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Lisa Lucas @likaluca Brooklyn/Los Angeles

Executive Director, National Book Foundation / Incoming Publisher, Pantheon & Schocken Books (Jan 2021)

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@trtzbass @TheRaDR @FredTJoseph Abolish Slavery was a slogan and declaration of intent and this country went to war…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasI feel personally attacked.'s just all move there
Retweeted by Lisa Lucasa mixed bag of caution and optimism within The House just passed a bill to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. A historic moment.
Retweeted by Lisa LucasSAME @IAmJulesWard oh totally, I just did the little survey and then followed the snaking line and was like.... oh! got… appear to be... last.
The dad joke we didn’t know we needed ❤️ better be great. @LtGovStratton SAMEAdrian Tomine has us all out here like “CAN HE SEE INSIDE MY HOUSE?!?” out here with 0-1 Black people in their whole entire lives and IT SHOWS.Super pumped to have a three week break between jobs, esp since I can’t remember the last time I’ve had that much t… @john_mendelson They are not allowed to sully my inboxJoyce Beatty elected next chair of Congressional Black Caucus #politics #feedly
Retweeted by Lisa LucasMy inbox is 87% Ossoff and Warnock at this point.!!! news: @theblcklst founder & CEO @franklinleonard revealed The Black List is partnering with @MGM_Studios. Tune…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasMGM And Black List Launch Two-Year Feature Film Script Writing Partnership To Discover Underrepresented Voices
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @LaurenMarkham_ @bengucciardi 💀 @Gracieschinamom Far superior to not huggingBut it sure does sound like hugging is coming back soonish!I think we might need to pin our hopes on 2022, guys. Even with a vaccine, 2021 is not going to be pretty."Without the transit system there is no New York City," says Riders Alliance Organizing Manager Stephanie Burgos-Ve…
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @LaurenMarkham_ @bengucciardi NOT INSIDE THE HOUSE OH NOOOOOOMy fave couple of 2020 @brookeleblanc @AngelikaNewYork @IFCCenter @VillageECinema I would kill for a night at Film Forum rn.BREAKING NEWS: Wisconsin Supreme Court won’t hear Trump election lawsuit, likely dooming state court case seeking to overturn loss
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @azemezi Yassssssss.@michele_norris + @ProfessorEA + @BarackObama! Finalist Shuggie Bain to be adapted for tv! @lithub
Retweeted by Lisa LucasThis is the week that would not end.WONDERFUL NEWS! @TomBeerBooks @IsaacFitzgerald This going to be my new OOO replyI remain obsessed with this kid's stuff! So good.💕 @Lesdoggg I bet @nationalbook would send you some books :).@esglaude 😂😂😂😂 @dispositive I like the OG too, but she is so good!😂😂😂😂😂😂 So much joy! competing to succeed Joy Reid on weekends, Tiffany Cross and Jonathan Capehart will share her former MSNBC sl…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasThis is tonight and I’m super stoked! I’m a huge fan of @museummammy and @jennydeluxe and this beautiful fucking to…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasFeeling good about the President getting fired today!
@Piper ❤️❤️❤️Makes me think of #AlbertWoodfox
Retweeted by Lisa LucasWow. Just this *very* moment I learned that today is Wednesday. Not Tuesday. Wednesday. Lord!"I want to encourage everyone to practice reading and revolution, with and through these seven beautiful books." mo…
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas"Many a great revolution has begun with a reading group." - Kelly Lytle Hernández
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas.@nationalbook's Literature for Justice launch is NOW! @c5chris45 YUPLord have mercy, the universe sure does not make it easy for women 😩BREAKING: We’re suing DHS, CBP, and ICE for records about their secret purchase and use of our cell phone location data to track us.
Retweeted by Lisa LucasThe United Kingdom granted emergency approval of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine overnight, and vaccinations there are…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasI wasn't ready for a timeline. Too much hope!This pandemic is bad vibes, 100% of the time.This vaccine news has me too hype and I truly know better, but the desire to escape miserable plague hell is too strong. @EAE_Africa @_businesscity Eh, I think plenty extremely “adult” adults can’t pay their bills, which is the shame of… at any age is hard, for sure, but I wouldn’t redo my 20s for any reasonable sum of money.Can’t lie, I really do like adulting. @MsTerryMcMillan And Merry Christmas, Terry! @MsTerryMcMillan xx @jennasauers @RachelYoder This is the correct answer.Whelp looks like someone needs a better financial advisor. SEAMLESS @elliottholt This is a change!
Retweeted by Lisa LucasI have started using "gr8" far more than I am proud of. @dmason42 My heart goes out to the grandparents. Y'all have been THROUGH it.Asking this also yes or no to The Undoing?Do not force yourself to fit into the world. Make the world bend in your direction.
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @LoebDavon @harriettsbooks I will! I am long overdue in Philly! When this mess ends, I'm on it!It is the most wonderful time of the year! time I stir my tea, I worry that I am get-outting myself. @carlosbathory69 AWWW, good luck!Soundcloud: buy or borrow a book! @Gwenda Total bummer, but also an opportunity to innovate!THIS THIS THIS THIS Y'ALL surprised to see Book Expo go in this direction, but I will say that attending BEA as a baby bookseller changed…
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @paperhaus not at all!Eek. calls for a "robust" economic aid package in the lame duck, but says any deal will be "just the start."
Retweeted by Lisa LucasIt's that time of year! NPR’s Book Concierge is here!
Retweeted by Lisa LucasWowza of our programming, the launch of our final Literature for Justice year is tomorrow at 3pm ET! This is sur…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasDid you dig the virtual National Book Awards? Want to help me leave the National Book Foundation in good shape for… 50 days until we get to call @JoeBiden President of the United States.
Retweeted by Lisa LucasFolks, we are SOLD OUT! Thank you so much for your support.✨
Retweeted by Lisa LucasMariah with the good book stack! third and final Literature for Justice launch! Healthcare workers 2. Nursing home residents 3. Essential workers 4. High risk adults/adults over 65 5. All o… @DeniseOswald @emmastraub all. of. the. hugging.Kinda into this lame duck life.Breaking: Every full time NHS and adult social care worker in Scotland to get one-off "thank you payment" of £500,…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasScottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announces £100m package to help those impacted by Covid, including a “cash…
Retweeted by Lisa LucasThe photographer Christopher Payne captures the process by which millions of the vials that will carry COVID-19 vac…
Retweeted by Lisa Lucas @lauriemuchnick @levistahl @ambernoelle @CrimeReads @CommunityBkstr SAMEThere are more COVID patients in California hospitals than ever before in the pandemic, sparking a race to tamp dow…
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