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Executive Director, National Book Foundation. Opinions mine alone.

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I keep watching this and highly recommend watching his fellow officers who don’t blink an eye at the white power sa…
Retweeted by Lisa Lucasthis sums up @mayorofla’s Covid messaging
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@blgtylr Yep.A gift. @bycdl I just had an hour long discussion about how people always tell me I look like her! I guess that means we could be sisters?!?!? @rakeshsatyal @alexanderchee My favorite part of every week(With apologies for letting her parents know all the secret tricks she will inevitably find out.)Just met the little girl (and her parents and grandma, masked and in the backyard) who is growing up in my childhoo… @eawright !!!!With Great Grandma Velma ❤️ @LtGovStratton PROUD see me at prom?Breonna Taylor should be alive today. Keep saying her name until justice is served.
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @MollyJongFast @JoyceWhiteVance 😘😘😘I. Am. So. Excited. For. This. Book. times keep on rolling ignore Ye. Seriously.defund fireworks
Retweeted by Lisa LucasPositive it was @annadobbenWish Please one more kiss in the kitchen before we turn the lights off —W.S. Merwin
Retweeted by Lisa LucasWhat kind of monster is still setting off firecrackers before 8am?!?!Are we calling it a Zoom Christmas yet?Surface contamination and fleeting encounters are less of a worry than close-up, person-to-person interactions for extended periods.
Retweeted by Lisa LucasIS THIS EVER GOING TO ENDCuba credits two drugs with slashing coronavirus death toll
Retweeted by Lisa LucasI don’t know how I failed to get a photo of beautiful @foxyhedgehog from a distanced hang, but I did.Jan Morris! (And always an ! for Jericho) epidemiologist, an ICU doctor and a scientist all walk into a bar. I’m just kidding, they know better.
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @MollyJongFast @ENBrown SameThis week for Working, I talked to Tracy Sherrod, of @AmistadBooks, about the business of publishing.
Retweeted by Lisa LucasDamn.’ing that some put “Hamilton goes live on Disney Plus” on the all staff calendar @nationalbook 😂😂😂The moon is absolutely magical tonight. Look up.What were slow news days like? @PKhakpour 💔My brain stop working when this shit pop up
Retweeted by Lisa LucasBREAKING: Baltimore protesters have pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus and thrown it into the city's Inne…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasBut I do kind of dig the thunderdome vibes.How many fireworks factories are there in America and have they considered not?
Retweeted by Lisa LucasLegitimately unclear whether or not the neighborhood is going to burn to the ground tonight? Some of these things are HUGE. #fireworks @S_Insley_H It’s bananas @Brian_Thill (Different person tonight!) @dorismariahphd Oh no poor thing 💔💔What if we all just ignored him completely on this one? @raconteursaurus Today seems especially intense, but yeah, no dog’s best season.Covid-19 outbreak reported in 15 fraternity houses at University of Washington
Retweeted by Lisa LucasEvery pet in NYC is having the worst night of all time.This firecracker situation is WILD. @jstheater @tayari Lightning bugs, New JerseyAre these people seriously having a block party?!?
Literally no one in my life has acknowledged the 4th. It’s great. @BrentNYT Birks today! But I brought em!CHUCK ❤️❤️❤️ @elizmccracken ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @donwill Can’t with you todayHappy to report I have been stirring the cauldron for a few years now and a new novel has formed in the fumes and w…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasMY HEART here 6 feet from my beloved brother for the first time in four months and I’m not crying you’re crying. I… the greatest anti-slavery speech ever uttered is “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July,” by Frederick Do…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasEveryone, please #WearAMask and social distance this weekend and for the foreseeable future until we beat this dis…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasI always wonder if it’s really cheaper than just paying taxes.
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas“The sound of running water drowned out the constant ringing of his mobile phone, as frantic colleagues tried to wa…'m starting to think having a national ethos of "Fuck You, You Can't Tell Me What To Do" may have shortcomings during a pandemic.
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas“I’M NOT HERE FOR YOU. 🔪 🔪 🔪” - Angelica #HamiltonFilm
Retweeted by Lisa LucasRenée Elise Goldsberry will EGOT
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @IsaacFitzgerald That's literally the tune that prompted the tweet!No YOU'RE watching the incredible performance that is "Wait For It" by 👑@leslieodomjr on repeat even though you haven't gone to bed yet.
Retweeted by Lisa LucasMy god, I could listen to Leslie Odom Jr. sing forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. One of my abso…'ve said it before and I'll say it again, Musical Theater Twitter is one of the best Twitters. 🤓
Retweeted by Lisa LucasMay I direct you to my friend @livetheshowtyme, a fine actress and one of our ushers in Philly? Here’s what she’d s…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasHappy to be able to contribute voice to this piece. So much love to the incredible writing team: @wkamaubell,…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasNo two Hamilton shows were the same. This performance was special because in some small + indescribable way, they…
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas80% of the TL
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Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @yoderama @booksijustread Agree. The worst!I hope I do not get the family mole?!?!I am absolutely losing it over Hamilton. ALL OF THE FEELS.Ok, that’s it...I quit.
Retweeted by Lisa LucasMom on the phone telling me about her late Great Uncle, of Los Angeles, who went by “Big Daddy Beef” and had “the family mole”I was an EXTREME musical theater nerd and this stuff legitimately soothes my soul.I saw Hamilton after @leslieodomjr had already left and I am SO READY FOR THIS Y'ALL. @franklinleonard What did I just see @Bookgirl96 Same. @KristenRadtke @mgoldsm Damn y’all now I need a burritoWhelp I hope the beach was fun. doing this. It’s not only annoying and unsafe, but it makes you look like a jerk. grateful is everyone to @Lin_Manuel rn?!?! I am. Needed this!It is so epic. @rgay @debbiemillman ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @jstheater Danez dunked on LL. It was great.Take out and Hamilton in my own-ass apartment does not sound bad rn.I really didn’t see the whole of 2020 coming, but even with all this madness I still think the Danez / LL Cool J Tw… @kmc1213 @AndrewNYCLawyer @MollyJongFast It just feels different, not just the homelessness. Brooklyn def feels lik… ur plans, LA. Please!, I have the opportunity to get Covid, for free, at any time! (And a shot at paying a ton for the treatment!) I… holidaymakers can travel to Paris, Berlin and a host of other destinations from July 10 without restriction…
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @kmc1213 @AndrewNYCLawyer @MollyJongFast Brooklyn feels *super* different from Manhattan to me. @RachelFersh @S_Insley_H I’m still cackling at “damn, Cassandra” @S_Insley_H @RachelFersh 😭😭😭😭😭 @MollyJongFast It was a staggering change for me. I wasn’t here, but my god the number of people sleeping on the st…