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liese @LIESEF1 she/her • #WeSayNoToMazepin

half haas hater, half haas fan • 19 • karting • f2 & f3

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@invalidatedlap congratulations !my daily, i need a hug, tweet @megslou99 928 💀
@MeineLinkeHand true idk i hear that name for the first time in my life @MeineLinkeHand goodnight implies sleep @MeineLinkeHand idk whos that tbh @MeineLinkeHand sleep? whats sleep need a hug @FormuIa7 @MeineLinkeHand ratio @F1RedEye @MeineLinkeHand dreaming with open eyes 😭😭 😟 here's all the proof and @Jas_SV5 has even more, i don't care if the rotten part of the fanbase attacks me.…
Retweeted by lieseLETS GOOOOOOO @ecemscrp dtm driveri have an agenda so yes is norris also two time f1 champion to make these comparisons? still not near lawson 🥶 really actually, and even if lawson bottled the championship, wittmann was nowhere near to the championship, so… you watched the last race or did it fly over your head? im afraid he will read this fall on the floor and cry because how dare someone say that a title contender that… @Goatciello lawson in his rookie season was a leading championship contender with bad luck in the end, which wasn't… @Goatciello im afraid it is @Goatciello accept the Lfirst public qt, take the L
as someone who is actually 6'3 this is so exaggerated it's unbelievable 💀, Bono, Ferrari mechanics, blah blah blah, Gary is the only W @megslou99 OMG CONGRATULATIONS SO DESERVED @_violethaze CONGRATULATIONS OMG 🥳 @SwerveZone high x3 @ecemscrp sabine crying throwing up rnOMG WHAT 😭😭😭 big loss for the supermarkt 😖😖💔 @http_rae07 hehe @http_rae07 medium x3 @SwerveZone he is @jurisclifford10 top tierwhat the fuck 😟😟 @monzaleclerc what the-No caption needed. 🔥 #KeepFightingMichael
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@F1RedEye @max__verstappen good @F1RedEye who are you again @MeineLinkeHand hiiiii @_TheNightHwk alsoso what's good lol
@Rheakarnik what happened? @Oleyskyr17 это точно, особенно в твиттере @Oleyskyr17 ахаха ну будем на это надеяться, это точно! спасибо, да мне все равно, на то что люди говорят, когда на… @Oleyskyr17 да ну лол, подпишут и подпишут, кэш ис кинг и ничего от этого не поменяется, только еще больше говна польется @Oleyskyr17 никогда не думала, что из-за того, что кому-то не нравится дизайн машины, может развернуться такая войн… @BrandonSeaber yep, most likely and i can't wait for the 2022 reveal! @Oleyskyr17 не ну я понимаю, патриотизм играет, но когда все так очевидно, ну просто выглядит смешно, по сравнению… @oskarifps come on mate, slurs now? @Oleyskyr17 аминь @oskarifps about a car not about people? @BrandonSeaber thank you, i like your designs, especially the helmets, but can't bring myself to haas car liking, sorry @oskarifps opinion on a car design ≠ opinion on someones looks, i couldn't care less what people think about my loo… @oskarifps understand that people have different opinions next time 👍 @kleoshloss1 я сказала, что дизайн машины уродский, я не имею ничего против российского флага, цвета на машине можн… @47schumi bhahah yes true @47schumi bhaha thank you, i couldn't care less about it @47schumi just cuz he is russian, homeland boy 😭 @kleoshloss1 не я хожу и называю людей в интернете страшными, в то время как сама прячусь за фоткой из интернета, о… @47schumi but mazepin !!!! russian hero 😍😍😍also this is now muted, if you want to continue telling me how ugly i am or whatever else, feel free, i couldn't care less <3 @kleoshloss1 вот тебе бы к этому прислушаться @kleoshloss1 ну так может я ее для этого и поставила, какое тебе дело то? это единственное, что пришло в голову как аргумент? фантазия 10/10 @pelazj how my own opinion on my own account is not letting other people have their own opinions? i couldn't care l… is so funny to me, i rattled so many people it's astonishing 😭😭 @kleoshloss1 отметьте, господи 😭😭 создала петицию, конечно создала, английского не знаете, не лезьте, если вас не у… @ScottiesDesigns omg?? this looks amazing, nice job! @nananagasa well you can do everything you want with your twitter, i couldn't care less, i can tweet my personal op… @monzaleclerc oh bhaha, we still struggle with many things as a country but yep, with cold i can agree ahaha @pelazj let me have my own opinion please 😍 @DrTotoWolff 19 she/hermate wtf?? first you are being misogynistic and now xenophobic?? deactivate and shut the hell up @monzaleclerc bhaha what is so cool about the baltics? @tek_acid mate i will if he does that @nananagasa yes because i obviously would do that! i can't just dislike something, right? @monzaleclerc 19 6'3 + + +/- @tek_acid yeah @http_rae07 bhaha no i would tell you that even without vodka haha @http_rae07 hehe you won't get a drunk liese on the tl because liese' superpower is never getting drunk no matter how much she drinkssecond vodka shot ✅ @monzaleclerc well almost 😭😭 @monzaleclerc yoi can start this thread again 😭 i aint checking my notifs cuz yall can leave your shit to yourselves but first vodka shot ✅ @simpingforseb fr fr @iliasget oh bhahaha don't worry about that, one weirdo doesn't make you all the same @iliasget bhahah well @iliasget wooo hell nah mate don't join the awful cult of women with no taste /jeveryday proof that you are kinda sus rn, how does me being a woman affects my taste? @_alexmcqueen_ if id only knew 😭 @ThunderbirdF1 the old ones were actually really good, especially the rich energy one, just how it looked was cool,… @ShaunRegan97 bhahaha dont worry, but yeah i mean, apparently liveries are a hot topic now @ThunderbirdF1 the colours aren't bad, they just need to place them in a better way now @megslou99 thank you omg 😩 biggest achievement of my life @ShaunRegan97 i am a fan of haas sadly but i mean i dislike the livery, someone likes the livery, i wouldn't argue… @ThunderbirdF1 i want a beautiful car for the team im a fan of, i have a personal opinion and i dont like this live…"f1 twt nonces" mom i made it 🥳