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Palestinian. Film diary of a bored, tired girl.

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@lilakarmi 😪😪 @fidaazaanin استني كمان شوي ببلشو يطلعو جماعة "خلينا نسمع الother side of the story” 🤡🤡 كل مرة زات الاسطوانة بتنعاد @fidaazaanin شي بتعب كل أكمن يوم خبر جديد متل هيك 💔Who even gives a shit about records right now, really.
Retweeted by فلسطينيةPlease help people affected by Cyclone and COVID-19 lockdown in bengal. It is managed by a group of students and ev…
Retweeted by فلسطينيةReiterating***Yes and it’s crazy we need to keep reinitiating every single time that these small businesses set up in poor areas… what’s more insidious this lip service performance about educating racism away whilst distancing urselves from… big pali career activist accounts have been tweeting vacuous “we must educate our communities” & “naive smol be… @AKA_Alias_Doe Not sure what this has to do with what I’m this supposed to negate nbpoc’s anti blackness @cyborgintifada Just goes to show all this talk about “educating our communities!!!!!!” Is vacuous lip serviceShe went on to say “ignorance and naïveté regarding calling the police” 🥴🥴Are u fucking serious these pali American career activist accounts w big followings being like “ I cannot believe 😱😱 it was a Palesti… still acting surprised that a small business owner from a community that doesn’t like black people called th…
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Let’s keep this going pls @hijadeelsahara مية بالمية @hijadeelsahara احلى شي لما اللي عندهن خدامة بالبيت يعملو استعراض الانسانية و انو يعنو كتير مصدومين من العنصرية بأمريكا @heyaheeyah @xyzRimi And what do u think kafala is @xyzRimi @heyaheeyah Funny how this person has nothing to say in reply to me talking about kafala system in the levant @xyzRimi @heyaheeyah Queen!!No they’re not the “same oppressive structure”. It’s time we stop being disingenuous and dilute how we address and… Am Somebody (1970) dir. madeline anderson: a short documentary about black women healthcare workers strike in sou…
Retweeted by فلسطينيةanger is politically useful. you could even say that it's kept people alive
Retweeted by فلسطينيةArabs, when not *overtly* racist, are being tone deaf as usual and taking the opportunity to draw some parallels w… wait I didn’t notice after school is t there too this is tough hmmmNext to t-ara <3 @liIfavabean This app is swamped w unhinged weirdos @_sillyilly YesssSudanese film It still rotates/و لكن الأرض تدور(1978), directed by Suliman Elnour, depicts everyday life in Yemen i…
CALL FOR PITCHES • ANOTHER GAZE 05 “We are most interested in writing that explores the problems the pandemic has…
Retweeted by فلسطينية @zaatarjuulpod I just gave up there’s no way I’m getting anything done in this stateI feel especially absurd today trying to meet work deadlines when it feels like the whole world is falling apart @hanegule Thank you ❤️ @rania_tn Brb following her rn ☺️ @BentIfriqiya 💔💔Wasted, stagnant years...Eyelashes and eyelash glue recommendations pls 🙏🏼✨Today we lost renowned Palestinian Ballet and contemporary dancer Ayman Safiah who portrayed resistance, occupation…لاقوا #أيمن_صفية وكل عيلته وأصحابه ومحبينه مقهورين من وجع فقدانه. قلبنا معكم. كل التضامن مع عائلته وقرية كفر ياسيف…
Retweeted by فلسطينية @nadine_188 تخيلي انا شفت كمن عينة بتشيد ب"مجهود" شرطة الاحتلال...العثور على جثة الفنان أيمن صفية في شط الطنطورة. مؤلم جدا, خسارة كبيرة للفن الفلسطيني ولنا كشعب!
Retweeted by فلسطينية💔💔اليوم هو اليوم الرابع وانت لسا مش مبين يا ايمن. مش بكفي اربع ايام سباحة؟ اليوم نازلين 12 غواص على شاطئ عتليت للبحث…
Retweeted by فلسطينيةRemember when my username was meghli
Retweeted by فلسطينيةGorgeous artworks by Egyptian artist Ibrahim Eldessouki(1969-)
Retweeted by فلسطينيةEgyptian artist and sculptor Sayed Saad Eldin
Retweeted by فلسطينية"the continuation of expulsion after the silence of canons" Palestinian film "A Magical Substance Flows Into Me"(2…
Retweeted by فلسطينيةFellas I think I’m over hating my noseHeaven's Hands/أيادي الجنة series by Amine Messaoudi IG: @artsysight
Retweeted by فلسطينيةAzula, Mai and Ty Lee
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@pinkvertigo BeautyyyyFor those interested Lebanese Association of Entomology is giving online seminars on introduction to Entomology(the…
Retweeted by فلسطينيةI’m ctfuuuuuuuu at thé budge part Sansour’s short films of Palestinian science-fiction, exile and memory, are streaming @LPFFOfficial for 1 m…
Retweeted by فلسطينية @ughghghghghghfk Beautiful @Danahtayser ايا جميل...و الله من كتر ما عما شوف امراض نفسية الوطنية كل مالا عم بتزيد 😹Artworks by Syrian artist Marwan kassab bashi- depicting the aching loneliness of immigrant factory workers estrang…
Retweeted by فلسطينيةOur talents in Gaza despite everything❤️
Retweeted by فلسطينيةبيت المعلم بولس، شفاعمرو شمال فلسطين. مسكون من ١٨٨ سنة جيل ورا جيل.
Retweeted by فلسطينيةEmmett Till would have been 78 years old by now.
Retweeted by فلسطينية @Elizabethmashh Beautyyyyy @w5ssim It’s things like this that make me really wanna continue my studies and get into urban planning @w5ssim L 2issa 2a2dam min 70s but yes majority of coastline privatisations are “ghane2im harb” as they say bl ep I linked#Lockdown Has Exacerbated Woes of Water Starved Rajasthani Villages #covid19 #watercrisis
Retweeted by فلسطينيةListen to this episode about coastline privatisations in Lebanon and abuse of right of ppl to access sea and natura…’s gonna initiate me 🥺Thinking of that viral tweet about Dominican rice w banana 😋Susie Freeman, Jubilee, 2000, wedding dress with (a lifetime average) 6,279 contraceptive pills, from a women’s hea…
Retweeted by فلسطينية @_layanf عملتها زمان و ندمت كتير و صرلي سنتين عم استنى شعري يرجع طولو القديم 😢 @Danahtayser 🤡🤡tfw you hate men and your dream is to die
Retweeted by فلسطينية @Danahtayser شو صاير قايمة قيامتهم كلهم مكتشفين العرق اليومLa vie sur terre (Life on Earth), Abderrahmane Sissako.
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Me in 2 more years 🥺🥺 @nanananej Shu sayir @jasminprix Saaame @falastine48 😍😍Googoosh in the 60s continues this week with virtual screenings presented in partnership with @AfricanFilmFest. Additional f…
Retweeted by فلسطينية’am your Letterboxd please 🤲 — I don’t use it, I have mubi tho(but it’s also missing tons of films I’ve seen bc I… Opening Sequence of Mrinal Sen's "Padatik (1973)" which powerfully encapsulates the mood of India's Socio-Polit…
Retweeted by فلسطينيةis nostalgia for future available online? please give link if possible — No idea ☹️ I watched it at a film screenin… is one thing that you love about yourself? — My curiosity 😌 @yvrvyy It was a big problem for me coz ppl always try to strike up conversations or act familiar when they recogni… @yvrvyy Yeah this was a big problem for me back when my anxiety was rly bad coz I’m easily recognizable apparently.…
Retweeted by فلسطينية @tqsura Must preserve dignity @coralbeef_ kind of understand “my bf this, my bf that 😍😍” girls now bc it’s taking some self control not to turn into one myself 👉👈 @falastine48 Allah yirhamha habibtiby Fijian-Indian artist Shivanjani Lal.
Retweeted by فلسطينيةBauhaus artist, metal work designer and photographer Grit Kallin-Fischer, Self portrait with Cigarette (c.1928)…
Retweeted by فلسطينيةthe art of bill traylor, who started artmaking at 85
Retweeted by فلسطينية @racailleux Yesss her bf trash for putting her in a situation like this @commelacamera Happy birthday queen
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