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@zentreya Now we can wear them together ☺️💀Reverse #GrisSwimsuit Finally back to drawing after a long break #Lichcraft frute 💚🐈‍⬛ #lichcraft
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJOWoah I never thought I'd see art of one of my old daughter OCs 😳🥺 @LordCommanderVTWoah so close to 300k already 😳 January isn't even over yet and I've almost hit one of my 2022 milestones 💜
A bit late seasonally but never too late to receive a gift or two ☺️ Art 🎨@t_aoiro123
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJOMonday monday monday monday monday 16 of #365vtuberdoodles today is the turn of a wonderful #vtuber, gamer and artist, of course I'm talking about…
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJO @zentreya Also hi and YOURE amazing @zentreya YOOOOOO THATS SO SICK
love them #zentreart #lichcraft
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJOAn attempt at drawin' Froot u-u #Lichcraft
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJO✨💀✨ I remember seeing the progress shots while her model was still being worked on and was just in awe! She's so pr…
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJO候補者 Froot #Lichcraft #リゼロ #rezero
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJOjust to sum up todays stream tbh @zentreya scrambled eggs with milk makes them fluffier, THEYRE BETTER THAT WAYabababababababbababa….What? Someone made my Twitch into an n/ft???
@viennavtuber I legit will let my food sit in front of me for minutes until I find something to watch that's good enough to eat withi liked apex when the rampage was goneI started to eat 3 meals a day, hopefully I can keep it up 😳👉👈I wrote a comic about @LichVtuber! 💚
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJOOne year ago today,i uploaded this lil doodle of a cute lich🥺 and she replied with such sweet words☺️, so ever sinc…
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJO
@ENVTubersOOC thats my girl...🔴 LIVE on Twitch @/ Zentreya Its RPR BOOT CAMP DAY with Froot and me! Lets get em! TAKE MY SMILE AND KEEP ROCKING!
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJOsometimes you need someone to lay it out for you to realise you're in a bad mental state @zentreya IT WASNT EVEN A DEEZ NUTS SET UP SHE JUST REPLIED WITH IT AAAAAAAAAAAA
Chill vibes today, smol apex stream to start your day 🔴 PING GAMING!! @MinnowCandy Wow that sounds awful I hope it didn’t ruin the collab for you, some people can be so rude and ignoran… @MomoMischief Girl you can break down my door any time 🥺
@Oxeis_ two new dragons give 2 new different map effectswhen the flash Q hits 😩 @skyblitzhart That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen @lilakeyLK The real meaning of hot dropping LETS GOOO @zentreya Yall really haven’t seen the 3D have you 😏 @puppiekenna @hayyy_0 Hmmm I can run a few test streams maybe :o @puppiekenna @hayyy_0 VTube studio is currently the issue for me :< @hayyy_0 @puppiekenna Ahh I tried all this already a while ago and it still never worked ;~; @zentreya 👋💪 @viennavtuber Yep, that and pressing end stream to finish up streaming only to see you’re still live on twitch 😵‍💫 @zentreya need a friendly helping lich's hand? 👀
PUT YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL Today we have to combine our one braincell to beat this game! LIVE🔴… @kureijiollie SHES POPPIN OFF @shxtou I don’t get it 😵‍💫thank you for feeding my apex addiction by coming to my streams 😳 @LeeandLie oh yeah? 👂 @EnnaAlouette IT IS AN ADDICTION @EliraPendora 😳👉👈 woah Id love to! @niamonnie Aaaaa I love these outfits so much 😭😭😭😭💜💚🙏dark and pastel 🖤🤍 drew some alt fashion for these cute gals #lichcraft #nyanart #niamonicollection
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJO @ENVTubersOOC This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen
@viennavtuber goodluck queen Im right here with ya @NinaKosaka Soon...I will be too tired to stay up, and I can finally sleep at night time ☺️I've been playing apex and league for 24 hours in hopes to fix my sleep schedule @VadurEdits You can Zeri the new champ 😭 @viennavtuber aw heck no im like low silver level sadly Sadge @phantom_luka ye @viennavtuber do I make you proud? 😳YOO? I FEEL GOOD RIGHT NOW @LichVtuber I drew Froot.
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJO
@BrianTsuii @gawrgura d-does this mean...gura is my sister now? 😳 @Red_dot_exe he did 60 damage eeeshmy goal this year is to be able to solo queue and win every fight in the mill, my favourite place on stormpoint o… finally got to add the awesome transition @toshibk made for me ;v; 💚💜
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJOIt’s 10am….I haven’t slept yet… I’m not tired @Selen_Tatsuki My eyeballs physically shrunk🔥 VShojo Comic #7 🔥 VShojo Squid Game 🦑
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJO @LeeandLie @viennavtuber @NinaKosaka @Petra_Gurin OMG AMALEE THIS IS SO CUTE 😭😭😭😭💜 I had so much fun with you, than… you ladies ♥️🥂🍸🍹🍷🍶 Let’s drink again sometime soon!! @viennavtuber @LichVtuber @NinaKosaka @Petra_Gurin
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJOnuthin' beats coffee 'n' apex in the mornin' finally got to add the awesome transition @toshibk made for me ;v; 💚💜
@zentreya @Crispy562 I DO OWE YOU ;~; @TBSportsAddict @FoxEyeFN @idkitsPeachy @BearSabz @Das_Kash_ @emilycczz @Hamb1no @yoojpls @WeThePeople1_TV you for the Ubereats 🙏 I have so much fun playing Apex with rpr and Zen ☺️ @shaark that guy threw down his rank on the floor like what're you tryna flex?sweaty wraith main removed from the data pool @LeeandLie @viennavtuber LMAOOOOO THERE IT ISS AAAAAHAHAHA
Good morning IM LIVE with these two doofuses @rpr & @zentreya 🔴 @VontVirus Oh is it the same studio as before or a new ones :o @Bunny_GIF Ma’am I am perceiving your cute belly physics @rpr Close enough soldier 😎 @NinaKosaka @viennavtuber LMAOOO I COULDNT BREATHE WHEN SHE POSTED THESE
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJOI love my mum (me)nya AMALEES ALBUM OR ELSE YOUR SOUL IS MINE!!! 🦋
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJO @AstarofZdric @Petra_Gurin @NinaKosaka @viennavtuber @LeeandLie I got some shots and COCKTAILSS AND WIIIINNNEEE first stream of 2022 and we're hittin' it hard! 💀 Drinking night with the girls @Petra_Gurin @NinaKosaka @MomoMischief Please get lots of rest and drink lots of water!!! I really hope for your speedy recovery ;~: 💜💚 @Petra_Gurin @LeeandLie @viennavtuber @NinaKosaka Eeeeeee I’m super excited!!! >:D @Erlain07 ITS ME!!!! this is so frickin cool aaaaaaaaaaa 💚💀#Lichcraft . Our Lich Queen has arrived. Hopes everyone likes it...... :)
Retweeted by Froot💀VSHOJO @Bunny_GIF @zentreya wombo combo!!