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@Baloo_bear Hi there, this certainly shouldn't be the case, can you please advise which store you were in, in order… @Bainesy2009 Hi Craig, our stores still have social distancing measures in place I was therefore disapointed to hea… @ben061076 We're really concerned to hear one of our stores is not adhering to the measures we have in place. We ha… @paul_mac_mcmich Hi Paul, we're sorry to hear this. There should be a crowd control system in place. We've passed t… @mikesalkow Oh no Michael! We're so sorry about this! Can you please Dm us postal address so we can send you a form of reimbursement ^SGH @Neil97274274 Offt this sounds like a good night in to us! 💓^SGH @Lisa99367167 Lisa we are very concerned to hear your comments, can you please send us your email address in a DM s… @moulesworth Thanks Debbie, in order for us to assist you further with this, can you please provide us with your em… @Hungry_Catt Our offers oftenn repeat every 3-6 months however no further deliveries will be made right now. ^KH @poetryfortppl Hi Carla, thanks for getting in touch. We're really disappointed to hear about this as we do ahve po… @katylshivers Hi Katy, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, all stock gets sent to stores, therefore we don'… @moulesworth Hi Debbie, please can you advise if you are living in the UK or Portugal? ^EH @basherbools Hi Jackie, thanks for getting in touch. The implemented measures must be adhered to in all our stores,… @abbieLthoms Hi Abbie, We're concerned to learn this, as all the safety measures we have implemented should be adhe… @Hungry_Catt Hi there, from what we've heard in most areas these ovens had sold within first few hours. Sorry for any disappointment. ^JS @Carmendotknight Thanks Carmen, you're feedback has been passed to the regional team to address with the store. ^EH @DontDenyThe That's great to hear, we'll make sure this is passed back to our suppliers. ^EH @Tucker5law We are currently reviewing our in-store live cow policy to ensure the safety of our customers @DEATHSSPELLZ You're definitely half right @ultsvtboos @nosliWtrautS @Carmendotknight We're disappointed to hear this Carmen, our implemented measures should still be in place across o… @House_wife_Ruth Thanks for that, Ruth. We've passed your comments on. ^JS @darrenjones0812 Thanks for getting in touch Darren, we are concerned to hear about your experience as we haven't c… @binta_jay Thank you!! @hbszn__ Everything @NicolaT22 @MissMcGroryCV @Castleview_PS So cute they're making us wish we lived in a pineapple under the sea @Jenny_Lewington Thanks Jenny, this will be addressed with the store. ^EH @YvonneDevlin2 Thanks for getting in touch Yvonne, unfortunately this isn't information that we receive at Customer… @Jenny_Lewington Hi Jenny, thanks for getting in touch. This is concerning to hear, the measures we've implemented… @House_wife_Ruth Hi Ruth, we're really sorry to hear you've had a bad experience in one of our stores. In order for… @MareeMowatt Hi Maree, thanks for getting in touch. We're concerned to hear that the measures we've implemented are… @daisytuck Please DM us your email address, and we'll contact you direct regarding this, Donna. ^JS @Melzmelz1 Hi Melz, we're concerned to learn of your experience in our Livingston branch as all the measures we've… @daisytuck Hi Donna, we're so sorry to learn of this as everyone's safety is still our highest priority. We'll ensu… @kenny_kench We're sorry to hear this store is no meeting the high standards we expect from all our stores during t… @ElzMcKelz Hello 😊 We try to encourage a one person per household policy, however if circumstances don't allow, suc… @GrumpyBangali Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. Vegan range was our recent promotion which was available for… @IanW1801 We're sorry for any upset caused Ian, please send us a DM with your email and the IAN number of the machi… @simm_mark Hi Mark, we're really disappointed to see this. We'll get this passed on to the Regional Team, thanks fo… @mkpinn Hey there, unfortunately it doesn't look like we have these biscuits on offer this time, however we've pas… @proteenmeals Thanks for getting in touch, we've made the store aware to get this addressed just now. We appreciate you letting us know. ^PC @islalouiseex Hi Isla, thanks for getting in touch! We're sorry you've been unable to get this, we'll pass your feedback on. ^JR @alexecrawford Hi there, thanks for sending this in. Our plants are usually displayed at the entrance in most of ou… @traceh86 Hi Trace, unfortunately our DMs on Instagram are closed. If you'd like to DM us your complaint here we'll… @abee331 Hi there, we're sorry for any upset caused. We can advise that it wasn't company policy to introduce prior… @Rochdale_Cowboy We're so sorry - we've just been able to open the attachments in your case, can you send us your f… @LeahWW Hi Leah, we don't have any news to share about this yet but please join our newsletter and you'll be amongs… @Rochdale_Cowboy Oh dear! So sorry to hear about this .Can you send us a copy of your receipt🧾 a photo of the packa… @Matthewk21 Thanks Matthew, this has been passed on to the regional team to address with the store. ^EH @joybp Hi there, sorry you're unable to get the Summer Fruits wine on your recent visit we do change our range from… @laurenfidler We're truly concerned to learn of this as the measures we have put in place across our stores must be… @AidanIrving Oh dear Aidan, that's not good. Please can you send us a copy of your receipt along, the barcode numbe… @dankrieger Sorry about that Daniel, we have checks throughout the day to ensure our fresh produce is of the highes… @CarCluster14 Hi Jeff, we're concerned to learn that the safety measures we've implemented are not being followed i… @garyaerrington Hi Gary, we're truly concerned this was the case in our Walkergate branch as the measures we've imp…
@CheersPal So sorry to hear this, that sounds absolutely awful and we hope you're okay. However, we're so pleased t… @STEVE_SAVVA This is truly concerning to hear Steve. We've passed this on to the Regional Team so they're aware. Th… @abee331 HI, please show your ID to our colleague on the door-if they are able to help they will-Take Care ^FD @Matthewk21 Hi Matthew, we're really disappointed to see this as this shouldn't be happening in store. Which store… @parisminx Hi Vicky, we're truly sorry to hear about this incident and we hope that you're okay. Please DM us full… @merryme300 Hi, the health and safety of our customers is always the highest priority. We are continuing to adhere… @Jettco Hi Colin, At present we do not offer an online ordering or delivery service and the only way to purchase ou… @BevFink Hi Bev, thanks for letting us know which store this was. We will pass this on to be addressed ASAP. ^AM @pikxies Thanks for getting back to us, we can confirm that its £7.99 for a pack of 10. Sorry for any confusion cau… @babblingbates Sorry about the confusion Tony, we have procedures in place to prevent overcrowding & aid with socia… @machupiccu36 Hi there, we're really sorry to hear aout this as we do have procedures in place that should prevent… @FABAlison Thanks for getting back in touch, we've passed your video to our Regional team to be investigated. Stay safe. ^PC @70braveheart We're truly concerned to hear this Deborah. We've alerted the Regional Team to ensure this is address… @chrisevans82 Thanks for getting in touch Chris and letting us know. We'll pass this to our team to be investigated. ^PC @ReeceCeipt Thanks for letting us know the store, we'll pass this on and hopefully have you back with your favourite treats soon. ^PC @SehmiTarla Hi Tarla, we're sorry about this! Can you DM us with the packaging details and your contact info (inclu… @HJulienne Hey there! We have passed your comments onto our buying department ! thanks for the feedback! ^SGH @debbie_spires We're sorry to hear this, Debbie. Please be assured we'll be in touch with our Regional Team to ensu… @LothianLoop Thanks for the positive feedback- just what our staff need to hear! take care ^SGH @dunks517 Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. We're truly concerned to hear this as the procedures we have in pl… @Imransvoice Hi there, unfortunately we have no confirmed date to when this item will be back available in our stor… @DieCarsT Wow Amazing! We love getting feedback like this 💓 thank you! ^SGH @DavidandRich Hi there, that is disappointing to hear. We will have your comments passed on to get this addressed w… @stph9282 @BevFink Hi Bev, we're sorry to hear this. Can you please confirm which store this was in? ^HB @Phoenixgg2 Do it, and say "eh oh" from us 🌞 @DeeLightful77 @PeterMcGuireIE It's basically a theme park, and the theme is "Impulse Buying" @abbey_g123 You mean no one told you?! Disown your friends @golickthefloor @Pen_Too Hi Penny, you can see the actions we're taking on the important issues of plastics here - ^HB @navyofmoldova Don't wanna think about that kind of cheese right now 😷 @beaconbabe Put out a poll, get back a valuable life lesson. Wow. @katiespitfire That name for them might have officially ruined them for us 😩 @craft_giraffe Hi Abby, due to data protection rules we can only hold personal belongings for so long until they ne… @fergiemac1 Thanks for letting us know, we have passed this over to the advertising team to look into. Apologises for any upset caused. ^SGH @pikxies Hi there @pikxies, can you clarify which product this is you were looking to buy? ^JR @fockotcho Hi Karim, we're concerned to learn that the safety measures we've implemented are not being followed in… @mitchellyoung19 Sorry about that, Mitchell. We will get this addressed with our Regional Team. ^HB @MargoG11 Hi Margo, can you please confirm which store this was in? ^HB @DanNorton1 Hi Dan, we are so sorry about this. Please DM us your full postal address and we will look into this further for you. ^HB @jobwest Hi Jo, unfortunately our pizza ovens have now sold out, sorry for any disappointment. ^HB @babblingbates Hi Tony, we're sorry to hear that you've not had a response. Can you resend the DM to us as we don't seem to have it? ^HB @filosofical_140 Oh no Ben! Firstly we wish you a speedy recovery and hope you are OK. We have passed your comments… @Carlalouise_23 Hi Carla, this complaint is being dealt with by our regional team. ^SGH