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My friend Adam Curtis has made this trail for his imminent new series 'Can't Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional…
Retweeted by WebmasterThis series ruledYour dad gives good brain? Damn! It’s called genes!!
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Retweeted by WebmasterAverage Godzilla Fan vs Average Kong Enjoyer
Retweeted by WebmasterThinking about when Dennis Rodman made my favorite instagram post ever
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Retweeted by WebmasterOxford University was going to open source its vaccine, then the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation stepped in and c…
Retweeted by WebmasterI just read this. This was 100% supposed to run weeks ago but they wanted the heat to die down around HawleyThat guy is literally a nazi @conspiracy_YCBI Good GodThis is referring to the Young Patriots, who cannot be described as “white supremacists” or “white nationalists” in…
Retweeted by Webmaster @veryimportant it's a reference to the 99 Names of Allah tooSo sad to hear the news that Joe Camarillo, the Waco Brothers' drummer, has died.
Retweeted by WebmasterDevastated to see the news about Joe Camarillo. Aside from being a powerful drummer with great taste, he was a swee…
Retweeted by WebmasterSikh Toni Preckwinkle @Derek_IB105 @SethDavisHoops I agree! Top 5 talent, borderline top 25 execution @SethDavisHoops Minnesota at 16, Illinois unranked huh1 year ago today: Trump praises China's "efforts and transparency" in the fight against coronavirus, adding: "it wi…
Retweeted by WebmasterPackers were 1st team to attempt a FG when trailing by 4-8 points in final 3 minutes of a game since Dan Quinn call…
Retweeted by Webmaster @libbycwatson You've retweeted fellow journalist @ashleyfeinbergAn outbreak that led to 15 people testing positive for COVID-19 has been traced back to a birthday party thrown for…
Retweeted by WebmasterMatt LaFleur trying to explain why the Packers chose to kick a field goal
Retweeted by WebmasterAaron Rodgers fully sounded like someone who doesn't know if he'll be the QB here next season.
Retweeted by WebmasterAaron Rodgers on Matt LaFleur's decision to kick the FG late in the 4th qtr: "It wasn't my decision."
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@Ihavenousefora1 And look what he got out of it at the end. Assange still facing prosecution, Snowden on the run, W… @Ihavenousefora1 How fucking pathetic is it that Glenn positioned himself as this tireless defender of Assange and… @Ihavenousefora1 Glenn spent the last four years running interference for, if not outright defending, the senile di… you simp for neoliberals by smearing Glenn Greenwald and you call yourself “lib crusher”. These kind of MF’s…
Retweeted by WebmasterWatching the packers roll over and give Brady a free pass to the SB
Retweeted by Webmaster @peepsalum no that was matt lafleurEven the ham-brained imbecile knows this's right
Retweeted by WebmasterDoes Matt LaFleur know how much time is leftI'm counting out Touchdown Tom
Retweeted by WebmasterI can’t take it / my stomach is rumbling / Lorraine get me that Pepto Baby.
Retweeted by Webmaster#BillsMafia has arrived in KC. 😳
Retweeted by WebmasterI'm counting out Touchdown Tombig oof Rodgers’ window to get his second super bowl ring
Retweeted by Webmaster Bears beat the Bucs loloh my god @EVERALD65373457 @Biyombonesaw For someone who is just trying to blackpill the American populace, he sure has been… @quartertaint When you're claiming with a straight face that nothing Trump did is "remotely comparable" as far as m… @quartertaint That's nice; he is very actively sweeping it under the rug now @EVERALD65373457 @Biyombonesaw I'm not going to give Trump props for doing different war crimes like Glenn has @Biyombonesaw @EVERALD65373457 I'm sick of Glenn stans parsing individual words like fucking Ben Shapiro too. When…
Retweeted by WebmasterDon't get me started on Yemen, which became an explicitly genocidal operation by Saudi & it's allies shortly into T… 2 black guys (if you met Brady you'd understand)
Retweeted by WebmasterAnd the only reason we aren't in the most destructive, deadly conflict since Korea right now is because Iran didn't take the baitJust because Trump pissed off the right people doesn't mean he was a fucking peacenik civilian deaths from US/allied airstrikes went up 330% under Trump's presidency. Trump's administration bomb… me it’s pretty uncontroversial to say bush was orders of magnitude responsible for more human suffering and deat…
Retweeted by Webmaster @jattburner @johns_tailgate Lenny shirts in stock now
Retweeted by Webmasterrevenge for the time South Africa arrested him hell yes
Retweeted by WebmasterTed Cruz literally fought to ban dildos in Texas.
Retweeted by Webmasterfor some reason yang is the most appealing candidate announced so far to me. i dunno. maybe because hes anti-circumcision.
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Retweeted by WebmasterConnor was saying he was gonna k/o Dustin first round and he couldn’t even last 😢
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Retweeted by WebmasterRip 👑
Retweeted by WebmasterHe was right
Retweeted by WebmasterThis is one of the most disturbing videos of a police vehicle literally running over people. No excuse for plowing…
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Retweeted by WebmasterMcGregor was winning that fight until the last 10 seconds too lol @patrickwinegar I'm enjoying it so far. It plays everything pretty straightMy man.
Retweeted by WebmasterLori snapping her fingers in approval at an anti-Lincoln Yards press conference is so rich man lmao @jaegervonkramer Glenn never even heard of this person before a few days ago. Hes just become a right wing babyI think it's pretty weird and uncouth for an editor at a paper of record to gush over a president too but if you're… I wonder why Glenn isnt melting down about this lady getting fired from the NY Times like he has been the peo… Claus, a Grand Traverse County commissioner in Michigan, got up and grabbed a gun during an online Board meetin…
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Retweeted by WebmasterFinally starting "City So Real" become like one of the countries that looted the entire earth for 400 years in order to end up with 35% unempl…
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Retweeted by WebmasterCW Police Brutality, Vehicular Assault // Nesting this because it's graphic, Tacoma Police run over someone in the…
Retweeted by WebmasterThis is a mess
Retweeted by Webmaster💀 @bennythebull is the best
Retweeted by Webmaster it would be very funny, like Hunter Covid-19 patients could be living with the aftereffects for years to come. Recent research into another persis…
Retweeted by WebmasterLarry king was the first white person I ever saw. The adults would watch him on the TV in Ghana. I was petrified of…
Retweeted by Webmaster @JucheMane I'm pretty sure the GSA handles all of that because its a federal building. They had to replace Trump's toilet a few times @tysonbrody 👁️Stockholm’s subway network is basically the world's longest art walk. Since 1950, some 250 artists have decorated 9…
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Retweeted by WebmasterThe boater group I'm in on Facebook is adjusting to the Biden administration.
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