pixierhodes You nutter @MadFerIt2002 What the fuck would they knowIt’s official i am now in Canada 🇨🇦 c’mon you know LG x @markbelfast89 Meant every wordOn my way to Vancouver for a gig with the mighty WHO see ya there LG x
@iH8TheThingsiDo He split the band up way bfore we all started the slagging so shut it she was a nasty piece of wor… @NelsonPennylane @estephano34 I beg your pardon @johnbrackstone @RadioX Says Joan backstroke @rtmasog @RadioX Shut it cunty @kippaxkappa @RadioX Shut it you cunt @RadioX I’d much prefer human being with a opinion and fantastic looks with a mind bending sense of uma @aaalex_st The drugs and the big fat cheques @NathanScottSal1 I mean the Isle of Man @NathanScottSal1 Isle of white is the isle of white @robwood92 We was never not @robwood92 Too rite @EOdoubleD Wales is mega @buejoll Flip a coin @Enge21 What massive prophet @SeanMcCluskey9 John squire is the best since Jimi Hendrix @callan_micheal I wish i miss them all @redmosquit0 🛎end @sodaparatres Tweetquila @LaylaC38295808 Devastated at his decline we used to to rule @kyfawkes Why not @joacoboca Is that a trick question do I fuck photo shop @_paisleyliam Listen we’re in competition I want us to win and them not to win I don’t want the world to end @luisangeldiablo Nothing @hollyy677 OCS all day long 1 of the best bands ever there musician ship was extraordinary @jenny_driffield She’s amazing @oasisnshit CuntIreland’s Ireland 🇮🇪 Scotland’s Scotland Wales is wales England’s England anyone who thinks different is a cunt as… @craigdean75 Yeah I do do you remember when your team was good @Adidassler75 That’s rich @live4ever_parka The new moon @aElfardo Is it really @ScottDrummond__ You mean tosser @Supernovadragon You what @snixxxxx Says you @jxmes123 Not enough @sonnyjfox00 I’ll be doing my bits rastaMCFC will be top of the pops by the time Liverpool are graced with my geniusC’mon Justin beiberUtd have mugged you lot of tday respectKlopp time5 mins @nameless_nm Im the best thing since sliced bread @BoneheadsPage I love you bonehead xxx @Stevenfsog NEVER @Pope_Matt Dya not know the rules of footy you div if you can’t be Utd at there worst you don’t deserve it the wheels are coming off @Pope_Matt Ha ha ha ha ha @ReturnOfTheAk75 I do @emmarobertspr I just think it’s sexist and they call me a misogynist @Pope_Matt It’s gotta be done rasta @irma16115470 The drums @KevinMcIvor6 I ain’t scared of no cunt you have to kill me rasta @KevinMcIvor6 Arnt we all @estephano34 Sara McDonald @yomamtimex Yeah @fr1dayfighting Bonjour @viewsfromsmith He Shabadoo doo I getnoff @JohnJsd84 I am now @JasonHodkinson1 Im not taking it personal just letting him know he’s naff I ain’t a robot @fizz78044018 Leave it out your giving me the fear @h0neysweet___ Gravy @iamjulig I am zenBilly Sloan I’ve always been a gent with you you should know better I’m very disappointed in your article @elaine_cooney There clowns @jockmufc At least i don’t look like him stand up @simonagucci Not angry @elliecampbbell Never been better @CroogsRFC Oh is it him I’ll tell ya what he’ll never get a chat out of me comes across like he’s my best buddy BIN @Richardturton6 Not as much your naff paper is @kevingrafton Utd @kippaxkappa Who you are weirdo @Biz_McIntosh @RealPeopleband Don’t be stupid @JamesonStephen Seems like your a bit of a flapper that has piss running down the side of it @AlbieFC Needed @kay_fralick Assistant so disrespectful @kay_fralick Indeed @Svilen_Bozhinov State of him and he thinks he looks like a mod @ellie778899 He’s worse @abbiegrimes04 Both a pair of fakers @Iuciabsarno Never @Fersepulveda_BJ I wish @FanforlifeJc Well it’s not for me to say BUT @jeremy1897 Is it really @alvnrc Im not angry @adele_liam She’s a manger has been for over 15 years there sexist cunts and they call me @ellie778899 I prefer non violence @lyla95unbanned Exactly @sup_ernova_ Fuck the Herald in Scotland c @skoosh41 Oh I know they do and the feeling is mutual just a few bad eggs need cracking @lyla95unbanned Nah just won’t talk to the rude sexist bastards anymore @Fabinhohmydays United @sugarspunsist3r How am I insulting people there insulting me n my Mrs @ficklemkselfish Yeah I fucking do it’s your countryYou just remember Mr or Mrs Scotland what mr soaring said bout your country what is it again 3rd world country you… shergar in disguise