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@ohGav AHHH get some i wanna see @ijdawg998 just trust mehow am i fake for saying you have no valid input on someone else’s relationship get a job @dracubina see you in the next life queen🙏🏼 @ohGav back to making them?the most important meal of the day💖 adobe flash player 💔what ????? @reaIlysexy teemo mAin @fuckopti -opti- plays osured flags 🚩 (in men) - anime pfp - likes hentai - likes hockey - plays fortnite still - bad sleep schedule - earnings in bioahh love recommended youtube notifs that spoil greys for me lolKIRBY’S EPIC YARN!!! cashapp me $60 so i can get a massage pls😓 $moargn @BoyOneDrrPriv Yea @BoyOneDrrPriv Omg not oomf replying to that tweet @konokobunp there’s a girl at my work who probably could fit them @konokobunp yaSo I saw this on Facebook. Apparently this kid got put into ISS for wearing nail polish and won’t be released from…
Retweeted by morgan @slamongfIobo Trump’s own logic Biden deserves the credit for the stock market hitting a record high
Retweeted by morganMfs be so desperate for interactions that they lie about celebrity deathmy toxic trait is having adhd and not getting this fucking essay done @may_wedda @KittenElise a small price to pay for the large amount of sexual release @may_wedda @KittenElise BETWEEN JAN AND FEB??? @KittenElise thanks for uploading your new fart compilation to spotify i added it to my playlist right away! @Boy1drr just like ur dating life
#SpotifyWrapped @Gavpai noooo dont say thathe said 👉🏼👈🏼 AT ONE OF THE GIFTS ERIK GOT ME FOR CHRISTMAS ARE YOU KIDDING ME HES SO FUCKING CUTE @silvasalavisa IT LOOKS SO GOOD I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! THANK U AGAIN:Dddi’m a surgeon 👩🏼‍⚕️ got to clean out my pc 👩🏼‍💻💖 no more dust buildup! 🕸 @oFabz @22lexi_ i’m literally your only form of female interaction and i talk to you because it’s apart of my chari… @oFabz @22lexi_ brother she does not even INTERACT with you wtf do you mean “what if she does both”💀😭 @Boltsiola Act broke to stay rich you won’t understand
Retweeted by morgan @jiggIies Can u dm me this entire thing LOLwe did it team @jiggIies bro not only that but why is he letting her talk to u like that😬 @jiggIies she seems ~insecure~ @4a_of Happy birthday jack from adventure cat think flying nonstop is out of the question and i are so bad at keeping gifts secret we always end up showing eachother LMFAOOOOGIVEAWAY: 1 Bladee shirt (Size Large NEW) 3 discord nitro classic memberships RETWEET TO ENTER Mutuals only…
Retweeted by morgandiscord getting spicy @josueberrys Could be honestly, i’m gonna ask my manager on Saturday what she thinksIf my boyfriend got me flowers i would simply put them in a clear Christmas ornament for everytime he did @perc3miIli Minimum 1.5k each @josueberrys LP at nordstrom is extremely advanced so i’m sure they already have a clear photo of her and are gonna prosecute @Icy_Rapture @basedgodroman Completely the girls fault fr so fucking dumb of her @JOSSI4H No @catboy4000 No clue I’m assuming so because its major loss @Doc_Gore 1.5k each minimumwe’re supposed to only unlock one jacket at a time and this girl unlocked THREEEEEEEEEEE @basedgodroman NOT MY DEPARTMENT BUT GO OFF KINGbro someone stole 3 moncler jackets from my work🥲 @TommyThroatEm I did once outside and cut my leg open and now i have 2 scars... but at a rink i’m really goof @oFabz Hat @oFabz u know nothing about this topic why tf u starting a thread on it 💀💀
@JhbTeam just keep eating jermaine fuck those bitches fr‼️‼️😬💔I am crying LMFAOOO @xoxabstract and no gentlemen if that shit got dust on it from last year this is NOT about you‼️‼️ @alyssaaturk Miss u sm @silvasalavisa @VeesAQueen @chickfiley @JoeyTheSuperJew @itsraechill @scaruki @lexieyuh @shivisdumb @xoxabstract @nCaustic_ tier song @KittenElise be there in 15 @KittenElise wyd tho? lol @KittenElise woke up dripping and creaming @MrFuryRevenge @JERMAlNE you had an error in your tweet but dw i fixed it😄 @Boy1drr If he felt that way he wouldve joined after 5 or 6 but no he was LAST he waited until 10 PEOPLE WERE FUCKING BEFORE HE JOINED @Boy1drr He was last to participate and felt peer pressured to join in by the others @Boy1drr 11 is straightgood morning everyone have a great day do i follow hashtags on Instagramthe last picture 🥲THIS IS ALL I WANT the one does yelling USA do expect us to open up again but they’re the ones preventing us from being able to because of shit like this of being on the phone with her u are here reading this tweet. Bro she is literally farting on the phone wit… @may_wedda I want this @may_wedda Make sure to make time for her 🧍🏼‍♀️ @may_wedda What are u playing @VladTheMadLad1 No @VladTheMadLad1 Huhgentlemen if you don’t make time for her there’s always someone else that will 🙇🏼‍♀️✍🏼 @xoxabstract @lafresadecali if he wanted to he would queen! @xoxabstract @lafresadecali i want one but i don’t want to ask for one because i want him to get me one on his own… @xoxabstract @lafresadecali good for her! i am so happy for her!
@YuhuuurSpam G @xoxabstract “give me brain baby🤤🤤” you would need summa that huh ? @xoxabstract wow my bf is so smartARE YOU KIDDING ME IM GONNA MARRY YOU @iMercVI IDEIEJEJNEJDJWHS @iMercVI DID I OMG I HAVE A HORRIBLE MEMORRYYSBDJDO