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lily🍎 @liliuhms she/they is A-OK!

sentient stack of smiley face pancakes, illustrator/designer & maker of happy knick knacks! ☀️ / contact:

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@emilyerdosart thank u jesus @carrotplush thank you so much!!!!! @WiddleHam yes!! I already have stock of it all ready to ship!two very cherry friends 🍒 if u agree 🐸
Retweeted by lily🍎trying to keep myself from eating this forbidden candy 🍭
Retweeted by lily🍎pov i’m the frog prince looking at u from the balcony
Retweeted by lily🍎 @looshuu definitely give meditation a go, especially breathing exercises, things that can put your mind to rest! al… i’m the frog prince looking at u from the balcony @jessiejuwono my baby cousin sends us an amazon wishlist every holiday 😂 @sailorstarcandy AAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! dont worry i’ll always try to restock stuff so no one missed out @holymakereI theyll be on shop soon!!! @anh_bizbunny cheese bun because i think no one else likes them TT
trying to keep myself from eating this forbidden candy 🍭 @tackylampshade thank you!!!! @klexxos all according to plan… @cottonsprout LOVEEYE CANDY!!!! 🍬 @AnimeAkumu OOH definitely want to touch in thought process!! lots of people seem curious about this! @toothwave i should do a royalty variant with a crown 👑 @glenoneill I love a good barter & trade!!!! @glenoneill THANKS GLEN!!!!!! can definitely set some aside for you once i get the samples approved and finalized hehe @StarSauceArt these are all super fun!!!! i could talk about merch & product design forever haha!! and art goals too!!! @mushroomys TY EL @Carlota_point0 INSEPARABLE FRIENDS!!hi friends, lightbox expo is coming up (virtually) & i will be part of it, & because it’s virtual that also means i… @AnimeAkumu three bunny banks = 3x the money @renemesia THANK YOU RENE!!!! 💛💛💛rt if u agree 🐸 @Tengutheterrib1 i love dungeon umeshi!!! hope it gets an anime!
@JoshuaJMurr Gotcha!!! Thanks so much Joshua! Let me send her your way!! @hetchrome just wants his cola.. @hetchrome i mean... would i bring back the generational wealth 1%? idk... chief is making sense to me @puppypetter2000 you should look at the west elm ceramic sales!! they have some stylish bowls!! @KiraaDarling ty for the rec!!! we’re always looking for new anime!! looking for something to scratch the hunterxhunter itch @hetchrome not me agreeing with tsukasawe started watching dr.stone & i want more food science please nothing else just food science
@sirpangur YAYY!!! cooking is so fun, and really calming in repitition!! so amazing to see how different techniques work for different food @JoshuaJMurr she’s not!! but willing to relocate! @CrispyMoonbeam ty!!!! yeah i think it can be disheartening looking for work in art sometimes hahaif anyone has any heads up on entry level work in animation or games, my sister just recently graduated in 3D anima… @Sylversun1 that sounds so fun!!! do you have any bouquet photos??
@theJindoDog DELIGHTFUL!!! I really want our dog there too!!my brand identity is just drawing faces on inanimate objects
Retweeted by lily🍎 @buttmvnch you will probably like coji-coji!!! @jessiejuwono AH YES I SAW YOUR PHOTOS WHEN YOU POSTED THEM!!! looked so fun!!! wish we had something like jim henson studios here hahaha @thecheepcheeps_ OHHH!! I was thinking of doing a popup or something toy related! that’s so fun! @b0wtie0us omg we were also thinking of renting a big house for friends and family!! is your wedding more on the intimate side of size? @hellobloodhound FOOD TRUCK WEDDINGS ARE SO FUN!! @technecat YES I FEEL THE SAME!! i rarely have parties or get to plan bourgeois events but would like to!! a wedding is great for that!
@technecat WAAA SO GLAMOUROUS I LOVE SEEING WEDDING PHOTOS!! @raulfigtree omggg i didnt wanna say it but 😳😳 also when certain ppl order the same thing as another person in the… @technecat we were thinking childrens museum too but the one here isnt as cute 😭 @technecat YESSS MUD CUP!! YAY!! @nekoama omg yes i wanted to make activity books! @jollykitty3 ooh my friends recently did this! very fun @raulfigtree i also LOATHE absolutely LOATHE people who go as a big group & they all check out individually.. in so… @raulfigtree oh god especially for places with long lines.. popular places + people who dont decide while waiting are my bane @matcha_sriracha oh my gosh thank you so much for sharing!!!!! i really want to go all out for my own too 😆 @matcha_sriracha THE GROOMS BOUTONNIÈRE IS EVERYTHING @helloashleylam PLE ASE MY HEART @Strawberry_Jazz ANIMALS!!!!! @ayanami116 HAHA!! youre the best joanna 😆 @glenoneill UHMMMM GLEN YOURE RIDICULOUSLY COOL @_usaginoou_ A RATATOUILLE PARTY @ctrossgames omg that’s extra & i love it @spicygingertofu pollution @HammyTeaTime CIDER AND DONUTS!!!!!! I LOVE THAT @CherryShyGuy haha that’s so fun! i like the idea of board games or outdoor games!!married folks!! if you had some kind of event for your marriage, what is a fun/special thing you did for it?? 💍 (… @fatarmyima thank you!! @renemesia maybe you can check your art store for sales because i got my set of 25 for $30 at my store!! @renemesia OOHH!!! i have a couple of those sets!!! definitely worth it to start out with the smaller basics set, t… @renemesia you would do beautiful gouache!!!! @flubbinit i’ll have it in my shop soon! @stitcheswife THANK U!!!! @mackadoodledoo LOVEEEEEE!!!!!
wearing my handy dandy sunny baggy ☀️ @punimelt omg that vase creature is sooo cool!so happy with how this bag came out!!! ☀️
Retweeted by lily🍎 @KaijanArt i love how many olive garden work stories ppl have exactly like this omg @jessiewongg ah
@milkbun so cute!!!tag ur sunshine ☀️ @joseethefirst NSMMENDNDN NOOOO @shanhorandraws YES THATS MY FAVE TOObun at a restaurant @BrentarArcian looking at around ~60 right now but that might change depending on how much they’ll cost to ship to me!! @Carlota_point0 wait until u see the shirts i paid to manufacture in that same daze 💀drew this last night in a 4am daze @gothcosmos right now probably around 60~ usd!oh my frog @momodraws @smgstudio SOOO CUTE!!!! @paperbeatstweet me adding three tablespoons of cumin instead of just a pinch
@tofutoria yes i dooooo!! @kaye_bin you are sooo amazing kaye! @cysketch UHM THATS ME SEEING YOUR POSTS @plantjuice chefs kiss the details i crave @Grind3h we need garlic bread tsuchinoko 🧄 @cysketch AN HONOR OF A COMPLIMENT FROM CHERYL!!