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Yoshi main // Roy secondary // Top 5 in New Brunswick 🇨🇦 // 22 // スマブラSPヨッシー // Banner by @KeatenRussell

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@FizzleTheHizzle Most likely yes. If the Sheik is really good at abusing her better frame data and knows how to cam… love for smash started with melee, I watched the documentary and been playing ever since please @NintendoAmerica
Retweeted by Light @KingRyanG @NintendoAmerica Thank you for this 🙏#FreeMelee
Retweeted by LightAccording to this Nintendo has killed circuit opportunities by: -Twitch & Redbull -ESL -Eleague -HTC Our history…
Retweeted by LightHow Nintendo Has Hurt the Smash Community Read:
Retweeted by Lightgonna have to change my tag on elite, too many people recognize it @BailoSSB Yoshi can double jump out of a lot of Sheik combos and Yoshi just lives forever. Super easy to just play… Riddles on elite and he said that I'm pretty good at the game and have very high GSP 😃Sheik vs Yoshi is just sad
The original smash documentary means a lot to me because that was what introduced me to competitive smash 6 years a… @Warfy175 I'm fine.
Retweeted by Light @Dark_Wizzy_ "He teched my jablock setup!" didn't see an option for the 3D Mario games but they'd be S tierimo feel like the Luigi matchup is easier if you play around their most common option based on percents. If you're at… @NamikazeBurst @PharaohSSB knee slapper
@YakumoSSB @VeganDeep ? @SoulStar3243 The original thread was "aside from egg roll, what is his worst move" @OrionSSB Up-throw is the worst imo with dash grab being a close second. @Joetastic21 @RafaelM6120 Explain how The only legitimate use I've found for it is to stall your fall when you have… @Joetastic21 @RafaelM6120 Bro you don't really think this right? Down-smash is good for techchasing and dash attack… @Dom_ssb $1,000 Amazon giftcardThe fact that it's inconsistent at breaking shields is annoying but if you do shorthop down-b when they don't have… is not the worst for many reasons. For one, it's a good kill option off parry at high percents because it is… could actually be top tier @FizzleTheHizzle His name is Hobbesgn feeling when you're putting in way more work than your co-commentator
Retweeted by LightWatching Summit and playing offline smash with the boys 😃
gonna make a post later on why everyone saying down-b is wrong @Dark_Wizzy_ smh @Dark_Wizzy_ 😐 @TheRainbowStar Bruh you're tripping, egg lay is mad good. Yoshi would be ass against heavies without egg lay becau… @PixelsOPlenty Dash attack is bad but not useless. It's good for catching landings in some mus and as an occasional burst option @patchssb Agree @Nemusmash Dash grab is really bad also @Super_M_SSB up-throw does actually have one good utility which is to set up platform conversions on the top plat of BF/YS.Non-Yoshi mains, what is his worst move? (not including e*g r*ll)Woke up feeling heartbroken 💔 I never thought my favorite video game company growing up as a kid would make me fee…
Retweeted by Light @SuarezYoshi Happy Birthday Yoshi 🎉🎂
Retweeted by Lighti accomplished absolutely nothing but still pretty sure melee is the only game u can move this creatively
Retweeted by Light @threezy I'm still really new and learning but yeah I'm down. Let's run it @AeRo_4459 he probably does because you need to play that mu with precision but there's no precision on wifi. If Bo… @StarPingu 🤨 @StarPingu Warm milk for sure has its place but with cereal? Kinda WeirdChamp @StarPingu 🤮Is this how @Twan709 got so good at smash didn't play Yoshi much in the past month but I warmed him up today and he's still by far my best.Congrats to @LightSSB on winning Controller Slam #9! As well as the rest of our stacked Top 8 2nd @VaporHFX 3rd…
Retweeted by Light @VaporHFX @_DKbill won-in-a-poll-ary @_DKbill Shuck3y and Vapor played secondaries so it wasn't too difficultController Slam #9 Champion 💪🦖🥚 @djcooler50 Isn't jab kinda bad? I rarely see it used over down-tiltMinmin is really the most boring character I have ever seen in my life.
Retweeted by Light @MaybsDoc 100% facts @StarPingu waiting in the finals of a wifi tourney right now 🦖🥚
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Warming up for controller slam by playing chessMyles took his picture with a nintendo DS
Retweeted by Light @_Fluffybuns My ssbwiki says semi-professional but I'm just glad they didn't describe me as a wifi warrior lolMelee is one of the main reasons I'm where I'm at right now, I owe it a lot. It's also just really really sick. #FreeMelee
Retweeted by LightThe community isn't asking for Nintendo's support. They just want to be left alone.I think the misunderstanding here is that people are upset that Nintendo is not sponsoring The Big House. No, peopl… like @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo still have not changed their mind regarding #FreeMelee Lets keep up the work…
Retweeted by LightFor International Men’s Day, I’m going to highlight some things that men uniquely struggle with:
Retweeted by LightRT to scare a Nintendo lawyer
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Retweeted by LightJust footstool naired somebody, amayoshi pfps invade this tweet
Retweeted by Light @Smashveteran66 Yoshi#FreeMelee
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Retweeted by LightAbsolute PR bullshit. Slippi does not require illegally obtained versions of the game to function. Backing up games…
Retweeted by LightI have been a lifelong Nintendo fan but yet again they disappoint with anti-consumer practices. Why spit in the fac… all the shit from Nintendo this takes the prize. It's a global pandemic going on and Nintendo once again want t…
Retweeted by LightI hope other gaming communities realize that if Nintendo gets away with this, it opens the door up for every game p…
Retweeted by LightI've been a Nintendo fanboy all my life, and I don't have any interest in competing in Melee (watching it is fun th…
Retweeted by Light @VaporHFX I know this isn't @ShamSavior because the Yoshi used egg lay at the end#FreeMelee
Retweeted by LightThis is it This is the moment where Nintendo returns to its pre 2013 roots, because it has deemed pretending to wo…
Retweeted by LightThis #InternationalMensDay let us recognise and celebrate the incredible contribution that men and boys make to our…
Retweeted by Light @LightSSB damn my boy why u not verified? Jersey get no love😔
Retweeted by LightPost français en commentaires. Le Hub #4 and further weeklies are temporarily canceled due to the province regress…
Retweeted by LightI'm gonna invest more time into Robin, really cool and fun character.POV: you have never felt the touch of a woman
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Retweeted by LightHad a dream last night that I got kicked out of a tournament because my Pro Controller was too low on battery lifeBefore going to the weekly tomorrow, keep an eye on our posts in case of cancellation of Le Hub. We do not plan to…
Retweeted by LightReally fucking wish skill mattered online
Retweeted by LightGot done a solid amount of homework today 🙂 @Kojakx_ Makes sense, I've seen people put Fox as +1 before but not +2. Idk though I haven't played many good foxes @Kojakx_ @Mishunz_Aiden I've played against Z, Madison Turner, and Floyd. It feels even imo because the combo damag… @Kojakx_ The biggest thing I struggle with against Fox is just that he's so much faster than Yoshi. His footsies ar… @Kojakx_ Can you elaborate on the Fox and Diddy placements?so heres my offline mu chart, yes i think yoshi only has 11 losing matchups
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