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i’m just a sentient stack of smiley face pancakes who makes happy things!! / /

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@CopicMechanism took a five day break from animal crossing after being horrified by my terraforming decisions but i think i'm str… @kara_linny yes!
@Warheitzsup 😳💛 @mbrleigh HEHEH TYYY! ☀️ @jollykitty3 instagrwam!oh this filter retro cute’m still looking for work! positions that I can start asap and long/short term work would be nice. (1/2) 💫 Portfo…
Retweeted by lily☀️ @ commissions @Pahssion oooh!!! that is really interesting that banana leaf isn't used more!! I feel like I have seen a couple br… @bottledplanets AAH THANK YOUUU!!!!!! it's been so fun cooking more and learning new stuff through new food!!! @Pahssion tge exterior you see is banana leaf!! it’s used to put the paste in and you then steam to cook’ @Pahssion they’re banh nam!! a vietnamese flat steamed “tamale” almost!! it’s a soft rice flour usually with a pork or mung bean paste!roscoe wants his papa’s lunchbox
jiji's place
Retweeted by lily☀️ @ commissionsjiji 🍎
Retweeted by lily☀️ @ commissionsold sketchies and ideas for jiji
Retweeted by lily☀️ @ commissions @_paul_briggs_ lovely!!!! @superlark PAPER TIGER!! @eumithres hehehe soo cute! @isumu_moe CUTEE @mushroomys 26 & no longer in his early twenties.. old man hours!!! @Joywastaken2 wintermelon soup is popular in asian cuisine!
@Sadisticks you let the wintermelon sit in water with brown sugar and rock sugar at a boil!! you can also use panda… mom gave me a ton of wintermelon so i made wintermelon soup & tea! @timstaana sweet cronch
@barachan i hope so!! that’s a lot of $$$ from artists if they dont refund.. @_itsjackielee will u e-be my e-azn e-bby e-gorl @snailshell__ our minds @Zambicandy waaa i hope they refund.. rly sad tho bc i havent been to fanime in yrs! @yelhigher two ways! boil water & put the bowl directly inside with a lid on boil water, put a steamer pot on top…
does anyone know if fanime is cancelled and is refunding artists.. @yelhigher How did you do it? Using a pot to steam over the stove is best! If you you let it sit longer it should also firm up! @captured_byjos good luck!!!!! @captured_byjos filling is pork, spinach, scallions, shaoxing cooking wine (or vodka in this case), salt, white pep… @yelhigher i loveee chili oil @TheFantasticIan the p in pig stands for peepee :-( @mistyfy @snubi_ i too have a guy fieri characterme: teehee im gonna take a little off the sides of this cliff me:
Retweeted by lily☀️ @ commissions @SweetsGlitch it’s soo easy!! less than half an hr to prep & make, & so delicious! @miukumauk i just kept digging and digging and before i knew it i @SweetsGlitch 3/4 cup of chicken broth + 1 egg + soy sauce, pour through a sieve, add salt, sugar, then steam in gl… @waweii you and al have a complex relationshipi love waking up in the morning to mass messages and replies just asking me “why” @kiwimemer WILL MAKE SOME FOR YOU SOMETIME WHEN WE CROSS PATHS @toucan_party i add hot chili oil for some spiceeeee!!!! @krismukai kris i dont know why nintendo let me have this @Shattered_Earth @BaiWanMao at some point i had an all river all waterfall town @Shattered_Earth my brain is too small for this @soobdoods i dont know what i was planning @Brooklyn_Newsie i cannot with myself @Zambicandy this is my only riverhonestly animal crossing is great for making you more decisive about decision making bc i never feel more regret th… @MultiGamingGal feel this so much i had to move a house twice... @amythyst_art CUTEEE @Brooklyn_Newsie listen... @punimelt IT CAN BE FIXED BUT I WENT TOO FAR @chootalks i'm just no strong enough to log back on and face the consequences of a riverless town @milkbun I'LL BE BACK SOON ONCE I GET OVER MY DUMBASSERY @punimelt michy listen..... im disgusted w myself
@lilacwire 3/4 cup of chicken broth + 1 egg + soy sauce, pour through a sieve, add salt, sugar, then steam in glass… @meaghanpiccolo it’s very simple & delicious!! a great snack or breakfast meal! @Camimikka sureee!made some savory steamed egg custard today! 🍳 @mushroomys also maybe a silky steamed chawanmushi egg custard with a butternut squash and fresh vegetable garnish @plantsuffrage u ARE sooo cute!! @jerzideva aww!!! stu! @mushroomys green caramel apple with a sea salt and pretzel bit dusting @spicygingertofu i mean... it's still cliff,,, but mostly.... not cliff @jollykitty3 @BreeLundberg it's fine i've accepted the reality of my choices @BreeLundberg just the effort to fix it alone... i'm not strong enoughhave not touched animal crossing in two days because i'm so disgusted with the choices i made while terraforming @ShotgunVanilla there is nothing left to capture @nebulandmarsh woohoo!!! @Carissa_Rants @spicygingertofu you can but i dont have the strength @spicygingertofu i have no trees no cliffs no rivers @kodoku_hime OOH!!! that’d be so sweet! @BriGoesVocal WAA!!! THANKS!!!!i love going on animal crossing dates w my honey @sleepandeggs CUTEEEE @tomatatoro tato i dont have rivers anymore @burnedghoul this analogy.... too real..
this ability is really bad for someone with poor impulse controlanimal crossing shouldnt have let me have terraforming i went buck wild and now half of my island is gone @threebarebears @yvonnehsuanho @thingsforchris @krismukai DAVIDS KONG @threebarebears @yvonnehsuanho @thingsforchris @krismukai what was the game... @_TigerTigerr_ maybe sooon! @hellobedlam HEHE!!My rain outfit is COMPLETE ty @liliuhms for designing this coat 🥺
Retweeted by lily☀️ @ commissions @threebarebears @krismukai no i think this is exactly what you should do, & have a full bear & cat town, it’s what the people want @Rashka_Barbare aw!!! @kenesu souffle pancake dusted with cocoa powder @threebarebears @krismukai when are you getting animal crossing daniel so you can understand this wasp panic @mushroomys ily & support u binch @avecatdesu @Landyachtz!!!!WAAAAA HONEY GOT ME A NEW LONGBOARD & IT’S YELLOW & HAS A CAT!!!!!! @kinkshaymin aw!!! ty!!
drawing bunny
Retweeted by lily☀️ @ commissions @TheFantasticIan GRUBHUB!!!!!Grubby the Grape, but make it fashion (THANK YOU FOR THE DESIGNS @LILIUHMS) #AnimalCrossing
Retweeted by lily☀️ @ commissions @alinedolinh when miss lynda said supermarket love affair i felt that