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@FleaBagLady He literally can’t get through one story without telling the world what he thinks or making a sarcastic commentIt’s 10.30pm which means it’s time for Tom Bradby’s Opinions Vaguely Disguised As News and Look I’M A REALLY FUNNY GUY @stevenpage @richardmarx @Sharpie Please take this silver Sharpie from me for the VIPers despite us both knowing yo…, thank god. I loved her in Broadchurch.
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonguys i just read this book called harry potter well worth checking out it’s about a really interesting magic lad
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@philmcnulty Can you clarify whether or not they would forgive themselves please Phil?So The Sun have Photoshopped the upcoming @imacelebrity contestants in jungle gear and, er, haven’t done a very goo… @sophiefryer We can’t wait to have you back x @FleaBagLady @barenakedladies @choirchoirchoir @CovenantHouseTO Up for it!
Mamaroneck! You are the first to have a chance to buy the brand new DVD, Steven Page Trio Live in Concert! This was…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon#NUFC’s defenders showing the strikers how to score. 🤩When you hear the first Bublè song of the year
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @sophiefryer I really hope there’s videoThe barenaked ladies at the end of their first week as librarians, when someone asks how long they've had the job: ISBN -
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@itsanitarani @fbeGreatWestern @JamieSiggers It was so lovely to meet you!Why is the lady called Cher. Because she likes to CHER her dinner, with friends and maybe poor people for charity?
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonUse the tongs you pervert what just arrived! DVDs! NYC, you might be lucky and find the one I just hid #cheddarbay. If not, you can grab…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnoni would like more frens. so i have made a list of my best qualities. for your consideration 6. am fluffy 1. can ju…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonBoothby Graffoe (very rare) Solo show 24th April 2020 West Didsbury (no really) @liammckinnon on cajón tickets ar…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @adamdhollman Got it! @thatbigoldroom That almost happened
@otrbristol great intro to the @fbeGreatWestern dinner. Very worthwhile charity to support.
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonI’m going to a black tie event tonight - first time in years - and I’m currently home alone wrestling with a bow ti…
@TraceyAllanUK That’s exactly what prompted my tweet. What a revelation. I’d have it on tap.Butterscotch is an underrated flavour.Camilla Parker Bowles with the face of David Moyes.
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@boobygraffoe @thekingsheadN8 Yeahhhh? Yeahhh.Just 1 day from the Tories: ▪️Release doctored video ▪️Sit on report about Russian interference ▪️Abandon promise…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonThe worst thing about all these vile Tory lies and outbursts - Rees Mogg’s comments, the doctoring of the video thi… Johnson is 47. Elton John is 72, so in all likelihood he does remember when the Rock was young.
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonI think my strongest quality is my ability and speed in jumping to my dog’s defence when another dog growls at her.… @_aimred YOU DID IT!
Just so we’re all clear since there’s a lot of disagreement about birth years: Boomer = Anyone older than you that…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon.@MikeEvin doing his thing in Bristol last night. My favourite quote of the night: “I knew you guys were going to b…, we launch our biggest-ever survey for young people. We're asking how you experience OTR, and how we can impr…
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@richard_bell What’s #1 then?TONIGHT for one time only, live at The Oxford in Totterdown, Bristol. Percussion trio The Happy Chips. 7pm, don’t m… amazing evening last night in Oxford playing double bass for the outstanding talent & my good friend @MikeEvin,…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonA super excellent fabulous evening of music and hangs in Oxford with my new UK band! @liammckinnon on percussion an…
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.@MikeEvin in Bristol update - we’ve moved the show to tomorrow night, at The Oxford in Totterdown, as part of thei…
The b̶o̶x̶ cajon is out again! Pumped to head to Oxford tonight to play a show with @MikeEvin and @henrywillard. Wh…
Need a lie down after this #LIVARS game…Bristol! I'm heading your way this Saturday, 2 November, to do a show at @cafekinobristol. Joining me will be your…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonevery office meeting in 2019 starts like this
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonBristol! Let's do this Saturday at @cafekinobristol ... With @liammckinnon on percussion. Tix:…
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Where you going? Wrexham I can take you as far as Shrewsbury? Tidy
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Righto!! I can't wait to rock out with @liammckinnon in Briatol at @cafekinobristol next Saturday
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonPeople of Bristol area, another chance to listen to my show and hear some songs from ⁦⁦@MikeEvin⁩ friend of ⁦…
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This guy is great if you get the chance get tickets
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonUK Peeps! Our good friend & musical compadre @MikeEvin has crossed the Atlantic to come play for you. Our own Jim C…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon.@MikeEvin is currently on British shores for his first UK tour and has already rocked a few shows in and around Lo…; my recent tweet... the word I meant to type was 'clocks', and not the word that actually appeared in my tweet.…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonHave a good night whatever you're doing... and don't forget to put your cocks back.
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonthank you clock prince for blessing me with 1 hour of time xox
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wow so brave, thank you for sharing this story
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonWhen you lied in your CV about being a qualified sheep dog.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonFixing typos in your texts is for cowards. I’ll message someone “whtatr you dong toncifjt” and that’s on them to figure out what I just said
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @Brazier25 @BrewDog Cracker
@buffer Hello, is there a way of reordering my accounts on the left-hand side panel on a mobile/tablet? Dragging/dr… deal will do in Boris Johnson's Amazing Technicolor Nightmare 🌈
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @GreaterGlasgPol @maggiejrankin Think I can help you with number 5.
@KingDaveRa I thought that initially but no - it’s our lights on the ceilingAbsolutely mind-boggling! This clip of me on #Wilty has been watched on YouTube a quarter of a million times in 4 d…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonThe last part of my walk home is my favourite part of my walk home. “And what time do you call this?” 2 minutes are worth the watch
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Great chat with Stephen Duffy @TheLilacTime on @janicelongdj’s @BBCRadioWales this evening! @stevenpage Put another shrimp on the barbie!Y’know, just a casual 6 THOUSAND KILOMETRE CYCLE. What?! Our supporters are INCREDIBLE! Best of luck, Pedr. That is…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonHe’s here! Good luck, Mike! Fish N Chips, Apples N Pears, Brexit!
@melnie28 Quite alright. Enjoy the Niagara show!This bloke is in the Question Time audience every week
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonThanks @getbarenaked for spreading the word about the UK tour! Bristol at @cafekinobristol is going to be a blast!
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonSo excited to have @liammckinnon join me for some shows on my UK tour!
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon
Weird list, music isn’t a competition. But bizarre there’s no Madonna, Debbie Harry, Amy Winehouse. you have credible allegations against Prince Andrew of a serious sexual nature His association with a convicted…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonLooking forward to joining @MikeEvin on some of his upcoming UK dates, including this intimate show at… of the day (again): to groke or groak is to stare at someone else’s food, in the hope they might share it with…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @NUFC360 That’s a surprise
It’s almost the end of October which means it’s that time of year: [insert online retailer] sells a wildly inapprop… town fans at Accrington today unfurled a banner in support of Accrington player Billy Kee who is struggling…
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Retweeted by Liam McKinnonShouldn’t be surprised that @JeremyClarkson is being an arsehole on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire but that poor las… @sophiefryer I’m sure this is funny to you 🤷‍♂️
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Retweeted by Liam McKinnonlol
NOW ON SALE - an intimate performance at @CityVineyardNYC. These will go fast, so grab them quick and catch the las…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @Brazier25 I’m too far gone. Followed by Lene Marlin.Turns out that the best cure for a sore throat isn’t screaming Amy Studt songs into your partner’s face on a three…
.@barenakedladies' "One Week" hit No. 1 on the #Hot100 21 years ago today.
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonnah XR are clowns man. do these people not realise that commuters in canning town are a) overwhelmingly working cla…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonTreated myself. & Wales! I'm coming your way for my first UK tour very shortly. Who's coming to a show? For tickets, show d…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonI want this badly they bowling to represent soup??? or to win soup???
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonHad a dream @sophiefryer left me for Daniel Radcliffe and they became scientologists. Weird start to the day.
@ten_tonnes You and your band are great live. Thanks for a fun evening.
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