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Queen of the Dandom. Wrote THE BIG REWIND & the Martin Wade series @eqmm, Co-Host, @OSTParty, @shieldshattered, live-tweets sweet vinyl every #RecordSaturday 💋

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Super excited that @SHarrisAuthor spearheaded @SINCnational's new Pride Award annual grant of $2,000 for an emergin…
Retweeted by Libby CudmoreI 💖 @funkomatic.'t know Walter Becker's estate has been releasing free demos and unreleased music (according to his wishes) on…
Retweeted by Libby CudmoreWho do you want to see on the soundtrack of our proposed all-metal remake of FOOTLOOSE?
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @MayorDaveRIP Tell her I said that if you don't watch it, you'll DIE from a Loggins-Deficiency. @chownlife ALWAYSPence really blew his chance to become President and FINALLY ban dancing.🎶Dancin' away on the beach🎶in the Caribbean🎶with the chez-burger...🎶🕺💃 @LeftismShark @APalmeroy @HaitianDvorce Nothing makes me go from chill AF to boiling, volcanic rage quite as quickl… Easton's "Morning Train" but sung from the POV of the jumpsuit hanging in my closet, waiting for me to come home...People starting THE SHIELD is one of my very favorite things in this world. @Afrofilmviewer I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! @matthewqmartin 17 year old Libby is SCREAMINGPetition to digitally insert Rodan into Home Alone 2
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore"It was so not the person people want to think he was" I spoke with ~30 of Justin Townes Earle's close friends, co…
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @returntotable Ooohhh, I can't wait!!!!Who sent @pintsandpoetry this rad #RecordSantaDay package? @pintsandpoetry Did you ever post a pic of yours?Any late-arriving #RecordSantaDay packages? I think we all need a little #vinyl love after these last few weeks...
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@stephycha Happy birthday! @ShieldShattered @TheCarlWeathers @TheShieldFX @themandalorian We'll get a stew going in his honor. @jonmbauer 🔥🔥🔥🔥I sing "I'm very sensitive to birds" every time I catch Mr. Mustard screaming at the birdfeeder. girl wearing these would be the Pride of the Neighborhood @Steven_Hyden bodacious cowboys: I did a deep dive into the career and music of Steely Dan, writing about my 50 favorit…
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @perpetua .@_DanFenton_, obvs.😍😍😍 first piece at @mcsweeneys and I’d love if you read it 🔪
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @beaujohnson44 .@blacklionking73 is that majestic combo of brilliant and kind and he deserves every success that comes his way.Buying this for you, @rexparker @blacklionking73 @jgetzler My heart overflows with joy for you!!!! @chrisfholm CHEERS!!!!! What wonderful news.My dad @DanaCudmore shares a birthday with Carl Weathers! I hope he knows that if he goes to Burger King, he can ge… good advice ahead of our upcoming FOOTLOOSE episode
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @dinosaurthe3rd Good luck Cupcake!!!!‘Trouble Boys: The True Story of #TheReplacements’ by Bob Mehr is featured in our staff’s list of 50 MUST-READ MUSI…
Retweeted by Libby CudmoreWe’re celebrating our staff’s all-time favorite albums and @LibbyCudmore’s list includes #ElvisCostello & The Attra…
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @EricRubenLaw This happens to me a LOT.#RecordSaturday haul! The Thelonious Monk tribute album is a funky find; Donald Fagen, Dr. John & Joe Jackson all p…
@the_starkest I feel like this is a question for @RorschachBabe! @Afrofilmviewer @ShieldShattered @FatalAttractPod PODCAST SWAP!! @Afrofilmviewer @ShieldShattered YES but only two of them have my patented brand of wit, intellect and just unrepen… out @NMamatas talking about his books, including THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF EVERYTHING, on the @HPLovecast!
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @Afrofilmviewer HECK YEAH YOU DO!!! And while you watch, check out the @ShieldShattered podcast--your girl guests… w/@MT_Cassidy on his new #novel, HERE LIES A FATHER. @KaylieJonesBook
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @lexy_myranda You know I will!!! are trapped in a Pet Shop Boys time loop. & I are driving home from some shopping. Leaving, we hear Pet Shop Boys, "West End Girls," but it's not coming… @thelucifersmile @Albumism When I visited my grandmother in NYC I would ALWAYS spend at LEAST an afternoon there. @thelucifersmile @Albumism TOWER RECORDS BAY-BEEE @amerrill2 🎶WHAT'S THE STORY, MORNING GLORY?!🎶 yelled into a plastic phone
@adamgallardo @matthewqmartin You get us.Are you a woman, LGBTQIA2S+ or BIPOC writer who knows music and has some good story pitches? I really would like to…
Retweeted by Libby CudmoreJanuary Open Calls Round-Up: Anthologies and magazines that want your short stories! Mostly SFF, lots of queer fic. All paid.
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @JimMcCarthy528 We lost touch when I moved back upstate, but I still think about her all the time & hope she is hap… @JimMcCarthy528 Ann was one of my best friends from 5th grade on. She was very shy at times, and these guys were al… @JimMcCarthy528 My friend Ann's shitty friends told her that if she invited me to her graduation party, they wouldn't come.It's settled, then. We all need to throw @JimMcCarthy528 a birthday party & invite EXTRA people to show up.'s been Proud Dad on here for so long, now I get to be Proud Daughter! @DanaCudmore you want to know where I get my writing talent from, look no further than my Dad, whose third book, UNDERGROUND… @matthewqmartin !!!!!!!!!!!!! @imjasondiamond Speaking of, I love the story of Tom Petty finding the "perfect" cup of coffee at some roadside din…
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @TheTichur I summoned this for you.🎶No static at all...🎶 @JimMcCarthy528 & Demetri getting ready for the All-Valley Tournament like the salsa dancing scene in Season 2 & Daniel's "We can't make this into some kind of karate FOOTLOOSE" in Seas…'s in for having @nicklutsko and the Spirit Halloween theme be the new national anthem?
Retweeted by Libby CudmoreMoving from town to town, dancing away oppression news, @matthewqmartin! (And @TheInsatiCritic & @CoreyChiev)
@BlueArmyMan117 This delights me.ALBUMS WE ADORE: #ChastityBelt's 'I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone' (2017) | LISTEN to the album + revisit our re…
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Retweeted by Libby CudmoreQ&A w/@MT_Cassidy on his new #novel, HERE LIES A FATHER. @KaylieJonesBook
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gonna celebrate the birthday of the one and only Donald Fagen with a spin of my favorite Steely Dan bootleg, Live a…
Retweeted by Libby CudmorePrepping for this week's episode like
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @suryasrikrsna This is more or less what me & @matthewqmartin looked like in grad school (minus the blonde hair)Submit now! The Private Eye Writers of America Shamus Submissions
Retweeted by Libby Cudmoreme and the boys after the vaccine
Retweeted by Libby CudmoreOkay, now it's time for the real question: Best song on the SCROOGED soundtrack? GO!
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @Radiobites Ian felt THE EXACT SAME WAY. Give it until Episode 6 and if you don't love it then, it's not for you an… @Radiobites I know, I know, I was like OH HERE WE FUCKING GO but I promise you, a vow from one #BabylonSister to an… @roundolredolegg @josemangin For real, gotta learn from the past. No Nazis in the fucking club. Punk, Metal, Hardco…
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @karateboogaloo I absolutely love this song. @doctecazoid Sounds about like bliss! @funkomatic Now who's trying to flirt? 😘 @KevIncompetent You're my favorite.Forgot to mention, this one was from Robert Altman's THE LATE SHOW, starring Art Carney of THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SP… @grayflannelsuit @matthewqmartin We had tickets one time, but I got a migraine and we couldn't go...😭 @funkomatic I SAID SETH MACFARLANE HAD A BUNCH OF JAZZ ALBUMS BECAUSE LIFE ISN'T FAIR, CORY.After Robin Hood Ln to this address where a lot of the Famous Big Star photos were taken. His mother sold art out o…
Retweeted by Libby Cudmore @pamaddox you? know I just care for you, #RecordSaturday, and thank you so much for joining me tonight! This is always the Sil… with the #RecordSaturday FACTS*whistles* #RecordSaturdayAnother guitar jazz piece, kind of a mellow/mournful way to end the album, truthfully. #RecordSaturdayOur final song of the evening is "What Was" #RecordSaturdayI am legitimately surprised that Billy Joel hasn't done a Great American Songbook album. Care to comment, @TheBillyJoelAp1 #RecordSaturday