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@sekarungberas this for u @peach_onme man need to stop tweeting @LongLiveWaleed Berserk❤️🥺 @senjatanuklir this from netflix? @LongLiveWaleed what u know playanot the realest but i eat ass @LongLiveWaleed @SYKOSIKESUS with all capitalized @LongLiveWaleed @SYKOSIKESUS bro said manifesting like he a bad bitch @Kowalskuyyy u b ngapung frchill mr bitches i just be tweeting here @LongLiveWaleed LMFAOOO @LongLiveWaleed - @dmarcushammond_ help me to type 5 @LongLiveWaleed @dmarcushammond_ 5 @LzBouncebck LMAOO @LongLiveWaleed @gudetamanda @fourthwrld do i look like a liar to u babe @LongLiveWaleed @gudetamanda @fourthwrld i dont do that mate @DavidClinchNews @Storyful they found your hideout @LongLiveWaleedposting it on tik tok to flex on 13 year olds
Retweeted by アイ @ma99otbrain have everything man why i just know this @H4N1P0T im tryna be supir becak thereDamn right son
Retweeted by アイthey got becak in new york? @GotBunnies they tryna copy WWZ n got similar type of zombies @GotBunnies it got basic story line @arkuyyy man finna start to revoltbro riding the train to busan @FearofLivingOn @happymeaIya @ramzyramses @i6tweet @arkuyyy all i do is reading manga all day ofc i cant fight @ditotaqi @sendagurah nothing but factsYou're goddamn RIGGHHTTTTTTT
Retweeted by アイ guys not real pembela islam like meanies baswedan for president fr @kalibadung humorku anjlok hyungmutualku harus lihat ini 😭😭 @jibvthewrld im downbadfuck mekhunpeople slandering mekhun just say u cant get bitches bro @i6tweet @qwonidin cmon man i just start ta’aruf with her yesterday stay away from usi need to start dating women outside the twitter dot com
Retweeted by アイ @FearofLivingOn ima back anon again i need that saltinessstop liking or retweeting my tweet i dont want salty people somewhere think “apaan tweet ginian doang rame” @Marcillest42069 yeagrow up @noshitgirl get off my mention lady @noshitgirl Aot character @paruparukiamat rip herim gonna rob u when i see u need ipad for making stencils @arkuyyy “not u not u” u speaking like BITCHES here man @BROCKHAMPlON Ayam tiren forsure @FearofLivingOn i thought this was noraThis is sexual abuse was right AM A MARRIED MAN. STAY OUT OF MY DMS
Retweeted by アイ @paruparukiamat kalau gitu masih bisa dipertimbangkan lagithis konten dakwah gonna get me to jannah @paruparukiamat istighfar judi emang ga baiki saw him still delivering galon to my neighbor @janghyyun im the problem @janghyyun all i need is facial hair so i can be bald for the rest of my lifeme at age 20: this minoxidil gone work @kentvrama that man kacang lupa kulitnya frhe blocked my contact maan what i do wrong tukang galon broke up with me i had to buy that galon myselfDOWN FUCKIN BAD
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“The streets know lil baby got album of the year thats all that matters”
Retweeted by アイ @LongLiveWaleed @lilbaby4PF damn i think i need $1200 or my landlord fuck me againdont let that amer in my system @heart_o_cage u too sisternothing but endless happiness @sekarungberas im botak as shit @noshitgirl dm @LongLiveWaleed ayo hold this 🖕🏼 @LongLiveWaleed im sick too brother @LongLiveWaleed u sickstill tryna fuck jtim watching this body music video on mute n dick outfuck it im gon roll this again for my dead homie sohartohol up we might be up to something
Retweeted by アイWe in the middle of a global pandemmy and you still tryna snitch and get somebody fired. Quit being a bitch and go…
Retweeted by アイ @periodtp00 cmon man u dont need to scare them away i need em😩 @periodtp00 LMFAOO @ightjustcheckin omg i guess w r meant to be @ightjustcheckin ima manipulative scorpio stay away from me @H4N1P0T 😭😭😭Istighfar sabar @OMENNOCAP hijabi wadon what else @qwonidin ima get u out that jail just wait for me @sad_yakiniku u know i dont go to hotel melati right @ragedaphi king