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Retweeted by A McDermott @Scott_Wiener @brettwatermantv Have them put the center walk way back in if they are going to do it right. 😎.@chrissiemayr was SUSPENDED for helping take down a PEDOPHILE's page & getting people to report it. Listen to that…
Retweeted by A McDermott @politicalmath So it's true? California is trying to kill us? @StarWarsJedinyt @JackP309 is it "geniuses" are always incapable of conversation. @stevebloom55 @Sammy_Roth @meganrcassidy @akoseff @jfagone So do we thank China or..? @CirculateSD @Scott_Wiener The state is broke. @Sammy_Roth In brighter news..... @Scott_Wiener It's like a disease. @SovernNation @GavinNewsom @StarWarsJedinyt @JackP309 Solo was the best since the original 3. @SovernNation @GavinNewsom Must have some fear porn tee'd up for us.Access from the south side should theoretically still be unimpeded (though I read they've shut down the highway exi…
Retweeted by A McDermott @GavinNewsom Sorry you didn't get your bailout. #sorrynotsorry
@AlexBerenson @SavingAmerica4U @ScottPresler #hairgoals16) Important reminder from September 27, 2018 Nearly two years ago @IDF had exposed a joint Iran/Hezbollah missil…
Retweeted by A McDermott @OliveSaurusRex @pagebike @Queerty It would be better than playing the victim card. Taking away their offense would… please. Kansas @SecNorman is a liar. His deliberate actions to mislead negates any credibility he had left. Make…
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! @them @Scott_Wiener If only Scott would come out against pedophiles. But alas, no luck.Afterlife is supposed to be a comedy? @jbruggers @Sammy_Roth Because the Earth is cooling.
You all know why Trump has now left the White House - being seen off by the entire WH staff before he traveled to O…
Retweeted by A McDermott @SLOLaurelLover @j_hepperly5 @LongBeachMayor @GavinNewsom He doesn't like masks either. @SLOLaurelLover @j_hepperly5 @LongBeachMayor @GavinNewsom You don't recognize the famous Dr. Fauci, who is giving t… @pagebike @Queerty Maybe Scott could take a strong stand against pedophiles and claim he is against them and how ap… to see here. Totally normal. @seanmdav @Thomas1774Paine @SLOLaurelLover @j_hepperly5 @LongBeachMayor @GavinNewsom No, we follow experts. @Sammy_Roth @damonarthur_RS Something CA was already looking at but didn't fit the narrative of "no more little green lawns"! @SovernNation @GavinNewsom Bad hair day?How many of you saw this follow up clip yesterday?
Retweeted by A McDermott @ReelMarcReina @Sammy_Roth @drvox No see, WE get to subsidize them. The green new deal crushes the avg home to help the few.
Security footage of two men in Beirut that witnessing a helicopter/drone/plane of some kind and the one man signals…
Retweeted by A McDermottAbsentee Ballots from South Carolina Found in Maryland | CNSNews
Retweeted by A McDermottBOMBSHELL: Leaked documents from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office indicate complex money transfers from f…
Retweeted by A McDermott @BillFOXLA @FOXLA Welcome to China.
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Lil Bruce Lee 🔥
Retweeted by A McDermottMore George Floyd footage 1/8
Retweeted by A McDermottSorry for the bad pun, but this is some bullshit.
This Guy won Twitter. Permanently. Forever...
Retweeted by A McDermottSan Diego County caught reporting FALSE Covid data. I appeared on @KUSINews to call for an audit of all Covid data…
Retweeted by A McDermott @CATeachersGR @Scott_Wiener Yea socialism! Bye, bye millionaires. See you in Texas. @SovernNation @GavinNewsom Only 3 months till we open...Barring a huge slowdown this fall, murders in the US will be up this year by the most in at least 50 years - probab…
Retweeted by A McDermott💥 100% AGREE 💥
Retweeted by A McDermottWho had nuclear cannibal ants for August? Come collect your winnings.
Retweeted by A McDermottI just found out my grandpa, a lifetime Republican is voting Democrat this fall... This would’ve never happened if he were still alive!
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We always knew the Pac-12 was soft, but C'MON!
This is Ian Smith taking back his gym from NJ Tyrant Gov. Murphy after it was boarded up for defying the lockdowns…
Retweeted by A McDermott @denisewu @rgoodlaw @jgeltzer What if the postal service goes away? @Sammy_Roth @ChrisMegerian @dillonliam @EliStokols So Sammy, to be super clear, are you saying only black people are in low income housing? @PhenomenalBC @Sammy_Roth @WritesMore @ChrisMegerian @dillonliam @EliStokols Are you speaking currently or in 2016? Seems to be a pattern. @Sammy_Roth @russ1mitchell Inspired by California.... Then the vehicle won't be able to move because it will struggle with anxiety.
@ChrisMegerian He's not wrong...
@Scott_Wiener BuT HeLp uS SaVe OuR TrAiNS! @DrewHolden360 Is it possible your trolling meter is broken? @DavidAFrench @SeanTrende Most not wearing masks do so because they do not believe it will save others. Have you be…
Retweeted by A McDermott @RigelRobinson @Scott_Wiener Sounds sharp, as BART ridership is down 88%. Another winning, though short sided bill…
Well, Well, Well ... The penny drops 🤔🤔😡 World Bank/IMF Exposed: COVID Aid Conditional On Imposing Extreme Lockdow…
Retweeted by A McDermottThe key to defeating COVID-19 already exists. We need to start using it | Opinion This in N…
Retweeted by A McDermott"Children are not the drivers of this pandemic...they're not passing it on to their parents, not passing it on to t…
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@CQ02181075 @KreJennifer @AQtime @LisaMei62
Retweeted by A McDermottBaffled, but not surprised. @TheCalRight And where is that money coming from? @Scott_Wiener Are you bragging or apologizing? @Scott_Wiener Anti science..... Scott, if a baby is born with a penis, is it a boy or girl?
@NauticTl @sharen_bird @KarluskaP Okay, 2 nights. @Scott_Wiener Scott, he was mis quoted, of course. Be better. @Sammy_Roth @CartoonKahuna Build more dams! @agrabau @CBPMarkMorgan The mobs hunger can never be satisfied. I can't beleive the feds are playing so nice. @SGTdanko @CBPMarkMorgan Touching Molotov cocktails... @ArtValley818
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@plbaker7285 @patricabennett8 @Julio_Rosas11 Rebel yell I think.Gov. Newsom has now changed 400 California laws by fiat. Here's the full list.
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@james94_SF @Scott_Wiener That # includes all the fake deaths by hospitals so they can get their Fed money in the U… @james94_SF @Scott_Wiener @sugarwhore81 @MetalSD_68 @GavinNewsom @Scott_Wiener Open up the state and get to work people.
Retweeted by A McDermott @radleybalko This take makes no sense especially when you read articles like this.
@GavinNewsom Listen to the experts. @akoseff @kyamamura @jilltucker Food for thought so to speak. @Scott_Wiener That will be illegal. Govt. doesn't have the right and will get crushed in court. Stop wasting our time. @RBReich His own lynch mob he was defending told him to get the hell out.
This is why professional sports is dead to me. must remove the 1619 Project from its Race Resources page. It fails to meet basic standards of historical schol…
Retweeted by A McDermott @akoseff @Steve_Glazer We closed to flatten the curve. Hospitals are fine. We can't contain a virus. This is all political theatre at best. @JesseKellyDC True. Makes for creating future strippers however.We’ve seen for two years the kind of policies that the Democrat-run House has proposed. We’ve seen them go after…
Retweeted by A McDermottWhat else do you eat when locked up by your governor? @earthgranola @cysimon6 If you like dead people, Lightfoot is #1. @cysimon6 @Yvon727 Just to be clear, you are arguing for burning Portland down? @TPCarney Tim, Fauci doesn't even beleive this. What has convinced you? @TAINA56 @mabelrhymeswith @RLC19802020 @MrAndyNgo She's right though. The secret is out. @Matthew_4_Trump @atlassheepdog Did he say Chik-Fil-A??