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"Compared with the manifold complexities of global warming, dealing with ozone depletion was, in fact, relatively s…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasThis continues to be a very worthwhile reading journey. I’d forgotten how much I love some of these stories.
💔 don’t know if it’s the sunshine, or a new much warmer coat, or just generally having woken up feeling very full-h… was pretty well prepared to skip Norman F*****g Rockwell, but I finally did and now I can’t stop listening to it. #soundtrackBedtime reading @cari_luna 😂On Baldwin’s letters to his brother.
@Casey_CAC Is that a Waterstone’s?I’m never saying anything like this out loud ever again because hello old friend insomnia!I plan to sleep like the dead tonight.
@kimberlyburnspr @DeniseOswald I’ve only done it once in a year and a half and I can’t do it again yet. (The voicemails.) I want to tho. @DeniseOswald xoPulitzer Prize Board Announces New Audio Reporting Category @_belletristic_ Love you too, honey. @snailwrangler They are. I think it takes a while to internalize it maybe? @hiwildflower xo @LailaLalami Thank you, Laila. xx @joeangier You knew him. The true best. @lacymjohnson Thanks so much, Lacy. You are kind. And thoughtful! @fbhutto Thank you, friend. xx @AnikaNoniRose Right? It’s everything just to share the world with your people. @matthewspecktor xo @AnikaNoniRose Thank you 🙏🏽 @Lin_Manuel 🙏🏽💔But we can still learn to self-soothe, yes? Even when middle aged?The holidays are overwhelming without him. I suppose this will ease up, but it’s only the second one. And now this… truth is, I miss my father so much. He was the cheerer-upper of Lisa.I started today determined to be in a good mood and attack everything with an open heart and I am... not succeeding. @Egangoonsquad @ScribnerBooks Never. Ever. Gets. Old. @jerichobrown You are everything. @KLL5 😂😂😂These lists make me feel SO OLD @elephantbot (Also I do it during the break because... time.)DAWWWWW @ScribnerBooks @Egangoonsquad Would any time! @elephantbot Never loved the holidays tbh!Lily Bart kills me every single time.Every other holiday season, I re-read The House of Mirth. I didn't last year, so me and Ms. Lily Bart bout to get into it again. Can't wait.I was super bummed when I realized I would be missing every single NYC holiday party next weekend until mad west co… downside of this is looking like Baby Jane by lunchtime. @lauriemuchnick Oh man, Laurie. Hugs to y'all. So scary. @thebestjasmine ty! @AlicePoet xo! @esmewang gah thank you @alanalevinson dawwwwwww thank you!Thanks, Spotify, for letting me know that I listened to way too much Tyler the Creator this year.20s were rough but ridiculous and fun. 30s were tough but productive (and often fun). No idea what is to come, but… @PKhakpour I haven't but might now!!! :)It was such a joy to talk to Susan Choi on the podcast about Trust Exercise and why the CATS sweatshirt was the ult…
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @PKhakpour Bingo!Man when you were born on the first day of a decade, December of an 19_9 or 20_9 year is reflective as hell. WHAT I…"Like many of the awards handed out in the arts community, from the National Book Awards to the Oscars, the judges…, I hope y'all enjoyed one less email in ya inboxes on Tuesday, because mine was inundated.Good morning to my personal aversion to #givingtuesday emails being on blast! For the record - we raised far more t… fun to give "a quick comment" to a reporter and end up being the ENTIRE PIECE @DavidAGaspar I will take this note into account for upcoming CDMX trip ha @lyzl Also 🙏🏽 @lyzl Madewell!! @kislanykim Blush. 🙏🏽Bright red lip kind of day. mail. @ioannaonline Indeed. @kislanykim @SlimSmith5 I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m glad it gave at least some comfort.Well that’s a new one! I forgot that gym time was 7 am and not 6:30 and got here at 6:20. Who am I even? 💀 @BradfordPearson 😂😂Am I alone in being very into this season of The Crown? @joshgondelman @leahcarroll @dunkindonuts I feel like @bjnovak needs to see this too. @joshgondelman @leahcarroll @dunkindonuts Oh good. I just wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if you hadn’t… going to bed mad early to get up before 6 thing has been a real adjustment. @leahcarroll @dunkindonuts !!! cc:@joshgondelman @viet_t_nguyen @vromans ❤️❤️❤️hard to accept that both elizabeth hardwick AND jean stafford married this dickhead
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @Kristen_Arnett @joshgondelman I mostly think he’s the lucky one (because loyal friend), but I will concede that…, again and again and again and again, FTW. @Nicole_Cliffe Sweatshirt Aviator Nation?!.@joshgondelman is just *chef’s kiss* @row_ie_argument I haven’t!The past few days (months! years!) have been buck wild bananas crazy busy with little to no space for Lisa and I’ve…
@SuziG @nationalbook ❤️ @emmastraub @mariabraeckel @yrstrulyREL @AndyWard15 I love encounters in that lobby!I love them all 💕💕💕 I look at how extraordinarily much the women at @nationalbook do, in the office, at home, in life, it is a con… case you forgot that we're nearing the end of the decade (!) @EW has the been rounding up best of lists, and the…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasOkay this one I rock with @rs_sparks @RobGMacfarlane I said just one specifically because of folks like you hahah @iSmashFizzle @believekarolina I have been WAITINGAnother scream! screamed. CANNOT WAIT TO READ. @MCSnugz @stepville This is super on my list! @PublishersWkly (Due Dec 6)I just looked at today's calendar and passed tf outNominations for @PublishersWkly Person of the Year = Open. Celebrate the people you admire! (I hope they don't hate… wife, Julia Rabig, a historian here, is working on a book on how the shredding of the social safety net has left…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasDug up the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill after a long time and now can't stop listening. #Soundtrack