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is milk a bodily fluidgna go live on hazcord in a bit come thru @MERRICKMUSTDIE send me any good onesNew song “Razor” Who wants it? Beans and Uma are grounded for fighting.
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK🤔🤔🤔 @askulloffoxes how did i miss this... @askulloffoxes exactly @askulloffoxes not a secret for long thoooolmaooooooo ok im off that @hotleather @parv0_ clyde this is what cooked chicken looks like, for future reference @MaxDotBam new low @JoshManuel @ajbends @theworkofjar take me with next time plz @ajbends u been on that mask shit @Kahigadelian man gimme that plug lol
@clubpenquinn neff? flex @convolk honestly u should pay him to play shows for u so u can collect a bag while at homeyo this goes bro congrats on the new sound!!! @convolk @belisgo @awonderland yesshould @awonderland and i drop our beautiful song together one day ⁉️😧
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @awonderland so sickwho in goshen tap in @jayxvee no shirt, no shoes, no problem 💯 @hisethelcain a true fashionista @hisethelcain shoes go hard @smrtdeath i got u bro hate dese internet ppl
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKlol same
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @smrtdeath W @natashaxxgrey fr ima just start tweeting them all lol @terr9r hbd old ass @7ngelus yoooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂💀💀💀make vegan options @Tyga @Advil he jus like me :)my friend sent me this video of his dog eating corn on the cob and i had to share it. thank you twitterless tony fo…
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKtyga bites @askulloffoxes hard @lophiile lets go
sorry there’s no EP announcement yet, finishing a project is hard with these fat fucking tits in the way
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKwhat da hell @aprilarson W @dennysgrandsam_ hell no @aprilarson that sux @heyeunhae thx :)im hi😳😳😱 BRUHHHH KEEP IT REAL.... THIS CATCHY?? or trash??! buzzing Huntington Park native “moneysignsuede” catches our…
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKi would go back in time and kill baby dahvie vanity
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKsomething about listening to @lilaaron911 while watching the old country club men play racket ball makes me hot
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKS̆̈t̆̈ă̈r̆̈t̆̈ ŏ̈f̆̈ ă̈ n̆̈ĕ̈w̆̈ w̆̈ĕ̈ĕ̈k̆̈
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @celestiallyactv dope @aprilarson yea @lilaaron911 808 rock money already came in and it hasnt even dropped yet
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKbought a boat @copkiller1999 immigration??? @Heidii_Jane spending time w my brother! @TheCrossXXX W @onedyingwish W @jacksondgreen u can see the future???? @cams_castle hbd mom! @CameronWalker W @MyovichOFFICIAL cute afthese are dope keep em comin @HalfEvilSam yo @parv0_ right he just missing outwould u simp for me @TravisRichter @parv0_ @NEDARBNAGROM yup @FairyFucktress omg ayyye @belisgo thats what im talkin about @ouiouilux confirmed @thereadyset thanks jordanready as ever, ken been brought to my attention that i have e girl bangs is this true arent allowed to have feelings or show emotiontheres a way to give criticism that isnt so snarky shut up dummy as soon as @jakkystealurgrl gets back to la u want to practice on me u can def tattoo a nipple on my leg and i wont cover it up
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @onedyingwish be like @KingYosef_ @AppleMusic hardddd
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKgamers / streamers — yes u can play all my shit from 2019 and 2020 on stream w no copyright strikes !!
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @dennysgrandsam_ no capjk its actually cool that these kids fw my music 💚🔥shout out tik tok boys for making me money lets gooooo naps out of boredom
I miss her 😔, but fuck that bitch
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKsurprise 🍾 here go a new instrumental tape ! nedarb - adapting (ep) bandcamp exclusive…
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKIt’s the lords day
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @ybthelurk lmaooo dumbassNeed My Cock Sucked #3hunna
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCKguys dont watch porn only girls @callari anime is on tvreality tv is the pinnacle of televised entertainmentᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
Retweeted by DROP 808 ROCK @ybthelurk were u tryna skate?when ever ppl tell me something cant be done i just find a work around. u cant stop me.any of my followers in the recording academy??? hmuhow come disney never made a scene princess after all these lol anyone who asks me Anything - Shut up (wtf?).
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