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For sale: baby shoes, never worn. We are idiot parents and bought our baby shoes without getting him to try them on…
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amazing giving out about eiffel 65 because the song was too dumb is just dumb. enjoy how surreal it is. it is a fun song get over yourself @Richie_Sombrero if i call an album this it will have to be like copies of Rian Treanor songs but not as goodso much great music out today but im going to use this tweet to shout out the really dope @hence_therefore on… @johnxela it works for me @johnxela what does the black flag mean john, what does it mean @Richie_Sombrero what does it mean? @actualacid my home life is ruined @eoin_murraye have a lovely boogie Eoinnot sure what wider ramifications this could have for the industry at larggge. but im being informed that circles o… @swshbclr i didnt say they are smart parents. @ehgillett i agree overall but a little bit unfair in this case because Ponty Mython is actually their real nameListen back to my mix with @objectblue_ on @RinseFM. Thank you again. Much love to Blue.
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteto be clear butter is a good thing @KidulaG you can send money to me but i cant guarantee anything will happenFor sale: baby shoes, never worn. We are idiot parents and bought our baby shoes without getting him to try them on… to take this as an official endorsement as a food critic: the lactate infused bread was average, one could say milktoastalbum sounds like butteromw to tell the Boys the guy who sells us cigs in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot just got outta jail
Retweeted by Yung LaMontehonestly nothing as timeless as the Fender Rhodes should have realistically come out of the 4am stoner idea of comb… @Bandcloud never seen this before but from now on its going to inform all my artmorally bankrupt idea: a vape you can play clarient on @bkbeats gatekeeping like this is always so sad to me. just shows how insecure you are of your own ability to make… into the new Jacques Greene album and shooting off into cyber space. film grain cloaking the wires pulling me along @yyyyyyyed if you can afford it go for it, probably will make the artists day. if you cant afford it im sure they a… to get worried that in this tweet chain most people have liked this above tweet @aarchedNOISE ok but why did i think the grey paint behind him was smoke damn @yyyyyyyed do it.million dollar idea: a clarinet you can vapeEA Sports but it stands for Electronic AvantGarde Sports. and the sport is dickridingᎥᏖ'Ꮥ ᏗᏝᏝ ᎧᏉᏋᏒᏦᎥᏝᏝ my new ep with @kattiebeats is out now SC - bandcamp -…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteReminder that i dropped a witch house revival track with a gabber section in it like 3 weeks ago in prep for SPOOKI…
Retweeted by Yung LaMontemy mother is crying now and begging that I dont get myself blacklisted again with my antics @Dee_Jay_Pitch @Holl0way_ @TripSixVivo @logan_olm @all_centre @RinseFM this looks like inside the power ranger robo… embarrass my journo friends by requesting they run a premiere of this hot take in their publicationsmight get wacky tonight and make some ridiculous statement like Oasis are the John Wayne Gacy of Deconstructed Club Musicgonna become the Chumbawumba of conceptronicamade this diagram to show artists the correct choice they should make in light of recent details one: My nipples in winter:
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteoh my do get this on into you please @JackBluffy does it come from like American colleges? and like some weird take on Greek life? (frats etc) @lighghtmusic but he's so wholesome!
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteJohn Wayne Gacy set back the clownery cause decadesJohn Wayne Gacy? You betcha! Cancelled.Oliver Cromwell is cancelled @numbertheory666 then i really better start. rbma forms were ridiculous before. 20 pages you had to write nearly with drawings too lol @Cnamha616 like rbma i guess? but for a whole year. look up nts wip - you should def apply @bensleia_ Thank you <3should really apply for this NTS thingcrazy that the only non problematic music festival is the Cock and Ball Torture festwhat if the real psy-ops was the friends we made along the way? trust no one
vibing is for boys. Men tweak the fuck out
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @glyphdice lol its Eamon @glyphdice true lol you are a good soul Rory @glyphdice lol thanks but i just went off for a solid hour on the people playing Amazon fest when it turns out that… should just never tweet tbh @PaulWoolford @aerielist kind of scary to think going forward that anything one might agree to could take on a new… @aerielist that is rough fuck. gonna walk back tweets that were pointed probablyJust so everyone knows so they can stop piling on—i've heard thru sources that this festival was put together thru…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @aerielist damn - @meemocomma lmaooo @lighghtmusic "all my heroes are cornballs" LMFAO
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @JackBluffy i might be out of the country but if im not im going to try come up to the gig! really enjoyed being up… is for boys. Men tweak the fuck out @objectblue_ @RinseFM @kagami_smile Off the bus, two mins from home. Gonna lock in :)feels good to be back in the @RinseFM studio after months of sending pre-recorded shows! so happy to have…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @joemuggs Thank you Joe, you're a real oneListen to this person’s album - it is one of the most fascinating and at many points glorious of the year. It shoul…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @Richie_Sombrero Be interesting, would require a remastering and a double vinyl so way way in the future. Will prob… some more people are on board for next time aroundSorry if my lack of humbleness towards my own album put you off checking it out, I'm honestly not full of myself an… @Medulasa Same for me. Same for you tooI got a few tins in, put my feet up and went through all the clubbing stories and rave tales you sent into…
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteAnd then they realized, they were no longer fuccbois: they were fuccmen @lisaoh__ @LankumDublin tis a beautMueseuM album number four out NOW! Maths Cow Disease' available on Bandcamp for whatever price you want!
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@imnikkigriffin There like every day now lol. Feel so nasty for a minute to feel so good for a day @simhutchins This is so menacing @Bandcloud Welcome to the lower tiers of the music scene matea mysterious town a seductive obsession an endless well of disappearances only someone truly mad would ever come to…
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Retweeted by Yung LaMonte @GavinLavelle enjoy :)Doing some whippets with the homies
Retweeted by Yung LaMonteIncredibly excited to let you all know that LYE is returning to Pharmacia on November 9th. We'll be joined on the n…
Retweeted by Yung LaMontethe new Moa Pillar is such a good fucking record first MANTUA tape is out 31/10/2019 on Sunshine Cult Records.
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thanking my mate @Cnamha616 for putting me onto this one by @PURPICIDE <3 absolutely insane banana bread looks dope as fuck and i'm sure smells pretty good but on God I'm glad you cannot smell through t… of me (2019) @Cnamha616 plus Boys Night In is not a meme or a shitpost @Cnamha616 Boys Night In will be worked on @danwalshdrums hope you are ok Dan @scauldwave will adjourn and discuss with my team. thank you scauldwave @jetski0 send me those layers lol @hdt_hugh at least the Limmy posts will be good @scauldwave will consider. what is the profit split? do i get a payment advance? @ultimatwo budddydoes anyone have any good meme labels to send my memes to? Ive been self releasing memes for a bit now and getting…