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Artist. Kind Agent of Chaos. Writer? Co-Creator SHE SAID DESTROY, Vault Comics. 2000 AD, GWAR, BLACK AF & awarded anthologies. Dog mom, vinyl collector & drums.

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@o_t4ng @carolcollector both of you, throwing your next envelopesSOOOOOOOO I am making patrons this excessively stupid sticker that leaps off an inside twitter bad joke and they al… still feel like I am living off this tweet after throwing a lemon desktop today for dialogue. No context allowed other than coming soon to comics...
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @thesteveorlando @Chewbanza I just yelled SHIT really loud, this is amazingFYI signing Wednesday at 11am, comics and collectibles in Memphis! to let this page go last week, one of my favs. “I am your sword Winona.” #shesaiddestroy, and love yourself comes out so soon!💖💖 (April 21st) you can pre-order it here
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7Congrats @Cody_Monico you won! 💖 Pls dm me your info~ @lianakangas @carolcollector
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @EricaSchultz42 We need panera dates over Skype @carolcollector Also good @SkyePatridge @JoeCorallo @thevaultcomics @TimDanielComics @afwassel @rebnalty @DamianWassel Skylar you’re amazing dude 😫💖💖Reminder that @lianakangas & @JoeCorallo's SHE SAID DESTROY is out in trade now! I just got done giving it re-read…
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @JudgementScythe @definitelyvita @weredawgz @annesplains @OhHeyDJ @Danny8bit @Sonic9jct @TerryBlas @andrealrosales
Oulah sticker !!!! 🔥✨ @kharyrandolph @treswritesstuff The largest hassle. Train tickets are so expensive, the time taken up is so wasteful too @billytwrites @mattmanbegins @ChrisShehanArt @JoeCorallo @JosephGlass @Sweeney_Boo✨happy birthday @lianakangas✨ thanks for making even the most darkest of time a light with some hope. love you!!!
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @jeffdekal Jeff god damn dude this is breathtakingBest birthday party ever Including the nightmare kylo balloon @TheJenya @BigDunJenShow @emeraldcitycon @definitelyvita @Jody_Houser @JazzlynStone @geekgirlstrong @christofbogacs @AndreaDemonakos Ahhh ily Andrea!How to cry at one tweet DAVID you’re so awesome @emberquade My Brand @RequiemPluie Michi words escape me Remember when we got like tea in Korea town This is how I feel: astonished my… @hillarylevi I FRIGGIN LOVE UThe only person that would support me when I am supposedly killed by scorn but actually on accident falling into el… @ElizaViera_ Oh my gosh thank you!!! @lianakangas I found issue one today while on vacation! 😂 My LCS sold out of it very quickly so I was very excited…
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @pittsed_off @_aubrey I was 2% out of 10 tho (This is a nightmare kyloren balloon) @JMichaelDonohue Thank you!I LOVE PUBLIC APPROXIMATIONS ON MY COOL FACTOR Seriously love you Kelly dude @dgvick Thank you!!!! 😫💖 @JosephGlass @TiniHoward @mymonsterischic @MikeGarley @Heart_of_Time @bobgoblynn @TomboyPrincess @PJMontgomery @KFreshIsTheWord Thanks Kelly! @RequiemPluie MICHI I FUCKING LOVE UFUC! @WhyImCAS Thanks cody’ @themikenorton Mike you’re the best! @HenryBarajas Thanks Henry! @godlierbarnacle Gabe you’re a good one @KerinCunningham @MattHTaylor You inspired meeeeeLearning to play donuts only with my partner and all I can think of is @Sweeney_Boo!! 😫💖
@JacksonLanzing Wow thank you JACKSON! 😫🙏🏻 those are super kind words @little_corvus Ilysm 😭😭😭 @gavinpsmith Hahahaha hahahha love you broIf y’all got some left over love from Valentine’s Day, send it over to @lianakangas CUZ ITS HER BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYY
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @o_t4ng I’m screaming that’s my fav scene @jarredlujan Omg jarred!!Happy birthday @lianakangas! Here's a picture of my dog. Also, everyone buy She Said Destroy, it is very good and m…
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @MarkMcGettrick @lianakangas Haha I’m loving this!
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7Look what arrived in the mail on @lianakangas birthday!!?! Have a great one!
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @drew_moss Hell yeah! @MarkMcGettrick OMG! @carolcollector @XCollectibles YUAHHHHH @chewiebrain Looks so rad omg!New birthday kicks 👏🏻🔥 thanks ma @TheBethBarnett @little_corvus Honestly, how did I deserve you 😭TRUE LOVE IS BUYING ME COFFEE FOR MY BDAY 😭🙏🏻 thank you so much @little_corvus 😭💖 (Currently drinking an espresso w… YOU live in a society, i live in the cillian murphy and tom hardy cinematic universe.
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @YtheLastChris Chris, you're the friggin best dude!!!!LEGALLY REQUIRED everybody! It’s @lianakangas birthday!!! Hope it’s dope!!!
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @TheBethBarnett Summon her @MattHTaylor Thank you! @youthinkmemad Omg 😂😂😂💖 @nolapfau Nola 😭💖💖💖💖💖Happy birthday to my once and (hopefully 🤞🏻) future collaborator @lianakangas. You should buy yourself a copy of…
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @ericpalicki Ty for wearing my shirt today you’re one of my favorites on this damn earth love you buddy @claudiaguirre Thank you so much Claudia! @o_t4ng You’ll float tooooI've had the pleasure of working w/@lianakangas since 2017 when her & @PatShand did a story for Mine! Since then we…
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @JoeCorallo @PatShand @EiGWAnthology @ericpalicki @thevaultcomics @AWaveBlueWorld @comicmix JOIOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEE… @MaraJayneC MARA THIS IS SO CUTE @AvivaMaiArtzy Also fucking lmao how dare you make this look so good @AvivaMaiArtzy I was going to say cassIVE got BALOONS TODAY! @emberquade 😬💖 @RobotJQ Thank you bob!!! @KittinExploits @EricaSchultz42 😭🙏🏻💖 @FemmeFaeTali Hahahahaha omg Talia!!! @emilypearsonart Ily!!!!I LOVE @declanshalvey @Sweeney_Boo Aw dec thanks bud @emberquade Thank you quade! @BrenttHarshman Thanks bud!! @AndrewRostan Thank you andrew!!! @jeremyhachat Thank you dude! @cloudwrangler Thank you Jeff! @JosephGlass Thank you Joe!!! @elizabethamber Thank you!! 😂 @theverbalthing Ily 😭💖🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @Sweeney_Boo I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! @loudlysilent Thank you!! @schiekapedia Thank you!! @lizzylynngarcia Thank you so much omg 😭💖 @mattmanbegins @lianakangas
Retweeted by Liana Kangas C2E2 ✈️ ECCC X-7 @thetzechun @mattmanbegins Thank you for the greatest gift on my birthday wow @jamescmaddox Aw James!!!!