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Chris Licata @Licatacs New York, NY

UConn sports and non-sequiturs. Got @Russ_Steinberg verified. Occasional contributor to @Adimeback.

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2020 @Lukefrom2011 You can click through for a link and more details.Give me this immediately.
@Russ_Steinberg It all comes out in the wash.Facts only I read @eamonnbrennan and will now follow @NoEscalators. Me: Here's the situation, UConn joined the Big East…
Retweeted by Chris Licata @meredithshiner @jzembik 50 Cent and it’s not even a debate @HomefieldApparl
Not bad for @MatthewPeart65 in his first career #NFL  start‼️ This is only the beginning for him 💯💯💯 #NFLHuskies🔵…
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Rivera’s decision to go for two was genuinely the worst call of the season so far. Not only this, but all season th… all seriousness the Giants defense played their hearts out today. Happy to see them get a win. The offense is st… Rivera cost the Giants Trevor Lawrence next season.LMAO what about the Giants would make you think you need to win this one in regulation? My god what a monumentally… something you love as much as the Giants defense and special teams love collapsing at the end of a half.
Retweeted by Chris LicataGiants defense to the rescue!It’s time.
Retweeted by Chris LicataDaniel Jones what an absolute joke you are. Come on, man, throw the ball away! How many red zone turnovers are we g… is the best ad of 2020 IMO. Excellent soundtrack. something you love as much as the Giants defense and special teams love collapsing at the end of a half.Put Jones in as RB1 IMO was a steal in the 3rd round. Easily the best Giants draft pick of the last 5 years. Jones having his full back open on a corner route, not even looking at him and elected to drill a pass into… @Fredi28 I guess a draw in this case, but you get it. @Fredi28 I’m just laughing about it. That’s completely par for the course for my 2020. All my teams snatching defea… TD pass was an absolute dime from @danorlovsky7.Remember watching this in my West Campus dorm sophomore year and going wild. my first foray into EPL resulted in a complete embarrassing end, time to turn on the Giants and really mellow out.LMAO I’m so sorry apologize to all Spurs fans when this tweet leads to the inevitable loss for Tottenham over the next 40 minutes.West Ham United is short for West Hamster United. Let’s go Spurs!#TottenhamHotspur @MisterHotBalls @HurleyMania @UConnPuneet @NoEscalators As Motörhead said, the chase is better than the catch. @HurleyMania @UConnPuneet @MisterHotBalls @NoEscalators Exactly @UConnPuneet @HurleyMania @MisterHotBalls @NoEscalators Probably should have been a flashing red light. @UConnPuneet @HurleyMania @MisterHotBalls @NoEscalators Lol you’re about 12 tweets behind. @HurleyMania @MisterHotBalls @UConnPuneet @NoEscalators You can bucket the Tulsa and SMU road losses into one regio… @HurleyMania @MisterHotBalls @UConnPuneet @NoEscalators Yale and Texas on the same shot in the same spot on the cou… @UConnPuneet @NoEscalators @HurleyMania @MisterHotBalls Honestly you’re tempting fate here. @HurleyMania @UConnPuneet @MisterHotBalls @NoEscalators Obviously the low hanging fruit is Nov. 2016 @NoEscalators @MisterHotBalls @HurleyMania Getting manhandled out of conference by a CUSA program was pretty bad. @MisterHotBalls @HurleyMania Yeah but the Auburn team finished first in the SEC. That was an aggressively mediocre… @HurleyMania After playing Michigan State so hard the night before it was unreal how fast the wheels fell off. @HurleyMania This was the unofficial end of the KO era.This Alabama-Georgia game is extremely good. @UConnPuneet I hadn’t considered a lineup with both Gaffney and Cole. If Cole could be a scorer a la CV then I’m definitely down for that. @BluffCityFriar Sorry I can’t be expected to remember a regular season game a year after we won a national title bu… @NoEscalators Every time I see this photo I laugh at how hard Harrison failed here. @BluffCityFriar You guys should hang a banner for that since you have all that room in the rafters.How’s your Saturday night going?, during those years, somehow UConn still ended up with the exact same number of Tournament wins as Providence. wants to tell him?
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Syracuse should go independent in football and rejoin the Big East. @MisterHotBalls’s the weekend so you know what that means - time to breakout the @HomefieldApparl’s an interesting thought exercise, but I feel like being in the same conference as Creighton adds some spice to… @NoEscalators When something called “Creighton” hops in your mentions after a long day of talking trash to other Bi… @MisterHotBalls Guam State is a top 3 AAC program. @Russ_Steinberg Unless you’re breaking up a no-hitter, I agree.
@meredithshiner For real.Thanks to @alexcohen912 for the backstory: @Russ_Steinberg @Russ_Steinberg Exact same energyI think about these shorts about once a month.
Retweeted by Chris LicataIf you haven’t filled out your census form yet, please take a couple minutes to do it tonight!
@jryanthompson Kinda weird as a 10 year old your favorite athlete was a HS senior in California. @VT_Ben What!?
A lot of people on this website are gonna have to furiously delete some old Isaiah Whaley tweets in about two month…
This team is completely lost. matters take heat for this every year but snow in NYC is objectively the worst thing ever. @HurleyMania I would have to assume so. @HurleyMania What a difference a year makes. Imagine if we had a competent GM?
On the plus side, the Giants are still in a good spot to draft Trevor Lawrence next year.Well this was a very predictable ending. Giants played their best game of the season but couldn’t play a full 60.I give him a lot of grief, but Jones is hanging in there today. Deserves a lot of credit this afternoon.Lol. He reminds me so much of Dave Brown I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve made this mistake. @drewwbaka Lmao he reminds me so much of Dave Brown that I’ve been unable to tell the difference. @drewwbaka I just said he’s ahead of Eli?Daniel Brown has the Manning Face of easily a year 7 Eli Manning.Daniel Jones: turnover machine. Figures.GIANTS DEFENSE! Welcome to the party!21 drives later the Giants find the end zone! Let’s goooo Big Blue! @MisterHotBalls The only opinion on them that matters is the 13 guys in Storrs.Btw, having Colt McCoy as the only other QB in the Giants roster is yet another massive failure by Gettleman. Guy h… for Villanova fans: do you guys actually consider Temple your top rivalry? Like I get that winning the Big… @NoEscalators What are you doing to yourself, man?It’s Saturday Night at 11:30, time to watch that classic show: season one of Twin Peaks for the 8th time.I can honestly say I did not expect Ted Lasso to be as good as it was. One of the best new shows I’ve seen in a long time. Strong recommend.
Look at this idiot. Texas status: definitely not back.Let’s go Dodgers.Get a new manager, sign another arm and cut some of the dead weight from the lineup. Awful series by everyone who is not Cole.Stanton strikes out on four balls. Just unbelievably bad calls.Good thing we gave up one of our last outs to Mike Freakin’ Ford. @HurleyMania But the computersCan’t believe the guy who shouldn’t be on an MLB roster was incapable of coming up in a big moment in the playoffs.…