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lily☀️ @liliuhms flavortown

i’m just a sentient stack of smiley face pancakes who makes happy things!! / contact: / 📚 book rep: @kurestinarmada

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@NaomiRomeroArt THE LITTLE....about to have crazy fun murals at our new place when honey & i move
Retweeted by lily☀️ @punimelt babies!!!!!!!i’m making this wool rug for myself but does anyone else want one
Retweeted by lily☀️ @EstrangedBucket I’m right now testing out samples with three manufacturers to see which one provided the best quality! @ArrtxKR so cute! @PuccaNoodles thanks mawie 🥺 @nachicco_info very cute!!! @spny4urthoughts unless...? you put in wood floor right now @spny4urthoughts 3x3 feet! @lindersliu this is so funny... character development.. @puptum VERY TRUE I HAVE THE DUALITYthe anime character i wanted to be as a kid vs the one i actually turned into sorry @BenjiAbby AAH OKAY!! I will look into it for sure!!!calling any home decor places to please hire me to design a very cute home goods line for you @BenjiAbby OH MAN!!!!!! THATS THE DREAMMMM!! @oolongcreama i want a liliuhms house.. @citruslucy LUCYYYY! i feel the same about your work!! so yummy.. like fruit snack @jaoscribs YES I WANNA DO UHHH LIKE A MOVING IN WITH ME VIDEO OR SOMETHING!! @celestefleurs aahhh im so gld someone out there is looking out for me haha!! thanks so much!! 😢 @hellopiupius bless u @citluwu 3x3 feet around!! @miwwiew i wish @HomeGoods would hire me specifically to make a cute product line i just wanna own my own stuff @celestefleurs though i think this is a knockoff of dalgona bunny & rico factory actually?! @celestefleurs hi!!! aaaah thanks for letting me know!! i actually like rico factory’s stuff too!! so no worries he…’m making this wool rug for myself but does anyone else want one @UniedSomething yesh im just gonna paint
@POKOPIPO GORLSPLEASE RT // i hate having to do this but i have less than a month. i got accepted to the university i applied to b…
Retweeted by lily☀️about to have crazy fun murals at our new place when honey & i move @cysketch yeah yeah yeah!! there are times where i have to take a lot of time off from my own work because i lose m… @cris_tea_n hard drives are great to have!! also i just like decorating them with stickersanother thing: if art is your job as well as something you like to do, it’s okay to not do it all the time!!! you a… multiple places where you save important files, & try to diligently back them up often!! i’ll use google driv…
@feels_weird wish this were me @meowgabyte THANK YOU TOO!! FOR LIKING THEM!! @momodraws hahaha!! i LOVEE using the 6B & HB but increasing the max size on both then adding oval shape to it so i… delicious day for mr caterpillar @momodraws HB pencil & 6B! @punimelt THEY ARE SOOO CUTE!!!! i really want a frederick mouse plush but they're all 50 dollars ><i have gone through so much loss today
Retweeted by lily☀️ @joutp one time i had a bruise that was so dark i thought i accidentally spilled black ink on myself until i realized i couldnt rub it off @indiajboeckh ebayyyy @EstrangedBucket FOR SURE I GOTTA CHECK MORE FREQUENTLY! @jollykitty3 honey & i are making a stamp art piece for our place hehe @jollykitty3 OOH i follow this brand on IG their stuff is super cuteee @jollykitty3 gaa i’m always hunting ebay for cute stuff...oh no i am slowly becoming a stamp collector but only for very niche cute brands batch of pictures!
Retweeted by lily☀️ @eugelng EHEHE 😭😭💛
@DanielGhun yayaya! i mostly cook to taste or intuitively so i’ll add more or less of what i think is good! some pe… @DanielGhun YA SURE!! dice & cook in hot oil in a pot: garlic, onions, shallots, serrano pepper, tomato paste, ging… @emiface oooh have you considered an induction or gas pad? you can do your frying outside or on the balcony if you have one! @WARMLIQUID THANK U IT IS SOOO DELICIOUS @spicygingertofu i’m trying to get rid if them before they go bad 😭😭😭 also make eddie eat healthier.. he was about… @mangopoodingg heheh... i love bun rieu though it’s so yummy & fatty... and savory... @nougates BSHSB i used to like it but omg when i got older the texture started to freak me out 😭😭😭 @nougates BJSNSBS bleas.. dont align udon and banh canh... i loath banh canh so much.. @emiface hehehe! if you take a medium or firm tofu then slow fry it and freeze it you can get a nice tofu puff!!! t… @mangopoodingg noo it’s not bun rieu! bun rieu has a different flavor profile because it relies on fats from pork &… some tomato soup udon today! 🍅 @NatsuMicchuu yaaa my fam always using hydrogen peroxide bc that’s what the doctor recommends & it works like a charmmmmalso non lebanese mutuals pls know that the petitions being shared are virtually pointless and wont change anything…
Retweeted by lily☀️ @ohmonah i need a dooboo!! @Izaart so sorry for your loss iza... milo looks like a wonderful forever friend!!! @ask_brittany 😭😭😭😭 they were fine @ssakiis AAAH THANK YOUUYU 💛💛💛💛 @spicygingertofu hah,....bday,. to....h...b...ady.. @slumberbliss AH THANK YOUUU! @sariwangmango IT’S TOO DARK TO SCAN THE DRAWING 😭😭🥺🥺 @sariwangmango BUT I CANT!!!!! @Zambicandy im in tears @beebopboii rakugakiari have gone through so much loss today @milkbun THANKS DARIA!!! @_sailorenna BUN POPPINS!!! @froyoee rakugakiar @slumberbliss end of the month!!!I came to the wrong neighborhood... @liliuhms is this ur crew
Retweeted by lily☀️why did i try this awful app @keiichiface AAAH THANK U TTTT maybe i’ll add more spots sometime hehe!! i actually like helping people get plushies made!!exclusive august postcard + sticker design for my super trooper+ patreon tiers! (the cards will probably be screen… @NaomiRomeroArt GRAVITYYYYYYYYYYYY
@marleemutt notion passed, from now on we only measure in bun this pair of pants is 13 buns long @Peachy_Boy_ I LIKE TO HEAR IT @POKOPIPO amazing... now THIS is product placement... this is what sellsTHIS DEPOP POST HAS BUN IN THE POCKET THIS MADE ME SMILE SO HARD to be among the clouds ☁️
Retweeted by lily☀️oh to be a bun, cloud watching
Retweeted by lily☀️the bun house slipper prototype has the funniest ears!!!!!
Retweeted by lily☀️ @RAFI_DELUX I can't wait to share them!!!If you have a sweet tooth and want to support a black owned business consider buying from o so schweet!! They also… youre wondering WHAT IS PIN PALS? every month i’ll send you an exclusive patreon only enamel pin! it’ll be a l…
Retweeted by lily☀️dont forget if you become a pin pal patron by the end of this month you’ll get the venezuela themed souvenir + a le… sister came over for lunch and brought a menace @liliuhms
Retweeted by lily☀️ @agrptrtrmnt THATS SO FUN!! THANK U FOR DOINNG THIS 😭😭😭 i havent played ac in so long TT @agrptrtrmnt WHATTTT?? YOU CAN DO THIS???fireworks with @liliuhms bun! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
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