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Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @jrrdrbb @immortal_dog lmao its 90 point comic sans tbh @fave_dad Yeahhhh.. Like I like Autechre, but this is why it's funny haha
@Immortan_DJT @poaststructural some contemporary recs if u r looking: loraine james album on hyperdub, nick león's… @Immortan_DJT @poaststructural Plaid are good, tbh im a lot into contemporary stuff and while i enjoy this music i… @Immortan_DJT @poaststructural thank you tho @Immortan_DJT @poaststructural you should know im just ripping the piss and i enjoy autechre @Jamesqdot all my reply guys are middle-aged, ive learned to accept it and accept them @_neonlichter lmaoooo sounds like it was put there by an imp causing havoc @Immortan_DJT @poaststructural slamming my "Autechre Funniest Moments Home Recording" right into the VHS player and… @_neonlichter for what it's worth i like them toopurchase music not podcasts is one of those kind of ironic but not at all self referential ads that knows its an ad. please purchase and… a team meeting earlier this week with #teamlighght to discuss rollout meme strategies for the new EP. we have d… i half-asleep and hallucinating these posts? what's going on here?
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @dalecornish You alright hun? @dalecornish Words? Dale this is just a Vatican shadow track title.Autechre is two middle aged men who get together and record literal hours of meandering noise and release it in its… think this is honestly a really dope idea and Borges would fuck with for sure @crosspolar Exactly, and that couldn't be any other timeBeen thinking that the standard way of marking time is v confusing what with all the recursive hours that become da… @crosspolar Yehhh it's actually a dope idea when I think about it? @crosspolar Maybe just launch is time 000000 or whatever and then just keep adding hours. So like 3 days after laun… ajvar in the marinara.... @crosspolar Fuck, u had a few run ins with her userlf aye?Insisting in press releases I be referred to as a songstressPunk rock 401kSome tweets make me feel stupider reading them and a lot of them are mine @glyphdice wasnt metried to astral project into the club but the spirit bouncer stopped me @hence_therefore yeh but like i thought we were GMT so id have marked something GMT if i was doing a show and then… @hence_therefore im getting headaches reading @hence_therefore formulae and log tables on the bedside table to figure out when the dj stream isnorway is like that guy who puts his arm around the whole group for the photo even though he is on the edge of the… @hence_therefore GMT isnt even accurate for me anymore? its like an hour off, even though im in ireland shit is v v v confusingthe fact that a non-zero proportion of dudes become libertarians after misreading a satire about libertarians is re…, after completely fucking up my salad and binning half the ingredients: "I present to you, deconstructed salad" @amazinggaijin oh this is cool but thought it was gonna be literally what i described lmaoupload it to resonate fm or something idk @therockisdead_ yehhhh, i mean that works when its one thing all night, for radio scheduling it gives me a headache… think it would be sickmat dryhurst speech baile funk editthis is so dumb lmaoi get so confused when online radio is like Wednesday 2am cos to me that shit is still Tuesday if i stayed up for i… @dalecornish hell yes, how about u dale?new Lil Asaf on @AstralPlaneBlog is full of dark and intense moments. slow propulsive motions pushing forward at a… @aya_yco Love the tune so muchMe at my job as a senior level computer engineer over the course of 25 years Hume, 1972
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteThere's only around 8 CDs left of this - once they're gone that's it, gonna ship them out tomorrow so yeh
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte.@Groove_Mag premiere @aya_yco’s rave-leaning head melter ‘DaRE u to sour lips with me’, forthcoming on…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteA good record? Yess don't care if 500k people have retweeted the cute cat vid from the viral cat vids account, I will retweet it anyw…📷: @bIackironsky
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteANNOUNCEMENT: Beginning next Friday, we are proud to release our next series of albums. We have a super excited lin…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @runawaytonight He looks cute @Richie_Sombrero @caroline_f0ley Too melodramatic for me. Also for what it's worth - I Def feel the way you do reg… Cat Names
@deathambient @sourgout @DiamondsteinAV @LargeProduct @thewindow_ <3I'm so happy to finally share with everyone my new record through @CStructureRec, God's Last Wish. I've been workin…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteStreaming monopoly is gonna be like: "OK we hear you, we want to leave these musicians time so they may experiment… @raihan_ Íl sell u an old mattress if ur feeling itReject embraces; traditionally modernthis record tho. recommend it you are a fan of M.E.S.H. or Ingrate @Double_Doom wrong creek u doofus!just recorded my NCIS set @mimosa_daddy yeah fair lol i was just like when the original was gone i had a moment going "oh shit hope no one th… @mimosa_daddy i didnt write this to be clear, just saying cos the original doesnt seem to be up anymore in case any… I listen to... *checks smudged writing on hand*... Italian Disco @risingdamp_ Come to the old creek, bring the boys!"World's Greatest Husband" mugs can wreak havock within a polyamorous marriage
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteMe giving a speech to a bunch of dudes in Dallas, Texas: and I would like to give a big shout out to John Wayne...…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteSlint Spid3rland flasmob at the creek today at 3 pm bring your boys! @mp3Neptune yeah :( @mp3Neptune Yeh but it seems to derive joy from it idkInvented a machine learning robot to protect me from bullying and it has just learned how to bully me in the cruelest manner w/heart Made an Album. Hope u enjoy
Retweeted by Yung LaMontePeople love to post pics of their food I guess imitates art
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteMe giving a speech to a bunch of dudes in Dallas, Texas: and I would like to give a big shout out to John Wayne...… @risingdamp_ Ahhh haha was wondering. Prob won't get a chance to email but if I see ye in town today I see ye :) ot…
@DanteLerae @conorcarlellis Let me sign up to ur cbusiness class please @DanteLerae @conorcarlellis I appreciate ur passion for success but I'm going with the skrillex dinner sorry @DanteLerae @conorcarlellis See with that sort of attitude I think you wud lose the 1 billion really fastGuys skrillex just invited me over for dinner
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @conorcarlellis @DanteLerae Definitely. It would be good cos u could give more of that to charity while still being rich @DanteLerae @conorcarlellis Man think of the opportunity tho if u cud sit 1 on 1 with skrillex. U could easily make… you take 1 billion dollars or dinner with skrillex?
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @fornevermusic Think u r underestimating the power of having dinner with skrillex tho"World's Greatest Husband" mugs can wreak havock within a polyamorous marriageRealising my friend actually has a wife and whenever he refers to his wife it isn't some imaginary figure created for comedic effect @Richie_Sombrero HmmmmMe, after find a mask with a dangerous ancient curse: awww I'm gonna look sick in this @Andrescobarr I really appreciate it thank uHer: men have died for pussy this good Me, living my life according to the sentiment communicated by the title to… shout out all my day ones, big but slight smaller shout out all my day twos, quite a large (but not as large as… Lanza for a Pringles ad please "Once im popping cant stop Popping cant stop Popping cant stop Popping" @Hyperdub plz @Kallgeese @conorcarlellis At least 2 @a_cheat Ahhhh right, thought it had happened already @ilanabryne Yeh exactly