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Hey @getbarenaked please hit this link for a lovely chat with @stevenpage recorded at @FleeceBristol thank you to…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonWhy do they only report the bad aspects of 40k people dying
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @OldSchoolMarky @Beer52HQ Like the sound of that Gipsy Hill number. Like their Ranger Pale Ale… @danjpeg Makeshift CB pairing of Hayden and Krafth… 🤮I love how much I hate @mralistairgreen’s characters. Toes were curling all the way through this one. @TheRangeUK Hiya. I’ve been trying to chat to someone about the status of an order and not really getting much help. Can I ask you?
Thanks Luna, I feel really safe and protected from that slow-moving car outside. NOW UNDERWATER GHOST VILLAGE FROZEN IN TIME
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonThe final version of a little song that has appeared in pieces over the past couple of days & now makes its debut i…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonMarcus Rashford in lockdown has Started a charity that raised £20 million and helped feed 2.8 million children. L…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonit really isn’t political point-scoring to look at this graphic and ask what has gone wrong
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @IKEAUKSupport Hiya. I can see that you’ve added Bristol as a click and collect option, but when I go to check-out…
What rhymes with bassist?
The more you see, the more you despair. Our world is so, so broken., Bristol! Thanks to @EmilyKoch for the video. 😀
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Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @danjpeg Can’t help but feel letting him go will turn out to be a huge mistake. Such a shame the takeover hasn’t ha… @HarryJones5276 There is literally nothing I can do to get a ball of Luna. The flat could be on fire and she’d be p… @DigitalStefan @TechnicallyRon It feels like we’re at the stage that literally anyone could do better.Thank you for your Black Lives Matter graphic. May I please see a picture of your executive leadership team and company board?
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonTrump would rather start a civil war than say that black people deserve to be alive. Johnson would rather look afte…
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@beardedjourno @zionbristol @BristolDryGin @TristanCorkPost I hope you’ll remember this and not publish their next… @beardedjourno @willsbamboobike Yeah, and if you think they’re sorry - they’re not. They think they’re hilarious. a good look. @WiperAndTrue Crumble! Love you guys!next slide please
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@boobygraffoe R is a letter A letter about infection R is a number Don’t vote Tory next election @doughollaway Drumsticks Squashies are my life. A bag at a time currently.No, there’s actually a very simple explanation. He was just saying random words to test if his voice was working. AMERICA be blessed with more cops like him. 🙏🏻 #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonThis needs to be heard
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @stpashmina So cool!
Congratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonSo was George Floyd
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @readthewriter Between that, @isaachpage’s amazing contribution and the spotlighting fans at the end, I found tonig… @narkiewicz @stevenpage @isaachpage So good. Congrats both! @owainastles Crikey. Whereabouts?This put a huge smile on my face. see you @iainlee 👋 Enjoy! @OldSchoolMarky Yeah - 5pm his time, 10 ours @HarryJones5276 “and that’s why I’m banned from the library” etc etcIt has just occurred to me that I haven’t worn trousers since March.
@beardedjourno FFS.Not an attack on free speech: leaving a tweet up (but adding a notice that it violates guidelines) Actually, unque…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonAh i see we've entered the plague monkeys part of the nightmare timeline
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonI think my life is now just AWESOME SCREEN AWESOME CAMERA LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE Going around in my head until I die #adverts @Neddrs @lee_ryder @NUFC 🤣🤣🤣June.
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonHeadline of the day.
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Which six? How do we know if we’re one of the six? @NUFC360
❤️ Bristol
Maybe they were testing their hearing better times. Like a year or so ago and this group photo featuring @stevenpage, @Sloanmusic, @oddsmusic @boobygraffoe 👏👏👏 @DigitalStefan All that stuff too! @sparxx I’m worried that it might not be. It would explain the delay.Just in. Great. #nufc #NUFCTakeover Lots of beer.
That was quick. Post #CummingsNewsConference @boobygraffoe new song: (Subtitles): we tell the lies you hear the l…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonThe bit where he got the wrong journalist’s name: “sorry sorry sorry”. That’s all this statement needed to be in the first place. #CumGateJust think. There are some people - OK, I’ll be more specific, some Tories - that will think this has gone well. Th… @Gibney_A Doesn’t matter mate. He’s more important.The small print must be really quite small. #CumGate should be on Comedy Central, seriously. “I drove for a bit, to see if I could drive”. #CumGateHe’s out Prince Andrew-ing Prince Andrew. #CumGate#CumGate the first question comes from a "Dominique Cumins" go ahead Dominique. "Mr Cummings, please tell us about how y…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @OldSchoolMarky Sorry mate 🙁Do they think we’re not going to notice?
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonThe anthem of our times. @boobygraffoe @omid9 to my MP
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There is a long long list of things that annoy me about Dominic Cummings but quite high up is the way he dresses. L… They really are running out of friends aren’t they. and Ask Jeeves as my search engines of choice. only this cowardly government had protected our NHS staff as much as they’re protecting Dominic Cummings.Can you imagine the uproar if a young, affluent footballer did what Dominic Cummings did?
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonUK Parliament: Dominic Cummings must be sacked - Sign the Petition! via @UKChangeHere’s your freedom of travel mask to print out in case you get stopped anywhere. Just put it on, and do whatever t…
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@ADMusgrove They literally will get away with it though, because they do every time. @Gibney_A love the fact that the spin the Government have gone for is “Dominic Cummings is a great family man” when what he…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonIf only Number 10 had acted as quickly and forcefully on the pandemic in March as it has to save Dominic Cummings.
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonSomeone tell Boris Johnson
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@sylwiakorsak @zerolab And you and Poppy make it a full set!It’s been a while since I did #FollowFriday but this 👇- follow and check out the website too #goodpeople
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonCheck out @liammckinnon new website. Especially for this lovely drawing
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon @FreeRangeUK If this was my job I’d be fired for incessant and aggressive swearing. It was such a test of my patien… @OTRKaren ⚠️⚠️⚠️
@stevenpage @MAT53_ They’re not cheesy. They’re great and they should be G👏R👏A👏M👏M👏Y nominated. @stevenpage My requests would be Next Time, Just a Toy, Off The Hook, Kemper & Egnater. @amandajp17 and that’s why I end @boobygraffoe’s songs a few notes after he does!Lockdown project: I’ve made myself a website for my drumming and cajon stuff. What better time to promote my servic… @Brazier25 She’s selective mate. She’s just balanced it out by running away from me for 20 minutes as I try to get… did the crab go to prison crimes
Retweeted by Liam McKinnon🚀 #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek feels like a particularly apt time to remind you that OTR is here for you - COVID and…
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonI’ve been enjoying the videos of people leaving their kids with some tasty treats in front of them to see their rea… @Brazier25 Preach Bro. Theme of this week is meant to be kindness an’ all…
Jeez it’s sweltering today. What I wouldn’t give to be Prince Andrew
Retweeted by Liam McKinnonI hope you can help my get this message delivered to Mr, PM @BorisJohnson
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