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lily🍎 @liliuhms she/they is A-OK!

sentient stack of smiley face pancakes, illustrator/designer & maker of happy knick knacks! ☀️ / contact:

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@catwitharibbon2 why do i tryi made my sister take this photo & she said “this better not be for twitter crop youre dumb” :-(THEYRE STILL TOO BIG FOR CROP????no twitter crop, that means post full long bee family of baggies ✏️
Retweeted by lily🍎 @calvaroni SO CUTE 💛💛💛Fulfilling my lifelong goal of Neighbood Cute Grandpa with one of the new shirts from @liliuhms Aahhhh I need to…
Retweeted by lily🍎 @bitterri yes i did 💛LOOKIE WHAT I DESIGNED!!! FLUFFY!!! USEFUL!!!! 🐻
Retweeted by lily🍎 @foxville_art haha even your videos stress me out thinking about how your work fulltime freelance and make videos?!…
@BleepFox YEAH I can't imagine it... i wanted to start docoumenting my day and work time but i also feel like i can… do artist-youtubers do it my brain capacity cant draw/work & also make/edit/film videos at the same time @corvidace yes!!! it should fit! @reeselillyy bless u... i will find a way back to you UK.. @likai_wo i’m coming for everyone’s lives 😈😈 @StarSauceArt WAA THNK YOU SO MUCH 😭😭😭😭😭 @NatsuMicchuu CURLY SMOOTHa family of baggies ✏️ @nomnom_arts THANK UUU AAHH @aasterisms omg your wife is professor bear 😳 @alexisplx I LOVE TO HEAR ITLOOKIE WHAT I DESIGNED!!! FLUFFY!!! USEFUL!!!! 🐻 @alexisplx omg 😭 if we could live in a world where i could just give away everything i make i’d do it..Every time @liliuhms posts a new product idea/sample
Retweeted by lily🍎 @SamuiYuki1925 she is so sweet!! @citluwu working on it!!!! @toucan_party thank you diigii!!!!!! just trying to make useful stuff hehe @Kekeflipnote thank you keke!!!!! @BigOlBilliam it has a silicone seal! @reeselillyy not anymore 🥲 @Ludwidia i love useful things!! @chaogardens THANK YOU WAAA 😭😭😭😭😭 @THICCSUCCYNN chaotic explosion.. @funkiguana praying this into existence @sploona home collection is MY DREAM!! @Pocket_Sprout YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!! BUNTO’n @ayoitselaine i think keita takahashi handmakes a lot of the plushies and stuff for his exhibits!! the ones at the… @papricots as someone who posts cooking more than art these days, i am all for food only @hotarujaejae uber or.. ubunyou can also put dividers inside, in case you wanna separate food! @alltheatoms YEAH!!! and you can choose what kind of dividers you want inside too!!! the stainless steel is so nice… @moonlantrn AAHH TYYY!!!! yeah they're SOOO cute, had to work for a bit to get the teal color boxes looking so nice… @argo_carolyn Maybe both!!!! Different size sets, or individual! @onemegawatt a bun-to, if you will @BonIsDead hahaha maybe i should include recipes or a little plushie or food keychain :3 @nomnom_arts IF NO ONE WILL SPONSOR ME I WILL SPONSOR MYSELF @Kaiami YAAA I'm working on it!! Been ordering a bunch of different materials and things to test out how the long t… @AnimeAkumu I'm looking into it!!! I wanna make ones that are fully custom shaped and not just printed on T__T but printed is cute too huh..I'm testing out how airtight they are, but they seal SUPERR tight so great for things like kimchi :3liliuhms steel containers/lunch boxes anyone? :3 wondering if Rosa (My cat) is longer than Long bee ? I think so. What do u think @liliuhms
Retweeted by lily🍎 @oolongcreama WHAT A CUTIE @liliuhms longbee and speedo hung out yesterday 😳😳
Retweeted by lily🍎 @no_ham_ omg.. is your cat.. 3.5 feet long.. @jeroazus waa i just cook by taste!!! but basically it's mashed potato however you wanna flavor it, coat of flour,… @Beemancer if long bee wears clothes is it just a tube sock.. @liliuhms secret fact: long bee can wear clothes
Retweeted by lily🍎
@NormanOfEarth Hoping to have more stock in soon! @Icingandadream beautiful stunning.,.. @liliuhms
Retweeted by lily🍎 @teememdee SHFHJDHGFD THIS IS SO FUNNY YOU LOOK SO DISTANT @liliuhms I love him so much
Retweeted by lily🍎 @liliuhms Idk what sort of vibe u want so here's my top 4 bee photo ops from twitter 😂😂🐝
Retweeted by lily🍎 @gleefulbeest BLESS YOU i love seeing bee pics hahaha the cup of tea one is so c utepeople with long bees, please send me ur best long bee photos @MIS0HAPPY cute!!!!!! @BonIsDead HAHA THANK YOU i sometimes also wonder if i'm a cooking account or art account.... even i no longer know..perfect accompaniment to curry! @madhukamagica yup!! it has a cover so no smell or splatter! we used it outside also @madhukamagica yeah I dont fry that much, but when I do it's a huge splatter mess, and all the oil in the house jus… @pinkbunnyr aaah yeah it’s been so nice to use!!!! frying inside always fills the furniture with oil smell so i’m so grateful for this @madhukamagica electric one!!!my aunt gave us her old deep fryer & so we made some perfect croquettes mum-in-law overcame her fear of dogs she’s had her entire life in order to get used to my dog & always goes “I’… @MaxSqPower i’m very lucky!!! @miaotf 😳😳😳i know im constantly asking you guys this but PLEASE donate to india, the situation is still incredibly dire. espec…
Retweeted by lily🍎 @catacatacaka I DONT WANNA BE ZINGED I WANNA SEE EDDIE MURPHY MESSING UP HIS LINES!!! @hotteokooky SAY SIKE TO THE LAST ONE @ensaymina DUDE YEAH!!!! I LOVE THISE MINI GAMESwhat happened to the era of movies where they played bloopers & outtakes in the end credits 🥲bun blanket also comes in night mode 🌃✨ the material is actually pretty soft and could totally use this as a lap bl…
Retweeted by lily🍎 @peachbunnii AAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH these blankets make so happy i love seeing people like them too!!!!!!!! that’s… you thank you thank you thank you thank you 😭💗💗💗 @liliuhms my favorite eggbun is this one 🥺💗
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@plantjuice she’s so sweet hahahamum in law @PhantasmWitch also yay! i’m glad your therapist likes them!!!! @PhantasmWitch I would recommend cold wash and gentle dry!
@trevorbasset yes!!! we’ve been experimenting with lots of fillings and flavors!!! I want to try making some marinated egg yolks for some @marcthethird mine is from h mart! i like getting the yamamoto brand, roasted! they have different grade seaweed w/… @hetchrome YAA!! crispy fried salmon skin & topped w peppercorn oil, pickled ginger & a smoked shrimp furikake hehe @spicygingertofu fried salmon skin @KLDoubleDs LOL the auto write feature @hetchrome COME OVER IS SO GOODmitchells vs the machine is soo fun and good!!!! such a refreshing film... i kin with monchi...we made onigiri ohohoh @glenoneill YUMMMM! @DarksStars in a future of technology... i always check who is at the door before i go.. they’ll never get me @DarksStars THATS EMBARASSING 😭😭😭 the worst part is she was in a swimsuit with no shoes... caught on cam 😭our front door camera went off while we were out & it was a little girl ding dong ditching us but we’re not home.. embarrassing 😭😭