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i’m a sentient stack of smiley face pancakes that creates happy things!!! / contact: / 📚 book rep: @kurestinarmada

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Small businesses need our support now more than ever before. This Small Business Saturday and throughout the holida…
Retweeted by happy hoLILYdays ❄️cheeky mousepads are almost done with production!! 🥕 @quinhii i think it’s on sale at overstock this week for black friday! @alypugg ebay! @afreakingdork quitting drawing to be interior designer for the kids at heart @mushroomys expect nothing less!! @miwwiew my child @tastynomnoms HEHE THANKS KEI 💛 @BreeLundberg YEAH!!! @_itsjackielee when covid passes you should def plan a trip here or something!!!!! colorado & our mountains & the g… @ayanami116 still colorado!!! just more of an upper north city instead of denver!! @_itsjackielee JACKIE U SHOULD COME VISIT SOMEDAY!! i’ll take you to the mountain towns and we can get pie & see deer
@racheeresetti ebay!! got so lucky with her!!roscoe likey room pillows to brighten things up!!! 🔴🟠🔵 @Molatteart overstock! @jessiewongg many ducks... hidden around @yodelui my dino ottoman!! their name is darcy @StarSauceArt i know!! we were so surprised!! @beverlylove HEHE THANKS BEV!! @oni_hat i keep trying to convince my honey we need a wooden duck but haven’t succeeded yet @SWIZTASTIC soon to be more color!!! @ffllaavvaa they are!!! @Anak1027 omg i got these really on sale at american furniture warehouse!! @foxville_art HEHEH the last four months was just me hyper focused finding specific furniture!!!! @tsulala HEHE THANK YOU REMMMM!!!! maybe one day you can visit!! we’ll house you!! @peachdalooza i have 22 bottles 😔🙏 @imagimary1 my children!! @JeneralArcher it’s maisy mouse!!! 😭we found these at an antique mall for $4 @nikafrommars theyre measuring spoons!!!!!! @PhantasmWitch this one i got online from amazon a while back but i think michaels has similar!!also my trans rights vases @crystarius MY FAVE TIME OF YEAR!!the colors we got are very fun!! lots of things to unpack & buy!! also need to paint walls!! but here’s some little sections of our home so fa… @momodraws try @vectornator it’s free!!! @spicygingertofu just say russian dhejdbdhj @PuccaNoodles when santa talks about his center i felt that @HetChrome watch it and you’ll feel alive with scaley sexy tooth fairy @yeeekiiies hugh jackman 😭😭😭 @PuccaNoodles i just watched it & im alive again @HetChrome this isnt a hot take this is a reality @yeeekiiies oh for sure he was high key attractive and it didnt help that jude law voices him @PuccaNoodles it’s sexy man timejack frost? idol boy type ok, nice voice ok, pretty type ok, has stick santa? sessy, wields swords, badass, a unit, has sleighthis is the best season to watch rise of the guardians for hot santa @onicakeco sorry to see this happening to you!! honestly getting through to them is insane, and exhausting.. hoping…
@kimchiipasta COME VISIT ONE DAY KAT ill throw an xmas party next yr @punimelt thanks michyyyy!!!!! @tubbytizzy very fortunate to live in a mountain state!! @glenoneill the restless climb to a new home... during a pandemic.. only we could understand @StarSauceArt SO FAR IT’S LOOKING REALLY FUN AAH i cant wait to share hehehe @StarSauceArt THANK U SO MUCH!!! 💛💛💛😭 @citruslucy YEAH!! on the left is the mountains!!!moved to our new place!!! roscoe is estatic
@___girlfriends ratatouille linguini was representation specifically for me @___girlfriends finally the goat 💛 @rycalochka r they canon, the gargoat is canonthe first lgbtq+ disney couple was the goat & gargoyle from hunchback of notre dame @toriisu THANKS TORI!!!!!!those ghibli sketches from before! 🥖🌱
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gonna be pretty MIA this week & next!! will be taking time away from workin’ to move!!! we officially move on wed…
such an awesome use of my font!!!! 😷 present to you the love and care my sister presented to my for my birthday. Crocheted long bee. Inspo from…
Retweeted by happy hoLILYdays ❄️🚨BREAKING: More than 750,000 Georgians have requested their ballots for the January 5 runoff elections. Have you? R…
Retweeted by happy hoLILYdays ❄️ @genicecream yeah sometimes it can be up to 180 days 😵😵 so calling is best to make sure they check @genicecream aah genice it depends what kinda review they’re doing!!! i had to call quite a few times and have them…
@anaidpotato yeah!!Apple button down is by Liliuhms!!! I want 300 more things from Lily's store.
Retweeted by happy hoLILYdays ❄️ @usuallyawake THANK YOU OLIVIAAAA!!!!! @anh_bizbunny I would say no to the free game, because people can rip font files from games! also no special charac… got matching xmas jammies!!! 🎄
here's some free to use holiday icons for you my friends to get you in the spirit!!! 🎄
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HEY SO... WE GOT PICKED UP BY VIZ!!✨✨ It’s been really tough to keep this news secret but we’re super excited about…
Retweeted by happy hoLILYdays ❄️ @POKOPIPO they balance!!!We out here on hamtaro doodles drawing along @liliuhms’s stream XD
Retweeted by happy hoLILYdays ❄️ @whitesquirrelco GO TEAM GO TEAM GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!the gnome gnows the's some free to use holiday icons for you my friends to get you in the spirit!!! 🎄 @zombiemiki @triplegcecil haha for me design wise it doesnt read as a logomark, more of an identity mark and signature! @triplegcecil aaah i still like it but i feel like i dont like it as a tag??? i love signing stuff with it!! i feel… will ever top my signature but i’m probably going to be retiring it on apparel tags 😔 @Catyclept LMAO i totally agree if this was another way it might not be so cute 🥴 @Catyclept @gwauu omg... “it’s not that weird” age gaps DEFINITELY depend on what stage of ur life ur in sir 😭😭😭😭 @potatomaycry oreo and kimchi @DollsJewel Hello! Are they still withholding money from you??
@gwauu i’m looking away,,, disrespectfully @gwauu well he’s 8 years old,, @NatsuMicchuu my god your fckin profile pick i was like who the hell is talking to me rn @VikkiKafei I wouldn’t be surprised if it did spark those emails! @batsouppe i got a good laugh seeing that one hr ago paypal sent an email about money holds 🥴 so now yer scared aye @tombstonelover i dont start shit if i’m not gonna follow through with hell!!!! @Carlota_point0 even if it doesnt impact me directly & i stop using paypal hopefully there is change for future use… @coolestegg_art even if i get my money back i would like to see paypal fix themselves 🥴🥴 i want exorcismsome positive updates on this paypal situation: - california attorney general has reached out to em - senator of co… @overlordwaifu i also eat it like that!!!! @soyomo7 _ALL STRAW @jessiejuwono omg a little jessie!!!!Dolly Parton studying vaccines so she can save us all
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