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Lil Frooooozy @LilFroozy Berlin, Deutschland

SSBM 🦊 and commentator · UX Designer/Software Dev · guitar/piano/singing 🤠 · he/him, they/them ·bnuny - DMs open 🌈

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@Pedlarbepedling let's play luigi dittos, cant be too tired for that @leffenfanboy @Savestate they just said 20sec ago that accomodation is sorted, youre so not up to date nicki.......… @Savestate @leffenfanboy if you need a place to sleep or sth hmu!! lookin forward to see ya 💫 @Savestate @leffenfanboy ooooooooooooo
@Pipsqueak_TV @LunarySSF2 lmao youre the best @FictionIRL lesgo fikshawn <3 im believin @magikarpwn @Pedlarbepedling
@Pipsqueak_TV lmao that PIC @heide_nseek würde auch den tritt in die eier wählen tbh @Pipsqueak_TV cant wait to lose everything in my life for a month again 😼 @Pipsqueak_TV yooooooo is the next season on?????
@GG_SSBM @ssbmmax i- @MatrixTranspose never realized there's different definitions of natural numbers, we just learned one and i thought that's the standard :o
@Savestate omg i love when the bow and arrow does something @GG_SSBM @Marzipann685 yea different situation, but ugh, it's essentially making pools like playing a ton of best of 1sOnly one complaint from fete, this should be a situation resolved with a 3 way tiebreak and not on game win percent…
Retweeted by Lil Frooooozy @GG_SSBM ugh that sucksMy 2023 Melee goals: - Get taunted by pipsqauek @Pedlarisdogshit @Marzipann685 Marzi too goated @RobbyNotVA and now come back!!!! 🥺🥺 @Pipsqueak_TV big thing in boxing is training in a way that aligns with the competitive format, like doing all phys… @KafkahFC @tata_ssbm looool i love him @beld78 @konatiboi @heide_nseek @jennyprenzlberg @JoJoSSBM @Parsecco_ @Vstrike00 wie hast du deine Zwischenmiete Wo…
@rikzzssbm im coming with the skwa my dude @neproxin lesgoooooo rooting for you :3 @Swishless @Aiika__ @ECS1312 doesnt get better than this @Pedlarisdogshit pedlar @NGNS_astar @Parsecco_ @Flesh177_srl @leffenfanboy @beld78 missed you at Rcadia man 🥺 @ssbmmax you can be my devil you can be my mangle
@Snedderick @jennyprenzlberg @heide_nseek :> @MonkMode_ @bbatts523 not saying that any mode is better than the other at showing skill, but playing 2 different g… @MonkMode_ @bbatts523 I'd love round robin, but counting games makes sets a completely different game mode, buffing… @fietsepresident @TrifSmash looool I'd be so happy, let's go to all the good restaurants @renzoredmarth yikes what happened @Swishless MAYBE @Swishless omg see you there @rcadia_official @leffenfanboy @King_SSBM @NGNS_astar @truffls🌊 FETE 3: BY THE SEA 🌊 In collaboration with @FeteSmash and in partnership with @TheYard, Team Regen are proud to…
Retweeted by Lil Frooooozy @rikzzssbm for sneddy's good bye party of course!!!! also rcadia is sick as f, had no problem going there instead :3 @LongoLife_ 🥴 @LongoLife_ was nice stepping over you while you were on the floor, 10/10 @rikzzssbm @gorf_ssbm @phiinniixx didnt see yo ass at GOML either 😡😡😡 @MomoAegis @King_SSBM fuck woher weißt du das
@itsawonderful_j you can always come to my place!!!! 🧡 @okameed omgggg tiinoooooooo-oh @MatrixTranspose i love the ambient noise they create with instruments, it sounds like a being lost in the fog and… @MatrixTranspose @Snedderick somehowbut they did lose against me & @LilFroozy in the godfather grandfinal 🥸
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@Snedderick okay 🫡
@oomfvi me @SprintingLegs omg hi, same!! @Meatzorz @FictionIRL return of triangle dashing?? @leffenfanboy loool let's play some in the hotel tomorrow pog
@jennyprenzlberg hoooly das is wirklich traurig @kiw1_smash @leffenfanboy gehen beide steil, müssen mal Vergleich machen Nickiif i learned one thing from @leffenfanboy it's to always carry that thang on me @_happymealz let's goooooo @sp1nda_pgh in season 4 of breaking bad you can pinpoint the exact moment where kim wexler became skyler white
@neproxin the first dunk was nasty @AunAprendo42 @FictionIRL it's gonna trickle down some day, trustholy shit what an absolute KING
Retweeted by Lil Frooooozy @jennyprenzlberg jaaaaa das hilft 😍 @MayBeTweeting i actually have no idea @jennyprenzlberg weil ich alle single cover von allen lieder der letzten 40 Jahre kenne😭😭😭 @fietsepresident dahomey on the zwer-grind @ssbmmax ₜᵢₙₒ @jennyprenzlberg another tuesday another barely readable tierlist 🤧
@leffenfanboy @SSBM_Spark i think the grandma is the key to understanding this joke here @neproxin lmao, all 3 to go please @neproxin ( i don't know what any of these mean) @neproxin omg i wanna be an American at fete @Meatzorz @MayBeTweeting damn rikzz is goated for that @ssbmphL @_happymealz 🥺🥺 @schm00sedom jaaaaa 😍😍 @schm00sedom omg wann machen wir grey's anatomy Abend
@ChellyToms omg happy bday chellsie!! 🧡🧡got this in bracket today LMFAO
Retweeted by Lil Frooooozy @Savestate still didn't approach 0/10 @Pedlarisdogshit YEEEEEAAAA @Vstrike00 gib mir die Elektrolyten 🥵 @Meatzorz @ssbMekk (god i hope no one thinks i'm serious here🥴) @Meatzorz @ssbMekk that's disrespectful af, you're basically showing off that you can beat me while not fully focus… @RachmanChef Initial Dash Speed - 1 (1th)
"miteinander schreiben ist die schlechteste art, zu kommunizieren. besser ist zu telefonieren. am besten ist einfac…
Retweeted by Lil Frooooozy @vortex_SSBM @Icy_Smash 😭😭😭😭 im not crying youre crying
@zondyssbm @_happymealz 🥺 ikr!!! @MomoAegis @_happymealz Sooo am Nolli entlang in die Innenstadt (Brandenburger Tor) @jojomonsta7777 @_happymealz you didn't think about me hard enoughfound the happiest meal at Berlin pride :3 @_happymealz (couldn't decide which pic was the coolest so here's thre… @venus23gg @FictionIRL on God @FictionIRL i don't really really understand fomo either, like i just pick the thing to do that at the time is to m… @leffenfanboy @realPhoenixFire omg but it is pronouncned blohai
♫ Gnome Theme (Runescape)
Retweeted by Lil Frooooozy @Pipsqueak_TV @spotdodge_shine what the hell that's fucked up @Nicki_IRL we gotta sing live & learn some day dawgie
@Pedlarisdogshit can't believe I'm not a Pokemon 🥺
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