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.@StephenKing We are so glad you enjoyed IT. Perhaps Pennywise would like to star in our next thriller this…
2020, are you done yet? 😂 #MarryingMillions girls have a little too much spirit! #TheFabFive is on now! #FearTheCheer is hunting cheerleaders.. do you know who it is? #UndercoverCheerleader is starting right now! #FearTheCheer
Chase the Sunday scaries away with #UndercoverCheerleader at 8/7c and #TheFabFive :The Texas Cheerleader Scandal at… your pom poms because #TheCheerleaderMurders is on right NOW.'t mess with @MsVivicaFox because #TheWrongCheerleader is starting now! #FearTheCheer
Cheer up or back down! 🙌 Don't miss #TheWrongCheerleader tonight at 8/7c followed by #TheCheerleaderMurders at 10/9…
Warm-up with us this weekend and watch some of our favorite cheerleader movies to kick off #FearTheCheer! 📣 should all learn to live by Dolores’ famous slogan, Si Se Puede “Yes, We Can." A big thank you to Ryan Oakley… 2012, Dolores was recognized by President Obama with her most prestigious award, the Presidential Medal of Freed… has earned many awards and recognition's throughout her life, including the Ellis Island Medal of Freedom A… #FierceFemaleFriday!! Today we honor @DoloresHuerta ,an inspirational feminist, and civil rights icon. Dolore…! A new day has come and maybe you’ll join us one day 😉 What do you think of some of these working holi…
✨Shimmy your way to the couch this Saturday and Sunday for the warm-up weekend of #FearTheCheer! ✨ #TBT @MsVivicaFox @marieosmond @celinedion @pomwonderful It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year 😂🎄WORK THE DRAMATICS SIS YAAASSSSSSS #marryingmillions
Retweeted by Lifetime @lifetimetv Hopefully! The dinner was so sweet! #MarryingMillions
Retweeted by LifetimeI love Rick #marryingmillions
Retweeted by LifetimeWoooowwwwaaaa!!🤨 #MarryingMillions
Retweeted by Lifetime“Rolex anniversary” 😒🤦🏽‍♀️😁#marryingmillions
Retweeted by LifetimeCheers to Dani and Donovan! 🥂 Is a proposal in their future? 💍 #MarryingMillions you on Bill or Bri’s side? #MarryingMillions "Have you always been faithful?" #MarryingMillions @lifetimetv
Retweeted by LifetimeYikes. 😳 Do you think Desiry and Rodney will be able to work this out? #MarryingMillions Do you love me? Kevin: You know how much I care about you. #MarryingMillions @lifetimetv
Retweeted by LifetimeTime for Rodney and Desiry. #marryingmillions
Retweeted by LifetimeHow do you think Kevin moving will affect their relationship? 🤔 #MarryingMillions I’m watching #MarryingMillions lmaooo
Retweeted by LifetimeSweet to see Kevin and Kattie on a romantic walk at the beach following their horrible double date! Wonder how the…
Retweeted by LifetimeErica's father is already disapproving of her marrying Rick!! #marryingmillions
Retweeted by LifetimeWe feel so bad for Erica. 😢💔 #MarryingMillions looking at rings shows things could be getting serious between him and Dani! #marryingmillions
Retweeted by LifetimeSee! I’m eating my Frosty Flakes while watching #marryingmillions 😆 #MarriedAtFirstSight
Retweeted by LifetimeOh shit. He’s looking at rings. #marryingmillions
Retweeted by LifetimeWatching #marryingmillions now
Retweeted by LifetimeGoodnite guys, gonna be a good watch next week. Moving on to Marrying Millions. #MarryingMillions #MarriedAtFirstSight
Retweeted by LifetimeBill is not feeling having Bri’s mom living with them #marryingmillions
Retweeted by LifetimeRodney and Desiry are back y'all! I've been waiting for this... #marryingmillions
Retweeted by LifetimeOk #MarriedAtFirstSight family. Are we watching #MarryingMillions ???
Retweeted by LifetimeIm ready for this tonight! #marryingmillions
Retweeted by LifetimeIs #marryingmillions good? Should I watch tonight?
Retweeted by LifetimeYo Bri's mom cracks me up #marryingmillions
Retweeted by LifetimeRT if you're ready for Rodney & Desiry #marryingmillions
Retweeted by LifetimeI’m ready to watch #marryingmillions while eating my bowl of Frosted Flakes 😭😂 #MarriedAtFirstSight
Retweeted by LifetimeNew episode of #MarryingMillions starts now!!
Retweeted by LifetimeThe drama gets INTENSE tonight. 😳 An all-new #MarryingMillions is on your screens now. 👏’s Rodney time! #marryingmillions
Retweeted by Lifetime
Don’t miss #FearTheCheer starting September 26th at 8/7c!Pom Poms? ✅ Revenge? ✅ One Month Full Of Cheerleader Movies? ✅ glorious day in beautiful Ottawa Canada! Shooting#christmassetup here w fellow actor @blakeleeblake and director…
Retweeted by LifetimeDon't forget to pop on over to my Instagram NOW to join my #Supernanny IG LIVE Chat with @KevinFrazier! Click her…
Retweeted by LifetimeKisses for the twins! 😘 Who else is going to miss #Supernanny?! 🙋‍♀️ @Jo_Frost @Jo_Frost blow bubbles with the Sutherland family was fun!! #SuperNanny
Retweeted by LifetimeLooks like the Sutherland's learned a thing or two. A solid routine in place, comes a calmer house, and asking fo…
Retweeted by LifetimeHaving a fixed routine and being okay with asking for help guarantees the Sutherland family will live a better life…
Retweeted by LifetimeDon't underestimate SLEEP we all need more,say No more often to get in the 40winks!! The benefits are endless for o…
Retweeted by LifetimeWell done, Amy!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 That preparation and organization will get you where you need to be, as long as you stick to…
Retweeted by LifetimeNeeding help isn't a weakness #SuperNanny
Retweeted by LifetimeEverything will be good as long as Amy stays prepared and organized! #SuperNanny
Retweeted by LifetimeWe 💗 bubbles on #Supernanny! @Jo_Frost to read more #sleepytimetips? 😴 Check out for more! #Supernanny #JoFrost
Retweeted by Lifetime @lifetimetv @Jo_Frost Totally! Definitely hard to tell which one... #SuperNanny
Retweeted by Lifetime @Jo_Frost Love #SuperNanny
Retweeted by LifetimeThe schedule board is definitely helping the Sutherland family a lot! #SuperNanny
Retweeted by Lifetime#Parents, here’s a tip: tone is a clear and practical way to express to your child that you are setting the agenda…
Retweeted by LifetimeWatching @lifetimetv . I love #SuperNanny and her schedule board @Jo_Frost.
Retweeted by LifetimeTake note of those routines parents,start with the corner stones first! #Supernanny #AskJoFrost @lifetimetv
Retweeted by LifetimeAren’t the twins so adorable!? Is this Tex or Crosby though…😂 #Supernanny @Jo_Frost Bethany,got to get parents out of survival mode into thriving mode! #Supernanny #AskJoFrost
Retweeted by LifetimeI promise I would of jumped in!! But sometimes you gotta mke parents FEEL where you coming from....#Supernanny #AskJoFrost
Retweeted by LifetimeIt’s clear that Amy is punishing herself for her mistakes BUT, no one is perfect, even the best of us make them!…
Retweeted by LifetimeIt can be so hard to ask for help but who else is super proud of Amy?! 👏 #Supernanny @Jo_Frost It’s @Supernanny time! @lifetimetv #supernanny #lifetime #jofrost #parenting #tvshow
Retweeted by LifetimeDue to their children being a 2-year-old, a 3-year-old and 8-month twins, the Sutherland family lives a very complicated life! #SuperNanny
Retweeted by Lifetime @lifetimetv @Jo_Frost Very cute for her age!! #SuperNanny
Retweeted by LifetimeWatching #SuperNanny right now!
Retweeted by LifetimeSplish-splash! 💦 How cute is little Rio?! 😍 #Supernanny @Jo_Frost these ppl got a 2 year old, 3 year old and 8 month twins 😩😩 #SuperNanny
Retweeted by LifetimeThe Sutherland family with four children under 4 will be a challenge, but we believe @Jo_Frost can change their liv…
Retweeted by LifetimeAww thats an honest mistake but I get the mom guilt from that accident #SuperNanny
Retweeted by Lifetime4 kids in 2 years....ooooooo chilleee #SuperNanny
Retweeted by LifetimeHearing about one of the Sutherland children being burned is so devastating!! #SuperNanny 😢😢😢😭😭😭😰😰😰🥵🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥💔💔💔
Retweeted by LifetimeYayyyyy Who's watching? #Supernanny
Retweeted by Lifetime @Jo_Frost @lifetimetv I told my son for years that #supernanny sent her crew at night to check that he was in bed o…
Retweeted by LifetimeHello Sutherlands, hello sunny Arizona! 👋☀️☀️ Four kids, under four, all within two and a half years...the Sutherl…
Retweeted by LifetimeHeartbreaking. 💔 #Supernanny @Jo_Frost’s the best way to spend your Tuesday night? Watching the #Supernanny finale on right now!! 💗 @Jo_Frost
Hello USA! 🇺🇸 Kids in bed yet, wine in hand? Good! I’m back with another NEW episode of #Supernanny in TEN MINUTE…
Retweeted by LifetimeCongrats to #Supernanny @Jo_Frost on being named an official ambassador for United Nation’s Foundation Shot At Life… Sneak Peek! Don't miss the #Supernanny finale tonight at 8/7c only on @lifetimetv! 💗
Retweeted by LifetimeJoin @KevinFrazier and @Jo_Frost later today for the #Supernanny live aftershow. ⭐️
Retweeted by LifetimeSing along to the can’t-miss biopic: THE CLARK SISTERS: FIRST LADIES OF GOSPEL, now available on DVD!… @Jo_Frost is going live tonight at 9/8c with @KevinFrazier of @etnow to discuss the #Supernanny finale! 👏 94 days until Christmas! 🎄 Tag someone else who is more excited for Winter than Fall. ⬇ #FirstDayOfFall
✨Lifetime has spirit! How about you?!✨ Join us for #FearTheCheer starting Saturday, September 26th for a month long…
Today the world lost an icon. 💔 We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was an…
Our amazing #LifetimeLoyals are getting into the holiday spirit!! 🎄 They're celebrating #ItsAWonderfulLifetime by r… Came Early! We Have Lifetime’s Full Holiday Movie Schedule
Retweeted by LifetimeA huge thank you to Ryan Oakley for this beautiful illustration. Check her out on Instagram: @ryanoakleyart