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Environmental History, Environmental Humanities and Museums, Anthropocene in history. Opinions my own

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@AJohnsPutra @aehhub @JoniAdamson @ClimateJen @KirstenWehner1 And they have just got rid of the Fed Department of t… faults are just boring and predictable. Not news... come on @ABC - and in between we have cricket and straws.… @AJohnsPutra suggests cli-fi for the silly season. Some great ideas here. Interesting that majority are Australian… stand w/ the 100s kicked out of #COP25 yesterday, & echo the call: Developing gov'ts, be strong against bullies l…
Retweeted by Libby RobinThis may just be the weirdest thing you've seen today! Thousands of these marine worms, called fat innkeeper worm…
Retweeted by Libby Robin @NinaWormbs Well deserved — great news!
Aust scores 0.0 at #COP25 Comments on #Smoke&Mirrors include ⁦@richarddenniss⁩ “We are not just post Truth; we are…
@mcookhistory @Lilmpearce Hope your river is OK with its city problem after the rain in a day that should have take… @hughriminton @scottmorrison “Focus” is like “Thoughts and Prayers” in this construction— a synonym for inaction. @auspol @AlexRoginski Rhyming slang???Incredible, inspiring, and well-deserved. The time for climate action and youth movements is now.
Retweeted by Libby RobinMany thousands surrounding Sydney Town Hall protesting climate inaction #ClimateEmergency
Retweeted by Libby RobinMärklig "analys" av SVTs Erika Bjerström. Man måste vara rejält mörkblå för att lyckas spåra "vänsterpopulistiska"…
Retweeted by Libby RobinIn the 2020 Iain McCalman Lecture, Dr Dinesh Wadiwel will seek to swing the pendulum of public discussion from the…
Retweeted by Libby RobinWe can see what Johnson's style of politics is doing in the US and Brazil. We have long imagined it couldn't happen…
Retweeted by Libby RobinAustralia is facing its hottest day on record as heatwave baking Perth travels east ⁦@ClimateHist⁩ bloody sunset over Sullivans Creek courtesy the smoke haze in Canberra we are celebrating in our various hats ! Congratulations ⁦@Lilmpearce⁩'Seddon had faith in his fellow citizens, a democratic commitment to landscape and urban planning that brought enjo…
Retweeted by Libby RobinPublished today, a short @NEJM essay on 30 years history of preventive medicine and climate change I wrote with Dav…
Retweeted by Libby RobinEnjoyed one of Jack Cohen's patented, just-the-facts lectures-cum-tirades about why houses burn and why we blame wi…
Retweeted by Libby Robin⁦@Lilmpearce⁩ graduating!And the speech from LaTrobe’s Jenny Graves now DSc hon causa from #ANU ⁦@ANUFennerSchool⁩… @fbongiornoanu You can’t legislate to override the Hippocratic Oath - solemnly sworn today #ANU graduation across t… of my faves from yesterday’s rally in unnaturally smoky Sydney.
Retweeted by Libby Robin @DollyJorgensen @finnarne You need to make sure they are “written” on the list in order to get a tick...Great review by #JanetMcCalman about how Education might be different in our unequal times ⁦@aehhub⁩ | Inside Story
Mt Majura and all the rest from the plane ... Canberra is lost in smoke...
I try not to fly... but this week’s 2 day trip to #CBR for graduation 👩‍🎓 reminds me why. At least the long delay a…"I can’t breathe. They say something like 100 bush and grass fires are raging across the state. The city I live in…
Retweeted by Libby RobinOur farm at #Budawang is still burning, being watched and protected by civilians with hoses, bc there aren’t enough…
Retweeted by Libby RobinInteresting read: 'How #Indigenous songs recount deep #histories of trade between Australia and Southeast Asia' via…
Retweeted by Libby Robin @varsha_venkat_ @ICEnvHist @mcookhistory A river with a city problem 2019
Not much of a view from this ginormous cruise ship in Sydney harbour...
58.4 % of all new cars sold in Norway in March were fully electric! In June it was 57.8% In October 58.3% This i…
Retweeted by Libby RobinThis is pretty serious hey @ScottMorrisonMP ??? Worth addressing perhaps? Or are you too busy building a police sta…
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Climate change means the childhood you remember no longer exists via @ABCNews
Retweeted by Libby RobinLatest in the #AttentionEconomy salvos... read Jenny Odell How to Do Nothing with ⁦@BlackIncBooks⁩ an… three factors that demand Scott Morrison rethink his approach to climate change via @ABCNews
sacred trees win! @tomrgriffiths to no longer have a federal arts department — arts too effective? ⁦@climarteaus⁩ #auspol image for international soil day — dust storms and bushfires make Sydney harbour bridge invisible @metaleptic Chestnuts are better than bushfires! People wearing masks in Sydney today. Apocalyptic...
@ICEnvHist’s retweet this all over the place good people of Australia
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As home solar increases, the grid is becoming an antiquated technology. So what will replac… language we use to describe newspapers is outdated and misleading. "Red top" is meaningless. "Tabloid" says not…
Retweeted by Libby RobinWaiting till the fires are out to talk about climate change is looking to be a long wait...
Retweeted by Libby Robinwords for landscape features often show a lot of local variation, as we can see in today's map of terms for small n…
Retweeted by Libby RobinThis land is in the middle of Britain’s temperate rainforest belt. It is now almost treeless, and remarkably lifele…
Retweeted by Libby Robin‘Two million hectares of NSW land have been burnt since July in more than 7,000 fires, with authorities dubbing it…
Retweeted by Libby RobinForget 'developing' poor countries, it's time to 'de-develop' rich countries
Retweeted by Libby RobinAn insightful, chilling article... calling for wider integrative research with greater focus upon ideology etc.…
Retweeted by Libby RobinThe European Society for Environmental History has released a statement in solidarity with #FridaysForFuture
Retweeted by Libby Robin @ANUFennerSchool to the panel for an Australian perspective on Climate Change, Policy and HASS ⁦@kt_holmes38⁩ ⁦@LibbydeQ⁩ ⁦⁦…
Retweeted by Libby Robin @KTHEnvHumsLab @SverkerSorlin hoo, the Australian and New Zealand Environmental History Network is on twitter! @esehtweets @ASEH_Resources
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@KTHEnvHumsLab @SverkerSorlin @aehhub @HumanitiesAU @ICEnvHist't miss this discussion tomorrow on Climate Change, Policy and the Humanities and Social Sciences with Sverker S…
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@JodiFrawley @TessSLea Get well soon — take your time. I can recommend Jenny Odell “How to do Nothing” L
@samcvincent congratulations !
Looking forward to talking about #HiVisFutures ⁦@_CMAG_⁩ today with #JamiePittock and artists #AlexanderBoynes and… @metaleptic I guess a week is a really long time in politics??Genetic study of Great auk #extinction shows it was not declined before humans began over-hunting them: "It emphasi…
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@HumanitiesAU @GrattanInst @aehhub @climarteaus @FutureEarth @lizb_2010 @Lilmpearce @swilloster Link doesn't work w… @HumanitiesAU @GrattanInst @aehhub @climarteaus @FutureEarth @lizb_2010 @Lilmpearce must tame 'greedy' doctors and banks need to tame greedy execs — hospitals and banks are first of all ser… @roseveleth My first boss and lifelong mentor always bought a tiny succulent with each rejection, to remind himself…
Retweeted by Libby Robin @ICEnvHist'Open Letter to the Chancellor of the University of Western Australia' by Nathan Hollier ⁦@aehhub⁩ ⁦@HumanitiesAU⁩
@ankeny_rachel Nice old favourite here - repackaged for US Thanksgiving weekend @cimuir @samcvincent
Great review @c_s_wallace is social and cultural - not just nutritional. Ever since we started counting it (eg calories) we were in trou… @alanmaceachern You and your #Anthropocene students might find @ericdorfman 's podcast useful "A is for Anthropocen…
@ClimateHist @aeonmag and @Twitter are lucky to have you @StephenJPyne
@JodiFrawley I have done both. If it is a multi-author chapter book, doing it collaboratively with one of the other… @alanmaceachern Nature of Canada opening chapter by #GraemeWynn is fantastic- new this yearHappy Birthday @CarsonCenter A decade of brilliant leadership in Environment and Society. Have a wonderful party 🎉
Have you received email spam or seen marketing material for "Black Friday" sales? I just spoke to @abccanberra abo…
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"Australia’s university presses play a vital role in the publication of .... local stories, be they national, state… another reason to buy books from local independent bookstores? How about the tax-free decimation of your commu…
Retweeted by Libby Robin @MCCNetworkNews @ClimateJen read: 'Friday essay: thinking like a planet - #environmental crisis and the #humanities' by #AAHFellow
Retweeted by Libby RobinSydney air quality beyond 'hazardous' levels as bushfire smoke chokes CBD @ClimateHist
just some birds hey
Retweeted by Libby RobinTHANK YOU @ASAustLit @asauthors @AusPoetry @writingwa @WesterlyMag for all you've done so far to #SaveUWAP. Cd we g…
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Truth is stranger than fiction ⁦@Rose_HMD⁩ ? @marg_stories @marg_stories @enviro_history @tomrgriffiths @kt_holmes38 There is a launch in Ouyen soon ... maybe check if they are going?A letter from the heart. What about an answer @ScottMorrisonMP ? @climatecouncil @GretaThunberg crowd for #MalleeCountry launch @historyvictoria with #RichardBroome speaking event yesterday for Mallee Country, esp @tomrgriffiths’ engaging speech to launch the book and Herb Patten’s…
Retweeted by Libby Robin @Rose_HMD @ANUFennerSchool @aehhub @GhoshAmitav All true - a pleasure to read. Very stimulatingQuiet activism re investing, purchasing etc + peaceful demonstrations that bring people together works, but big con…
Retweeted by Libby Robin @DJMay19 #auspol