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Being British, the only right thing to do is to stan two of the greatest British actresses: Emily Blunt and Lily James

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@bluntsbutler to delete my Like for a mean indirect tweet cause I can’t think of anything mean to say. I’ll have a think...Trying to work out if this is lowkey a compliment... way I had to ask what IRK meant. I can’t be the only one that hasn’t heard that before? Old age doesn’t come it… @marieparenteau4 37...not cause of anyone’s age here... @kruntspaulson Too cuteI love this lil nugget so much pls
@embluntly I lost it at MikeI. Need. A. Minute. I the only one excited that Emilys actually working again, idc that it’s with the rock I’m just happy to see her…
Retweeted by Grace🦋 @BLUNTSFILM @stellaglbsons Oh jeez’s the only day you can rt this
Retweeted by Grace🦋the potential they had to be lesbian aunts
Retweeted by Grace🦋Have a great day everyone 💜 @emilybIxnt The way her teeth had already changed like 3 times between these two photos @multifndmblunt They are too loudRemember when she was in Ireland having the time of her life dancing in pubs and drinking Guinness mixed with tequi… Birthday Sofia, hope your day is filled with fun and love ❤️ @witherspvon Look at my last tweets she’s a cutie @witherspvon Block him out she’s so cute in itForgetting all my nervous energy when I remember that these selfies exist 🥺 goodnight everyone 💙 @detectiveblunt HOLY SHI- this is amazingMa’am. Ok. Yes.
@BluntTwain YeahHonestly it’s impossible not to watch her being stupid 😂 @emiIycharIton I didn’t MAKE you it’s your choiceeeeEmily on the Segway 😂 bloody love this dork so much miss her accent so much tho she’s so cute 🥺 four fictional characters that mean the world to you and tag five people to do the same Evelyn Abbott Mary Po… my old TV screen and Blu-ray player that was gifted so I’ll be watching 5YE BTS all night now ❤️ @dearestboop HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACEEEE❤️❤️❤️❤️ @milfnationbaby It was her interview on H*ward St*ern she explained it @bluntsblanchett You on a last name only basis? @bluntsblanchett Mary is M tho... @marieparenteau4 could of have Juliet she’s played her twice! She also played Jean Leckie in Sherloc… @witherspvon And even one with her own name @embluntxo LEvelyn Abbott, Elise Sellas, Emily Charlton and Eve HaringtonI got: E Reply and i’ll give u a letter for your four favorite characters whose names start with that letter… @witherspvon 🥺 @multifndmblunt SHUR UP RHEA I DID NOT TO SEE THIS ON MY TLTo think some guy actually divorced Kate Macer. Big mistake. Big. Huge. @bluntsblanchett @bluntsblanchett @bluntsblanchett Together? @multifndmblunt Rheaaaa ❤️❤️Been quite nice being on twitter a little less, still checking it now and again. Have a good day everyone ❤️ don’t know how to feel about this
@bluntsmoore 💜Remember when her accent was THIS British
Why does the first clip of Emily for so well of my favourite ever casts they outsold a good day everyone ☀️ That’s all. Britishness in 7 seconds. One can relate @emilyscrackhead WHAT DID I JUST WATCHIt’s 3:10am MISS HER LAUGH LOOK AWAY’s such a mood pls @milfnationbaby Of courseKate Macer supremacy know? @dearestboop A pencil brand
@BLUNTSFILM How do I not know this about one of my faves WHAT THE @bluntsbullock Ok I have one but I can’t say itCan the four of them get back together again already we’re starving love her role in AQP, to see that side of her. Yeah she is versatile and can play any type of character though 😌 in public: My headphones:
Retweeted by Grace🦋My whole heart ❤️ @emiIycharIton Love thisKate is one of Emily’s best characters I said what I said @PerfectlyBlunt_ VIENNA I WAS NOT SUGGESTING THAT TF 😂You’re telling me this was her first time doing this? I don’t believe Birthday Charlize Theron ❤️❤️ just wanted a kiss tho @multifndmblunt I do be the date queenThere’s no English here @kruntforce I can only do one at a time lmao @emiIycharIton Do not.When the gc was talking about accents the full night and it reminds you of this @emiIycharIton What if you hurry up and made itBritish people are bad at taking compliments STOPPPP🥺❤️
One of my faves ever on this app. Genuinely don’t know what I’d do without you and the nutters. You are so funny and the best ever ok 🧡 @emiIycharIton Sis can’t listen to simple instructionsI know you love the fact I’m british, you know pink is my colour, you know I’m always right, you know you love me ❤️Hey fellow butterfly in their name, you seem lovely 🖤 @twiceblunt Me watching this but I love it I really stan a horse girl- @siredtowomen Can’t stand herThe fact your location is The Good Place means you have great taste 🤎Haven’t interacted with you yet I don’t think but the Polaroid of Emily as your pfp is one of my faves 🤍 @BLUNTSFILM Meant to say wouldn’t but maybe my keyboard doesn’t lieAgain, one of the coolest and unique names on here. Love having you in the gc you are lovely 💗You seem really nice and are always supporting my tweets. Your love for Sara is immaculate 💜The fact that your pfp is an Emily meme makes you brilliant in my eyes, she genuinely looks like she’s thinking and judging lol 💙We don’t know each other that well yet but I can see you love Claire Foy too. I adore her 💚