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Put: sedition protocol @libertyuprising occupied massachuset land

Will the Celtics exist in the post-colonial world? Fascism is Capitalism in decay #HandsoffVenezuela #FreeChelseaManning 🇵🇸 🇮🇷🏳️‍⚧️

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Drawing inspiration from the ‘Area 51 Raid’, thousands have vowed to "storm" the Houses of Parliament.
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolNew IDF Chief Rabbi Says Soldiers Can Rape Arab Women To Boost Morale
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol @TwitterSupport How is this different from “show more replies”? Now the poster and not twitter gets to hide things they don’t agree with? @SenKamalaHarris easier to laugh at when you understand Pelosi is not on your side. Not 08 and not now will make it less painful when he gets cook in the P&R your candidate have a terrible record? Don’t worry do what HRC and DNC did and blame Russia Russia Russia lmao @IanSams @MinxMirt She's part of the power structure, she talks to herself? really telling me colony collapse isn't manmade and these bees are just on bumble too much? @PeteBelmonte @coolmixtxt @johndelanyy @Politics_Polls This makes total sense if you started following politics aft… @AnnaHorford @HandNik meet Al’s sister, she was she’ll be the pride of Philly in no time @mayamarie_ This aggression against my fav gay poster will not stand! Free Farah and fuck the troops!Grifting+Racism+Culture Appropriation≠Rythm Tapper had Richard Spencer on his CNN show today to discuss what is or isn't racist in Trump's tweets. If on…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolWATCH: Newly revealed video shows Trump and Jeffrey Epstein ogling cheerleaders at Mar-A-Lago party -
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol @imliberal Lol and CNN falsely billed themselves as a news organization @ewarren Warren has been cozy with Raytheon, which is based in MA for a long time. Much longer then she’s been clai… fighting US imperialism
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolPop quiz Q: How many times has @CNN invited #WhiteNationalist Richard Spencer to use their global platform? A: More than Noam Chomsky
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol @SteveMerkle9 Did the Republicans nationalize this convention?US backed #SDF selling stolen #Syrian oil to #Israel through a US front company.
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolBad enough that ⁦@KamalaHarris⁩ negates black support for Kaepernick. Bad enough that she erases the racist respons…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol @AriGoldberg9 @codepink You’re saying anti-apartheid is racist?
Orange vest isn’t it. Has to be a yellow vest #GiletsJaunes Cosecha and #JewsAgainstICE have completely SHUT DOWN ICE headquarters in DC. We're asking…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolLast week I heard a lot about Aaron Mate’s appearance legitimizing a white nationalist’s show on Fox CNN: still think it’s 6-D chess to enable a fascist, fund concentration camps while smearing woman of color… @CarlNyberg312 Dem leadership can’t even succeed at writing a strongly worded letter to the manager and meanwhile B… Corporate Dems retrospect maybe that manufactured smear campaign in February against Ilhan Omar aided by Pelosi and the liberal…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol @IanSams to write 1-star yelp review, Trump finished now is Pelosi had an ounce of the bravery Omar has'm glad Chelsea can find the time between smearing Ilhan Omar and ignoring Epstein and her Dad's victims to wage a…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolCool if true of synagogues across the country have joined a network to offer undocumented immigrants protection during ex…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolGood morning to everyone especially to people refusing to cross the picket line at Amazon today. #AmazonStrike @CharleneCac So many former HRC staffers in her campaign it’s not a surprise they court they voters you described w… has probably taken 2-3 reporters off the styles section to brainstorm euphemisms for racist I write in Gravel Teens or on one of their actual names for the general?👏A #Dutch deputy with a #Palestinian flag on his chest rejects to shake hands w/ #Israel's #Netanyahu When asked w…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol @EmpireFiles I spoke with members of the @BostonPSL and they are interested in hosting a screening in Dorchester. I…
She won an election that’s how you become a congressperson is right. The original birth country of AOC and Rashida Tlaib has a government that is a complete and total cata…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolYou absolutely love to see it to nazi scum @Maggie_Klaus Hillary’s @andrea_lakota @jaybeware When will Abrams name an interim governor?OMG Sara! A true disgrace that they didn’t burn the US flag after they took it down action one side is a group of people responsible for losing the white house, the house, the senate and 1000 seats in st…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol1. Seeking asylum is not a crime, whether you surrender at a point of entry or anywhere on American soil 2. You des… Grayson Allen tries some shit during the regular season so we can see smarf bottle cap challenge his head off.
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol
A reminder to all the #Democrats out there suddenly paying attention, these were used during the #Obama administrat…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol64% of US veterans believe the war in Iraq was not worth fighting 58% think the same about war in Afghanistan
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolHave officially kept this animal alive for 1 month. Many are saying it’s the best first month for a puppy ever, the…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol @HouseDemocrats these night time sexts hotel chains block ICE from using their rooms to hold immigrants during raids
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolWow this White house pool report from McAllen: "400 men were in caged fences with no cots. The stench was horrendou…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolLol white feminism odd to see so many American flags being waved around#CloseTheCampsNow
Thousands of people at #Lights4Liberty on the Boston Common right now.Two-thirds of veterans say the Iraq war wasn’t worth fighting #EndEndlessWar
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolI learn so much from @RaniaKhalek
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolWell known advocate of the Jews Tim Pool weighs in on what “never again” means. @Timcast @jeffrey_ventre @RaniaKhalek @chucktodd @TomiLahren @BarackObama Lmao good one lil fashy Tim. You must hav…🤔🤔 @SallyAlbright oh wow yeah you just unintentionally reminded me of something
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol @socalmd54 @ewarren @32BJSEIU Why this constant whataboutism with Sanders? What are your motives with constantly co… @socalmd54 @ewarren @32BJSEIU Maybe read the article? Not talking about volunteers talking about interns being labe… @socalmd54 @ewarren @32BJSEIU What does Bernie have to do with Warren using fellowships to not pay her workers? @socalmd54 @ewarren @32BJSEIU Nope. and Guillotines for this ”retiree” who got an $85,000,000 severance package and has a net worth of 1,100… @lil_yenta I thought they asked this of men who play professionally not a bunch of dudes at coldstone creamery lmaooooo2079 authorities track down the last White Man
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol @NialElkim Yes blackberries @ewarren @32BJSEIU How would he feel about your campaign not paying interns? @NPRone Here's great listen this week from @CitationsPod @thenation Better headline: Why MSNBC, CNN, NBC and ABC not allowing left anti-war voices on their shows forces jou… ruling class solidarity is what democracy looks like! #FBF to when Air Wisconsin Flight Attendants, AFA Leaders, Flight Attendants acr…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolNew event alert! Mark your calendars now! Come join @AbbyMartin and I at @ZawiyaPerspect in Santa Ana, CA at 7:30 o…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolPSA: Definitely don't go to this guys house years just wasn't enough time give me another 4 and I will make it happen. @katalin_pota Weird to be in a submarine but not go under the water to avoid pursuitI'd forgotten this Trump quote about 12-year-old Paris Hilton
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocol @SteveMerkle9 My man @SteveMerkle9 you in?Just requested to host a screening in Cambridge the second Trump campaign chair to plead guilty to child trafficking. Neither are migrants or Mexican.
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolHow can you not give @MikeGravel a dollar? @CarlNyberg312 @PeaceAction @AOC @IlhanMN @AyannaPressley @RashidaTlaib @PaulKawika It ma make more sense to see ho…
Peace Action Endorses ‘the Squad’ — @AOC, @IlhanMN, @AyannaPressley and @RashidaTlaib for Congress! - "Our country…
Retweeted by Put: sedition protocolHope drones again