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main tinder dia wordbm mie becek tp kntl gw yg becek @tynderfess night modenya bagus bgttuhan pasti ngasih jalan cuma belom di cor aja @fizhxxz boleh sayang @itsrandick amin @dedegemayy bisaa pasti bisa @xaviersaverr samaaaa:( @uniqzlo yuk @moonpizq tuhannya? @ewok2312 rasa cfc @babygemas duren @mischivoussoul oke trimsπŸ™ @pppootato asikk oke makasih @PampersTuyulll yu julid @wanniebae ada apa dgn anjing @pejuangcuddl3 sbr yh @rannboww ga napas @cheesybunn itu kecil @xaviersaverr udah @akunsambateheh iya huhuanjing @babygemas huhu @BitchyJr gpp enakhujannya awet, hubungan kita ngga. @abcdfvkkk ngw @yourbabyboy38 james wan emg kacau bgt gasieπŸ”₯😭❀️ @Rzapm12 ujan @byaktajavas ok @asfdde hehe @basoaci_murah gpp berdua @blueclouds59 πŸ‘€ @flwrykz huuu @xaviersaverr patembayan aja @flwrykz ahahaha @urboyfiie_ iya @atlantiqqq tkutt @xaviersaverr bagusssHobi kok falling in love with people you can't have
Retweeted by π–‰π–Žπ–ˆπ–π–Žπ–Šπ–Ÿ. @gabbpotatoboy mowrning @biartinggii gpp @chargerIP 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@fazaru2 why tho @fazaru2 marah" aje @crazyreyvri sbr yh @smokeintheclub coba kayang @kudaterbangf jemput @xaviersaverr doja❀️i just want u but i don't do drugs @uspykntl itu obat ngaceng?πŸ‘€ @asidejee yeesleepcall sampe meninggoy yu? @kudaterbangf ooo delay yh @kudaterbangf ko ga kedengeran di rmh gueujannya keroyokan @kudaterbangf ketikannya dijaga trimsπŸ™ @itsrandick gwsorg yg baca chat pake 3d touch jgn di temeninp nyari partner nonton EternalsπŸ₯² @kudaterbangf ekwkewk apus ah takutbaru match tinder udh ngajak vcs anjing😫😭 @kudaterbangf bls dong mknya @addyour_name gede yachat kamu ga dibales? inget kata tukang somay @H0ME0FSEXUALS yss nya kesian:)risih kali y dia wqwq @itsrandick kiwngakak @fizhxxz ayo pis @fvcxxyz bersetubuh @akunsambateheh yu @PeopleofJuanda knp c ekwkwk @xaviersaverr hihi @asidejee ko tkt c @flwrykz hihingewe yu
@Jelofff ko ga ikutan @stfudear_ dah bgn @stvriza moaning @yourfavchubguy mau
@tynderfess eskulin kids @muazyxe jgn @jagoanbundanih saaaot bgt asu @escocacola_ wadaw @itsrandick istipar @dika_pdkt mau @bicisskyle hi @Dcsal2 mrh" aja @xxbiiitch omg @cumicumy_ kyk tau ini dmnπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” @fizhxxz mau ngewe @fizhxxz bayarin @itsrandick sama @flwrykz gak @softboyinside gemes @Rzapm12 mornink @asidejee moaning