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Peder by @Lido
Retweeted by PederEverytime I can't sleep , I put my headphones on , open photoshop and create something based on the song I'm listen…
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Retweeted by PederSLOWLY: A Black woman was murdered and the only charge was for endangering white people.…
Retweeted by Pedermy heart is broken for the family of Breonna Taylor. once again we’re left with nothing that they try to make seem as something 💔
Retweeted by Pedercubase @SteinbergMedia @parisianfairy5 thank you !! @Lido You were well worth the wait– you came all the way through on this album. Straight heat. So many of your prod…
Retweeted by Pederso extremely impressed by this @Lido album. an emotional rollercoaster start to finish. textures i could only dream of. gah damn
Retweeted by Pederone day i’ll release the full version your eyes and get lost in @Lido's new album 'PEDER'
Retweeted by Pederwhen @Lido said, "input over income" I felt that
Retweeted by Peder @prodbybrooks thank you!lol me too thank you so much bro that means a lot coming from a legend like you!
blockfmオフィシャルSpotifyプレイリストを更新! リラックス、デトックスさせる楽曲をまとめ🍂 feat @GusDapperton @blackwntrwells @pumabluemusic
Retweeted by PederLA photographer @MichaelDrummond shot @Lido‘s behind the scenes footage of the single “How To Do Nothing” last year…
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a boy is born on a spaceship. @trevion281 😂 @Lido i don't know where i was when you dropped the "space fm" mix but MAAAAAAAAAAAAN
Retweeted by PederWould like to take someone to watch the stars and listen to peder by @Lido
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🖊🔥🚀 @brandon_arreaga @ErikStokkland thank u brogood morning. ☀️ really love how @Lido synchronized 4 completely unique voices on University. Abusing the repeat button
Retweeted by PederI’ve been in a really good mood since @Lido ‘s album drop, so wishing everyone a 🎶happy new day (and) I hope all your dreams come true🎶
Retweeted by Peder @lido “peder” feels like the day after “everything”
Retweeted by PederPlay Peder this morning @Lido this is a great album on first listen.
Retweeted by Pederjesus @Lido is another level, ridiculous
Retweeted by PederIt's been a LONG time since I've felt the way @Lido 's new album makes me feel. Damn near tears here. Absolutely unbelievable
Retweeted by Peder @AverageRayh haha thank you i wish you the same thing @Lido @iamjojo @brandon_arreaga @heavymellow @SANTELLRnB @MulherinMusic Congrats on the release Lido! We’ve had p…
Retweeted by Peder😈 maybe new @Lido album is everything I need right now
Retweeted by Pederbridge like frida and diego @omarmjhd looking back i knew oh so very little haha @OrnoMusic thank you for listeningthat “university” track on @Lido ‘s #PEDER album is a dope vibe! “distract me, would you still be there for me to…
Retweeted by Peder @RillaForce 😂 thanks manHEAD ON MY THIGH SAID YOU BEEN TRYING TO GET IT RIGHT DAY AND NIGHT @Lido
Retweeted by Peder“You taught me how to decorate my mind with new colors” @Lido 🧡
Retweeted by Pederi miss playing shows so much ALBUM IS INCREDIBLE. Everybody go stream #Peder @Lido
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Tell me that we’re gonna be alright Tell me that you’re gonna be all mine Tell me that you want me all night.. @Lido - PCRHM
Retweeted by PederHAPPY NEW DAY! you @ziplock_zenon for supporting me, for helping me with countless creative decisions, for translating and c… you @abcdorothy for believing in me, for wearing a million different hats while managing me and carrying this… you to @thedjslow for being a friend through this whole process, for believing in my vision, for inspiring an… you @MichaelDrummond for being an absolute beast with the camera, a creative genius and putting in so much ti… you @p05t3rboy for being a creative and visual powerhouse and helping me bring my vision to life.Thank you to @tonymaserati for mixing the album, for respecting my vision and working countless hours of overtime t… Dale Becker at Becker Mastering for the care and work you put in to handling a sonically very dynamic and… you @andrewjacksson for helping me finish University with your perspective, encouragement and incredible songwriting talent.thank you @unofficialTHEY for creating what became the intro on Layaway with me a long time ago and sparking the whole vision for the song.thank you @samgellaitry for pulling up on me in london, giving Layaway exactly what it needed and for gassing me up… you Ivan @brasstracks for helping me and cracking the code on Layaway and motivating me to push through and k… you @Skrillex for always inspiring me and for letting me work on this project in your space. it made all the differenceThank you Brandon @brandon_arreaga for being a genius and for coming through for me and absolutely killing it on mu… you to my brother @SANTELLRnB for being all over this album with your brilliant ideas and undeniable voice an… you to my brother @heavymellow for being a friend, my very first collaborator in the US and a general genius.… you to Parker and Marshall @MulherinMusic for lending me your incredible talents and writing abilities on mul… you @EbenezersWorld for hopping on Grouptext and instinctively giving it exactly what it needed and leveling… you @col3trane for lacing University with an INCREDIBLE verse, for being the homie and for continuously inspi… you @iamjojo for blessing this album with your incredible voice and talent. you absolutely crushed itlove u my friend thank u
so just get in the car and get the aux sit in the dark and let me sing for you
Retweeted by Peder.@Spotify you so much @TIDAL for supporting and putting me on the cover of the Bop Electronic playlist… all about the acclaimed musician and producer @Lido in our FRIDAY @AllAccess interview with him here-…
Retweeted by PederInterview with @Lido: Looping Past Loves Through Conceptual Ideas
Retweeted by PederListen To @Lido's New Sophomore Album, Peder:
Retweeted by Peder @allysvinyl thank you !! 🚀PEDER OUT NOW OUT HERE ⁦@Lido⁩ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Pedergo stream @Lido new project immediately!
Retweeted by Pederwe match @aliciakeys brilliant syd @Lido …Bro…Peder was worth the many year wait. This might be the best Sophomore album I’ve ever experienced.
Retweeted by Peder☀️🚀 but @Lido had no business going this hard
Retweeted by PederNew @Lido droppd!!?? 😫🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Retweeted by PederAbout to go to sleep but saw that @Lido dropped #Peder . Speakers on full blast for the next 40 min, who’s with me
Retweeted by Peder🧡 i love you bro i got the biggest smile on my face rn @Lido 、新アルバム『Peder』をリリース🚀 Jojo @iamjojo 、Col3trane @col3trane らが登場、豪華なアーティストフィーチャリング。 インタビューもお楽しみに!
Retweeted by Pederthank you so much to everyone helped make this album happen PEDER OUT NOW[authorizing...] [1 folder received] * :: press play to begin :: *
Retweeted by PederITS OUT"Falling Down" animation test for something we were working on with @lido a while back. Animation by Thomas Teraoka…
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tomorrow金曜日に新しいアルバム出るから すごく楽しみにしてる!大好き。 @LidoGotPix
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This new @Lido album is gonna be CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYY🤩🤩
Retweeted by PederThis @Lido album... Y’all ain’t ready
Retweeted by Pederthis man @Lido is BEASTLY . listening to his album rn . he is unrivaled 😭
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i’m throwing an album listening party this wednesday. make sure you add your email at or te…
just wanna say if you listen to my music, i love u. album on friday.
5 #DaysTillPeder ✨ Remember the IOU pop up stores with the cool merch? In London @Lido performed an acoustic set f…
Retweeted by Pedersomeone pls check in on me next friday because the @Lido album drops and I don't think I'm emotionally prepared yet.
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