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In front of RFK stadium in Washington DC, a memorial to Americans who have died from COVID-19. It goes and goes and…
Retweeted by LiliaI wanna take molly in my Maddy costume but I’ve never done it so imma stop myself @lucky7mart @cangaraq It’s uuuuu @K2Kizzy imagine saying this when blm movement was CREATED by queer black women
Retweeted by LiliaThis is how All Lives Matters people feel about BLM btw.
Retweeted by Lilia @thehill
Retweeted by LiliaNigga got scared so bad he started walking on air
Retweeted by LiliaMe working from home... 🎥: darla_theenglishbulldog (IG) #mydogiscutest
Retweeted by LiliaIt really sucks being a part of this statistic. Like it hits me every time I read it. him, hate him, Bernie Sanders didn't bomb thousands of Black and Brown kids, ain't a rapist, or racist. Dude h…
Retweeted by LiliaNo bc people literally say “they’ll always be our skins” in my presence and I feel like fucking stabbing someone of y’all actually have your texts show up on your Lock Screen??? I could never 😫
Retweeted by LiliaI PUT A SPELL ON YOU
Retweeted by LiliaA missed positive PR and goodwill business opportunity.
Retweeted by LiliaAlso tag yourself. I’m the guy in the red shirt recording. Or the mom losing her shit. Not sure which. this Virginia bc it’s screaming Virginia to me am so confused. I've never seen the same type of white ppl be so different from each other.
Retweeted by Liliayou said it, spooky sign
Retweeted by LiliaHe looks like a PUPPYYY I LOVE HIM!!!! Fruit bats were my favorite animal for a time when I was little because of S… @_spin3lli It’s the accuracy @Minto_Cha Nightmare material honestly @Mata_Diwi Yes same!! Except my mom makes the best cake ever so I might choose that but made by anyone else.. it’s key lime all day babyHELLLLLP sitting three kids is just me having them watch my favorite anime lol
Retweeted by Liliapoint blank. period. go argue w someone else.
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Retweeted by Liliaafter 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, i surprised my closest inner circle wit…
Retweeted by LiliaBlock me and delete me if you voting for him
Retweeted by Lilia9 MONTHS into the virus and there is still no comprehensive plan against covid. Yet it took 38 DAYS to confirm a ne…
Retweeted by LiliaIt’s the BEST guys is so good tho 😭It's the least they can do after you've sat in the finance office over an hour trying to get a better interest rate…
Retweeted by LiliaThe patient who died was in the control group that did not receive the vaccine--what a recklessly irresponsible hea…
Retweeted by LiliaA simpler time
Retweeted by Liliapolicing doesn’t turn people into bad people—people who lack empathy, operate with subjective moral ambiguity & exh…
Retweeted by LiliaAnd the people who had to work because your family wanted to “pretend things were normal” ??? EAT THE FUCKING RIC…
Retweeted by LiliaWhite people who been around BIPOC their entire lives know how to tease themselves the best.
Retweeted by Liliathem: where are you really from? Indigenous peoples:
Retweeted by Liliay’all i’m sorry to keep sharing this but i legitimately have $10 to last me until Nov 19th is when my temporary job…
Retweeted by Liliahey Twitter 🧚‍♀️ if you're a mutual then you know I moved to Sioux Falls recently and I'm in the process of getting…
Retweeted by LiliaThis part!!! From Chrissy Teigen’s article in medium @odetomedusa I’m sayin!!!Man’s Halloween decor so gruesome cops are called several times
Retweeted by Liliawhen a dog approaches you for a pet and the owner says “wow she never lets strangers do that.”
Retweeted by Liliame partying on the weekends with 4 essays due and 2 missing assignments
Retweeted by Liliauhhh hi just letting everyone know there’s a wlw Christmas movie coming out on netflix on nov 5th 😁😁
Retweeted by LiliaTV fathers and sons are Black. TV daughters and wives are consistently biracial. Explore what this deliberate casti…
Retweeted by LiliaJust a reminder to set boundaries. Audacity is at an all time high
Retweeted by LiliaThe baby was like I got my excuse what was yours?😭🤣🤣
Retweeted by LiliaThere’s over 100 active cases of COVID on Cheyenne River. Please send prayers.
Retweeted by LiliaGood morning everyone, today I reinforce and protect my connection to nature!!
Retweeted by Lilia @mrrockosocko Must be packingAfter 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…
Retweeted by LiliaSays the person who's suing over a billboard that's unflattering to her and whose father has tried to incite violen…
Retweeted by Lilia😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by LiliaI hated the other photo, deleted it. Enjoy these pictures of my manly face & beautifully hideous Halloween shirt.
Retweeted by LiliaStill “going high” when they “go low?” How’s that working out for you?
Retweeted by LiliaMe applying for jobs that I don't qualify for.
Retweeted by LiliaI can't stand the kkkardashian but I'm cracking up that y'all have been Tulum-ing for the last 6 months but find he…
Retweeted by LiliaHotels be bugging thinking ima just get up at 11 n leave like hold on
Retweeted by Lilia#Vote2020 against family separations. #MakeAmericaHumanAgain #ThisIsTheWay
Retweeted by LiliaPeople get denied citizenship for missing these btw.
Retweeted by LiliaPlease donate! Or if you are not able to then retweet this for visibility! Thanks.
Retweeted by LiliaIt's almost that time of the year! 🎄
Retweeted by LiliaAfter 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…
Retweeted by LiliaHer cough sound like the intro to crew love
Retweeted by Lilia @IvankaTrump I can't decide which one of you looks the most lifelike. kudos to the embalmers
Retweeted by LiliaThe guy who said he’d clap ya cheeks if u weren’t his daughter?
Retweeted by LiliaKim Kardashian getting ratioed like that on her own post.
Retweeted by LiliaOh to be at the Addams Family house literally anytime of the year.
Retweeted by LiliaThe only way i like to eat s’mores
Retweeted by LiliaPersephone with eucalyptus
Retweeted by Lilia“The whole past two weeks has been one big health risk for me” 😂💀
Retweeted by Liliaidk what i was expecting but it wasn’t fucking this...
Retweeted by LiliaFucking BURNT but the *point* of people acknowledging their privilege is to actually change their lifestyle, beliefs, and ac…
Retweeted by LiliaIt doesn't matter. White people will still blame Black folks for not getting the result they wanted with absolutely…
Retweeted by Lilia @Minto_Cha What tf is thatShould say **so** **hard**PLEASE SAY RICO NASTY! I would die it would be so powerful try so hard not to hate rich ppl but like... it’s so hardIf it’s such a simple luxury, Kim... pay for my trip 😤
Retweeted by Lilia @ketchpum Excuse me I need itsweater weather 😻😽
Retweeted by Lilia @OyinTravels That definitely makes sense. The right wingers seem fringe to me here but idk how much of that I’ve re… of my telfar that I ordered months ago
Listen, my mom is a mestiza from Chihuahua and my dad am Indio from Oaxaca. I understand the culture differences pr…
Retweeted by LiliaMy dad brought me back a sugar skull from Oaxaca so I could paint it and set up my own ofrenda. And my mom literall…
Retweeted by LiliaNext time you have a Halloween party....spend $5 on a bag of fake cockroaches. Add double sided tape and you have t…
Retweeted by LiliaIt’s just a level of self awareness where she should know better than posting that shit @nativeangelaz I mean if I had the means and ability to do it safely I would too. But that shouldn’t be an option j… @nativeangelaz It’s just crazy to me bc I know so many people doing the same thing ...It was scary asf when he turned evil
Retweeted by LiliaI fucking hate him’all acting like I won’t call my little cousins with silver teeth rn
Retweeted by LiliaPeople seriously think I’m a “full native” when I literally haven’t eaten since yesterday 😩😨
Retweeted by LiliaAnd you know what? Maybe if I didn’t have family members I lived with I’d be doing the same thing. So have fun y’all. But shit is serious.