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What porn streaming sites are doing with your data to raise empathetic kids? Show 'em how it's done best Beijing travel tips from our readers these sheet pan breakfast sliders for Christmas morning 10 collects activity data even when tracking is disabled — but you can block it a short time, you can see: • A record of everything you've purchased from Apple • Everything you've listened to…
Do you date? Do you eat fast-casual barbacoa with extra guac? Oh boy do we have good news for you—with a heavy help… to call Santa and leave him a message the work holiday party early before 😆 turns into 🤪 — trust us"Donald" was one of the worst passwords you used in 2018 — here's the full list of the year's most common passwords… companies love your data. Porn sites are no exception.'t make and give away homemade cookies this year — try baking homemade bread instead @jdjdmama umm.... call the police??Arguing better does not mean *winning* more, FYI. @lifehacker A tie-dyed fertility dress. From my mother. After I told her I never wanted children.
Retweeted by LifehackerThese were Lifehacker's most popular posts of the year: @lifehacker An onion.
Retweeted by Lifehacker @lifehacker My grandma wrapped up her clean, folded laundry once by mistake and gave it to me. I unwrapped a pair o…
Retweeted by Lifehacker @lifehacker One of the Star Wars prequels on DVD.
Retweeted by Lifehacker @lifehacker I asked for a mandoline to make my sweet potato hash (mine had broken). But I got a mandolin and briefl…
Retweeted by LifehackerHello, dear friends. What is the *worst* Christmas/holiday gift you've ever received? We might use your responses in a thing :)You (and/or your kid) can call Santa and leave him a message have so much good advice on not making an idiot of yourself this year
Retweeted by LifehackerIn this post, you'll find renowned hits such as: • How to remove an unfit president with the 25th amendment • What… now, for something a little more ~chill~ Lifehacker's best explainer posts of 2018 — allow yourself to be swep… on a high note and do it early. It's the right move. from our readers' mistakes — and successes. your Christmas eating — minimize your Christmas cleaning. see, monkey feel feelings day, another tech company being disingenuous about its privacy practices. @NexusSIX1976 @jimcookeIII his file, our tech editor @TheDavidMurphy found a list of every song he'd ever played on Apple Music 🧐 asked Apple for everything it knows about me, and here's what I found to do if an ETF in your portfolio closes burritos are good but also hmmmmmmmmmmmmm members, check your email: You've got burritos waiting for you. 🌯 👬 special shoutout to possibly the best article artwork of all time??? (thanks @jimcookeIII 🎨🖌🍑) up on our year-end wrap-up: Lifehacker's best sex stories of 2018, which includes the following. • How to eat…'mon folks, a little creativity, please? waiting. Do the thing alone.'s the best Secret Santa gift? year, give the gift of flavor with fancy spices and seasoning to find great new Twitch streams for learning new skills and improving your life co-founder of @VSCO—one of our favorite camera apps—shared his daily routine, workplace setup, and the tech he… kid is gonna want to read the same book over and over — it's unavoidable. These are the ones you won't actuall… to get on the same page with your partner about money runners can do with all those race medals @ZacFierce 😘How to download an app that's been removed from Apple's App Store
How to help your partner get more comfortable receiving"Mueller, they say, is the kind of man who flicks the lights off and on at his home to inform guests that it's time…, Iron Giant. Hello, Pan's Labyrinth. 👋 waiting for the perfect person to accompany you on that thing you wanna do. Just go. a drawer stuffed with medals of various kinds? Here are some fun ideas to give them a second life. @tinycartridge ok literally tho one of our writers wants to email with you please DM @tinycartridge yesWe're not talking your average salt and pepper set—think bigger, like za’atar, chili crisp and herbs de Provence. i submit this to @lifehacker
Retweeted by LifehackerTwitch isn't *just* for teens streaming Fortnite than think of every decision as a compromise, reframe the conversation to something less adversarial. best stocking stuffers are warm socks and clementines
Retweeted by LifehackerIt's Secret Santa season. What are your go-to Secret Santa gifts? What are the gifts you've been delighted—or horri… to find cheap flights for that last-minute vacation's December. You know what that means: Year-end lists ✊😩 First up, Lifehacker's best drug and alcohol posts of 2…'m @VSCO co-founder Joel Flory (@joeldflory), and this is how I work week, Epic Games decided to pull its Infinity Blade games from the App Store — if you're a fan of the games bu…'s what's coming and going from Netflix in January 2019 are the books you'll want to read to your kids over and over (and over) over this hack has torn our staff apart... .....MY TAKE: if you don't like this hack, you've prob committed…
Retweeted by LifehackerGuests won't leave? Try Robert Mueller's party hack at your next gathering. has mice in his fridge, the other got fired for being too smart, and now they host a successful podcast togethe… fitness goals did you achieve this year? We wanna know👂'Tis the season of giving... but some people need a little more help *ahem* receiving, too. wow lifehacker readers *drink*... noted!*cough* 👀Five ways to politely deal with people who keep interrupting you hard-boiled eggs are a lil' boring. Trying wrapping them in miso. asked all the finance nerds in our life for advice as we go into the new year — here's what they said holidays can be tough — even for the most enthusiastic among us• A spoon of peanut butter can buy you an easy 5 minutes of silence • Keep a pair of pajamas and an extra toothbrus… can get a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for $1 on Wednesday. Deets --> you see a Jackson Pollock and think, "I could do that!" — think again. the 10/10/10 rule before making a big decision — and a few more great tricks to overcome your dumb human brain… don't need to be scared of MSG. Promise. garlic? Red pepper flakes? More salt? What do *you* think are the best ways to perk up a boring recipe? Musk's public statements and tweets used to be good for Tesla stock. That hasn't really been the case recently. to get Alexa to tell you if *that important message* has arrived yet.
How to make your Windows 10 PC more secure by disabling your password recovery questions — or by simply hiding them… bakers, rejoice! parade coming through: It's time to set your 2019 money goals to stop hating the holiday season (ya buncha grumps) egg hack: Wrap those suckers in miso$1 = 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 @FlapjacksJockey maybe you've been living 😎 under a boxStudying teens and tech is one thing. Having kids of your own is another. That's what "Their Own Devices" is all ab…"Don’t make News Year’s Resolutions. They don’t work." of our favorite ways to overcome our dumb brain chemistry: Use the 10/10/10 rule before making any decision… Lifehacker's best videos of 2018. do you perk up a boring, bland recipe? CEO behavior like Elon Musk's influences stock price