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My main is so down bad that it got placed Gold 1 gg go next @Shoxxiie Ily take your time!! Take care of yourself first💗 @AngieKillerz Ily💗comfy stream u.u (no cam) @ebbawebba I napped for 2hrs like 4hrs ago i dont think that’s it chiefGot a headache and feeling nauseous 🥲
half the people in ranked probably aren’t even aware that voice chat is broken since they never talk anyways
Retweeted by LiaI’ve been going to the gym for the past 2 years and I’m still afraid to go by myself’m still sad I hit a really clean ace and I didn’t even had shadow play on @KING_BABYBAY Happy birthday 🥳 @ZeroX5Z Hopefully @Nessaroo_ No youI played ranked off stream with friends for the first time in a long time and it felt so niceget u a girl who isn't consistent @YofunMei Too lateFirst game of the day I got 2 guys screaming into the mics fighting 🙃
DIALED IN (doing placements on my main) @jembhoe I’m so sorry you and your doggo has to go through this ilyyy 🥺 @Weser2k W @xsetnate I’m a pro botfragger if that countsStream soon, i don't wanna match pfps. i wanna match last names, get it right
Retweeted by Liashort stream >.< @xKitzi Ok hottieStreaming tonight potentially
@sscrawls LETTSSS GOOooo he’s sexy
birria tacos and boba would ease the pain rnDon’t expect a stream today gnMe wanting to go hangout with my only friend in ATL but don’t wanna bother themMen don’t make any sense
@Apply Happy birthday 🥳PLAY TESTING Kay/O with early access with Kay/O wanna run some games rn?if you come, i'll lick you
Retweeted by Lia @flexinja Wait this is so clean @Shadyeski THIS IS SO PRETTY
@vinylVAL Step on me @JennahLeland I played in VCT and all the players get early accessshe’s spittin!!! oh my god i love her
Retweeted by Lia @jessicahkim I didn’t see this in the patch notesGonna be play testing Kay/O tonight on stream be there or you’re susI got early access to play Kay/O this whole time lol @aiycejenn Add a water mark!!Down so bad nothing can hurt mesolo ranked demon grind @Miehki Idk who you’re saying hello to bc that ain’t meGood morning world
@ellietwitches @ManILoveFwogs @cch0_val @cle_fairy @kthzoxo @LynnNyaa @Junafour @Takipsiliim I luv you more 🥰 @viavmber CappI’m so exhausted HOLYYY @ManILoveFwogs @ellietwitches @cch0_val @cle_fairy @kthzoxo @LynnNyaa @Junafour @Takipsiliim So hottttThis is the coolest thing ever @erikmannavong Ilyyy @TwitchRivals @PlayVALORANT @kyedae @bnans @plooful @QuarterJade I’ll be the best botfragg for someone’s teamgrinding ranked alone Sadge @vinylVAL Love that for you
@viavmber This is so cute like yousolo queuing my main for once @xsetnate Hey lol @vinylVAL Proud of you ilyyy💗 @version1gg Looking like a W for me
@HUYNH_CS @GenG Any team would be lucky to have you on their team! Good luck DannyAs of today I am officially released from @GenG. I would like to thank them for everything that they have done for…
Retweeted by Lia @RiotBallerina @shoukrrrr @ScrewFaceVAL @HUYNH_CS @s0mcs @viavmber @Tiffae @ellietwitches HAPPY BIRTHDAY QTI would just break even and still be broke @OfficialAproto Happy birthday alex!! @OfficialAproto Finally @Weser2k @shoukrrrr I spend all my money on him and food @mythicaaaa @shoukrrrr That was the biggest impulse buy I ever didIf this isn’t @shoukrrrr and I idk what is YT Video is out with @shoukrrrr !!! like and subscribe or you're sus early stream
Retweeted by Liahella early stream’m right next to my mic but Rahmin gets picked up louder than me Sadge LIKE HES ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM BUT HES LOUDER THAN ME???PEOPLE. ARE. GOING. TO. TALK. BADLY. ABOUT. YOU. NO. MATTER. WHAT. SO. JUST. DO. WHAT. MAKES. YOU. HAPPY.
Retweeted by Lia
@_patuuuu sexc @ShopifyRebels THIS IS SO SICK CONGRATS LADIES <3an acai bowl would hit rnI’m appreciative of the community I’ve grown so farBut fr like how shit do you gotta be to not be posting your own clips??People out here really stealing clips and posting them as their own??? Good thing I’m ass so I don’t gotta worry about this @ScrewFaceVAL @SoniqsEsports @crunchyyworld @dizzyaus @QueenBobsta @iyencs @pl1xxval Wprofessional botfragger @BlackHeartGMG YESSIRRR @Weser2k Yeahhh you win @Shoxxiie I love you ya silly goose💗 I’m always here for youMy only personality traits are my boyfriend and being a sova mainI took a nap next to Rahmin while he was yelling at the top of his lungs hyping his team up I’m truly built different
@AngieKillerz We got this tho🥲 @aznpersuasionnn Sova mains rise up 🤓 @aznpersuasionnn As a Sova and Skye main I’m vibinI’ll unlock my full potential once I stop being depressed 🤡 @jordanballll @shoukrrrr Come over @aopotato1 @shoukrrrr Don’t really have one rn @chloe_hime7 @shoukrrrr ILYY @foxwounds @shoukrrrr I barely do legs anymore bc shoukr always wanna do arms and I keep fucking up my leg from being clumsyPower went out now we’re back