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@imyournelly I’m well alive @soopee4 Been there all day @adammarques_ Dog shitIt’s a good fucking job I am ZEN as you fucking were LFUKING x
I’m out of here as you were LG x
Finally recovered from the wknd FOOKING HELL as you were LG x
What you saying John squire mcfc @Eggy001 Yeah it is @BoneheadsPage 7-1 city you ted fartMCFCThe past was yours but the futures mineMartin Tyler is a cunt just saying as you were LG x
@_shitelife I'm ready for action but man gotta reshuffle the pack and give all those plastics a chance to dance @_shitelife Me2 @ManisKa_ I come from a land over @daniellew1509 @parkamonkeyjohn In it i love my short hair long hair is for hippiesMushrooms as you were LG x @2clairedoc2 Proper x @ShilaKitty I believe in meLord above as you were LG x
@texiabbalcony Rubbish @astrovolensi @polkadottbones Rubbish @Aidmc901 @silversurfeer Not as much as you do fan boy @Amoore470 @silversurfeer Who asked you your opinion @polkadottbones Super sure @GMitch82 Take it easy brothers x @TheShitBassist Ha ha me2 @Daaan_1874 I was just thinking bout that old tune yeah why not @graziella_lory Good as gold during the day as soon as it goes dark she turns into BEZ @Simon_Murdoch Tayto @LRB1978 Happy birthday x @SharplesCameron Oi oi @SchuetzKarl Your welcome x @_JackMcNulty Happy birthday you old fart @silversurfeer Somebody's gotta give it some love as the little mans version is blasphemy as you were @Thechief1975 Sid James ahhhhhhh @ajfox19 She's punk @Bailey_Alex_ How could I forget the good old days properSid is running me ragged as you were LG x
@whatsaeuropean It's a cracker @Ionesomestreet_ Tell him to keep it dangerous @TheRealDanielW3 Go for a walk @bails__3008 It's a beauty @SamMcLinn @liambrass_ Happy 54th @liambrass_ Happy bday ya legendLively 1st night with RSID as you were LG x
@asIwere MusosSay hello to my new cat SID as you were LG
@blairsuds @MainlyOasis @TheKatePaterson @richardashcroft Song for the lovers @MainlyOasis @TheKatePaterson @richardashcroft Blue @cristalaaisha Happy birthday @anch3s Thankyou x @lewimac92 Ha ha ya nutter @lucashughson Why not @OasisBeadyEye I do @TheKatePaterson @richardashcroft No ones more gutted than Richard himself and if I'm around I'll be there 4 sure @Nowhereman_97 Love it @Rhiannonfarman Go on ya nutterSome lovely people out n about today as you were LG x
@iainmac231070 @kylewhittaker96 You gotta serve yer self lad @supraman0511 @fuckhimnoel @nameless_nm Wouldn't I just @fuckhimnoel @nameless_nm Once a cunt always a cunt @JWK_AYW Knebworth @nameless_nm Don't see why not I love that tune @astrovolensi No @JWK_AYW Both biblical @proserpinesback Been there @tothetommyodell A dead monkey wearing a parka @alecanwait Yeah @supernova_921 He's on his way @melanysvmmvn I am spiritually and mentally @Purplegal2017 Ha ha @kylewhittaker96 The little fellas not allowed @eyeslikesunsets Starting a fire @suedhead99 No you can't I don't have any of that nonsense round my way @BevRhodes I love em all freedom of tweet @ShilaKitty People in glass houses and all that @MorningLads Yeah got a few @boz_okc Always loved a straw hat Manuel @iamamwhoiam Are youFreedom of speech as you were LG x
@nukiebomb Both at the same time cmon @alessiadp1982 He's a bore @craigovic Always @MadferLiamG They haven't got a name yet @frankbull19 I used to knock about Gorton market years ago @frankbull19 Yeah @dreamin60289236 He's doing his thing man no pressure just the press getting giddy love writing story's about The Gallaghers obsessed @flyutothemoon_ Not on Fridays @UtdJohn Yeah we are @samjadebradley Going round scaring people @marialu411 Yeah when we do the kids range @samjadebradley Iz rite @Jakelipscombe No fuck knows where that is @irenesupersonic Harvest moon Neil young @hebblethwaitea Yeah @LoisDoherty_ You my friend are what it's all about keep up the good work @jenny_driffield Get well soon x @poh1968 Eh come on what's with all this anger you really need to chill out man life's too short go for a walk @JimF1984 Im afraid I won't be gracing you with my angelic singing voice tnight I'm just chatting still angelic though