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Being British, the only right thing to do is to stan two of the greatest British actresses: Emily Blunt and Lily James

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@thekrunts Ok. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! @emilybluntlove Lauraleah one word...I need this as my ringtone the two girls say at the end I CAN’T slsjsls*watching Evelyn in labour* Me physically feeling every contraction she has: gogglebox watching A Quiet Place is one of the best things ever. Literally all our reactions 😅 @bluntemstreep Look at Charlize hot damn @emilyybluntxo I had that thought but didn’t want to say it @Julebrusen I miss brunette Emily on the daily...Emily Blunt being extra baby behind the scenes of the five-year engagement @emilybluntlove @emilybluntlove Violet is baby periodtMaybe Jennifer Aniston can convince her dinosaur friend Em to make a public ig too? Even though she said she’d neverTHE ONE WHERE JENNIFER ANISTON BROKE INSTAGRAM WITH A SINGLE SELFIE.
Retweeted by GraceWe going ✈️ The Five-Year Engagment Tom and Violet’s wedding photos ❤️ @bIuntinski I have no idea who you are talking about but Emily could never relateA true british legend. She’s such a positive person despite having gone through so many heartbreaking events in her…’s entire discography
Retweeted by Grace @carrie_simmer I’m here to text taco! ❤️ @thekrunts All of us wishing we could be John-Marry me @emiIykrasinski We been knew @emilybluntlove When one in my irl’s suddenly say that to meHer nervous smile lmao
@katemvacer I’m here if you wanna talk!Her lil smile behind the camera please’ve just realised that is Matt dress Blunt and Moët - a concept agree @emiIykrasinski We all do Charlton vibes wear your glasses more often challenge’s turned into just Emily... going ✈️ hunting for cute/rare photos of Krunt yet again @emilyybluntxo I worked it out! He flew from NY to Ireland for a few days, then to England for the day before going… In Paris right now let me breathe sir awkwardness level is Johns smile here @emiIykrasinski She’s got a lot to answer to... @MARYP0PPlNS If you need to talk I’m here! @happiestbuswell @emilybluntlove STOP IT @MARYP0PPlNS Only her hair colour @bluntsmoore You really trying to end us all tonight huhThis is too good and forever will be my abba bae @bluntsmoore @emiIykrasinski Mary and I will be simultaneously blocking someone in a moment- @bluntsmoore @emiIykrasinski Emmm I didn’t ask to be reminded of this sadness scrolling though my tl @thekrunts Best 19 seconds to sum her up in slsjslsSis should of heard this advice sooner... being diagnosed with a severe chest infection vs using this reference as light humour in work are you ok? me: yeah i’m fine my airpods: Repeatedly playing Emily Blunt’s growl in The Royal… @emiIykrasinski I miss this smol bean 🥺’s when it hits you on shuffle when you’re not expecting it good gawd @emiIykrasinski The softest baby @emiIykrasinski Love how it’s become the norm for all of us to call Emily - a 36 year old - a baby*See’s photo of Emily* Me: (who is the exact same height) she’s so TINY so smalllll I want to protect herShe is so SMALL like I want to protect herAll Blunt Force really don’t know what to do with themselves we’ve been starved for so long and now getting content… you know: Mary Poppins & Jack live side by side on the SNL wall
Retweeted by GraceKate Macer so I can protect her in “the land of the wolves” @Lily_Ddg PLEASE @Julebrusen The second picture has scarred meShe’s so soft please 🥺🤧 have two moods:
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@bluntsmoore You’re just going to leave my sweet Lin out like that huh#AwfullyBritishAmazonReviews it was the wrong size, the wrong colour actually the wrong garment, but apart from tha…
Retweeted by GraceThey share one brain cell @bluntemstreep You’ve got me all excited now dammit @MARYP0PPlNS Ma’am knows what she’s doing- @MARYP0PPlNS I will be watching this edit on repeat from now on @ellasadumbbitch Don’t follow Emily’s lead - put on your glasses @ellasadumbbitch woman makes me question my sexuality everyday @emilybluntttt Nope that’s you!! @bluntsmoore BEAUTIFULLLLLL 🥰 @ellasadumbbitch I think the person to ask is Emily @ellasadumbbitch I believe otherwise...The cold is getting worse not better...I can’t even remember what my life was like when I could breathe out my nose @emiIykrasinski How the heck do you always take the most amazing selfies. I can’t relateeeeeJust going to squeeze into the existing Krasinski marriage... am feeling working a 9 hour shift today with the worst cold ever @bellamysblunt Really pretty ❤️🌸 @slayingstana Pretty ❤️ @kruntinski Absolutely stunning 🌸 @blunqts So beautiful ❤️ @emilybluntlove Thank you Allison ❤️ @avxngersmcu Bless you 🤧 😘 @carrie_simmer Lshsksjsl stop 😅
@bluntemstreep You’re too kind! @bluntxsaunders Gorgeous 🙌🏼 @MARYP0PPlNS @ellasadumbbitch Imagine them sight seeing around Ireland together? John does actually have a house in… @bluntsmoore All my love 4️⃣👉🏼 @ellasadumbbitch @MARYP0PPlNS Hopefully! @ellasadumbbitch I’ve seen them all but my advice is to not watch Boudica it’s a huge trigger for se**** vio**** it’s horrible @ellasadumbbitch @MARYP0PPlNS Makes sense he was in England the whole day today @ellasadumbbitch What ones can’t you find? @ellasadumbbitch @MARYP0PPlNS Who knows but they be having it tonight after reuniting with each other-Do I have any fellow british mutuals on here?