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big time music producer, if u add them all together i think ive gone platinum • @hazheart666 • @boyfriendz666 • booking:

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@fuckyoucarlo very cool @fuckyoucarlo 3,487Thinking about pretty girls but are pretty girls thinking about me? Probably not
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK1 minute before the museum closes
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @cremijeur ima jus stay up then @ROZZDYLIAMS yummy @lilaaron911 bee cum the best version of yourself
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKwhere did all my side hoes gohearing my dog snore is the most soothing sound ive ever heard @y2k2y hell ya bring fireworksmy roommates goin on tour n ima have the crib to myself who wanna come do stupid shitCANCEL THE PARTY EP OUT TODAY featuring @landonvoncube @wifisfuneral @yungpinch Watch the complete film HERE:…
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKhoney is bee cumwhat if Arizona didnt have service @tracyminajjjjj ok this is epicmy middle school art teacher after her 7th cup of coffee off @chaseicon ima check her out for surewho give a fuck what somebody wanna do w their own body and how they identify lmao it’s 2020 get over it worry about urself
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @chaseicon smash @Gusbuckets borrowed valor @viviannapixie 💚 @belisgo stop sleepin @POPSMOKE10I love pop smoke pls make song with me
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKstolen valor @Skyduck64 “they use great gear” @Skyduck64 LMAOOOOOO @onepieceoftape lovetweet “balls in my face” rn plz @youngthug nooooooooooo thug plz say ur hacked plz
@lorettaxrose wanna golets work bro @FrencHMonTanA @NEDARBNAGROM burner phone808 rock is an ep then the album is after but it mite take me 5 years to make 🤷🏼‍♂️ do people get their birthdate tattooed on themselves? Don’t you have an I.D. ?
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKi have a realllllly cool vid for 808 rock almost done that i did w the goat @mrseanbarrett i love working w him. th… @betrayedgbc @AdamnKilla we already made it i just gotta finish it lol @AdamnKilla im glad we could share this moment @lilaaron911 Thank u i am personally coming out as a lil Aaron fan
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @zxMetal @hazheart666 ill do shows but i dont wanna tour... if that makes sense @AdamnKilla im coming out as an adamn fanbeing in the studio makes me 1000% more happy and all im focused on rn is being happy and building @hazheart666 (which also makes me happy)that good shit am i the only nigga naked at this gender reveal party
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @AdamnKilla u feel me @Dreamsofskitch lmao i feel u dude!i dont plan on touring ever again @grandpagiraffe_ looks so goodHAHAHHAHHAAHAHAHAHAH
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @Dreamsofskitch no cap!A friendly reminder that you can acquire and accomplish everything you ever wanted, and it won’t be enough until yo…
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @AdamGoesHam damnnnn @ajbends considering just flying out there tn @JaydenPanesso @erikron @noahsebastian ill bring the white claws @isabelaseraffim betwho tryna go to vegas’t wait
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKi wonder what mambo no. 1 was like
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKKicked a couple ppl out of my dream last night
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKroyalty free pussy @ajbends love u come hang @imtuckermoore i def have like 5kwish i could use all these left over splice credits at the strip club @parkerabsent neeeeeeed @Fuck_Twelve_ thanks for letting me use my own idea man very selfless of udamn ima make this fye tweet from 2016 into songJus played my mom the new @boyfriendz666 track and she melted !
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKi wanna pay jake paul $20 a month to tell me how to deal w my anxiety
presidents day is the stupidest fucking holiday ever i dont give a fuck about a president all my homies hate presidents dayCartoons Too by @yungjake
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @iamtarro @isotonicwater oh shit @abrilluisarios who is top right? 👀 @dances not much technical to learn from those tbhLMAOOOOOOOO @joshpan im 12 and this is deep @Mark2471 ya 1000 usdthe fuck does washingtons bday have to do w a dog groomer... @zuluisdead really good example tbh @NEDARBNAGROM i bought them all to force a droughtselling one custom beat for a rack today dm if u want it @sebontweets on godpeople in LA love writing songs for people who don’t take songs
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKwhat are some good production educational videos or series i should watch... if daw specific then ableton but i jus… this too much to ask for? 😪
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @MaddiGrow owwiehot they/thems are allowed to dm me 😌🤟🏼 @belisgo yes it runs on tomato soupits called growth @belisgo yesterdaywhen should we drop this ? ❤️
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKhot girls are allowed to dm me 😌🤟🏼 @Sonny5ideUp @Dreamsofskitch they know who travis is tho @pajthelilegg LOL why u deleteInside I’m a mess. So I tweet.
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @jackimissyou @idobiradio @GoneFishkin give this man a show @pajthelilegg probably noti asked a question on the internet and ppl are like “ur talking about shit u literally have no idea about”... ya th… @jlecaj_ @JustinEscalona bc i meant non musicians. chill the fuck out. @jlecaj_ @JustinEscalona holy shit chill the fuck out im literally asking lol @smrtdeath no call no text