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morgan BLM @liImorg erik 🤍

〽️cDonalds Count Yall Fuckin Days😭Mfs Put A Cookie 🍪 On My Shit 💆🏼‍♀️ Never Again🤬 They Done Gave My Ass A MF Mccookie Patty🤦🏼‍♀️

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@Moristiko Mor...10 minute pay to view video coming out tonight! only $7 for a subscription 🤍 🤍 baby man dreaming is so funMonkey see monkey do
Retweeted by morgan BLM @wydstepbrOoke She is so talented!😔 @MrFuryRevenge @HarryButAverage Link @HarryButAverage Link @sebastianjii @notchaselyons Ok thanks . @sebastianjii @notchaselyons this is him. and his brother. @sebastianjii @notchaselyons yes. would you like me to link you a picture of him? @sebastianjii @notchaselyons i think you’re thinking of the drake song, controlla.disgusting @ImMashed_Potato no thats her sisi am a charli d’amelio stan @gxmblr no wonder hes single @ilovesewshi Thankn. Y ou for your cErvix @ilovesewshi Than in you for your. Serverice🤍:( @peekm1d Omg @sebastianjii hi @artcue1 Tell them@i said yo @artcue1 Das my bday @cameIcrush Yes so i would pick shemar moore @cameIcrush mgg is definitely a sub @alisha_cpj yes lets do itTime to doordash 😌🧐 @notallielol Well @kellyiscooI i stopped playing i feel bad..*puts car in sport mode to go to mcdonalds down the street* @moonsuedo rest in peace💙 @Ultra15151 @timfanacc bro i bought at 600 LMFAOI cannot believe the audacity of some of you hoes...😐 @ownagesauce @spaghetic Hiwrong account if you want to be one of them 💖
Retweeted by morgan BLMwhen did y’all make ur first twitter account 🤔 mine was in 2011 @fuckopti No wbat is urs @Gavpai Ohhhhhhhhhhh gl @Moristiko We are all thinking it @Gavpai Bro ur texting n driving stoppppWeird how we all joined twitter for different reasons and somehow all ended up here in the same community lolhand on the gun
Retweeted by morgan BLM @lexsmone What the fuck lmao @pravdeepcoolr but so do yougirls will be in e relationships but own couple’s sex toys. when u using those? on discord? @oFabz sorryjust want to go home and go to sleep but my uber driver pulled over and forced me to go to a gaming cafe to watch him play osu @oFabz ARf arf ARFFFF WOOF *wags tail* @Moristiko you didnt have to i’m speaking on behalf of the ladies 🤣🤣 @Moristiko NoChoose your fighter
Retweeted by morgan BLM @LazasBautista *licks milkies* @LazasBautista Meow meowBomboclaat @serenatei I actually like them all equally ngl HAHAH i find myself ordering rainbow roll pretty often bc i love all the fishtruly feel bad for anyone who doesnt like itdinner on the table has no right to just. be that good
Retweeted by morgan BLM @xoxabstract @optiuh 7 is fine but 7 or above is actually unbearable unless u have loose pussy 💀💀💀 @xoxabstract @optiuh *clears throat* 7+ is painful so ladies like 6 or belowpyramids by frank ocean is so underrated @SmfhMyv1Head pirate british man @SmfhMyv1Head HAPPY BIRTHDAYFLORIDA NUMBER ONE!!!!!!! USA! 🇺🇸 USA! 🇺🇸 USA! 🇺🇸 thoughts suck ass bro i hate having OCD 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 @notallielol who? i dont know anyone. dm @spaghetic WHY DU YOU WORD IT LIKE TJATSHWINDJRWell i rather not be friends with someone who support a racist sexist pig @meltoosilly Sex worker problems😢AND THEY ASK YOU WHATS INSIDE @ItsZijZ I have to pay shipping @AIexIoI @i_like_feet56 .Do u guys realize that part of mailing my shit and piss to someone requires me to TAKE MY SHIT AND PISS TO THE POST OFFICE.if we’re friends and i find out that you support trump then we aren’t friends anymore @xillled depends on the price...deleting all of my social media @xillled this goes hard @GriefChill Her.SO WHAT AM I NAMING HER????? @peekm1d @gio_1x LOL @artcue1 I KNOWWW i was so ready to make the switch to spotify too but this was a dealbreaker cus it looks so cute @peekm1d send a snapchat @artcue1 I like how in my car it shows the song i listen to :/ it doesnt do that with spotify :( gav’s shirt as a seat cover @peekm1d what does it look like @chinesefoodb @gxmblr stinky little dude collab🔥 @chinesefoodb @gxmblr Just flexing it since ur a little fanboy @meltoosilly Mine always is wrapped around the building LOL @meltoosilly Yea but theres a line so @chinesefoodb @gxmblr Yeah he followed my finsta and i met him in 2015 @chinesefoodb @gxmblr Did i tell u i used to be buddies with him lolthere would be so many people called Marie @chinesefoodb @gxmblr Cacc jacob loserington