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if god just put all the genius in my brain do they know how many amazing things i would be able 2 make?? i don’t th… would you look like ?πŸͺ± if we could be 2-d pretty drawings continuously spill water on my bed all timei think nicki minaj’s brain is more important than einstein’s brain
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Retweeted by πŸ’€i want a life size dick lollipopmy water spilled on my octopus that i was laying on but now i think they did it on purpose cause they wanted to feel the wateri keep asking these questions like β€œdoes anybody else _____” cuz i’m curious 🀨 and i’m lonely 😞does anybody experience sometimes like an extreme restlessness and a weird almost uneasy? energy within ur body ?… anybody else randomly make kissy faces at their stuffed animals if they’re facing ur way ?anyways this is my diary & i will continue 2 overshare bc it feels like just shouting into the void & i very much p…
Retweeted by πŸ’€me every hour of the day be blocking this dude then unblocking 5 hours later and start sending a text every hour that stay on delivered...i am insanehas any pregnant women ever suddenly felt like their baby was a parasite and wanted to desperately get it out of their bodies
i’m girls
Retweeted by πŸ’€Ra also says Earth is quarantined until humans reach spiritual maturity. Oddly enough, Ra claims the beings enforci…
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Retweeted by πŸ’€i guess i gotta stop expressing my love, whores don’t deserve itthe way ppl just use me like i’m sum germ xi understand the concept of faking it till you make it but please stop rapping about all the money u have when $100…
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Retweeted by πŸ’€ @1realpink Y’all are funny. I love it.
Retweeted by πŸ’€i would have started stealing Colombian environmental activist Francisco Javier Vera received a message threatening to skin him and c…
Retweeted by πŸ’€i said this 15 min ago???? wtf i just watched an hour long youtube video how is that possible fucli ate too many ediblesppl keep telling me the 100 in my phone case is pretentious like ;-; i just thought it would be a cute background f… lagerfeld I’ll be down in a minute
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γ‚­γƒŸγ γ‘γ€γ‹γΎγ‚Šζ–ΉγŠγ‹γ—γ„γ‚ˆγ€‚
Retweeted by πŸ’€Pelvis II, 1944 #okeeffe #americanart
Retweeted by πŸ’€maybe i’m 1.....i’m 3 f %, tell me ursssss THIS IS SENDING ME. kids are so creative,funny and cute
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Retweeted by πŸ’€i ruined my rice so hard this shit look like dough
@neheraj :0 why omg thank you that was so freaking sweet literally my mouth went open when i read it and chip fell out tysm πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸͺ±πŸ˜³πŸ˜I’m dropping tops on the 24th πŸ› 6 pm London time πŸŒͺ worldwide shipping
Retweeted by πŸ’€i feel so uglee todaywhen ppl say solar return do they mean birthday???This is from the Pfizer v-a-c-c-i-n-e. Please understand these shots cause harm. Injury is REAL and not rare. It’s…
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omfg i’m fucking dead bro yooo i wanna get like that places need gas station variety of drinks, imagine u can get a cream soda faygo with ur pizza in one stopi’m about to give my friend a dab with wax from colorado, she used to smoking that virginia pac BOIIII SHE BOUT TO B LIThave y’all ever delayed ur morning shit,,, not a good idea @NeherAva tyyyy the original design was by valentina vargas she’s like my inspiration for even drawing on clothes…
everytime i do something problematic or toxic i always think to myself idgaf i’m 20does anybody else’s cheap fuzzy pj bottoms always get holes on the coochie part???niggas post " rise and grind " then go play 2k and smoke roaches πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by πŸ’€dis right here is it simply hate men 😊
Retweeted by πŸ’€it’s my god given right as a hater to hate
Retweeted by πŸ’€i just luv ass an tiddies what can i sayAttachment is the root of all sufferings
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Retweeted by πŸ’€for the first time in my life i wanna paint my toenailsIf u can't pay $15 an hour to your employees, maybe u shouldn't own a business
Retweeted by πŸ’€omfg and he took my custom hoodie rip hoodie u will be missed,:(( ME????
Retweeted by πŸ’€bruh turns out my sisters ex bf took my artwork and he took all the poorteffy art too that fucking broke ass snow possumBlack-Owned Farmwear. Definitely want to support this. ❀️
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Retweeted by πŸ’€2021 we going for $6 billion
Retweeted by πŸ’€So when I went back home in December my family told me about the various crop plagues the US dropped on Cuban soil…
Retweeted by πŸ’€ @alemets15 i love this fact it is now my fave thing about u @ohthousand it’s like idk imagine chewing softly on the worlds biggest gummy worm @ohthousand yes way, try it and you’ll understandshe took shit from my altar and literally only left the foundation, she took my crystals, my bowls my seeds my herb… sister stole half my shit in my room, half my art work that i did and a lot of it i paid for. she took all my de… VOICE ACTORS FOR FRANKLIN AND LAMAR REMADE THE SCENE LMFAOOOOO
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Retweeted by πŸ’€LMFAOOO the fact that this was the best fight in the entire series and they did it like this is foul as hell
Retweeted by πŸ’€πŸͺ±Police killed my cousin Xzavier! They tried to lie about him but his mother just watched the dash cam footage! He…
Retweeted by πŸ’€i need to move on expiditiouslymy brain is calling itself a whore omg what a freakmy brain is such a whorewhen it’s on gummy i be chewing on it yes i’m insane but i think it’s so cute like lil snack one
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We found this out the hard way, too, because the deep sea is fucking mysterious and terrifying. We couldn't find ou…
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Retweeted by πŸ’€The sand in Okinawa, Japan contains thousands of tiny "stars". These "grains of sand" are actually exoskeletons of…
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