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I never ask direct favors of my followers, but would every one of you watch this brief video to the end, please?
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigPresident Trump traded his wealth for service of his country. Joe Biden traded his country in search of wealth.
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Biden: yea if that’s true, put it on your website Trump: Ok.
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigWho won the debate?
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigWho do you think won the debate? (Please share after voting so we get a bigger sample!)
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig @HawleyMO FBI interviewing Biden associate who confirmed Joe Biden is the "Big Guy" in shady ChiCom deal.
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig @AJA_Cortes So....shots before the gym. Got it. I can stick to that lol @ArtValley818_ @Ann02423812
@chuckwoolery That moment when you realize that it didn’t matter the candidate, we were voting for the same person from 1988-2016....4810 days to slow the spread.
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig @MarcLobliner I think people in the fitness industry tend to be very proactive with their immune systems and overal… @McKaylaRoseJ Personally I’m waiting to see #Bidendropsout trending! #bidensecurityrisk
You will see the same trend when Biden raises taxes.... EMAILS: We have a ‘direct pipeline’ to the Obama Administration
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigAfter Hearings, Majority of Americans Now Support Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett 👇🏻👇🏻
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigThis is the problem with people...everybody knows the economy was and will be better under Trump...but the first th…
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigBREAKING: @Google Program Manager Confirms Election Interference In Favor of @JoeBiden Search “skewed by owners a…
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig
Donald Trump just needs to answer Thursday's debate questions with a simple 'Yes' and 'No' answer. Then immediatel…
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigHow long before the internet nukes this video?
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig
JUST IN: Twitter has locked @charliekirk11 out of his account after he posted a tweet questioning the security of mail-in voting.
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigBeverly Hills Trump Rally. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigThe Biden crime family is an active national security threat. This is NOT a drill. 🚨👇🏻🚨
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@RealJamesWoods #ChinaBitchBiden is compromisedCompletely agree! @TheDamaniFelder @BeeJaySee by China. @MarcLobliner Read the comments on his tweet. Blatant ignorance. @ScottAdamsSays
@jack @nypost
@stillgray I would imagine most elitists will have this problem as they age.This is the "Look fat, look. Here's the deal" clip in which Biden denied setting up his son Hunter with Burisma whi…
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigFacebook and Twitter are publishers, not platforms. Pass it on. CC @jack @Twitter @Facebook @FCC @AjitPaiFCC @BrendanCarrFCC
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig @stillgray Biden doesn’t remember what he had for breakfast...Keep the pressure on. Keep tweeting and sharing. We are the media now. @coloradodems and @dnc cannot remain silen…
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigHunter Biden probed over hard drive, smoking-gun emails exposed by Post
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I voted for Donald Trump to nominate judges like Amy Coney Barrett.
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@scrowder That guy looks angry and or panicked. @KyleKashuv That’s called panic.
Lock them up
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigBREAKING: FBI Agent Barnett, who was on loan to Mueller but never wiped his phone, last month told investigators th…
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig
@TomFitton Congratulations Tom! You are one of the good ones...time to get to work!
Breaking News Disney to Cut 28,000 Jobs - Points Finger at California The state refuses to find elegant solutions…
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigIt's over, people. And it doesn't matter whether @nytimes @cnn @ABC @washingtonpost @CBSNews @NBCNews @AP admit it
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigJames Comey and John Brennen belong in federal prison and AG Barr is a complete failure if he doesn’t put them ther…
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigMOOK!
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigHillary Clinton was the architect of the entire ‘Russian Collusion’ hoax. Obama, Biden, and their corrupt cabal we…
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigHmm. Hard to tell the real Russia stories from the fake.
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigWOW!!
Retweeted by Jonathan LickteigBreaking: We were right. The Russia smears against @RealDonaldTrump were all about about protecting Hillary Clinto…
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig @kayleighmcenany Biden needs potty breaks. @stillgray He needs potty breaks.Wow. 100,000+ views 20mins! Keep tweeting. Keep sharing! Let's break the internet. #CashForBallots
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig
@FogCityMidge @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump He’s just wanting to go back to the DemoKKKrats glory days.... @RealJamesWoods He’s just wanting to go back to the DemoKKKrats glory days....Joe Biden called American servicemembers "stupid bastards." He must apologize!
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig @sirhottest They wouldn’t be a feminist if they were happy...Wow! @sirhottest He’s just wanting to go back to the DemoKKKrats glory days.... @KyleKashuv @TrumpWarRoom He’s just wanting to go back to the DemoKKKrats glory days.... @BeeJaySee I feel like the nominee will be approved in roughly 17 days...
@SaraCarterDC masks & gender: "The science changed!" On climate change & vaccines: "The science is settled!" 🤣 OK, I'm done.
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig
@EpochTimes What a bullshit question by the journalist...essentially asking “how are you going to handle losing”. G… sharted at a press covference.
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Never trust a fart.
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig @w_terrence @AJA_Cortes @cjtruth @stillgray!
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig @LegendaryEnergy Less than 2 hours away from grand jury announcement. Should be interesting. @LegendaryEnergy Shits getting real. @Rugged_Legacy Would be good advice for parents currently home schooling as well. @cjtruth @jbags33 @MarcLobliner No not treating equal. And from a federal level marijuana should be decriminalized and then… @MarcLobliner What’s crazy is condoms, pills, abstinence, general responsibility etc... are all forms of “conceptio… @MarcLobliner Most of today’s issues should be a state by state decision(marijuana is great example). We have place… @MarcLobliner I am Pro life as well. But also view this as a state by state issue. I would also like to point out t…
@2LarryJohnson7 Espn has to save face since they certainly didn’t expect POTUS to call in live on their network lol @jsolomonReports @kmbc @Cernovich @MarcLobliner
@LegendaryEnergy @TheJusticeDept has announced nearly $101 million in new funding to combat human trafficking - more than…
Retweeted by Jonathan Lickteig @MarcLobliner In “error” @MarcLobliner America is fat. Our schools need to put a much larger emphasis on fitness. @MarcLobliner He certainly won’t be debating. @MarcLobliner It would be a convenient time to approve some therapeutics.
@SpaceForceUSA_ @BeeJaySee @Malcolm_fleX48 @gehrig38 Just goes to show they never cared about RBG. Only her seat. We are going to witness unhinged chaos between now and Thanksgiving. @GretaLWall