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erin the great. @lifethruglasses NO TRANSPHOBES ALLOWED.

{he/him} nigga, this ain’t the information desk.

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@arieella_ *SNORT* @SanityOfMike 😂😂😂 @JRYussuf risk is a part of life. @arieella_ 😭 @Peruvianbundles (him too.) @FlowofCalamity @AFlyBlackLeftie TWO SQUIRTS IN EACH NOSTRIL, BAYBEE @BasicBitching i need in there. @LiveLaughEros 😂 @_LokeyDokey_ 👃🏾👃🏾👃🏾 @Exhibit_REY c’mon, somebody!! @treyonce_ whew. 😭😭😭 @rrandolphjr listen! @thejrocktv @Exhibit_REY y’know, he uses me every so often. @Spookicock you seen his beautiful schnozz?? there is a home in there for me.i wish i was the nasal spray in Mario’s medicine cabinet. @hernameisjuan same username! 😎 @thesalteater oh! nooooooo @curlsnmelanin_ ahhh, you’ll be back. skdjsjjdjsjs @iTerryTommy as an aside, it’s bout that time, beautiful. @curlsnmelanin_ 😂 it just makes sense! @thesalteater wait a minute LMFAO(as a Leo moon, i feel like if you follow me here, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be following me on IG too. like c’mon.) @LiveLaughEros 😂😂😂 @SenpaiZulu i hope you read it in my voice. @jr_michaeltjr 😌 @shaqsnice you knew! @llebnotlrac big dot. @kennethkyrell a boss who feels!! @LewWillie right. we ain’t gon’ tell Korra, but we know what it my feelings a little. but i’m still g!
@MusingsHistory 🤗🤗🤗 @melanynmonroe just a tad. 💀 @JoePGould well, i grumpily stand corrected. :( @KeithHollandd *materializes* @_digitaldash just doing my civic duty. 😂 @Closrican ♨️❤️ @DamiBrock you knew!!some of y’all look like you *should be spitting in my mouth for a living. you’ll never know. @ifuckupthefun 😁❤️ @rezvision annoying lmfaooo @autodialect i also like this. sauna heat is at times intense, but always purifying. @RobotheArtist 🤗❤️ @Amazondra umm. this is TALENT. you did a really good job, babes. and i love the color. @Amazondra you did these?? @DamianRuff 😂😂😂 @MyDawg_Skip ayeee!! 🦂♨️ @mistersunshinee of course, my darling! @Jaquan_Amonte big love! ❤️ @Mellow1263 😊 thank you! i’m glad!! @thotimus_primee yes!! they’re so dope. @ThaKidTrialz now wait a minute. lmfao.‘narrative’ isn’t an adjective.i really like Scorpios. they’re like the embodiment of heat waves that come off hot asphalt. a warm, curious energy… @durandbernarr lemme make my way on down to Genius. @_SaluteKev my fav. @BeingBlkStacey she be high as fuck!!! @durandbernarr B O D Y @benevolentamiss @BeingBlkStacey hmpf. @iloveyouchink he had the right idea, bless his heart. @BeingBlkStacey smndjsjsjdnnsnsn stacey!! @mistersunshinee yep. him too. 😭 @mymyondamove is!! @Tendurag djdjjsjsjd @Bobtastiik his philosophy was sound.not my mother taking seven (7) minutes to stan Jonathan Majors while we’re on the phone. “That’s an amazing brother… @deannojames execution was a lil wild, but y’know. @fuhtrue was. but you know, points were made. @jjmccorvey killing monarchs*. @quietwarrior_ agreed. @kt_doesart djdjsjsjsjsjs*Message sent with Invisible Ink* Zaheer was right.never again. @WatchTheLens and Tayla. @homegworI ooh. much to think about. @curlsnmelanin_ @EatPrayThot @LoveMarzouq @AfroJediii yes god(s). i love to hear it! congratulations!!I have some talented ass friends.
Retweeted by erin the great. @LoveMarzouq the fine is bungee jumping out here. @mylkiwxy of course! peace & blessings to you! @mylkiwxy restart! use your power. @KeemHastheDream i receive it!! ✨🙏🏾vers niggas win this round., TAYLA THEE F-CKIN PARX. @wiley_j89 hell yes. speak life into your skin. @rrandolphjr you see me! on my witchy shit! 😂 @queenamber95 😤😤😤 this interface ain’t user-friendly no more. @backtomichel you seen the new update?? it’s bullshit on wheels.okay, ari. you got me again. 😍 @ceetron thank you for sharing! lemme go get my life.i’m so grateful for Staci’s friendship. it makes me emotional, she is the moment. @_FloMilli PRETTY SELF 🤗🤗🤗 @ceetron i would like a link. @SoLyrical 😍
@futureplansss osjenejsjjrejsjd idk, you tweeted it to me in 2013!! kzjdjdjsndjsjsjholding you to this. statement from The Feminist Coalition. October 22nd, 2020.
Retweeted by erin the great. @wholiloleme FRED??