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@Matthew81191738 @pnr9 this whole act sound familiar?
Retweeted by T and A McDermottAnother actor ruined by drugs and alcohol.
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @Neoavatara Netflix and chill.The climate boogie man, ten years later. Still plenty of ice, Capt Carbon Tax 🖕
Retweeted by T and A McDermottMake sure family and friends see IG report: Clinton didn't just invite foreign influence in 2016; she paid for it.…
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@GavinNewsom Can it point out all the feces on California sidewalks?In 2016, Britain voted for Brexit Their left-wing party wouldn't accept that, and was just obliterated as a result…
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Retweeted by T and A McDermott @AssemblyGOP @JimStanleyCA #RecallGavinNewsom
@SoquelCreek @Rodrile51 @GavinNewsom
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @ihatethemedia @SoquelCreek Jerry claims lack of drought due to climate change. @RepAdamSchiff @EdJoyce Adam feeling the ceiling coming down. @karentravers Maybe climate change should have picked a better spokesperson. @TitaniaMcGrath @jtLOL He may be lactose intolerant... @maggieNYT @ShawnHubler He is not attcking her, He's triggering YOU. He throws the line and you guys bite.
@bdomenech @NoahCRothman Damn!! @eileeneileenur @AQtime Friviolous lawsuits... Yea!The Gov't lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The Gov't lied about the laughably-named "Affordable" Ca…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottCocaine Mitch hauling out Obama for 4 straight days of interrogation during the senate show trial in defense of his…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottAtt @DNC McRussiaaaa shlubs: Russia put their nose in our elections under Obama’s watch Lavrov is offering to ma…
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @LisaHiler @Cocoa_Bean10 At this rate of great news, @POTUS will be at 60% approval by years end.Fascinating thread.
UNHINGED: A 16-year old girl was assaulted by her teacher when he allegedly tried to rip her “Women For Trump” but…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottAG Barr: IG found “damning” irregularities, misstatements, & omissions in FISA application
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @cjtruth @AQtime Nothing has proven otherwise. @BreatheSaltAir @FasslerCynthia @MeganFoxWriter She sounds fun. @NatSecElitist Welcome to the torn tendon club!True Pundit reported in Sept. 2017 that the FBI paid Christopher Steele $100K for the concocted Trump dossier durin…
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@GavinNewsom That is why I hate Obama. I'll never forgive him.This Tweet from @bendreyfuss has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder. Learn more.
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @rflusher @npfandos @MarkMeadows @DanaBashCNN @RepJerryNadler Oh..???
Can’t make this up! @GavinNewsom is blaming @realDonaldTrump for #California #HomelessCrisis — claims @POTUS is “w…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottNote to Everytown: You should provide your protestors with the most basic information about what they’re protesting…
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @JewhadiTM @RealSaavedra @Thomas1774PaineAll of the leading names in the Democratic party took in this money including: @RepAdamSchiff and @TedLieu,…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottThe list of the Dem organizations taking this illegal money is astounding – almost every Dem state organization and…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottBOMBSHELL: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota-5th) was recruited by a foreign government, received funding from…
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @npfandos @MarkMeadows @DanaBashCNN @RepJerryNadler Meanwhile in the real world. was a foreign company, that was being investigated by the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office for corruption,…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottEveryone: "Joe, don't enter the race... Don't do it Joe!" Joe: " Hold my Ensure!" @npfandos @MarkMeadows @DanaBashCNN @RepJerryNadler Jerry has been dipping into Nancy's gin bottle.BREAKING: A large cache of confidential foreign documents have just been leaked implicating Joe Biden, George Soros…
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#YellowVests seen moments ago chanting "Revolution!" in the streets of #Paris for #Acte56 . I think it's safe to sa…
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@Scott_Wiener It's the same reason Scott wants PG&E. Own the gas and electricity, more control. @Scott_Wiener Because the more people you can keep sucking on the tit of govt., the more power you have over the pe… WATCH: The mainstream media refuses to cover this fairly but @jimcramer nails it These are the best economic…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottThe Senate confirmed EIGHT new federal judges this week, bringing Donald Trump's total to 170. —120 on district co…
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@LorenaSGonzalez @Scott_Wiener @SpeakerPelosi Nancy and Adam just started armageddon. Dem Impeachment 'Witness' Pam Karlan Donated Thousands to Hillary and Was on Clinton's List For Potential SCO…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottAnd may I add All while being a citizen of Israel #Qanon #Qanons #Trump #Trump2020 #Maga #USA #WWG1WGA
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Her line was clearly premeditated and rehearsed, which includes a pause after delivery designed for dramatic effect…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottLooks like @instagram has just deleted the Popular Front account for the second time in as many months. The last…
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BREAKING: Ukrainian Operatives Met Eric Ciaramella Multiple Times in Obama White House
Retweeted by T and A McDermottNEVER! NEVER vote yes on any measure that gives more money to the govt. You will lose that money everytime. J Epstein’s banker, Thomas Bowers spanning 2 decades has died from a reported suicide shortly after the FB…
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @PeterSchiff @SoquelCreek @MarkRuffalo OMG..BRILLIANT! Tax Cuts and Jobs Act unleashed the American economy. Thanks to this historic legislation, the U.S. economy is…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottOne of the many reasons that Adam Schiff will never agree to answer questions under oath. Schiff hired former NSC…
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @Scott_Wiener Is this the same state that can't handle fires, it's own DMV, and blackmails and extorts the nation w… @GavinNewsom Oh..oh.. Like a high speed train down CA? @TheRalphRetort @Anon_decoder "It puts the lotion in the basket...."Great thread. @ShaynaStJames1 @patticakeski @GavinNewsom End game. @ShaynaStJames1 @patticakeski @GavinNewsom And the ice shelf is doing great. Meanwhile the news will continue sprea… @ShaynaStJames1 @patticakeski @GavinNewsom The ozone is fine, no city except Venice is underwater, but hey they bui… @ShaynaStJames1 @patticakeski @GavinNewsom Climate change/ global warming, ... whatever it's called this month is a… @ShaynaStJames1 @GavinNewsom Guess this is why they had to change from global warming to "climate change". @GavinNewsom @GavinNewsom
@SoquelCreek @reasonpolicy. But @GavinNewsom assures me we have the 5th largest economy and a plentiful surplus....…
I'm sorry.... What? “whistleblower” should testify. Dems say no, claiming his role was only to pull a fire alarm. The problem is (1…
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When I first saw this I thought he couldn’t have said it. But he did. He wants to take money from the poor for thei…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottBig problem in the Senate is that the President doesn’t have enough loyalists @BrianKempGA has the chance to appoi…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottI'm sure this has nothing to do with anything.
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@GavinNewsom And what has Gavin done other than take YOUR money and hand it to others? I know, he's building the choo choo to nowhere. @GavinNewsom Riding some coattails I see... @Scott_Wiener Appeal it.Unselfish Man who donated his salary & sacrificed his wealth, private life, safety & family for a nation
Retweeted by T and A McDermottIt’s a rainy day here in Southern California, and this family was enjoying a little time together at “home” too! I…
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@TruNews Go Ted!
Facts: The federal government spent $16 MILLION to improve conditions in Egypt's schools They also spent $33,921,…
Retweeted by T and A McDermottYet another reason to #ImpeachGavinNewsom @HirokoTabuchi @npfandos @nytimes But not really. @GavinNewsom @realDonaldTrump
@CAgovernor @GavinNewsom Last I heard you were teaching children before puberty how to touch themselves and teens t…
THIS JUST IN Elizabeth Warren sent her son Alex Warren to The Haverford School (private) The tuition is now $39,5…
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NIKE pays their factory women workers, .20 cents an hour at 70 hours a week so they can afford to pay Colin million…
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @Okeating @baseballcrank Sean will lose.
@CAgovernor @GavinNewsom Great. So you'll be paying off the billions you owe in pensions in 2021 or nah?I remember when the people who predicted this would happen after ACA were called heartless monsters who wanted sick…
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @brad_polumbo @dcexaminer Did it just get awkward in here?If Democrats impeach Trump, that means the Senate will hold a trial First people to call to the stand: Joe Biden…
Retweeted by T and A McDermott @Scott_Wiener I like the part where one of the judges asked the lawyers for CA if they've actually read the state constitution.
Someone's about to have a bad day.