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3D Environment Artist @ Sony Santa Monica Studio. Instagram: @liitt_art she/her 🏳️‍🌈/ Rock Climber / SoulsBorne obsessed / Video games /Opinions are my own.

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My mood is with the woman in line buying 2 bottles of wine, chocolate chip, blueberries, and chocolate ice cream @probabilish Why would anyone eat this
@Corgiboltz It’s literally my fav horror movie @Corgiboltz @GrantPDesign @BillyMatjiunis @RubixFrames Yoooo! @gabs820 Guess I need overalls now
I am listening
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I’m 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Ivanna Liittschwager @MtHamiltron GOOD NAMES 10/10
The Last of Us Part II as a comic book, envisioned by the incredible George Quadros. #FanArtFriday Send us your ow…
Retweeted by Ivanna Liittschwager @gabs820 All sapphics are summoned
Retweeted by Ivanna LiittschwagerVOTE. my lord this whole thread 🤩
@SlappaDeBass Holy crappppp @efparkery Cat scarf
@MtHamiltron you can't You don't handle me deserve me at my a…
Retweeted by Ivanna Liittschwager @garber_andrew This is SWEET @ShifallyR I’m sorry for posting the truthMe posting my art on twitter dot com is the blockmesh that I made for Pioneer Park in #TheLastofUsPart2 This is where we introduced the Seraphite…
Retweeted by Ivanna Liittschwager @efparkery @gabs820 R I P to themMe seeing more and more people break down over finishing Bly Manor on my timeline
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Me at home in quarantine @maracrrt @James_Ham90 I literally CANNOT wait @James_Ham90 omg thats so sickWhenever I miss playing World of Warcraft I know something is very wrong with me goin onone problem..........
Retweeted by Ivanna Liittschwager @jennisuever Welcome to sad town @gabs820 day I’ll make another full environment piece when I get off my lazy butt....#PortfolioDay again already? Aight let’s goooo! I’m Ivanna and I am an Environment Artist at Santa Monica Studio an… @jennisuever @gabs820 @jennisuever @chelseamanzanoo @GhostHeart_ Oh myGODDDD @jennisuever It’s both...... @jennisuever Get your tissues ready dude
@James_Ham90 It was a pleasure to have @liitt_art, @SonySantaMonica environment artist on. It was really fun diving int…
Retweeted by Ivanna LiittschwagerLMAOOOOO @skinkertonn Wait yes @skinkertonn No @RobertAnim8er YESI deserpately miss waking up early to get dressed and rushing to get ready to go to work in the morning. @CrystalSully Super cute cat 10/10 @lowpolycurls @Eyebrows_Chang Aye share @SEchouafni 👀👀👀👀👀 @breckten Crazy!!! Truly a glow up. 👍🏼 @gabs820 Tbh it is but I’m also so sad @gabs820 @bcruisin Y’all 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️Open left pic for a larger image...of a cliffside using 1 rock (insert rock emoji here)
@ValarMyghulis LMAO @gabs820 @haunting @gabs820 @netflix @haunting LMAOOOOOOOO NO CHILLWe finished Bly manor
Retweeted by Ivanna Liittschwager @gabs820 Omg the tissues @gabs820 TEARS ON TEARSHappy #NationalComingOutDay to those who are out, those who have yet to come out, and those who are still in the pr…
Retweeted by Ivanna LiittschwagerFinished The Haunting in Bly Manor... TEARS TEARS TEARSsome things to remember for #NationalComingOutDay: ❤️ you don’t need to be “out” to be valid 🧡 come out at your o…
Retweeted by Ivanna LiittschwagerI want Unreal Engine 5 where is it⏰ TikTok time ⏰ When you're under too many NDAs.
Retweeted by Ivanna Liittschwager @crookedspin_ @floralaurabee Yeah another reason why I wasn’t doing it recently as well 😂 get back out there!! @SandboxAlchemy Oh my god you are a wizard?????
@CinnamonPossum It is! @YBourykina It’s perfectly splendid. @gabs820 It got.......interesting.......👁👁Oh no I was going to clean but I’m binging A Haunting in Bly Manor. @rogueswompy"I'll Be Gone..." 🎤 Here's the full illustration and I'm rolling on with the song references (THANK YOU a ton to m…
Retweeted by Ivanna Liittschwager @rafagrassetti I know nothing about the Batman series but this is SICK @N_GONS Buy a bow and shoot something. That’s how I started. I had no idea what I was doing at first 😂A challenge... @charliemew2 tyBeen a minute since I’ve shot. Feels good to be back though. 🙂 @seanvangorder LOLLL @ValarMyghulis @GhostHeart_ I’ve never seen a single avengers movie @GabsWithTheAbs This is very funny but also you are good people for doing that @gabs820 lmfaoodhakdhak @gabs820 Me that whole part: “LETS GOOOOO LADIES”That one part in this last episode of The Boys @seanvangorder Holy crap! Amazing! @seanvangorder Omggg how tall is she??We’re happy to announce that God of War (2018) and God of War III Remastered will be playable on day one via backwa…
Retweeted by Ivanna LiittschwagerInsomniac has been so consistent with these Spider-Man memes 👌
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@JeryceDia ChonkyStill dreaming about that #DemonsSouls #PS5.
Retweeted by Ivanna LiittschwagerWhen PS5 launches this November, more than 99% of the PS4 library will be playable on PS5. Your top backward compa…
Retweeted by Ivanna Liittschwager @gabs820 I’m gonna replay TLOU2 on PS5 and 4K tv and I’m just gonna... those who recently listened to the Game Dev Discussion episode and are interested in my sculpting process, I ha… @CelinedeWijs This is a flexOh my goddddddd
@charliemew2 Some days I just feel insaneWhen something simple takes all day to make for no fucking reason @BeddowsDesign @SEchouafni Absolutely not Alex @SEchouafni I was waiting for someone to point this out.............