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163cm living doll ♡ bmi 17.7 ♡ pasta lover

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@Wonie_3048 163.5cm (5'4") & 46-47kg (101-103lb).. im at 47.5kg rn. @pxiesltz this thread has an average height of 64.73 inches which is 5'4.73 or 164.4cm! (sorry i just woke up from… @pennyisunhappy @idkcals_ why is this such good thinspoi want to be this type of skinny
Retweeted by bell ♡ @eddieinhiding i wishHIIT >>>> cardio
@livingwithfae @2003fawn @edtwtshara @satangvmeaheart @namjoonshonkers OK!!! @2003fawn thank you!! 😭 i didnt know how to plate it so i had a separate plate for broccoli @2003fawn @edtwtshara @satangvmeaheart @livingwithfae @namjoonshonkers ngl its kinda underwhelming. forgive me just made pretty proud.. who wants to see ityall when does it end. every time i get within 2kg of my ugw im like "🤨...-2kg from my ugw" @cleuriea as long as its not creepy...... yesim following people back as fast as possible without getting rate limited btw ;( pls twtjust woke up from a nightmare ab this HUGE EVIL GIRL it was so bad she wanted to step on me @adventofdawn im pretty tired, wbu?? @hotchocodiet 44kg.. 😈HI NEW MOOTS!!😁at 1.2k cal today and kinda feel like i binged but its okay... </3
my scale is in my moms room so i always subtract clothes weight but i feel so invalid☹️...what if im wrong.. @diorexical that looks so good WOWhi!! im bell, 17, and i want moots :D (not new to edtwt, i just wanted to start over) -no requirements, only hopin…
♡/↻ to be in an edtwt gc!! no requirements, just for us to become friends and show mutual support.
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TW // MEANSPO - - - - - - - - - - NO 😡 NO FOOD
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