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Deleted tweets I made earlier with regards writers should be feeling shame and take the company they work for to t…
@buttcliff Thank you @buttcliff thanks - i was looking to give to the Brooklyn Bail Fund and Reclaim the Block dont know how i feel about posting about this - but donating is the least i can do - and if the post encourage… was a few others i wanted to donate to too but they dont accept paypal and my bank account is empty :/ if m… to the Bail Project if anyone wants to donate too, please do @MilesBowe my condolences
FUCK IT!! thread of 13 album covers superimposed onto 3D face model:
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @residentadvisor @ilanabryne this is so sad that you would think this is ok for a company like you especially when… @drmathys_ Wtf. How does anyone take part in this shit with a straight face @BODYLDN hmmmAnother record i want to shout out today is the new @MICHAELBRAILEY_ on @AstralPlaneBlog i love love love this. f… release i want to tell u about today: @sv1music - field study out on @CURIOSITYSHOP__ so fucking good -… about Oil XL @Gremlins2Movie hmmm @Lizzy_Proverb @WaltonMCR @Altered_Natives @LCY__________ @arielzetina @leximiaandrews @indiajordan8 @jamzsupernova is 1 of my faves in the game & it's a real honour 2 contribute a mix to her @SelectorRadio show.…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @aircode_ yeh i tend to do one or the other too - sometimes like one or two patterns following grid like changes wh… @aircode_ i really like ur music and find it fun to mix but then again im not like the most techincal of djs, so wh… @snufkin_snus ya, its chill either way to me @snufkin_snus fair! thank u, i thought so but seemed like some people were saying its todayis today one of those bandcamp days or is that next week? @Morten_HD lmaoooa lot of these tweets were inspired by comments i saw my friend @Morten_HD make on a thread recently which resonate… part of it is desperately wanting to be the gifted child? for some blog to say you are doing something truly… also just wrong? since everything is contextualised by the current world around you. its like those weirdo phil… see so many musicians say shit like - "everything has been done, so nothing is worth doing anymore" - and its jus… idea that music has to be a vector for the 'new' to have any worth is so sad and so tied to modern advertising… many older vaporwave and witch house musicians are obsessed with being "trailblazers" in music and feel music ha… @drab_city @chalravens ok, witch house pioneer oOoOOMy new EP Cave of Echoes is out now on all platforms! This EP is a deep dive into dark ambient, dungeon synth and m…
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@Medulasa :(thinking about how my (ex-)hero DJ Netflex stole all those tracks :( @Medulasa how could u @dalecornish a house with all that tech would want insurance @cralias @Tiny_Sanctuary @fallow2chalice @clammyclams <3 so kind as always! looking forward to checking thisCheck out my @Tiny_Sanctuary playlist and lil interview where I ramble about how good @fallow2chalice,…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @dalecornish glad u liked it, lofi techhouse producer Dale Cornishsir? me just sum up this week for u
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @meemocomma wait are u telling me the dude who has a collab album with afx might be somewhat a part of the braindance scene? @thealexbrooks lol @ilanabryne lemme see that brain dance now nerd @meemocomma @Richie_Sombrero *laughs until you bully my music, then i laugh to mask the tears* @Richie_Sombrero @meemocomma he will get bullied toosharing my music on The Shit Music Group and getting upset when they like it @meemocomma loooolme: *bullying idm nerd* braindance nerd: "yeah yung lamonte, show that idm nerd" me: "not so fast braindance nerd" @vhsmidstyle ask them are they ok... @Nuthanyel @actualacid lol that is fair my bad161 bpm? ummm yes please! 172 bpm?? uhhhhh double yes thank u ok here u fucking go. hardest songs about friends… @Iheartnoise im concerned for my fans. @Nuthanyel @actualacid i guess im just too stupid and dumb for the 1975, and honestly? good lolno word back from this soul yet, but they are still listening to my music so im gonna assume they are very far from… @scatterdebris absolute classic @Richie_Sombrero Lmaooooomatched, please consider donating what you can literally joined the climate march while he was the leader of Canada for photo ops. That's how these peopl… in power have been less afraid of protesting as they have attempted and succeeded to neuter its power throug… riots & looting: Without the threat to their cash, the people in power won't let you change anything. Any chan… @GoodWillsmith Big big on minor science record! Did you hear the Nazar record? Think u might vibe @Nuthanyel @actualacid How does this change anything? People buy his shtick, that's what's annoying.Bros be talking about how the simulacrum of a simulacrum of a simulacrum sucks and then go off and listen to Vulfp… wait for this lockdown to end so a vulfpeck loving bass guitar major can explain to me at a house party how… @nthnashma Nathan didn't u hear? He ended toxic masculinity or something @snufkin_snus Also a lot of tory labour fans lmaoThis is what prompted my post via @nthnashma The 1975 are like what happens when someone in marketing meeting deci… @krldslv Everytime I see their name i just roll my eyes with what they are about to do @snufkin_snus Yeah I mean tho nothing stopping them except how cash flowsThe 1975 are the most annoying band of all time. Despite positing themselves as political their political position…“Hey with clubs finally gone we can apply the forbidden fx!” *puts reverb on bass*
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @vervionline Hnmmmmmmmmmmmmmm @frankiefatgold I just never been able to vibe with them sorry @Cnamha616 Best of luck with them bud"ruin a musical by changing one letter" I literally don't need to, they are all terrible @Cnamha616 When úr exams?protest gear tips from Hong Kong protesters:
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @World0fEcho That's like saying u need a number above 7 but below 6 @pxlsicle Lol so dope Honestly I'm just messing around. I genuinely like bothThe virgin William Basinski vs the Chad Elaine Radigue @Medulasa The weeuns will live and die like their father. In the ambient minesBeen putting in long shifts at the ambient mines, filtering delayed feedback loops all day. My doctor says I caught…
Oh look at the time, it's time to remind people that .@Bandcamp BANDCAMP WROTE ABOUT MY MUSIC AS .@djnetflex TODAY…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @drmathys_ Nina, Rocket, George, Fizzle Nina and Fizzle are cats from home home, where my parents are. Fizzle is p… @thealexbrooks Also, I'm getting super sus vibes from a 14 year self imposed exile @thealexbrooks A tale of two screenshots @thealexbrooks I like the cat and the dick face tattoo is a pretty baller moveThis kid is a 28 year old comedian who just signed on to do his first sitcom @thealexbrooks Who is thisDunno who wants to listen to that hour I did with Claire Guerin but I've it ready for heads.
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @DiamondsteinAV Vibing out, hanging with some cats @IncentiveMusic Vibing out tbh :) @Bobcluness Great to hear bud <3 @_djgirl I know lmao @ilanabryne I gotta get some of my shit more together musicwise too so I feel u Just been reading lately and listening to music really @joaoantunesmm Ahhh so cute, is she growing big? @a_cheat Lol we will see i barely playing my switch these days even @_djgirl Lying down, listening music hanging with a cat I gotta get back to work on our other song btw And I want… @a_cheat Lollll my phone is way too shit but if I upgrade il keep in mind @zwansound Ahhh nice Havnt really drank during lockdown at all, - gonna hit me hard soon lol @a_cheat Call of duty mobile? Is that any good?